STAR TREK-The Original Series


SUMMARY: In this continuing series, after being on patrol for three years, the Enterprise returns to the Kavifemai area of space and fall into orbit for shore leave. The re-union between T'yshen and Spock bring a few surprises.

DISCLAIMER: The Great Bird of the Galaxy created "The Star Trek Universe" that we play in. Paramount owns "The Star Trek Universe" that we play in. They will have all the monetary gains as well as the headaches... we will have all the fun!

Tome Four:Transitions
By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
First Draft: May 1997
Final Draft: February 1999


Standard Terran Year 2284

Standard Kavifemai Year: pos'Lashan 03

The first year on this planet had been managing crops, homes, and discovering this world. The second year was a growth year, marriages, births and relocations. Numerous housing units had to be moved due to heavy rainstorms. After a series of rains it had become evident that the path the heavy run-off took was unexpected. The ground was not as solid as it had appeared. It had taken a great effort to do the work that had been accomplished with anti-gravs sleds and transporters in the beginning. Luckily, there had been no deaths as of yet. These were a young people by the normal Vulcanoid's life span and to deal with a death was not something they were ready for.

Now well into the third year, established as working colony and growing in population. The impending visit by the Enterprise and its crew was an almost historic event.

T'yshen had learned how to swim and was learning how to sail. She stood on the rolling deck and pulled the one-piece overall into place. She still found it cool here and was always anxious to get out of the wet bathing suit. Carl on the other hand, found the temperature to be quite comfortable. He wore only his swimsuit and was presently stretched out on the deck, sleeping or resting. They had taken the smallest boat out. The one Carl had ended up building on his own to teach with. Large enough for two or three people and on a calm day one person could handle a short sail.

Today was one of those days, calm. T'yshen sat down, loosening her braid to begin brushing and drying it.

"Want some help?" Carl turned in her direction. He smiled at her nod. She was beginning to relax around him. He loved brushing and braiding her hair; it was the closest he could get to her. After sectioning her hair, he would brush it until it had been dried in the breeze. T'yshen would often meditate as he did this, rarely did they speak and neither knew why.

His hands worked through her silky dark hair, the sparkles in her hair were a definite fascination. He still tried to figure out, why her hair looked the way it did. S'task had asked if things between them had smoothed over. Carl had let him know that they had come to an agreement and there were some subjects they did not discuss.

He was just placing the fastener at the end of the long braid, when the communicator sounded. He reached to the mast and the communicator held there. "Bennet here."

It was D'Han, who had been the communications officer in the Romulan Fleet; now he served as the systems monitor and he helped out in the library. "Better head in. Just received word, Enterprise will be in orbit in thirty minutes."

"Okay. We are on our way. Should hit shore in about fifteen. Could you send someone with an aircar to meet us, we walked down." "Sure no problem."

"Bennet out." He took a deep breath and replaced the communicator into its pouch. He handed T'yshen the brush then began to set sail for the shore. He tried very hard not to say anything to her. He was also trying to stay busy enough to ignore that sick feeling in his stomach. He managed the sails and T'yshen monitored the tiller.

Not a word was spoken as they headed home.


Kirk paced the length of the transporter room again. Spock stood unmoving, hands clasped behind his back, wondering why Kirk needed to expend so much energy.

"Why doesn't he just show up on time? We are beaming down on time either way." Kirk looked to Spock.

Spock merely raised an eyebrow in response.

"Try him again, Lieutenant."

His hand touched the comm unit. "Dr. McCoy, to transporter room four. Dr. McCoy report to trans....."

"I'm here! Let's get going." He glared at Kirk then stepped on the disc. "Well, you are the one in a hurry..." He looked to Spock. "I don't suppose we'll be greeted in grass skirts and...."

"The temperature at the equator would not allow the comfortable wearing of so little clothing. Do not forget Dr. McCoy, the Kavifemai are of Vulcan breeding." Spock stood behind McCoy as he spoke.

"You know how to take the fun out of everyone's imagination, don't you?"

"Energize now!" Kirk grinned at the officer. He shook his head gently for as long as he could before the beaming process took them.

The scenery had changed a great deal since they had been here. Kirk smiled when he saw the children and the personality that the city had taken on. Three years had passed and he was pleased at the progress so far.

"Captain!" A figure called then came jogging towards them.

Kirk recognized the face, but had been surprised at the appearance. The hair was shoulder-length, his skin was tanned and his muscular build was evident under the thin fabric of his tunic. Kirk's hand went out, he held the upper part of S'task's arm. "You look different." Kirk smiled. He released his hold, then stepped back so the other officers could exchange greetings. He looked for the others, T'yshen in particular.

"Come. Di'on is waiting in the library." S'task led the way. "How are things out in the Universe, Captain?"

"Boring right now. I had heard the conference went well. Reldai T'yshen and Mr. Bennet impressed the lot of them."

"I had heard that they served well. We gained a fair bit from that, Carl is an excellent negotiator." He waved them into the building first. "Actually, he and T'yshen will be here any moment; they were out sailing when we received your hail."

"Sailing?" He was pleasantly surprised. He recalled some of the shore leaves he spent sailing.

"I thought Vulcan's were allergic to water?" McCoy added with some amusement in his eyes.

"Really, Doctor!" Spock stated, quite annoyed at the notion.

S'task smiled slightly then turned to his wife. "Our guests."

Di'on stood and offered greetings. "I trust that things are well?"

"Yes, ma'am, everything is functioning as it should." McCoy smiled. "You are looking well, getting lots of sun, I see." Everyone's colouring had darkened slightly, something that was to be expected.

A little voice interrupted the discussion. "I want to sail!"

"You will have to be much older before you may attempt the activity. I do not think that even as a passenger, it would be acceptable." T'yshen looked to the officers, the humans had strange expressions on their faces.

Kirk held his breath; T'yshen had a daughter! He caught a questionable look that crossed Carl's face and then it was gone. What had happened here?

T'yshen placed D'amae on the flooring. She bowed her head to Spock as she felt D'amae's arm wrap around her leg. She combed back the little one's long dark hair absently, almost as if comforting the child. "Your mother waits."

"Mother?" McCoy muttered, he had felt his heart jump into his throat for a second or two. The resemblance to T'yshen had seemed obvious. He watched as the child ran to Di'on. He felt his body relax and he heard Kirk's audible sigh of relief. At least he wasn't the only one to have come to the wrong conclusion.

T'yshen lifted her hand in the ta'al. "Welcome." She moved towards the officers, favouring Spock's position. She felt the connection and the warmth it brought to her.

Carl walked in quietly, shook McCoy's hand first then Kirk's. He lifted his hand to greet Spock with the ta'al as his head bowed slightly.

McCoy touched Carl's chin. "How long?"

"About the time of the conference. Almost six months now." Carl smoothed his beard. "What do you think?"

"I think it suits you." McCoy appraised the health of the only human here and he was pleased at his obvious condition.

Kirk had been watching Carl; he had changed. Grown. "Sailing, Mr. Bennet? I never knew you were interested."

"A hobby of mine. We've built three ships, two large enough for a crew. Staying long enough to try, Captain?"

"Well, that will depend on the government here, whether they'll allow us to indulge in a little shore leave...?" He looked to the individuals involved.

"We did not receive a formal request, Captain." Di'on stated as straight faced as she could. "These things can not be just decided on a whim." Her eyes gave her away. "Of course, Captain." She stood. "My work is finished. Now I have a child to feed." She brushed the length of dark hair over her daughter's shoulder. "You will have to share a meal while you are here."

"It would be a pleasure." Kirk turned to Spock. "Let's get the files updated, the supplies sent down and if we can get business out of the way, we will have more time to enjoy ourselves." Kirk handed the manifest slate to S'task. "If you need anything that's not on the list, let me know. If we can spare it, its yours."

"Sounds like a good plan, Captain."

"I agree." Carl stated then rested a hand on McCoy's shoulder. "Then I will walk you over to the clinic, Doctor L'effa should be there still."

"Just need to update the files and discuss any problems. Give you a once over... Then I'm done." McCoy and Carl headed out continuing with their conversation as they did.

Kirk clapped his hands together. "Then I will get the supplies out of the way and Spock, you will see to the file transfers?"

"Yes, Captain." He bowed his head slightly then moved to the near-by terminal. His hands danced over the control board immediately after he set up the tricorder. He remained aware of the others as they talked and then when they left the building.

He looked to T'yshen after the door closed, separating them from the laughter that had drifted in. "You have learned to swim?"

"It was most interesting." She had found the need to rein in her desire to reach into his thoughts. "I spoke with Ambassador Sarek at the conference, he appeared well."

"I had contact with my mother and she relayed the fact that you and he had spent time together." Spock watched this woman that was his wife. He reflected at his momentary confusion at her possession of the child. He had assumed from her silence on the matter that she had not conceived a child. He had not asked either but he had hoped.

He leaned back in the chair. The connections had been made and the transfer of information had begun; nothing more was required until the transfer was completed. "The council was impressed with Kavifemai's representatives. I read the transcripts of the event, you spoke well."

"I am honoured by your interest." She breathed in his scent. She wished for time alone with him, as soon as possible. She moved closer, her paired fingers touched his face, slowly making a trail to his lips. "Thy touch has been missed." Her body reacted from the contact with him.

He stood; his touch went to the base of her neck making contact with her thoughts. He felt the pleasures she wished for. "It has been difficult to... be apart." He watched her eyes, as her touch reached into his thoughts, they darkened. He pulled her to him, his mouth capturing the first taste of her in three years. He shared her desire for more. "My quarters?"

"As you wish, My Husband." She inhaled deeply then slowly brought her shielding into place. "When?"

"As soon as the transfer is completed. Ten minutes here. The medical information will take twelve point eight minutes."

"I will change." She turned to leave.

"Do not." Spock's hand held her arm. "I do not wish to be separated. Everything is prepared. Food, drink, and I have a gift for you." He watched as her eyes sparkled.

"As you wish." She kept the contact with her eyes, she had noted that his eyes had also darkened and his rate of breathing had changed marginally.

"Accompany me to the clinic. I will complete the assignment." The tricorder beeped, informing him that the download had been complete and had been verified. He closed the tricorder then slipped the strap over his shoulder.

T'yshen walked along with him in silence, enjoying just the sense of his aura was enough for the present time. Dr. McCoy and L'effa were deep in conversation when they entered. Spock went directly to the computer terminal and began the transfer of information.

L'effa waved her over. "Carl said he was taking Captain Kirk for 'a turn around the bay' as he put it and then would be leaving tomorrow for his sailing trip." He noted the slight surprise on her face. "He made it sound as if it had been planned."

"It may have been. It was not discussed with me." She had not really expected it to be but Carl's usual habit was to keep her well informed about his plans. She was curious as to the reason for the sudden voyage.

"Reldai T'yshen will make an excellent healer soon. She has almost completed her training."

"I was not made aware of her continued interest." Spock moved to the medical terminal to check on the progress. He continued to the set of windows that looked out on the field of grain. "The crops appear to be doing well."

"A very high yield last time, thirty-one point four percent more than our projections. Harvesting has been planned for ten days from now." T'yshen stated. Her hands clasped behind her back. "We have formulated an excellent ale. A melding of tastes from the three worlds has proven interesting and has given us four varieties, including one that rivals the variety that emits the vapour." She had so much she wished to share with him, and so little time to accomplish it. "How long is your scheduled leave?"

"A seven-day. We completed the mapping of an area ahead of schedule. Originally our stay was to be for three days."

McCoy entered from another room. "Well, I've got the list of the medications you need. I'll compare it to the list on the manifest, so there won't be any duplication." McCoy looked to the female Vulcan. "I hear congratulations are in order. A new title to add to your resume."

