SUMMARY: A woman from Kirk's past reminisces about the summer they shared.

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"Summer Revisited"
By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
(c) September 2000

The door chime sounded.

"Une minute." Michelle called out as she was tying her robe closed. She wondered who would be bothering her this early in the morning. The sun was barely up. She pulled her long dark hair out of the back of the robe then touched the release and the door slid open smoothly. "Oui...?"

The young man handed her a long, somewhat wide box. "Morning. Everything has been seen to, including the tip. Have a good day." He bowed his head slightly then headed off down the hall, whistling.

Pleasantly surprised, a slight smile played upon her lips as she locked the door. She frowned then brought the box to the table; placed it on the surface. While momentarily considering the box, the sounds of tapping nails and jangling tags drew her attention and a large sleepy Bouvier seemed to drag himself out of the room then sat heavily beside her. "You are not a very good watchdog you know, Shakespeare." She reached down and petted its head. "Who do you tink sent me a box." The dog sniffed the box then followed her into the kitchen. She turned on the light and made herself a cup of coffee then returned to the mysterious box.

She placed her cup down then sat in one of the chairs. After a quick sip, she set to unsealing the gift. Very gingerly, she lifted the lid and smiled. "Mon Dieu." Hopefully this envelope would be the key to the mystery and that was sitting on top of the next sealed box.

Leaning back in the chair, she slipped the folded paper out of the envelope and read the note. "You are still a tease, James." The letterhead was the standard ship's stationary, but the scent was distinctly his.

"It is from James, Shakespeare." Scratching the dog's head, she motioned for him to lie down. She lifted her feet, resting them on the opposite chair. "He says dat he keeps promising to buy stationary but never does." She smiled at the next words. 'Happy Birthday, Frenchie!' It was nice to be awakened by such a wonderful surprise.

He continued saying that he knew she hated that but he couldn't resist. He told her how he had promised himself that he would actually remember her birthday before the day. No subspace message that Commander Uhura had to hurriedly connect and patch through with a speed that only she could manage. Instead he actually managed to remember and to send her a present as well.

She read through more of his letter. How the latest of missions had been only mapping and very boring for him. He believed that he had actually worn a spot on the bridge from pacing. He asked if she had opened her present yet.

Michelle shook her head. Then in larger letters he told her to open it, he knew her too well. Laying aside the papers, her attention focused upon the box. She lifted out the still sealed box then opened it. She lifted the cover off and was immediately overwhelmed with the scent of the lilacs that sat inside the specialized stasis field. She touched the control and the blue sheen disappeared. She lifted out the lilac blossoms and buried her face in them. "How does he do dis?"

The scent brought back so many memories but especially the memory of one of those lazy days that she would spend with him and she told him about her enjoyment of the blooms.


The day was hot and sticky and growing hotter by the minute it seemed. They had been walking along the gravel path towards the pond. They had decided to go swimming.

Jim's hand reached back for hers then pulled her gently around in front of him. His other arm wrapped around her waist and he pulled her close then captured her mouth.

Michelle's hands went to his shoulders then around to the back of his neck. Her fingers slid into his short hair and pressed her body against his. It was too warm for this but she wanted this almost as badly as he did today.

Jim lifted his head. His hand brushed back the wisps of hair that had blown loose from her braid. The wind was even warm today and it seemed to make matters worse. He rested his hand against the back of her head then kissed her again. His hands moved down her back, hesitated at her waist then moved lower over her derriere. He smiled in the kiss as she moaned slightly. He wasn't sure if she meant it as a moan or as a gentle objection. His fingers stopped at the edge of her cutoffs then tickled her bare skin.

Michelle shivered. Her hands lifted his face and she called him softly. "Dat tickles."

"M-m-m, I didn't want to necessarily tickle you." His hands moved firmly up her body then slid to her side then hinted at moving over her breasts. He held her neck and kissed her passionately. She took a step closer to him, her hips pressing against his. It was his turn to moan.

Michelle stepped back from him, held both his hands and met his eyes. "Let's go to the pond."

"Sounds like fun."

"To cool off..." She smiled then tugged his arms.

"Oh." He tried to sound disappointed but it wasn't working. He wasn't really disappointed, this would mean they were going swimming and neither of them had suits with them.

