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  • Dustbunny Novel
    This was a challenge to pull out the first story you had ever written... be gentle, mine was written when I was 14. (And Star Trek-TOS was still on the air!)

    Letters & Lilacs Series
  • Moments to Remember
    Kirk receives a letter from an old 'friend' and recalls the time they first met.

  • Baiser la Michelle 101
    SUMMARY: James Kirk receives another diplomatic pouch containing a letter from an old friend as she settles into her new position in HQ.

  • "Summer Revisited"
    SUMMARY: A woman from Kirk's past reminisces about the summer they shared.

  • "Transyl-Iowa 6-5000"
    SUMMARY: Halloween Challenge: Vampires, Roses and Tears. Its Halloween at the High School and it looks like Jim may not make it back, from the Academy, in time to spend it with Michelle.

  • Moonlight Desires - a video story
    A TOS Music Video. (Using events of "In the Circle of Time" as the catalyst) Admiral Kirk thinks about his feelings and how much a certain Vulcan had changed his life.

  • Vulcan Biology
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