T'yshen bowed her head. "I had not been aware of the results of the examination."

"Then allow me to be the first..." McCoy lifted his hand in the ta'al, he did it smoothly and then in almost perfect Vulcan, he continued. "Na'shaya Hakausu T'yshen."

Her head bowed accepting the greeting. "I have been honoured by the attentions of my tutors. I will try to serve the teachings well." She repaid McCoy's compliment.

"I guess I'm in good company then." McCoy looked in L'effa's direction.

L'effa bowed to McCoy, this was not a habit of the Rihansu.

Spock's tricorder signaled the completion of the transfer. He stood, tapped his comm-pin. "Captain Kirk."

"Kirk here." The disembodied voice came back.

"Captain, the transfer of information has been completed. Request permission to beam aboard with Reldai T'yshen."

"Permission granted. We have been invited to attend a dinner tomorrow evening, consider yourself off-duty until then, Spock. Leave command in Mr. Sulu's capable hands. And enjoy."

"Aye, sir." Spock tapped the communicator off, he turned to T'yshen. He waved her to the door as they said their good-byes to the doctors.


Kirk ran his hand appreciatively along the polished wood. It was warm under his caress. The wood had been heated no doubt, by the suns of this world. "She's a beauty." He looked to Carl. "How long did it take to build her?" He envied the man the time, knowledge and ability it took to be able to fashion these sailing vessels.

Carl leaned on the railing, looking down at Kirk. "We had a five-man crew; they worked on this one for a month. I worked on the two-man. The larger one took about four months. We have another but it's out at the moment. Everyone is taking to this quite well, better than I had thought. We've named this Moons Bay...." He indicated the large body of water. ".... Every night there is at least one moon reflected in here. In Vulcan it's aikum'tchol."

Kirk smiled. "Sounds relaxing in either language." He moved along the walkway to the opening in the railing, then jumped down into the boat. "I noticed your accent... in Standard."

Carl nodded. "Speak these languages for awhile and your tongue forgets 'th's' and you also forget not to roll the 'r's'." He watched Captain Kirk. "We have time for an overnight sail. I have coveralls below deck and it is your shore leave, Captain."

"Only overnight?" He grinned.

"I am expected across the bay in Desh'rak'kahr. It will take me two days to sail it."

"Business? Or someone special?" Kirk wasted no time in removing his tunic and looking forward to the change in pace. He was not expected on board until later and he would simply contact the ship and let them know his sail had been extended.

"Sort of business. Visiting a few people and checking out the progress for the next council meeting." He was trying hard to think of plausible excuses for being away from here. "Listen, since I'm going to be away for the duration of your stay. Use my place. Well, my room to be exact."

Kirk considered it. "I am not sure what Spock's doing and I wouldn't want to intrude, but if it's acceptable to them, then I might just take you up on your offer." He wondered about Carl's attitude. It seemed as if he wanted to get away from the city very quickly. Or had it been co-incidence that they had arrived a few days early and were just interrupting a schedule. He seemed a little nervous. "How's T'yshen doing?"

"Fine." He looked out to the water for a second. "She's handling everything ... perfectly. I am learning a lot from her. I just hope that I am returning the favour in part."

"I was worried for a bit."

"I don't think you have to, sir. T'yshen's quite capable of taking care of herself." Carl opened the hatch to the quarters down below. "All the comforts of home, Captain." He grinned. "But no food processors on board."

"I am not too bad at cooking. How are your skills?" Kirk had started down the ladder then waited for Carl's answer.

"I haven't poisoned anyone yet..."

They laughed and Kirk headed down below to change.

Carl shouted down. "In the drawer under the first bed you come to, there are some shorts and deck shoes, if that's more to your taste."

"Sounds good." Kirk answered.

Carl started to release the bindings that held the sails tight. He adjusted the riggings and then did a visual check around the ship, both the deck and the surface surrounding the boat. By the time he was finished, Captain Kirk was up on deck in shorts and a lightweight short sleeved shirt and enjoying the view.

"I hope this all comes back to me." He had been looking at the rigging, the sails and trying to remember all the names of the parts and what to do with them. He squinted against the suns settings and he shivered slightly with the breeze. It wasn't cold, just adjusting to the change in 'uniform'.

"It should. It did for me." Carl smiled then pointed to the heavier rope. "Care to cast off, Captain?"

Kirk grinned. "We both can't be referred to as Captain. Call me Jim."

"Okay." He hesitated then shook his head. "Sorry, sir, won't come out." He thought for a moment. "How about Mr. Kirk?"

Kirk for some reason immediately thought of the story 'Mutiny on the Bounty' and the firstmate's name, Mr. Christian. He promised himself he would at least attempt to toss Bennett over board, once. He chuckled to himself as he lifted the heavier rope off and made an acceptable toss of it onto the dock. "Interesting design to have the docking come this high."

"It isn't when the level is high. Right now it's low, after the usual rain storm, it will be a good three meters higher." Carl opened up the jib sail first and would wait until they were out from shore a bit more before opening the remaining sails. "Care to man the wheel, Mr. Kirk?"

Kirk managed a respectable Academy salute. "Aye, Captain. Manning the wheel, sir."

Carl grinned, then started laughing. This was going to be fun but weird!


Spock lay on his side watching her. She had fallen asleep only twenty-one minutes ago and he could not find the calm to join her. Her touch and her warmth were exactly as he remembered. He had considered moving from here to clean up the food that had never been touched but discarded the thought. It would mean that he would have to leave her and he was not prepared to do so. It had surprised him that he had wanted to be with her this much. He had held back as long as he could without touching her then brushed her hair back with his fingers and traced her ear. He drew his fingertips slowly down her neck, along her shoulder then down her arm. His hand slid into hers hidden under the covers.

She curled her fingers around his hand. "You do not wish to rest."

"No." He watched a smile appear on her lips.

T'yshen moved closer to him wrapping her arm around him. Her lips brushed against his neck, her tongue touched his skin and he pulled her closer. "My rest cycle was scheduled for tonight. I believe I have enough reserves to please even you."

"Even me..." He inhaled sharply at her next taste of his skin.

She nodded as she continued the slow teasing path down his body. "Your thoughts are of nothing else." She touched her tongue to his nipple, his body shivered. "I have not detected one thought of duty or of scientific data in the four point six hours we have been here."

"You are displeased?"

"I am merely stating a fact."

Her voice was soft and her touches were most proficient. She would awaken his body with one touch, then partially satisfy his hunger with another. As much as he was enjoying this, his urge to hold her and touch her was becoming too much. He reached down and pulled her up. His mouth brushed against hers as he lay her down then covered her with his body.

"And where did my wife learn to be a proficient H'ua." His reference was to an ancient story concerning a mythical seductress that would steal a male's thoughts and give to his body a hunger for unheard of passions.

"I have had much time to read, My Husband." Her arms went around his neck. "There is much literature in the Rihansu and Terran libraries on the subject of seduction. Do you not investigate the information that you download?"

Spock began a path of his own down her neck, tasting the spiciness of her skin. "My literary tastes have never ventured into that path."

She sighed as she enjoyed his touch. "Perhaps you should broaden your choices...."

Spock stopped then lifted his head to meet her eyes. "You believe I require further education in this matter?" He waited for her answer.

Her eyebrow raised slightly. "One should never cease one's education.... on any subject."

He bowed his head slightly. "I shall take the matter under careful consideration, Reldai." He spoke softly then continued to taste her warm skin.

After a time she whispered his name. Her fingers brushed through his dark hair then reached to his thoughts. [Thee are to be the giver of sanosh'at or so'resh'at.] She met his dark eyes as he moved to cover her again. She ran one hand down his back, understanding that he could be either to her. He was a total pleasure to her when he held her. He could be her madness when she lay alone wanting him.

[Which do you prefer?] His thoughts were opened to her.

[Neither.] She lowered the shielding that was required for the full melding. [Both?]

"M-m-m." Spock entered her slowly. [Agreed.] She pulled his head down and her mouth captured his. The hunger for each other rose again as it had when they arrived. Their thoughts and bodies were no longer separate. They had become each other's pleasure and madness. This was the Vulcan way and this was the way it had been done from the time of the beginning.


It was early in the day, before sunrise when T'yshen and Spock had beamed down then shared a meal. Now, she walked the beach as he remained in her quarters to meditate.

She looked to the flicker of light further down on the beach. Curious, she headed towards it. She slowed her pace as she closed the distance to the now identified 'campfire'. It had taken her only a moment to identify the figure that sat close to the fire. The figure stood slowly as she came closer.

"Good morning." He grinned then indicated the flat rock he had been sitting on in front of the fire. "Room for two...?"

"Good morning, Captain." She accepted the offer to sit beside him. "It was my understanding that you had gone sailing."

He nodded. "Spent most of yesterday and last night out there. Carl just headed out again. He said he had some business to see to. We ate breakfast around the fire. Had the galley beam down two orders of eggs, bacon, homefries and toast. And some coffee." He picked up the stick he had been using and poked at the fire a little. "She is a beautiful sailing vessel." He poured out two cups of coffee from the old-style pot that sat close to the fire.

"He spends a great deal of time sailing. He appears to derive pleasure and some calm from the action." She accepted the cup with a slight bow of her head. "Thank you, Captain."

He smiled. When she said it, it still came out sounding like 'capthain'. He brushed some of the sand from his pants then adjusted his position. He looked out to the water. "You are doing well here, I gather?"

"In reference to these people or myself?" She found the coffee to be strong but she could at least taste.

"Both, I suppose."

"The Kavifemai are a people who will succeed. They will find the peace they are seeking."

"And you...?"

"I do not comprehend?"

"Will you find peace?" He stretched a little. He was comfortable here but the night's sleep on the decking was a little too much for his back.

"I need not search for my peace."

"Carl offered me his quarters for the duration." Kirk paused then moved back to lean against the rock. "I told him I wasn't sure how Spock or you would feel about it." He shifted his position again. "I don't mind heading back to the ship." He reached awkwardly to rub his lower back.

"Have you injured your back, Captain?"

Kirk frowned. "Not sure. I think it's from sleeping on the deck last night."

She moved onto her knees. "Turn. I will examine you."

"I'll beam up and see McCoy."

"I am a healer, Captain." She re-assured him.

"But can I trust you?" He grinned at the slight rise in her eyebrow, then turned so that she could examine his back. "Next time, I'm sleeping in the cabin."

He held his breath as she pulled his sweater out from the waistband. "The moons were so bright and I can't resist... that's it." He flinched when her fingers found the spot that hurt. "... resist watching the stars." All of her actions were totally professional, yet he found himself wanting her closer.

"Attempt to relax for a moment." She placed one arm over his shoulder; then her hand lay flat on his chest. Her body moved closer against him, allowing her other hand to manipulate the offending area, mysteriously causing his back to relax. "A moment longer." She was concentrating her energy flow to the knotted muscle.

Kirk closed his eyes and sighed. "Take as long as you want." The warmth of her hand against his back felt good. He turned his head to talk to her and was somewhat surprised she was so close. He wet his lips considering his next move, but never acted on it. He placed his hand against the hand that rested against his chest, then moved up her arm a bit. She was so warm. "Spock said something about teaching me a Vulcan game." Why did he always think of Spock when he stared into her eyes? It was guilt, most likely.

"I returned with a kai-toh. It is a logic puzzle. You will enjoy it." She sat back; bringing her hand up his chest then rested it on his shoulder. "The discomfort has ceased?"

