By Gayle Rochefort-Potts

SUMMARY: Halloween Challenge: Vampires, Roses and Tears. Its Halloween at the High School and it looks like Jim may not make it back, from the Academy, in time to spend it with Michelle.

DISCLAIMER: I guess we can owe all of this to Gene ... because his spirit must be walking around tonight...

L&L Series: "Transyl-Iowa 6-5000"
By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
(c) October 2000

The crepe paper streamers, balloons and the welcoming tombstone were the typical decorations used in every Halloween party for a century or two. The cauldron in the center of the room was glowing and the 'fumes' were snaking their way over the rim and along the floor. Along with cobwebs and spiders of various sizes were skeletons hanging from the ceiling in strategic spots. The tables that lined one long wall were draped with black fabric, cobwebs and 'rubber' mice. A few had been placed in the punch bowl for effect and were now floating on their backs.

"Okay people..." Paula stood up on the chair she had been using. She called out to everyone again, this time things settled enough that she could continue in a normal voice. She looked at her watch, "Okay we have two hours to grab something to eat, get into costume and get back here." She looked around the room, "Everyone has done a great job. Thanks very much. Oh yes, don't forget the food either." She climbed down carefully then took one last look around. "Yes siry, we are going to have some grand party tonight."


The air had that cool crispness to it as Michelle climbed out of the aircar. She walked around to the driver's side, "I will call you if I hear from Jim, but so far 'e is late leaving from de Academy." She looked to the farmhouse. "Madame Kirk's car is still 'ere, but I have no idea 'ow he is coming."

The blonde man shook his head, "Don't worry, Michelle. I will pick you up either way if you want. Or I can call before I am leaving?"

"Yes, do dat." Michelle brushed her hair back from her face; strands had come loose from the braid she had put in earlier today. "I will see you later den, Chad." She leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Okay talk to you later." He waited until Michelle was away from the aircar then started it up and waved as he pulled away from the house.

Michelle looked up to the dark sky. A full moon and lazy clouds seemed perfect for this evening, if only Jim makes it on time then the evening would be perfect. Heading into the house, she called out to Wynonna, "Madame Kirk, I am back." She pulled off her runners then padded her way into the kitchen. She could detect the scent of onions and garlic. Wynonna was making a stir-fry and that would be perfect for this evening.

Wynonna turned from the table as Michelle came through the doorway, "So all the decorating is finished?"

"Oui, it is. And I am hungry and maybe too tired to even go to the dance." She lifted the lid from the pot on the stove, "'ave you 'eard from Jim?"

Wynonna shook her head. "Not yet." She reached up into the cupboard for a plate, and then dished out a decent helping. "Well you get started on your supper. The food for the party is all ready to go and I will call Jim again." She wiped her hands on the cloth sitting on the counter then headed into the other room. She wasn't sure why Jim was late and it wasn't like him not to call if he was going to be late. Then again... he did not have his mother hovering around him to do the reminding.


Ghosts, goblins, witches and spirits arrived and began to slowly fill the gymnasium. The area had been transformed from the comfortable airy room to a dark gloomy and somewhat eerie gathering place. The mood lighting strobed to the beat of the music.

Michelle separated herself from the crowd and found a relatively quiet place in the back corner just to take it all in. She looked across the room searching for the one costume she did not recognize, hopefully, it would be Jim. He had remained very quiet about his choice and in turn, she had not revealed that she would be dressed as an Old World peasant girl. She found the costume very comfortable.

Chad was dressed as a Musketeer, with a large brimmed hat, feather, white silk shirt with all the lace and a somewhat realistic looking fencing sword. He bowed with a flourish, "Having a good time so far?" He smiled at the 'peasant girl' in front of him. The costume suited her, almost as if in a past life she had been a French peasant. Her full skirt had been lifted on one side revealing the full white underskirt and the low neckline on her blouse suited her...attributes. He moved closer then lifted her chin, "I am here to save you from anything or anyone that bothers you, Mademoiselle."

"You do know that de Musketeers were not always de most 'onourable." She moved his hand down as she tilted her chin. "Dey were more often de cause of de trouble..." She grinned slightly then looked over his shoulder, "Have you not seen Jim?"

Chad sighed, "No." The music slowed in tempo and he decided to offer his services, "How about a dance? You can check for him as we move around the room."

Michelle considered this for only a moment then slipped into his arms. Chad had become a good friend since Jim had left for the Academy, but she was not sure if it would ever become anything more than friendship. She scanned the room a little as they moved around and through the crowd. She began to wonder if Jim was going to show up. She looked to her dance partner and decided that enough was enough; she would pay some attention to Chad. It was bad enough that she had spent most of her evening so far looking for Jim.

Chad felt her relax a little and her head rested on his shoulder. He wondered if Jim were going to make an appearance, he would be surprised if he didn't.

The masked faces were all she could see as they moved in time with the music. It was agreed that everyone's face had to be partially covered until midnight. Michelle was not certain she would be able to find Jim if he walked in right now. She did not even know what costume he was wearing. As the music stopped, some couples left the dance floor, Michelle and Chad moved towards the food table.

"Something to drink?" Chad asked as he reached for a glass.

"Oui." Michelle thanked him as she took the glass. "It seems as if everyone is enjoying themselves. The costumes are very good."

Chad nodded then sipped on his drink, both stood watching the crowd in silence during the next song. As the next song began Chad drained his glass then took Michelle's from her. "Come on, let's go."

