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In The Circle of Time
  • Tome One:Discoveries
    Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda join the Enterprise for an extended mission,
    bringing with them an enigmatic and mysterious guest. An intricate dance of intrigue and discovery ensues ...... one that will leave Kirk and Spock's lives changed forever.

  • Tome Two: Beginnings
    Our heroes deal with the onset of Spock's pon farr, while the unexpected
    reappearance of the Romulan Commander brings turmoil and intrigue into their lives.

  • Tome Three: Kavifemai's Rise
    The story continues as the Rihansu find a beginning on the world
    they have named Kavifemai. Reldai T'yshen begins her life as bond-mate to Commander Spock and has been chosen by Vulcan's High Counsel to serve as the Matriarch and the Federation Ambassadress to this new world.

  • Tome Four: Transitions
    In this continuing series, after being on patrol for three years, the Enterprise
    returns to the Kavifemai area of space and falls into orbit for shore leave.
    The re-union between T'yshen and Spock bring a few surprises.

  • Tome Five: Continuance
    In this tome, the aftermath of Spock's death is dealt with.
    T'yshen finds connections to others that she had not anticipated and deals
    with the passage of time, without her Chosen bond-mate.

  • Tome Six: Passage of Time
    In the sixth part of this series, T'yshen and Carl deal with the changes in their lives that include having a child and continuing to serve Kavifemai, Vulcan and Starfleet

  • Tome SixA: A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and Thine...
    In an unexpected turn of events, Ambassador T'yshen spends some time
    with Captain Picard on Kavifemai.

  • Tome Seven: Shadows in Time
    In the final tome of the series, T'yshen deals with aging and the discovery
    that even late in life there can be beginnings.

  • Moonlight Desires - a video story
    A TOS Music "Video". Scenes of a 'video' are written out along with the words to the song.
    (Using events of "In the Circle of Time" as the catalyst)
    Admiral Kirk thinks about his feelings and how much a certain Vulcan had changed his life.

  • 'Imagined' Landscapes
    As I began to play with the Terragen program, I began to 'see' the landscapes from my Star Trek stories... especially those from "In The Circle of Time". So I present to you a few landscape renditions of... the Colony World of Kavifemai

    The Adventures of the U.S.S Excelsior
  • Unavoidable Destinies
    Captain Sulu is in command of the Excelsior and his longstanding friendship
    with a member of his crew, is about to be put to the test in a most unexpected way
    and in the line of duty.

  • Unavoidable Hopes
    As the voyage of the Excelsior and of Captain Sulu continue without Am'ath,
    the lives of Rahl and Am'ath begin to take form. There is discussion of peace between the Rihansu and the Federation. Will this mean that Am'ath's existence is revealed? Will she be returned home? Or will it be revealed that she is content where she is?

  • Unavoidable Revelations
    In the third part of the series, the U.S.S. Excelsior is pulled into an old war.
    One of bigotry and violence and because of the chain of events, the crew is changed forever.

    Adventures in The Mirror Universe
  • The Binding Force of Duty
    Spock contemplates the changes brought about from Captain Kirk's 'mirror'.
    A pact has been made and a gift is enjoyed.

  • Ambassador's Privilege
    This look into the Mirror Universe shows how lives can be owned, conducted
    and lost all for the sake of honour.

    Letters & Lilacs Series
  • Moments to Remember
    Kirk receives a letter from an old 'friend' and recalls the time they first met.

  • Baiser la Michelle 101
    James Kirk receives another diplomatic pouch containing a letter from an old friend
    as she settles into her new position in HQ.

  • "Summer Revisited"
    A woman from Kirk's past reminisces about the summer they shared.

  • "TRANSYL-IOWA 6-5000"
    Halloween Challenge: Vampires, Roses and Tears.
    Its Halloween at the High School and it looks like Jim may not make it back, from the Academy, in time to spend it with Michelle.

    The Further Adventures of...
  • TOS-She Dreamed Us All Alive
    Every Trekkers dream... to be beamed aboard the Enterprise and to be permitted to stay!
    FYI: This story was originally written twenty years ago by me and in the first writing it has 'grown up'. The original was very teen oriented, Spock was the love interest and everything worked out happily ever after... which just goes to show just how long this stories have been hidden away!

  • TOS-A Winter's Dream Come True
    A short story about the dreams of a Starfleet wife...
    and a peek at her lifestyle.

  • TNG-To Protest Against Our Nature
    A sequeal to "In The Time of Need"...
    This story begins with Sarek considering a certain Vulcan female
    as his future bond-mate... but the fates intervene and change both their futures.

  • DS9-"Before This Mission... I Was Taller."
    The Challenge: How a single human deals with being assigned
    to an Vulcan-manned vessel.
    Captain Sisko is about to have an interesting visit from an old friend.

    DS9-The Discovery of Worf...
  • One Must Bow to the Logic
    Interesting events unfold when Worf is stranded on Risa,
    and his accidental companion is a Vulcan.

  • To Conquer That Which Is Desired
    The adventures continue as Worf and Nevasa, his Vulcan mate,
    adjust to living together and discovering Klingon culture.

    Vulcan Fables
  • "As It Was In The Dawn of Time..."
    Rumarie Fuq-Fest Challenge:Sarek and his newly bonded mate
    discover how some of the Ancient celebrations began.

  • In A Time of Need
    One of Vulcan's Ancient 'secrets' exposed. One of the ways unbonded males
    deal with 'pon farr'.

  • Rala-mu'yor Var (NightWing Tale)
    The uncovering of an ancient Vulcan tale is told, perhaps revealing
    one of the longest kept Vulcan secrets.

    Not For Everyone Stories
  • The Kiss Trilogy (K/S)
    Three stories that began with a challenge... I think the title speaks for itself.
    (Warning... some suggested and mild m/m contained in the stories)

  • "Brunch...?" (m/m)

    An innocent meeting between a resident Muse and a visiting Muse
    turns into an interesting affair.

    Stories to make you smile
  • Barbie: The Pink Frontier (TOS/Pink Xover)
    By Robin Laurie (c)November 1998
    Goodness! Blame this totally on Raku and Jonk and even John Ordover.
  • Scans of the Star Trek Barbie and Ken set... suitable to accompany this story.


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