He nodded as he moved his hand from on top of hers. He stood tucking in his sweater and brushing the sand from his pants. "I am due to meet with Spock for that game. If you are heading that way, I wouldn't mind some company?" He picked up the small bucket of water Carl had left for this purpose. He broke up the fire a little then poured the water on it. It sizzled out. He scooped a few handfuls of sand to help insure that the fire was totally out. He went to the bay and filled the bucket again then dumped that as well. He watched the steam rise then picked up his tunic and held it in his hand. "Ready?"

T'yshen had been watching him as he puttered around. She found him to be an attractive human male and one who was capable of controlling his emotions almost as well as a Vulcan. She spotted something left near the rock. She bent down to pick up the item, she smiled. "James."

"What?" He turned to face her again, then noticed what she was holding.

"It would not appear appropriate for a captain to be without his boots."

He grinned. "No, guess not." He looked down at his bare feet and wondered how he had managed to forget about them. He took the few steps required and reached out for the boots. His fingers brushed her hand as she released them to him. He felt a sensation of affinity from her, then smiled slightly. He bowed his head, whispered a thank-you then stepped back. He had to find a way not to be so affected by her.

She wondered if he would feel the need to explain why he was carrying his boots and a bucket that held the coffeepot and cups. She smiled as she thought of him explaining it away by stating that it was a captain's privilege and he was merely playing in the sand. They walked easily with one another. T'yshen remained, as tradition dictated, a step behind Kirk.

He turned to face her and she stopped. "I have a hard time having a conversation with someone walking behind me." He smiled slightly.

"As you wish." She moved closer then almost matched his step.

"A hard habit to break?"

"Apparently." She looked out to the bright sky. "Have you sailed before?"

"I used to sail when I had leave from the Academy." He had slipped his uniform tunic through the handle on the bucket and carried everything in one hand. He had tucked his other hand in his pants pocket. He was finding this leave a little more relaxing than most. "Are you enjoying it?" He walked a few steps. "Or are you going to be as stubborn as Spock is and never admit to enjoying anything!"

"I find the activity interesting. It is not preferred activity."

"Why not?"

"There is a difficulty remaining concerning the motion of the vessel."

Kirk smiled. "You get seasick?"

She raised an eyebrow.

"Nauseous?" He had never felt the disorientation that others had.

"Yes." She stated quickly.

"Isn't there an anti-nausea medication?"

"It is not always effective."

The pathway could be seen in the distance now.

"You and Spock have an enjoyable re-union?"

"It was not as restful as I expected it to be." She heard the quiet laughter from him. "This is amusing?"

Kirk felt like he had a 'Cheshire grin', he tried hiding it slightly with his hand as he considered a way to answer her. "I would never expect a re-union between a couple to be restful. I would expect it to be filled with certain activities."

She looked to him as they continued walking and then sensed a hint of his mental impression of the activities. She felt her face warm slightly. "Do Humans think of anything except..."

He didn't let her finish. "Some do." His grin widened then he chuckled. He needed to change the subject. "I like your tan. It's an interesting shade." He had never thought of Vulcans as having a tan at all!

Small talk, she thought to herself. Trivial conversations that seemed to dominate Humans' interactions with one another. "What shade does a Human's skin tan?"

"Carl has a tan. Not a really dark one, you would notice it if...." He stopped just before he was about to suggest that she could check any area of his body that he kept covered. "Never mind." He cleared his throat then changed his direction slightly, heading towards the path into the city. "What do you plan to do today?"

"I have a shift with L'effa at the medical center. Lessons in meditation and some agreements to approve." She indicated the grouping of benches. "To facilitate replacing your boots or to drink some water?" She had the impression that he might be thirsty.

Kirk nodded. "How do you like living here?"

"It is acceptable." She offered to hold his tunic as he pulled his boots out of the bucket. She watched the activity around the Center Square as the day began. "I usually spend time sketching in the early hours. There is much activity and many subjects to choose from."

"You will have to show me some of them, sometime." He had his boots on and had taken a drink from the fountain. He asked for his tunic with a gesture then carried it, tossed over his shoulder.

"As you wish, Captain." She walked beside him, reminding herself not to hold back her steps, but each step was taken after his... a concession to a lifetime of training.


James Kirk studied the board. The collection of short sticks was supposed to form some type of geometric figure, so Spock assured him. After three hours of chess, lunch and some conversation, Spock had finally talked him into trying this. He was frowning again as he tried to see the obvious place to put this. It was there! He knew that much.

He leaned back in the chair and sighed. "Spock, I can't figure this out..." He smiled at the Vulcan.

"Patience. Concentration." Spock stood, collected the cups and poured out more coffee. As he returned, T'yshen came in. His head bowed to her. "Your day was successful?"

"It was." She removed the lightweight cape and hung it by the door. "He has been an apt student?"

"Yes, and he is a frustrated one." Kirk added with a grin.

She stood closer to Spock as he returned to the game. She noted that the game was being played on the lowest skill level. Still a challenge but it permitted the use of simpler figures. Her hand ran along the back of Spock's, then up his arm. She leaned closer to him to whisper her pleasure at his presence. She smiled at his raised eyebrow and the shared thoughts.

Kirk sighed then raised his hand to scratch his neck that had developed a sudden itch. He looked to Spock hoping for a hint for his next move and realized that the itch he was trying to scratch was the ghost of T'yshen's caress on the base of Spock's neck. It was happening again. He forced himself to ignore the sensation and rested his elbow on the arm of the chair. He held his chin as he tried to concentrate on where this piece went. He sighed again. "Kibitzing allowed?" He rubbed the back of his neck, unable to ignore the sympathetic caress.

Spock appeared unaffected by her touch. He sat as he always did, hands steepled, elbows resting on the arms and that 'all-knowing' look on his face. "If you wish. I have no objection." His tone implied that he would win either way.

Kirk gestured with a finger for T'yshen to come over to him. She raised an eyebrow then moved to his side. "Do you know what kibitzing is?"

"I do not." Her study of Standard had not included slang or any ancient languages.

"It's when you help me win this game." Kirk pulled out the third chair and moved it closer to his. "Help, please."

T'yshen sat down. "There are a variety of places you may place this piece."

"I know. I just want the winning one." He grinned quickly. "I hate losing."

"I would not classify it as 'hate', more of dissatisfaction with the outcome." Spock added. Kirk's expression and the human's raised eyebrow informed him that the comment was not required. He tilted his head slightly then looked to T'yshen. "He hates losing."

Kirk grinned then laughed.

T'yshen took the piece from his hand then placed it and the magnetic field held it in place.

"How do you do it so easily?"

"You are trying to see too much of the figure." She waited as Spock placed his piece. "Concentrate on filling in the line segments." She pointed with her finger where the next piece should go.

Jim placed it, then jumped as the 'sculpture' adjusted itself into the simple geodesic ball. He stared at it, then looked to his friend across the table. "Again." His eyes flickered in her direction. "I did not win." He stated firmly.

"As you wish." Spock reached to the controls and the figure dissolved into four-centimeter t'an sticks that clattered onto the base. He separated the sticks evenly then began the next game.

T'yshen understood that she would not be required for this next game and moved off to collect her sketchpad and stylus. She would not have too many more opportunities to sketch Spock and Kirk together. She had sensed a necessity to capture them as they were now. Out of uniform, wearing casual comfortable clothing, relaxed and in tune with one another.

Two hours passed quietly, Spock had won the second game. Kirk had managed to win the third with a great deal of difficulty, along with the occasional glance to T'yshen for help. The decision was made to change back to chess.

T'yshen had sat for the duration, in a near-by armchair, capturing the two. She had sketched out about five differing positions but had only completed one. The one she had finished was of Kirk leaning back in the chair. His sat with his legs stretched out, ankles crossed and his head propped up with his right hand. He was frowning slightly as he studied the board. Spock sat with his elbows resting on the tabletop, his hands steepled in front of him and held just off center of his face. He was preparing to move a piece. His eyes appeared to be on the board, but if one really looked, he was watching Kirk. They both wore loose-fitting tunics of silk and the pants were of a linen-type fabric.

She had even begun to feel the psychic connection between the two and wished that there had been some way to capture it on the paper. It was a most calming sensation. She began to feel as if she were intruding. The sketch could be completed later. She had other matters to attend to and placed the charcoal stylus down on the table beside her, closed her sketchpad and left them with their symbiosis.


Kirk had decided to stay dirtside and sleep in Carl's room. The bed seemed huge compared to the Starfleet-issued one in his cabin. He was looking forward to a full night's rest or so he thought...


She laughed as she rolled onto her side and buried her face in the pillow.

"It's not funny..." His deep voice stated as he looked up from the floor. He was surprised at her laughter, it was deeper than he thought it would have been and infectious.

"Yes, it is." She managed through the laughter.

He moved back onto the bed then crawled to her on his hands and knees. He watched her as the laughter changed. She held her breath and her face flushed as he moved over her. "It's payback time..." He whispered.

She shook her head. "I tickled you but I did not mean for you to fall off the bed..." She tried pouting. "I am willing to kiss it better..?"

He smiled; pouting did not suit her at all. He brushed his lips against her skin. "It's a start."

Her hands ran down his body as she kissed him. She pulled him down on top of her, her hips pressed against the warm hard roll between them. She moaned then whispered how unbelievable he felt when he was inside her.

"So warm." A kiss on his neck. "So hard." A kiss on his lips. "M-m-m, so big..." Her hand reached between them wrapping her fingers around his arousal then rubbing herself with him.

He sighed then lifted his hips and spread her legs with his. He touched the soft head of his penis against her warmth. His hands took her wrists then held them above her head as he wet her lips.

She whispered his name.

"What?" He spoke softly against her cheek.

"Make love to me." She sighed as he moved into her slowly.

"Don't move."

She tasted the skin at the base of his throat. "I want you."

"M-m-m. I know." He kissed her neck, then nipped at her skin. "I want you..." He pulled away from her kiss. "I do the tasting..."

She closed her eyes, wet her lips and her body shivered.

As he pressed his hips against hers, she arched her back. "Don't move..." He kissed her, then his hands caressed her body. "I love you." His mouth covered her, his tongue reached in, tasting her. His tongue wet her lips as he lifted his head.

"Thee are most treasured." Her body shivered with a need for him. She closed her eyes as his mouth began a slow torturous path down her hungry body.

He kissed the swell of her breast, nipping the softness then dragged his tongue across the hard nipple. Her body shivered under him.

She gasped. "James!"

He pulled out of her slowly, her body reaching to keep him in. She whimpered then held her breath as his mouth touched her thigh. "I love how warm you are...." He nipped her skin. Her legs spread for him as his tongue traced a path up her thigh to her sweetness.

"James, I require..." She moaned.

"Not yet." His mouth found the soft flesh and began to suck on her. One hand moved up to her breast, his other hand rested on her hip.

She whispered softly, something he did not understand. She sighed and shivered, feeling the increasing need for him. Her breathing deepened as James's tongue reached into her. A low growl began in her throat; her body could not take much more!

"Soon...." He began the trail up her body, his hand resting against her, his fingers moved in to continue what his mouth had started. He found the spot that he knew would increase her pleasure, then moved over her. Her body shivered and he felt the warm fluid dripping from her. He placed his aching hard sex against her. Her teeth bit into his shoulder as he entered her without warning.

"Ah-h-h!" He felt the shiver of pain-induced pleasure in her actions. He felt her hot tongue against his skin, as she tasted his blood.

"I need to share the fire with thee." Her words were slow and her voice was deepening as her breathing changed.

Jim ran his hand slowly up her body, then into her hand. His fingers curled around her hand and the faint transfer of thoughts and emotions began. "I don't know if I find ..." They kissed. "... more pleasure in you..." He kissed her again. "... or Spock."