Michelle laughed as she was guided out onto the dance floor. This was going to be a polka and possibly more fun than correct. There was also a change of partner every time the music stopped.

Chad moved into an empty space on the dance floor then before the music began thought about this wide brimmed hat he was wearing. He removed it then called to his friend standing off to the side, "Peter, take care of this for me." Chad looked to Michelle's dark eyes that were peeking out from her mask, "Ready?"

"I think so." Michelle's hands held tightly to Chad's as the music began.

The large group of couples moved slowly into the swing of the music. It was turning out to be an elimination dance as well. A few couples dropped out before the first change in partners. As the music stopped, Chad twirled her around and she found herself in someone else's arms.

This new partner was taller than Chad and dressed in a tuxedo and cape. He was very sure of his steps and seemed to have a dignified air about him.

Michelle felt as if she were flying. A few more couples dropped out and there was more room on the dance floor. The music stopped and this partner copied Chad's method of handing her over. She laughed out loud along with some others as they tried to catch their breath. She was twirled into the arms of a pirate this time.

"Ah-h-h me lovely." He whispered in her ear, using the accent that seemed to go with his costume.

"Eric, you are 'aving far too much fun." She drew in a breath and set her hand in his, the other was placed firmly on his waist. She looked to his shoulder, "Where did your parrot go?" He had been most annoying on the drive here in Chad's car as he had this conversation with a toy parrot sitting on his shoulder.

Eric grinned, "I left him with a Werewolf."

Michelle laughed as the music began again. She watched as the other couples whirled passed her. A few tripping, laughing and then leaving the dance floor. She looked at Eric's face wondering if hers was getting just as red as his was. Eric was a very good dancer and managed not to step on her feet, or she on his, for the duration of their partnering. When the music stopped, Eric held her for a second as they both tried to catch their breath.

"Next partner..." Someone shouted.

Eric bowed then moved on to someone dressed in a ballerina's outfit. He watched as someone dressed as a Vampire took his place with Michelle.

Michelle laughed at Eric's actions then placed her hand in her next partner's, her hand went to his waist and she looked up to his face as the music started up again. She felt her partner's hold tighten slightly as they began to move around the room. He was not as light on his feet as the others, but they weren't tripping.

"Enjoying yourself?" The mysterious vampire whispered with the most delicious accent.

"Yes. Are you?" Michelle asked as she tried to figure out who this was.

"Yes-s-s," came the deep, accented, purr-like whisper.

Michelle shivered as his voice affected her. She bit her bottom lip wondering who this could be. No one she knew had this effect on her, unless it was just the costume.

The music ended. Her partner bowed, offered her a deep coloured rose then disappeared into the darkness that surrounded the dance floor.

Michelle did not even have time to thank him for the dance or the flower. She held the cool bloom in her palm, lifted it to breath in its scent. It smelled exactly like lilacs! She headed into the darkness that this vampire disappeared into and found only a few other couples. She asked around and no one seemed to have seen him.

This definitely was a mystery.

Michelle headed out of the gym and to the garden that was just outside of the main entrance. She sat down on a nearby stone bench. She brushed the petals along her lips, inhaling the fragrance and pondering the identity of this person.

Warm hands slipped over her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat, she had no idea what was going on. One hand moved to cover her mouth.

"You vill not scream?" The low voice purred.

Michelle shook her head, unsure if she was being truthful or not. She felt the person sit beside her on the bench, very close to her. She wanted to move. The hand slowly uncovered her mouth. His touch moved gently down her throat resting on her shoulder. His other hand slipped from her eyes and traveled into her hair, then his hands clenched in her long tresses. She blinked a few times to clear her vision. Before she had a chance to focus on his face, a warm mouth clamped over hers. Her hands were trapped between their bodies; she couldn't even push him away. The dark red rose was being crushed between them.

His warm tongue traveled along her lips, wetting them, slipping just under her lip. His mouth was on top of hers, the pressure increasing slowly. She felt herself melting into this kiss, the one she had been missing. She pulled away and glared at the twinkling eyes. "James Tiberius Kirk." She watched the mouth smile. She gave his shoulder a playful slap. "You scared me."

"Did not." He laughed, "You were enjoying every second of this little mystery."

"I was not. Until you kissed me I did not know 'ho you were." She folded her arms, still trying to recover from this 'attack'.

He thought a moment, "Well, some might believe that..."

She waved the rose at him, "You..." She smiled at him, "You 'ad me going for some time." She reached to the edge of his satin mask and pulled it off carefully.

"You honestly did not know it was me when we were dancing?" He was still grinning.

"No, defiantly not while we were dancing." Michelle started to laugh. The fear had left her and she was beginning to appreciate his actions.

Jim started to laugh with her as well. Michelle's laugh was infectious and he started to laugh even harder.

Michelle looked at the mischief still in his eyes and continued to laugh even harder. She lifted her hand to wipe away her tears. Tears of joy at finally seeing him mixed with tears of relief that this was him and not some stranger. There was also a note of humour in all of this.

Jim wiped his eyes, "So should we rejoin the party... or go for a walk?"

Michelle looked to the large full moon that hung in the sky, "A walk." She ran the slightly crushed flower down his nose, "And you behave."

"A wampire always behaves." Jim was having far too much fun with the accent.

And then they disappeared into the moonlit night.... an exaggerated and sadistic laugh echoed in the darkness.


Happy Halloween Everyone...!!!


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