"I do not much care..." She held his face gently as the kiss deepened then her fingers moved into position. She would be able to open the 't'hy'la bonding' that she shared with him.

James felt the slow fire creep into his thoughts. Her touch on his body, her kisses then her thoughts were all hungry for him. He lost himself to the overwhelming and devouring fire that he sometimes shared with her bond-mate...

He sat straight up, looked around his quarters and took in all the air his lungs would hold! His heart was pounding and his body was hot and throbbing. He was tangled in the damp sheets. He slowly became aware of the need that the dream had caused... yet again! He covered his face with his hands and exhaled slowly. He was feeling more awake than he had but no less aroused.

He moved slowly from the bed, reached for his pants and pulled them on. He ran his hand through his hair then padded into the other room, heading for the brandy. He poured himself a generous amount and drank half down without a thought. His throat burned then a shiver took him. He put the glass down then went for his sweater. He considered the comm-pin, holding it in his hand for a moment then suddenly dropped it into his pocket.

He topped off his glass then headed out of his quarters to find a quiet place. He hesitated before leaving, this was the nighttime for him but the ship was on days and he really did not want to run into anyone. He half-checked for crewmembers along the short distance and managed to duck into the 'think-tank' before anyone saw him. He moved immediately to the viewing port and opened it to the stars.

He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly; his body started to relax. He sipped the brandy and watched the stars and the turning of the planet below them.

"This isn't helping." He spoke to the brandy and himself. He sighed then took another mouthful of the fiery liquid. "I could use one of McCoy's little red pills right about now." He whispered to the planet below then emptied the glass. "Wish I had another place to sleep." He thought of the tangle of bedclothes left behind and the fact that he would probably have the same dream again.

He looked around the room then considered the armchair off in the corner. He moved over to it then stretched across it, reaching to the control for the magnetic locks. He heard the 'thwump' that told him they had been released then he pushed the chair across to face the stars. He adjusted it slightly, sat down to check the view.... Away from the planet, so that all he saw was the stars. He approved, then reached to the controls and re-activated them. No one wanted furniture to be loose during a battle! He then moved to the hidden compartment near the door and pulled out one regulation blanket. The insignia of Starfleet and the lettering for this ship were emblazoned across its width.

"I wonder if they were afraid someone would steal it or that you would forget where you were stationed?" He chuckled to himself then sat down, the blanket covering him. He leaned back and changed to the reclining position. He was now stretched out in a perfect position to relax.

He sighed and watched the stars for awhile. His eyes became heavy and he finally did drift off into, he hoped a dreamless sleep.

A warm hand snaked under the covers and caressed his cooler body. He smiled at the touch and forced himself awake but he pretended to remain asleep. He couldn't remember returning to his cabin, but he must have. The alien warmth he felt along his entire body now pressed close against his back. He felt the light touch on his face, then the draw into the other's thoughts. His body shivered; then was pulled tightly against the other's heat.

He heard his own moan and the whispered greeting in his ear. He loved this heat! He loved the way he could lose control and the way the other commanded him. He had needed this so much right now! To relax and to forget about the dreams...

The warm fingertips ran down his body ever so slowly, teasing and awakening every nerve in him. He couldn't take anymore of this and turned to face his lover. The alien's taste and heat seem to soothe him and cause a calm sensation to enter him. He sighed his lover's name, as he tasted the warm skin and ran his hands along the warm body.

"You woke me up for this?" Kirk teased then settled back into the pillows.

"This does not please you?" The deep voice asked unnecessarily.

Kirk laughed. "You know it does...."

"Then be silent." The warm touch went down his body and lips captured his.

He shared this hunger for the other, tasting his lips and then reaching into his mouth with a hot tongue. He felt fingers curling around his hard throbbing penis and his body trembled with the touch. Lips brushed against his ear whispering for him to relax and not to rush.

"But I want you inside me, Spock." He whispered back, his voice strained and his body wanting more than just his warm touch.

"Soon... it will be soon, T'hy'la."


"No!" Kirk called out.

He sat up in the bed and looked around. He wasn't on board the Enterprise! He took a breath then asked for low-lights. When they came on, it took him a few seconds before he remembered that he was on the surface, and still in bed. Carl's bed. He had gone sailing with him and Carl had offered Kirk the accommodations for the duration of his stay.

He flipped back the covers, moving to sit on the side of the bed. He didn't know what to think! "Dreams about having dreams... " He sighed then looked to the time. "About T'yshen..." He had to think a minute about the timeframe here then he looked out the window. "and..." He bit his bottom lip, he couldn't quite say his name out loud, only think it. The sky was still dark and it seemed as if sunrise was far off.

He stood, went over to the window then crossed his arms and leaned on the windowsill. He took a deep breath and thought about the dream.... Or nightmare, whichever way you wanted to look at it. He bent his head to rest against the cool clearsteele. "A run." He suggested to himself. He hadn't jogged in the sand for years! He reached for the sleepwear and pulled on just the pants. In this heat, he didn't need anything to sleep in but had kept them handy in case he couldn't sleep and ended up walking the floor again. He didn't need shoes and it would be warm enough to walk back, if he ran far enough, because the suns would be up in about an hour or so.

He headed out of the room and through the common room; stopped at the desk and left a note on the padd sitting there. He propped it up against the chess game in progress. He smiled as he reached to make the answering move to Spock's. "Think about that one, Vulcan." He was certain this run would clear his head and tonight, he would sleep on board the Enterprise in his own bed. Maybe it was just the proximity and the fact that he was psi-sensitive to them both, too much for one house.

"You must be the one to go to him." She spoke softly as she brushed through the dark silk hair with her fingertips.

"And what do I tell him?" He lifted his head and looked to his bond-mate.

"He is your t'hy'la. He always shall be yours." Her fingers stroked down his face; the back of her fingers caressed his jaw back towards his ear. "You will find the words."

Spock moved from her comfort and slipped on his robe. He had sensed Jim's discomfort, but was still surprised to find him up. "Jim."

He was startled by the Vulcan's voice and took a breath to relax. "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

"You did not." Spock's silk robe whispered as he crossed the room.

Kirk looked over his shoulder at the padd. "I left you a note about going out for a run."

"It is zero four-thirty hours, why would you require a run at this hour?"

Kirk shrugged. "I can't sleep." He tried meeting the Vulcan's eyes but, because of the last part of that dream, he was just slightly uncomfortable about it. There was a portion of his dream that seemed to hold some bit of reality to it. He just wasn't sure exactly what or why. "What's your excuse for being up?" He folded his arms across his bare chest and tried to appear relaxed by leaning against the table.

Spock hesitated with his answer, considering how he would word this. "I was aware of your inability to rest and was about to come to you with a suggestion."

Kirk smiled. "Does T'yshen have the equivalent of Bones's little red pills?"

Spock lifted an eyebrow. "No doubt she does, but that is not the solution that has been suggested."

Kirk suddenly yawned, covering his mouth quickly. "Sorry."

"Apologies are unnecessary."

"What was the method suggested?"

"Come." Spock took a few steps towards his bedroom door then turned back to face Kirk. "Jim." He waited for Kirk to lift his eyes to his. "Come."

"Where?" He felt his throat tighten. "In there?" Did the Vulcan know what he was doing? Did he know the effect even the thought of being in their bedroom would have on him right now? He cleared his throat softly, almost terrified to hear the answers. "Why?"

"Because you require rest. We will help you."

"How?" How long did he think he could stall this man, to give himself some time to figure out what exactly was going on? He did not dare ask out right!

"T'yshen has studied many of the Ancient ways..." Spock stated it as if that would answer everything.

Kirk smiled. "And the point is...?"

Spock sighed. The words were not coming out correctly.

Both turned to face the door as T'yshen stepped out. "There is a problem?" She looked from one man to the other. She lifted the hem of her sleep gown then crossed to Kirk. She took his hand then led him towards the room. "Come."

Jim planted himself firmly stopping her from continuing any further. "What is going on?" He looked from one to the other.

"Do you not trust us?" She stated easily.

He nodded. "Sure. I just want to know what is going on."

"You can not sleep. I will help you."

"But why in there?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

"To relax you with a massage while you are standing, would be illogical." She lifted an eyebrow as she waited for him to consider the matter. "You would be far more comfortable on a bed."

Kirk shrugged, not really understanding any of this. He couldn't think of a way out. But he did trust them and after a mumbled agreement he followed T'yshen in, with Spock directly behind him.

Her room reminded him of Spock's. Naturally. A firepot glowed in the corner and the candles that dotted the room gave it an eerie feeling. Her bed was larger than he had thought and it held large pillows. Not something he expected. The scent that filled the room was something familiar but he couldn't quite place it. It was a mixture of a spicy and sweet scent. He was starting to feel light-headed and he took a sudden deep breath. He pulled his hand from hers and started to feel better. He felt as if his dream had not quite finished, yet he knew he was awake.

Spock appeared suddenly with a stylized cup. "Drink this. It will help you relax."

Kirk sipped the drink. It was warm and he started to feel its effects by the time he took the third large sip. "It's good." The two of them seemed to be awfully attentive towards him and he was uncertain as to the reason for it. "What is it?"

"It is warmed ale with some added Vulcan herbs. Their taste is bitter and you would not enjoy it. It will relax you, nothing more." She took the cup from him after the fourth sip and handed it to Spock. She began to run her hands along his arms causing him to relax even further. "Move onto the bed, James."

He agreed without a thought and moved to sit cross-legged in the center of the bed. He smiled as she lifted the edge of her gown to move closer to him. He looked over her shoulder at Spock as he made himself comfortable in the large upholstered divan. "Do you two not need any sleep tonight?" He felt her movements as she positioned herself behind him. Her warm hands went to his shoulders and began to massage them.

"We have meditated and found the rest our bodies required." Spock spoke quietly not wishing to disturb the calm in the room. "You must clear your thoughts, Jim."

Jim nodded. "I am trying."

She was strong and in no time she had every muscle warm and relaxed. His head was tipped forward and his eyes were closed as she worked her magic on his neck. She whispered for him to lay back. She guided his head onto a large pillow as she moved beside him. Her knowing touch began again along his arms and his chest. It was so soothing and so relaxing!

He sighed. "I can sleep now." He was so relaxed that he wondered if he had any bones that had remained solid enough to carry his frame into the other room. "If I can stand up..." He grinned as he attempted to sit up, but was stopped.

"James. Relax." She pressed him into the pillow then released the pressure on his shoulders when he stopped fighting her. She brushed her hair back over her shoulder then repeated her caress on his chest and arms. She waited until he had relaxed again then leaned forward and kissed him. She felt his body tense and his eyes snap open.

"What are you doing?" He tried to sit up again but she held him with little effort.

"What you wish."

"No!" He whispered as he realized just how badly he did want this!

Her hand caressed his face, fingertips ran along his lips then she brushed hers along his.

"Can't do this!" He whispered firmly to her.

She tasted his mouth again. "Do you wish me to stop?" She shifted slightly, tossed her length of hair back again then continued her gentle assault on him. She felt Spock's suggestion of proceeding slowly.

Kirk felt his entire body shiver, he shouldn't be doing this! He thought about looking for Spock but she had his attention. He tasted her kiss and wondered what was going on? Why was she doing this? Why was he allowing it? He ran his hand up her arm to her shoulder. "This is not making sense." He felt her soft warm hair brush his stomach as she leaned over him. His hand moved to her face, his fingertips ran along her jaw line. "It's a dream."

"What is a dream?"

"This." He accepted her kiss this time. "You with me." He closed his eyes and sighed as she began a path of small kisses down his throat and onto his chest. Had to be a dream because this felt more real than it did before. He breathed in her perfume as he began to lose himself to her. He touched his lips to her hair as he brushed it back exposing her ear and her neck. He urged her to him, tasting her lips then kissed a path to her ear. His tongue tasted the tip then licked the length. He turned her face so that he could capture her mouth, his tongue reaching in to taste her mouth.

T'yshen tasted him. She moved down his body with slow gentle kisses that changed to nips, a few times coming close to drawing blood. Again, Spock cautioned her to move slowly. This was most difficult for her. She slipped his pants down as she continued tasting his skin. The pants were discarded onto the floor. She felt a caress in her thoughts; it caused her to gasp. She sat back and closed her eyes to deal with the touch.

Kirk reached to her pulling her down. "You are so warm..." He held her against the full length of his body. His hands caressing her through the fabric of her gown then gathered it and lifted it over her head. He smiled at her then pulled her close again. Her body was so warm and seemed to mold to his perfectly. He brushed through her hair with his fingers as he stared into her dark eyes. "Why did you move away?" His hand ran down her arm then slipped into her hand. He held it tight as he felt the gently and very emotional exchange begin. A slow and gentle fire crept into his mind as his mouth began to explore her body.

"I needed to withdraw from you for a moment to facilitate another connection." She began to allow her passions to dictate her reactions. She felt the stirring in her thoughts again. Their joining would have to be soon. Her body shivered from his touch, his hands were cool against her skin. A direct contrast to what had become familiar to her. She sighed at the suggestions that were shared with her bond-mate as James continued to arouse her.

"James..." She felt his arms wrap around her then pulled her closer to him. His mouth captured hers as he brought her leg around his waist. She moved the fingers of one hand into position, causing the light meld to begin. He sighed as her thoughts drew his into her.

James moaned as his body warmed to her touch. Her hands were so very warm and her thoughts acted as an aphrodisiac for him. He had never wanted anyone this much! He tasted her skin and kissing her with urgency that had taken him over. He felt closed in and free in the same instant.

A warm touch moving up his back made his body relax. How could he possibly relax any more than he was? He felt as if he had no backbone any longer. Just as before he felt a warm touch in his thoughts, a hand caressed his chest and then moved down to his hip, following the line of his thigh. The warm touch moved back up his body then rested against his chest to pull him close to the warmth again. A hot moist touch at the back of his neck and he sighed audibly. He was losing himself to this feeling of warmth and desire. It surrounded him!

He wanted this so badly! All of this was more than seemed possible to him. The hot fingertips moved down his backbone then further down and between his legs. He held his breath at the shiver that took over his body. Somewhere in his thoughts was the notion that all he had to do was stand up and take a deep breath and he would feel normal again. But there was no way he wanted to leave this feeling or for it to stop for even a second! He thought to himself that if he had the choice that this would go on forever!

The warm touch moved down his body, his stomach and then lower. He gasped as the hot touch was wrapped around his hardness. He moaned. He was moved gently onto his back, the warm mouth captured his. He took it hungrily then tasted the mouth that was so hot. His hand moved into the silk hair. It was short.... it shouldn't have been short. He pulled back for a moment then met the dark eyes.

"Spock...?" Kirk swallowed as his body continued reacting to all of his touches. He tried breathing but it wasn't easy. He was surprised yet he wasn't. He frowned then wet his dry lips. He looked over to where T'yshen should have been and she wasn't there. He looked back to Spock questioning with a lift of his eyebrow.

"She will return if you prefer." Spock was surprised at the human's continued touch on his waist. He had expected him to pull away and to prefer T'yshen's presence.

James shook his head slightly, surprising himself with his answer. "No." He met the dark eyes and then pulled him into a deep kiss. He felt the Vulcan's erection pressed against his hip and the Vulcan's hand still wrapped around his rock hard erection. "When did you..." He spoke against the warm mouth then kissed him so he couldn't answer. He didn't want to hear the answer. If it didn't make a different then why did he ask? It didn't make a difference and that was the surprising part.

T'yshen had gathered up one of the silky covers as she withdrew from the bed. She wrapped herself in the discarded robe that Spock had been wearing. His scent and his warmth had remained in the fabric. She settled into the lounge that Spock had left. Her breathing was still heavy and uneven; her desire for her mate was strong. She pulled the cover over her as she continued to share in the link.

She felt every touch, every taste and heard the whispers. She closed her eyes and moaned at Spock's touch along her cool body... no, it was James' body that felt the touch. She shared the pleasure in the touching and being touched. The sensual touches on each other were discoveries of their differences and similarities.

The surprise of the Human's discovery of the Vulcan's feelings for him and his own acceptance of his own feelings. His delight and his curiosity over what was happening. The ease with which he 'fit' into their bonding. She had discovered that James had been there all along. His continued interaction with Spock had formed a strong bonding that would have been damaging had it been broken.

Her body stretched and she moaned as she began to experience the arousal within the shared bond. Any of her doubts of the reh'tel-tor were gone. There was much ecstasy to be shared in the ancient triad bonding. This would work, for all time.

His body shivered as Spock began stroking him, slowly and with a skill that surprised Jim. Positions shifted slightly and Spock began exploring Jim's body with his hands and his mouth. Somehow Jim sensed that this was exactly what he needed... both of them needed. He gasped audibly as Spock's lips wrapped around his manhood. His hips pushed so that he went deeper into the hot mouth. He moaned as his fingers curled into the silk of Spock's hair. He whispered the Vulcan's name in a manner he had never even dreamed he would.

His body shivered then exploded into Spock's mouth. Spock drank it down hungrily, his hands caressing Jim's stomach and his thighs. Spock heard her soft cry as her body reacted to Jim's release. She had been right in her assessment of the depth of the feelings they shared.

Jim drew in a deep breath. He whispered Spock's name. He cleared his throat then said it again a little louder. The Vulcan looked up at him; Jim drew him up so that he could kiss him soundly. He was surprised at the mixture of tastes in Spock's mouth. He held Spock's face between his hands then met his eyes. "How did this happen?"

"The draw we share is too strong to ignore." Spock moved onto his side, Jim shifted his position so he faced him. "Because you desire it." He ran his fingers down Jim's length then slowly back up. "It was a simply a matter of opportunity and acceptance."

"And what about what you desire... Spock." Jim studied the face that had been so familiar to him but he had never envisioned this... or had he? Had he secretly wanted this to happen all along? When? He had no cognizant thought of this. "What about... T'yshen?"

"She will share in this." Spock watched Jim's face and felt all of his questions. "She is the vertex, we serve as the base." Some questions could be answered, but most of them were ones that Jim would need to find the answers himself.

"Leave it to you to explain using mathematics." He smiled at him.

Spock closed his eyes as the Human's cool touch went down his body. "If you wish this..." Spock inhaled then held his breath at the human's touch on his swollen and by now aching sex.

Kirk felt the heat that only Vulcans possessed within his grasp. "Oh, God, yes-s!" Their skin was always warm and soft, like a silk or satin. Spock's erection was no less than the rest of him, hotter at the moment and the tip was glistening with pre-cum. He wrapped a leg around the Vulcan's hip. His hand pulled him closer and he nuzzled his neck. "Spock. Now." He felt his chin being lift then the warm lips capturing his. He was lost to this feeling that was overtaking him. His body screamed for Spock's touch, for his lips to touch him and for the Vulcan to take him. Make him his? Hers? Theirs? What ever it took to make Jim a part of what the Vulcans offered him. He wanted it, badly.

Spock's fingers moved to Jim's thoughts. He felt the barriers that the Human had learned to use, fall away and his arms to wrap around Spock's body. Slowly, very slowly he began to enter the tightness that he had craved. He had wanted this for so long! His passion for this man had been realized long ago but he had not been certain of how Jim felt. He had not shared this desire with anyone but T'yshen had seen it. Felt it. She had given him a way to act upon this desire.

Jim reached to Spock's hips then pulled him into his body. He cried his name and sighed at the feel of this. He moaned as the gentle pumping began. Spock's hands moved to hold his hips as the rhythm increased. It did not take long and Spock's body arched. His breath was held for an instant and then he cried out the Human's name. His body pumped the fluid deep into the cooler body that had wrapped around him so totally that he could barely tell them apart.

He was aware of another warm touch along his back. This time he knew who it was. "Shen." He whispered then smiled as he rested his head against Spock's shoulder. He tried taking a deep breath and found it difficult. He felt one of Spock's hands leave his face, then his body relaxing slowly.

"James, do you wish this to be permanent?" Her lips brushed the damp locks at the back of his neck tasting the difference in this male of her choosing.

The whisper tickled his ear. He had only enough energy to nod.

"Do you understand what is being asked, Jim?" Spock felt the human stir slightly.

"A meld." Jim managed after wetting his lips.

"With both of us. You understand that is what it will be?" T'yshen asked softly as she moved closer to the two. Through the bonding with Spock she had shared the urges and hers had been satiated for the present.

Jim nodded. "I understand."

"Then be still for a moment." Spock placed his fingers against Kirk's face again. "There is a physical marking as well." He searched to the centers that would dull that pain. He nodded to T'yshen.

She activated the heat of the bonding tool with the marking that had been chosen. Their three initials in Vulcan script, arranged in a pattern as to be esthetically pleasing. She held it against Kirk's skin then tapped it to his skin. Jim felt the slight burning sensation low on his back, he did not feel any pain with it. He inhaled then let out his breath slowly. He felt her movements as she reached to brand Spock.

"James." She offered the small unit to him.

"Where?" He turned slowly to face her. Her eyes were still dark. He had a realization that she had shared all that he and Spock had shared. His hand caressed her face then he kissed her softly.

"On her back." Spock indicated the matching spot on her.

"Okay." Jim placed the unit in place. He hesitated then met her eyes. "Are you sure?"

She smiled. She ran her fingertips along his lips then kissed him. "Yes. This pleases Spock."

Kirk looked over his shoulder at Spock. "Pleases me too."

"Then proceed." T'yshen urged.

Kirk took a breath then let it out slowly. "Okay. Ready, Shen?"

T'yshen sighed then nodded. She felt the slight discomfort with the marking.

Spock reached to the bonding unit. He placed it on the bed stand. He pulled up the covers insuring that they were all covered. "It is time for rest."

"I do not wish to rest." T'yshen drew her hand down James' side. "There must be satisfaction for all." She tasted the back of the Human's neck again then brushed her lips in his hair. "Are you tired, James?"

Jim smiled and nodded.

"It will do you no good, James, she will find your hidden energies." Spock warned with a playfulness in his voice.

Jim looked at him. He wasn't sure this was Spock. He looked back at T'yshen. "I am tired... but not exhausted." He grinned. "I thought Vulcan's were supposed to be able to control and they were logical at all times?"

"Who told you this?" She looked to her bond-mate. "Did he?"

Spock lifted an eyebrow.

Jim pulled himself up resting against the covers. "Now wait a minute. It was you that told me that..."

"He lied." T'yshen interrupted. She lifted her eyebrow at his surprise. She caressed his chest then reached for his chin and drew him close, capturing his mouth with hers. She tasted this Human that was hers now. Every thought, every emotion could be hers to control if she wished. She moved over him as the kiss lengthened and grew hungry for him. She kissed a path to his ear. "Does he tell you these things all the time..." Her lips pulled at his lobe.

Jim glanced at Spock for some guidance. Spock's eyes were closed and he was breathing in time with her breathing. "Sometimes." He saw a flicker of amusement on Spock's face then reached without thought and touched his lips. Spock's mouth parted slightly, his warm hand took Jim's fingers then licked the tips. Jim felt the moan in her throat. He finally wrapped his arm around her and drew her tightly to him. "God, this is weird!"

"You do not wish this?" T'yshen asked against his throat, her hand reached to the contact points that would tap into his energy reserves... just as Spock had predicted and as he was suggesting to her now.

Jim started to answer, but his body surprised him and started to react. He moaned then felt Spock's lips against his cheek.

"I told you..." Spock kissed his lips then hers. He lay back on the pillow shared by Jim. He brushed back her hair then with a handful of it pulled her towards him. "Be gentle with him. He is Human." He met her eyes and then her lips.

"I am always gentle." She whispered.

"No. You are not." Spock released her hair then lay back with his eyes closed.

T'yshen lifted an eyebrow as she met James's questioning eyes. "I would not hurt you." She kissed his mouth gently then began moving down his throat. She had left the sheet between them for now. James was not quite as comfortable with his participation with her. No matter, she would draw James out.

He felt himself almost jump. He smiled then whispered that he wasn't used to feeling her in his thoughts. Her touch was so different than Spock's. Gentle, patient and arousing. He did not feel the jolt of emotion when she touched him that he felt with Spock. He felt a moan begin in his chest then escape his lips as her mouth began to tease each nipple. He ran his hands along her back, into the silk of her hair and clenched in its length. She was sucking gently on one nipple and her fingers teased the other.

Jim brushed her hair back then took her hand. He kissed the palm, something that both of them seemed to react to. She looked up to him. "Come here." Jim pulled her to him, capturing her mouth. His hands pressed her hips against his and moaned. He lifted her chin. "Why are you doing this?"

She didn't answer him, but kept planting kisses down the length of his body. His erection was straining against the sheet that was still between them.

Spock lay close to Jim's back, stroking down his back and buttocks. He would brush his lips against the warmth on the back of Jim's neck, tasting the sweat.

T'yshen had reached under the sheet with her hot hand while Spock thrust a finger into his most private entrance, then started to rock it in and out. T'yshen was pulling on his cock and started to lower her mouth to his penis in preparation for enclosing it in her ready mouth. Spock continued pumping his finger in and out of Jim's ass, then gradually added another digit.

Kirk felt the disorientation as he was surrounded by sensations that he could not control. He pushed back against Spock's fingers as they stretched him wider. He wanted what he knew was coming. His breathing was deep and slow. The calm, no doubt, was a side effect of the bond.

T'yshen had now engulfed his throbbing cock in her hot, wet mouth and was sucking the head thoroughly. She licked up and down the shaft, then took him in her hand and began slowly sucking and pumping him.

Spock, feeling Jim's increased arousal through the bond, felt his own cock harden and glisten with pre-cum. He wanted to take Jim, take him now. Even he had been surprised at the strength of this bonding. He sent his readiness through the bond to both Jim and T'yshen. Spock rubbed the pre-cum all over his penis then positioned the head at Jim's entrance. Slowly, he pushed forward. He heard and felt Jim's gasp at the intrusion, then as he pushed his hips back towards Spock. Jim welcomed the invasion.

T'yshen moved towards Kirk's retreating hips and took his entire length in her mouth and down her throat. She knew Jim was at a loss at to what to do with this sensory overload. He rocked and bucked as the two Vulcans pleasured him. His hands grabbed T'yshen's hair and started to pump her mouth. Spock had been careful to match Jim's rhythm so he wouldn't pull out of Jim's warmth.

Together they established a rhythm that would satisfy all. They could feel the orgasms building in their own bodies as well as each other's through the bond. This was the catalyst needed to trigger the most explosive orgasm they had ever felt. Kirk reached with one arm to pull Spock closer as he exploded into T'yshen's mouth, which escaped out of the corners of her mouth, just as Spock shot his seed deep into Jim's ass, drenching them both.

Jim heard Spock moan at the back of his neck, T'yshen moved up to share the pillow and he had only enough strength to remember to breath. He needed to sleep. His last conscious thought was of T'yshen's gentle kiss on his mouth.

Kirk stirred a little as he began to wake up only a few hours later. He felt his arm tingling, still hidden under T'yshen's pillow. Her body tucked in close to his, her head resting on his half-numb arm. He smiled as he began to remember the events from only hours before. He only vaguely remembered T'yshen using a cloth and scented water on his body. It registered, just then, that if T'yshen was in front of him, there was a warm arm wrapped around his waist the wrong way. He frowned then touched the warm arm, he turned to confirm the identity if the owner of the arm. He held his breath! "Spock..." He whispered then tried to shift to a more comfortable position. "It wasn't a dream."

Dark eyes opened to the hazel ones. "No, it was not." His voice was deep and raspy.

Kirk smile spread across his lips. "Good morning." Kirk felt the other Vulcan begin to move. He looked towards her then back to Spock. 'An embarrassment of riches'. He thought to himself.

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Indeed, James."

Kirk closed his eyes and sighed then started to chuckle. "Never in my wildest dreams..."

Picture Credit - Liz Woledge

*******At the ending of Shore Leave...

Captain Kirk picked up the last of his civvies and stuffed them into the duffel bag. He didn't want to go back. For the first time in his life he had a moment when he did not want to rush back to his Enterprise. He grinned. "Then again, that's where Spock will be..." He chuckled to himself as he considered how different this shore leave turned out. Sailing and some time on the beach, a chess game or ten and a few nights spent under the stars, that is what he had planned. Their bonding and what happened afterwards was not part of the plan.

He picked up the duffel bag and slipped it onto his shoulder, his tunic was picked up with a sigh as he headed into the common room. "Well, my mom used to say that if you forgot anything, it was intentional and it meant that you were planning to come back." He placed his bag with Spock's. He moved into the kitchen area to enjoy the fresh ground coffee that T'yshen had made for him.

"It would be expected, Captain. One would have to return to retrieve the item that was forgotten." Spock stated. He had finished his morning meal and was just finishing his tea.

Jim smiled. "That wasn't the intent of the comment. It was usually meant as an invitation to return to visit again." He sat in the chair opposite the two; his cup was prepared and waiting for him. "Thank you." He leaned back in the chair and sighed. "This is one shore leave that I wish could be extended."

They had spent the week on the surface and Kirk returned to the ship to cover Sulu's leave three nights ago but returned to the surface last night. The three had spent a second night together. In Kirk's opinion it had been better than the first. He had stayed awake longer and he had seen how little actual activity went on between telepaths when they made love. He had to remind Spock not to call him, Captain!

"There will be other times." T'yshen stated with a certainty.

"But the next time, you have to come to Earth to visit." Kirk stated. "My apartment is big enough..."

"But the bed is not." Spock added.

"We can get a new bed." He assured him. "We could take her camping."

"I do not think that is wise."

"Why not?"

"Doctor McCoy would not be able to control his remarks." Spock lifted an eyebrow in Kirk's direction. There were times when Doctor McCoy's sarcasm was not welcome.

Kirk laughed in agreement. "We'll threaten to tie him up." Kirk picked up his tunic and slipped it on. "Come to think of it, he may enjoy that too much!" Kirk sealed the opening. "We won't tell him." He shrugged then smiled. "That should drive him nuts." Keeping this from Bones was going to be tricky. But if in the event of an emergency, the agreement was that he was to be filled in. "Ready?"

Spock stood. He took a deep breath, not quite prepared to leave. He lifted his fingers to touch hers. His eyes closed and he reached into her thoughts to the place where only he belonged. He felt her lips brush his.

"Dif-tor heh sariah, Spock." Her old fears surfaced again. That he would not return to her, she wanted him to live long and return to her. She kissed him lightly then withdrew her touch.

"Khartau-bosh, T'yshen." He bowed his head.

Kirk took both bags out and reluctantly began to place himself in the frame of mind for command. He moved to the side as Spock came out. He wasn't sure how to say good-bye to her.

"James." T'yshen moved closer to him. "Live long and return to me." She brushed his lips with her fingertips. She smiled at him. "Keep him safe as he must keep you safe."

"I'll do my best." He kissed her quickly.

They moved away from the building then Kirk signaled the Enterprise. They dissolved in two columns of light then vanished from her sight.

She looked up into the sky for a moment then returned to the work that had waited for her.


Six days had passed since the Enterprise had left orbit. T'yshen had walked along the shoreline for the last four days waiting for Carl to return. He had not been home in ten days. The large flat rock had become her watch post for the last five hours but she had not seen anything. On her way back to the city, she wondered where else he could have gone, it was not within character for Carl not to follow a schedule. T'yshen entered the shared quarters, looking for some sign of his return.

She turned on the terminal and called up the last version of the trade agreement and set to work. She checked the accuracy of the wording as well as how equitable the trading would be. She was satisfied.

She prepared her second meal, ate and then headed to the medical center.

L'effa came from the back room. "Have you heard anything from him?"

"Not as yet." T'yshen read through the patient files for the day.

He watched as she immersed herself in the day's activities. Had she not been Vulcan, he would have suspected that she was more than just concerned about Carl. He moved to the communication board to check it for any references to Carl and to make a few inquiries. Everyone had become concerned about this disappearance and even S'task had been in to talk to him concerning the Human. For him to go sailing for this amount of time was not out of the ordinary, but for him not to have communicated with anyone else, was.

The afternoon passed relatively fast and L'effa had not received any responses to his inquiries except for one. It had been relayed that J'ekon had seen Carl four days ago and he had mentioned that he was going sailing for a period of time. Carl had appeared well.

L'effa stepped out of his office after the last of the scheduled patients had left. "A game of chess?"

T'yshen looked up from the terminal. "I would welcome a change in pace."

L'effa nodded. "You set it up. I'll be in with the tea." He had a thought about finding Carl, silently surprised that no one had thought of it. "I have a call to make." He moved into the second office then called up S'task's terminal. "Can someone take a cruiser and scan for his readings?"

"I was just discussing that with Di'on. We had not wanted to infer that he was not capable, but we are becoming concerned." S'task thought a moment. "Within the hour."

"Check the North Sea as well." L'effa added as an afterthought. "The waters are not as calm and if he wanted to remove himself from the alien surroundings, he might just have extended his voyage.

"Agreed. I will contact you when I return."

L'effa was about to agree but hesitated with his finger on the button to close the frequency. "Perhaps I should go with you. Just in case medical aid is required."

S'task nodded. That was one thought he had kept to himself. "I'll be by to get you in thirty-five minutes."

"I'll be ready. L'effa out." He picked up the tea, the cups and just to make it look authentic, a file padd. He headed back into his office explaining how this had to be a fast game because he was expecting a patient. One, that had the antiquated notion, that healers could not be of a differing sex or species than the patient.

On board the Enterprise...

Kirk fell onto the bed with a sigh. "I am exhausted." He laughed. "I need a shore leave to recover from this system check." He used one foot to push off the other boot.

Spock stood in the doorway holding two glasses. He passed one to Kirk. "Then you should not have ordered it." He lifted an eyebrow. He sipped on the warmed brandy.

"I didn't expect to find so many problems." He turned onto his side and propped up his head with one arm, the other swirled the brandy in the glass then drank it down in two swallows. "At least we didn't need to pull in to a Starbase to fix them." He sat up just long enough to place his glass down. He tugged at his sweater then pulled it over his head. He dropped it onto the floor then crooked a finger at Spock. "Come here."

Spock drank the remaining brandy in his glass, placed it on the shelf then took a step towards Kirk. He recognized the look in the Captain's eyes and he tried not to react to it. "What do you wish?"

"Uniform, off." He grinned.

"To which are you referring, yours or mine?"

Kirk sighed. "Both."

"And then?" Spock had taken off his tunic, sweater and boots off earlier. He sat on the bed next to Jim.

"And then?" Kirk laughed. He pulled Spock down then held the Vulcan's face and kissed him passionately. "We do what comes naturally."

Spock felt the stirring in his thoughts, his fingers moved to the contact points. "Naturally for which species...?" He spoke against the cool throat, as he tasted him, feeling the slow beating of the human's pulse against his lips.

"Natural for us, Spock." He held his breath for a moment at the touch on his throat. He pulled the Vulcan to him as he moved his body closer.

******On the surface of Kavifemai...

T'yshen had prepared for bed. She had a shower and completed one hour of meditation. She was tired and tonight she would sleep. She had not done so, properly, since the Enterprise left orbit. A storm was beginning in the distance and she wanted to have Carl there watching it. She placed an extra covering on her bed then climbed in. She listened to the rain for the duration of the storm then fell asleep.

Carl entered the quarters. He stripped off the wet clothing and hoped that no one had become overly concerned about him. On this trip it seemed as if anything that could go wrong... did! He padded into his shower and pulled out a towel. He shivered as he dried off his body. He pulled on some pajamas, loose fitting, then headed into the kitchen to find something warm to drink.

He pulled the coverlet over him as he curled up on the couch with the warmed ale. He did not know if he should go in and wake her. She may not have even been interested whether or not he was okay. He had seen her face when she saw Spock. Saw her eyes darken and her skin take on a delicate blush. He had decided that he did not want to stick around and have to watch the two of them together.

Being the only human had its advantages; everyone else had assumed he was just being Carl when he took off for parts unknown. The empty glass was placed on the low table and leaned back, finding himself too comfortable to move. Five minutes and then he would go to bed. He closed his eyes and he was off to dreamland. Warm, secure and safe.

T'yshen had not slept long, when something woke her. She decided to make herself some tea. She moved into the kitchen and in her moving around heard another sound. She brushed her hair back over her shoulder then slowly entered the common room.

"Carl!" She almost shouted.

Carl turned then rolled off the couch, landing on the carpeted floor. He sat up slowly. "You like doing that to me, don't you?" He rubbed his eyes trying to wake up.

"No one has know your location for over a week. No communication. No suggestion of where you could be!" She felt the knot in her stomach finally loosen, she hadn't even been aware of it until now. She went to him. "Why did you not inform someone?" Without realizing it her hand went to his face.

He thought about kissing her. "I expected to come back after I left J'ekon's. I just wanted to avoid everyone for a few days." He leaned against the couch. She was in front of him on the floor. "Then it seemed as if everything went wrong!" He sighed. "A sail tore. I started taking on water, the wind died totally. The communicator decided not to work and I think I accidentally left it on listening for someone to contact me. The power unit failed. I went off course...." He laughed slightly. "I think sticking around here would have been easier."

"Why did you not remain?"

He sighed then smiled slightly. "I couldn't. Can we leave it at that?" Carl had learned to keep how his feelings to himself. "Sorry I worried everyone."

"You are safe."

The door chime sounded. T'yshen turned. "Enter."

S'task entered. "On our way back, we spotted the ship anchored." He looked to Carl. "Had problems?"

"You name it, it happened."

"Glad you're back." S'task had the distinct impression that he had interrupted a conversation. "We can get together later, if you want?"

Carl nodded.

S'task bowed his head.

The door slid quietly closed.

Carl folded the cover he had been using then placed it along the back of the couch. "Guess I'll get dressed. I have a lot of repairs to the boat." He headed off towards his room.

"Carl." She was uncertain if she should admit any of this. There was a friendship between them, which could not be denied. If Carl's life had ended, she would have grieved his loss. She stood unmoving, waiting.

"Yeah." He turned to face her.

"I was concerned."

Carl nodded. "It's good to know that someone cares." He went into his room, calling to her as he continued the conversation. "I got caught in the rain last night. Soaked to the skin. I must have fallen asleep in the couch after the ale." He tossed his pajamas onto his bed. His arm still hurt where the rope had caught it. He pulled on a clean pair of pants, then turned to check the condition of his back. "The bruising is going green now." He grinned. "If this keeps up, I'll be the same shade as you..." He waited for a comment.

The boom had knocked him to the deck when the rope broke. He would have to check the other ropes, maybe the water was rotting this stuff faster that was expected. He was feeling dizzy again; he sat on the bed. "Still so tired..." The bed felt extremely comfortable and secure. He felt himself fall back and before his head touched the blanket, he passed out.

T'yshen went into his room to check on him when the stream of comments stopped suddenly. It hadn't sounded as if he had finished. She considered his position as amusing, half-dressed and stretched out asleep in the middle of a conversation, his shirt still in his hand. Moving to the closet, she took down a blanket to cover him. It was then she noticed the bruising. Her hand touched it and he flinched. She began to check him for other injuries, chiding herself for not checking him earlier. She left him for a moment for her medical kit. His temperature was elevated; she had also discovered a cut on his arm, beginning to heal and bruising on his leg. One pant leg had ridden up slightly.

T'yshen was unsure of the medications necessary for the human's system. She called L'effa. "A temperature of thirty-nine degrees Celsius. Bruising, rope abrasions and there appears to be a lump on the back of his head. The readings do indicate a slight concussion." She required verification only. After she received the information, she signed off and went back to him.

She went back into his room promising herself that she would increase her knowledge of the treatment of Terrans. Her hands checked for any further injuries to his head; she found none. The medications were lined up and pushed each vial into the hypospray. She touched each to his neck and listened for the gentle hiss of the liquid being pushed into his system.

He blinked then focused on her. "What are you here for?" Carl was only half-awake.

"How were you injured?"

"Told you. Had a fight with the boat and lost." Carl sighed. "Come here with me." He tapped the bed.

"You have bruising on your back, a cut on your arm and more bruising on your legs. You are also running a fever."

Carl nodded. "The rain last night." He reached for her. "I want you here beside me." He started to shiver. "So cold." He pulled the cover up over himself.

"Get into the bed." She was trying to get him under more of the covers. The stress of the last few days was obviously catching up with him. She helped him to get under the covers. "You must sleep now."

He nodded then his teeth began to chatter. "Stay. Just for a bit." He had a hold on her hand and wasn't about to let go.

"I will remain if you sleep."

"So angry at Spock." He mumbled as he began to drift into the medicated sleep.

Her fingertips touched his lips. "Sleep. No talking."

"Okay." Carl closed his eyes and his body relaxed but his hand remained tightly around hers.

T'yshen brushed his hair back out of his face. She wondered how humans had survived for so long with such a fragile system. In a few more minutes his hand relaxed and she could slip her hand from his. In twenty-four hours he would have recovered from his ordeal and matters would return to normal. She was gratified that he was had returned and was relatively safe.

******On board the Enterprise, three months later...

Jim smiled as he walked from the bedroom to the desk. He was holding the pages of the letter that T'yshen had written in one hand and his boots in the other. "I didn't expect her letters to be... enjoyable?" He shook his head. "That isn't right."

"Yshen is writing a letter to you, a Human, it would be logical for her to phrase things differently than if she were writing to me." Spock set up the chessboard again. He had read his portion of the letter to Jim, and had even translated the portion that had been written in Vulcan for him. It had not been information that could not be shared.

"I suppose. Just didn't expect it I guess." He put the papers down. "I also did not expect to receive hand written ones."

"I believe my mother had a hand in that habit."

Jim smiled then leaned over and kissed Spock lightly. "Remind me to thank your mother." He sat in the chair and continued with the letter. "She says that she went sailing again. Still gets sick." He smiled. "How can anyone get sick on a beautiful boat like that?" He shook his head, he had never experienced motion sickness of any kind. "She delivered a few more babies. She's received her next level in her medical studies."

Spock nodded his head once. He made the opening move then waited for Jim. He sipped on the warmed Saurian brandy and watched Jim as he continued reading the letter. He opened the bond link slowly then Jim held his breath, he lifted his eyes to Spock and smiled.

"She says she likes knowing that we are together." He sat back then sighed. "Does she share from this distance?"

Spock shook his head. "It can be planned. But to know what we will be doing days or weeks from now is not possible."

Jim leaned forward. "Let's plan it."

"Jim, what if on the precise moment there is an attack on the vessel or we are otherwise occupied. It would not be advisable for her to be in that vulnerable a position."

Jim sighed. He ran his fingers along his lips as he thought about it. "We could arrange for transportation to our next shore leave."

Spock could not help but smile. "Jim." He met the Human's eyes and shook his head slightly. "What else is in the letter?"

"That we are missed." Jim grinned.

*******On Kavifemai, two months later...

T'yshen had poured some tea and was sitting comfortably in the armchair when she opened the package from the Enterprise. It held two letters, one was folded in a unique shape, from Spock, and the other was in a second envelope, this one was from James.

She opened James' letter first. He began by asking her how she was and then informing her that the bed had been ordered, and would be in place by the time she received the letter. A description was also included. Large, big enough for all of us comfortably. She envisioned him smiling. Pillows, lots of them, he had added. Then he began a string of questions about what she liked and didn't like. What she wanted to do, see and experience while she was on Earth. He continued with a vivid description of the latest session of self-defense training with Spock. How Spock had tossed him and he caught his foot somehow and twisted it. He added that he lay in agony until Spock wrapped his hands around his ankle and the pain disappeared. He had ended the letter with a series of X's and O's. She was uncertain of their meaning.

Spock's letter was folded in a unique form. She pulled on the two corners that peeked out of the shape and it bloomed into a standard size sheet of paper. His handwriting was precise. And she smiled at his first words... "I was asked to inform you that the X's and O's signify the hugs and kisses that Jim wishes for you." Then James' handwriting wrote in an 'Sorry. Sealed it too soon.' The writing then reverted to Spock's precise penmanship. He informed her that the plans for her visit had been finalized. Both Admiral Kirk and he would be accepting positions at the Academy for a time. Her stay of fifty-one days could be enjoyed more thoroughly. He added that it would also put their bonding to a test. He informed her that he had also arranged to retain his separate quarters should any of them require some privacy. He also added that preparations were underway, without Jim's knowledge, for a party to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

She thought of the sketch she had finished of the two playing chess. She would prepare it carefully in order to protect it while it made its way to Earth. There were some things that should not be trusted to be beamed from one point to another, this sketch was one of them.

He added general information concerning their upcoming missions, though specifics could not be revealed. A notation was made concerning a recent conversation to his mother about his bond-mate's health and that he had replied favourably.

He closed with his pleasure in the bonding they shared and with the fact that Jim had been included. He wished her pleasant dreams from Jim and his own desire that time, despite the illogic of the statement, would seem to pass quickly and their time together memorable.

Standard Terran Year: 2285.5

Standard Kavifemai Year: pos'Lashan 04

Another conference and T'yshen was actually looking forward to this one. It was to be held on Earth. Sarek would be in attendance and Amanda was travelling with him. Spock had accepted an instructor's position at the Academy and had achieved the rank of Captain. James was to be addressed as Admiral once again and was in charge of the command training. There would be time to spend with one another. Carl had also promised her some good old-fashioned Earth hospitality. He had contacted his parents and they were thrilled to have their son, for a full month, and for T'yshen to visit.

T'yshen lifted her head as Carl entered her room. The two duffel bags she had packed were sitting on the end of the bed. The smaller bag that she carried held more personal or fragile items. Her flute, kivas, art supplies and her journal.

"We've received conformation of our accommodations and the list of the other delegates in attendance. If I speak nicely to her, Rea's Helm could get us there in three days instead of four." He picked up one of the bags. "The Reliant is arriving the same time as we would have. It would give us an extra day to spend on Vulcan before we leave on the Reliant."

"If it will not put a strain on the vessel."

Carl smiled at her restrained impatience. "It won't. K'tar's waiting." Carl headed out to the aircar. K'tar was to bring Rea's helm back to Kavifemai from Vulcan. The trip to Earth would have been too strenuous on the ship and with only one pilot, too tiring. "She's on her way out." He tossed the bag into the back seat beside K'tar. "Sure you don't want to drive?"

K'tar shook his head. "I'll be doing more than enough. Besides I need the sleep."

Carl grinned. He had a point, it was still early in the day and even he had stifled a yawn or two. The new year celebrations had been two days ago and had lasted for a full day. These Kavifemai knew how to party! He turned just as T'yshen came out of the unit. "Do you have everything?"

She placed the second bag in the back then walked around to the 'passenger's side'. "I have all that I require." She sat in the aircar then lifted the fabric hood of her travel cape. The small bag was placed at her feet.

They were due to stop at the medical center for additional supplies and then extended their good-byes. Carl pointed the aircar in the direction of the field of cruisers. It would take them about fifteen minutes to get there.

"My mom is anxious to meet you." Carl smiled at her. He was feeling suddenly homesick. "You will not believe how beautiful Earth is and in particular the area around my home. Grass as far as the eye can see, the ocean and the rolling hills." He caught her slightly frown. "It's a description." He used his hands to illustrate how the hills went up and down.

T'yshen nodded then shivered. She was not feeling well, her head was beginning to hurt. "It is understood." She looked out to the growing fields of grain as they passed by. "This field will require harvesting in a sevenday." She closed her eyes to the dizziness.

"I know. I'll be back just in time to help." K'tar stated from the back.

"I thought you wanted to sleep?" Carl looked over his shoulder.

"I did." He settled himself into the corner of the seat and closed his eyes.

"Anything special you want to see on Earth?" Carl looked to T'yshen and the course they were taking.

"Special? Where?" The words were not making sense to her. She took a breath and closed her eyes for a second. She felt a momentary disorientation.

"On Earth." He slowed the aircar slightly. "Are you okay?" He waited until her eyes opened again.

"Yes." The sensation had left her just as suddenly as it had come. "I am functional."

Carl saw their destination just ahead. "L'effa gave you a clean bill of health, didn't he?"

"Yes. All is as it should be." She felt suddenly warm. There was a sudden sharp, deep pain within her. She gasped. She felt suddenly sick. Her eyesight was blurring; becoming a green haze and her body was aching.

Carl watched as the colour drain from her face and her head slowly drops back. "What's wrong?"

K'tar was now leaning forward. "Stop."

Carl landed the aircar then jumped out and went around to T'yshen's side.

She felt her stomach flip and then her skin begin to burn. She moaned and slowly began to realize what was happening. "Spock... tev-tor." Her head dropped back as another moan escaped her lips. Her eyes closed and she felt the darkness begin to take her.

Carl frowned. "Spock?" He lifted her out of the aircar just as her body began to convulse. He laid her down on the ground. "Call L'effa." He called to K'tar.

"All ready done. L'effa and S'task are on their way." He stated from the front seat. He had moved and placed the call as soon as T'yshen was lifted out.

Carl was at a loss as to what to do! "T'yshen!" He checked her over quickly just as the meaning of the words sunk in. "Dies! Who is dying?" He frowned. "Spock!"

"Tev-tor." She spoke in Vulcan. "Ship. Out of danger...." Whispers, that were full of his pain. "Jim..." Her pain at the separation! "I come, My Husband." She remembered being told this is what would happen. She had been prepared. Her breathing began to slow as she reached out to him over the distance.

"T'yshen!" He lifted her slightly, listening for her heartbeat. "No!" He called to her again then he started to panic. He sat down hard beside her. "Think. Think what happens...." He breathed slowly trying to concentrate on all that he had been taught.

He felt his tears then looked up to the sky. "You can't have her!" He screamed to the Vulcan so far away. He held her again, her breathing barely noticeable. He began to rock her. "You can't do this...." He turned his head when he heard the fast approaching aircar. "Hurry!"

L'effa grabbed his shoulder. "What is wrong?"

"Spock's dying."

"It is her bond-mate. It is their way." L'effa ran the scanner and he nodded. "She is dying. There is nothing we can do."

"There has to be a way to stop this!"

"Another meld. That is the only thing that will allow her to remain."

"A meld?"

L'effa nodded. "I have no skills for this."

"Can you monitor her. Let me know..." He was grasping at straws but this was the only thing he had. He could not just sit here and watch! "Tap me on the shoulder when the readings change." He felt some of the panic recede. He might be able to do something.

L'effa shook his head. "You do not know what you are doing." He watched this Terran's fight within. He had never fully understood this race, least of all this man's choices. Did the Human understand that this could mean his death as well?

"Trust me." Carl took another breath after getting L'effa's nod. "Please let me remember how...." He crossed his fingers, paused than placed his fingers on the contact points for the meld. He took a deep breath and reached for the familiar warmth he remembered.

At first it seemed as if he had done this all wrong then he touched something. [T'yshen!] He felt a shadow of the thoughts that he knew. She was so weak! [T'yshen!] He began to feel the pain that she was experiencing. He cried out! He controlled then flowed with the pain. He called to her again. [T'yshen. K'vaiith. I need you.]

He moved in deeper, taking his time. [I don't want you to leave!] Maybe that was the problem. If this was going to end now, he thought, he would die too. Living without her would be too hard! He pushed through the barriers she had began to form, reaching in deeper and further than he had ever hoped to. He called to her again. He felt a glimmer of recognition.

[Thee are here?]

[Don't go. I want you here with me.]

[Spock. He is dying.] She wanted to drift; there was no direction anymore yet she knew he was not dead yet. She had tried to find the thread that had begun to pull at her but she suddenly lost it. [I must go to him.]

[No. Tell him no.] He felt his body convulse with hers. [I will fight for you. I will fight his death for you!] Carl pressed his precarious hold on her katra as his tried to pull her back to life. [He is gone.]

[He is mine. I must go to him.] She had found the strength from Carl to reach to Spock. [Thee have learned well.]

[No!] He screamed in his thoughts to her and to Spock. [I grieve with thee. He does not need you. I need thee.] Carl laughed. [There was a dream I had years ago... of kissing you.... I want it to come true!] He tried with all that he knew to convey just how much she had come to mean to him. [I want to feel you next to me again!] He remembered the night he returned from sailing, she had laid down with him so he would settle and sleep.

She felt his warmth and his love. She was drawn to it as Spock's pull weakened. She followed it.

[I choose life for thee! I wish to hold thee. To touch thy thoughts.] Carl felt a pressure on his shoulder. He forced his head to nod. He had pulled her from the darkness! His eyes opened slowly, afraid that she would not be there. That this was just a dream, totally unreal. He met her dark eyes as she whispered Spock's name. He held her close. He felt her sobbing and then his own body began to shake as he gave into the grief he shared with her.


T'yshen moved slowly to sit at the communication terminal. She took a breath then touched the tie-in to receive the waiting call. She looked to the surroundings of the image. He was in his quarters. "James." She noted the strain on his face, the redness in his eyes and the bottle of brandy at his elbow.

"I ask forgiveness, Shen. I couldn't keep him alive....." He reached towards her image, his fingertips just touching the bottom of the screen. "I am.... so sorry..."

"You could not have known." She reassured the Human. His Human. She did not have any words to comfort his or her own grief. "He was aware of the outcome of his actions."

"But why did he do this?" Kirk held back the tears that threatened to spill again. He was so tired of crying and hurting.

"The needs of the many...."

"Don't start throwing Vulcan philosophy at me!" A gesture with his hand sent the empty glass against the wall and shattered. "I want to know why he stepped into that place knowing...." He was shouting now at the only person that he felt could give him any answers. He held his breath and stopped himself. "I don't want to know why a Vulcan would have done that. I want to know why Spock did it."

"Spock is Vulcan, Admiral."

"Don't call me that..." His voice was strained.

She understood his need to display his anger and frustration as well as sharing his grief. "You would not expect any less out of his actions."

Kirk shook his head slowly. Something he had been telling himself for hours. Had it really been that long? His body was still numb. He frowned then asked softly "How are you doing?"

T'yshen raised an eyebrow at the change in demeanor. "I am affected." She wasn't sure yet herself. "I did not feel his actual death."

"The way he walked into that chamber..." He easily recalled the images he had viewed as part of his report. They had also become a waking nightmare that kept playing in his head. "Gloves went on but not the protective suit. There wasn't the time." He drew in a breath. "He would not have saved the ship if he had paused for even a second longer!" He was angry with himself that he hadn't noticed that Spock had left the bridge! He stood and moved away from the screen. "So calm." Kirk shivered.

"Spock found the only solution to the problem." T'yshen added.

His fist came down on the desk. "It wasn't!"

"What other solution was there, Admiral? To allow the deaths of all of the crew? Destruction of the ship?" She knew what had motivated Spock. "He did not wish you to die."

"No. Instead.... He left us behind." Kirk sat slowly down in front of the screen again. He ran a hand over his face then looked to the dark eyes she shared with Spock. "Are you going to Vulcan?"

"Yes." T'yshen still felt some shadow of Spock's existence within her. She supposed it was because the bond was broken before his death and she had survived. "There will be a ceremony there."

"He didn't want to be sent home." Kirk stated cautiously, unsure as to whether she knew or not.

"I was made aware of that fact." T'yshen sighed, she was feeling tired.

"I want to be there with you."

"I will extend the information pertaining to the memorial service to you."

Kirk thought she sounded awfully cold. He also needed to know if there was still some connection between them, a part of him prayed that there would be. If he had to loose Spock, then he would share all he had with her. His fingers rested against the bottom of the screen. "Shen, this emptiness... this aching..." He lifted his eyes to meet hers. "I need you."

"It is not possible." She was aware that the Enterprise had been damaged and that it was on its way to Earth. The travel time, for him to return to Earth to obtain transportation to get to her, would take far longer than was necessary.

"I'll be on Vulcan in two.... no, three days. Wait." He thought that this would tell him if there were anything to hope for. If she waited then maybe there was something that could be salvaged. If she did not want to wait.... then he knew there was nothing on Vulcan for him anymore. Nothing.

"As you wish, James."

"I'll see you then. Kirk out."

She reached out and closed the circuit. She was not certain how much of the reh'tel-tor remained.

Carl stood in the archway into the kitchen; drinking the tea he had poured for himself and had been watching her. She leaned back in the chair and uncharacteristically covered her face with her hands. He turned and poured out a second cup then took it to her. He placed the cup on the desk and crouched beside her. "How are you feeling?"

She uncovered her face and sighed. Her hands dropped into her lap. "I do not feel anything."

Carl laid his hand on hers. "Need to go home?"


"I'll take you." He stood slowly. He hesitated asking her but he had to know. "What is he to you?"

"James is telsu. He is not adun." She accepted the tea that he pushed her way; she had not noticed it until he offered it. She sipped it slowly.

"Bonded but not a bond-mate. I don't understand."

T'yshen stood, picked up the tea and started towards her room. "Your understanding is not required."

Carl felt his back stiffen slightly. He drew in a slow breath. "Guess you've been told, Human." He muttered to himself in Standard. He attributed her behaviour to what was going on and the fact that she was in a great deal of pain. Not feel anything? He didn't believe it for a second but he wasn't going to argue the point with her. He headed into his room to prepare for the trip to Vulcan.



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