Michelle followed him down the path; he was walking backwards most of the time and holding her hand. They were talking about the last year of school; the next year when he would be at the Academy and she would be helping his mother for a bit. Michelle's family had been neighbour's to the Kirk homestead for the past year. It had been bittersweet season filled with loss and love. Michelle's and James' romance had been the thrill of her life. But the loss of her mother and her father's grief stricken departure marred that joy. Now both Kirk boys would be leaving for their futures and Michelle would be left behind with their mother until she left to be with her father. Michelle instead chose to concentrate on the joys to be held within these last few days with James.

They slipped off their shoes and dangled their feet in the cool water. Most of this root-cracked, flat rock was hidden underwater and had become "their" spot. Many days had been spent here, when the hayloft had grown too hot or boring. Other than the working section of the farm, this was a sanctuary, set aside by the Kirks; to always remain unspoiled by 23rd century technology.

Jim reached down cupped some water then drank it down. It was cool and refreshing. He reached for another handful but it never made it to his mouth, instead he splashed Michelle.

She hollered at him then reached down and splashed him back. The fight was on. She slipped into the water first and used both hands to try to soak him, if she didn't do it now she never would. He was stronger and seemed to be faster than she was, but she suspected he was just more sure of himself.

She laughed at his complaints, then back away as he slipped into the water. In this area it was only hip deep, perfect for this type of play. She watched him threaten her with the occasional splash. She knew what was coming. He was going to soak her with the splashing he could manage. She would be sputtering and turning away in no time.

Jim walked slowly towards her, calling to her and occasionally crooking a finger her way. She would shake her head then splash him. Her sides began to hurt from her laughter. He knew just how to do it and no matter how many times he showed her, it never worked quite as well as when he did it.

She backed up slowly shaking her head but splashing him occasionally. Their wild cries of laughter and vehement splashing actually drowned out the sound of the wild life around them.

Jim laughed then dove for her legs. He pulled her under and then stood, helping her up. He laughed with her as the water drained from her face and her hair.

He pulled her close then kissed her, hard and passionately. As much as he wanted to go to the Academy, he found himself less willing to leave her... or so he had told her many times. His hand ran up her wet jean shorts, then her shirt. He started to undo the buttons; his fingers caressed her bare skin along the edge of her bra. Her hand had begun its own path up his leg and was now resting on the waistband of his shorts.

Jim kissed her jaw then brushed his lips against her ear. "Please, can we?" He had asked her over and over again for the past month about making love to her. He felt her hand clench around the waistband, she held her breath for a few seconds then let it out slowly.

Michelle closed her eyes and told herself that this could not happen. All summer long, the young woman ached to taste this passion to its fullest. But her desire for a firm commitment was much stronger. This final commitment to each other would not be made. Their futures were uncertain. His would be out in the stars somewhere. If he was successful, and she had no doubt of it, then he would command a starship. And she would do what? Wait for him to come home? No, it was not fair to either of them. They had talked about this over and over.

"Michelle." He whispered her name.

She shivered when he did this. She shook her head then slipped from his arms and dove in the water, swimming away from him.

Jim stood watching her for a moment. His hands were clenched and he was breathing heavily. Why did he do this? Why did he maneuver the situation every time to the point that this is what he wanted? And he knew what the answer would be, they had talked about it all before.

He waited until she climbed up onto the opposite shore, onto the grass and lay back in the sun. He watched for a time. How many times had they had come here this summer? He lost count. She was right about waiting, but his body did not agree with his head.

After a while, he dove into the cool water and swam over to her. He climbed out then stretched out beside her. He kissed her then looked up to the darkening sky. "Your dad is leaving tomorrow?"

"Oui." She sat up and began to remove the braid from her hair. It would never dry if she left it that way. "And Sam?"

"Two days after I do. In seventeen days." He had his eyes closed listening to the sounds around him and to her. This closeness to her only further enflamed him. He required distance to contain this desire. He sat up then stood. He had to move away from her for a bit, he walked over to the collection of trees and flowering bushes. He reached down low in the bushes. "Look at this, a lilac. Way too late for this." He walked back to her; knelt down facing her then presented it to her.

Michelle cupped the small bloom in both hands, deeply inhaling its fragrance. "I love these." She offered it to him to smell. He breathed in the scent then leaned forward and kissed her.

His hand went to the back of her neck and he pulled her closer. He moved one leg between hers and pulled her onto his thigh. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed herself against him. He felt her warmth and the dampness in the fabric from her swim. He wanted to believe it was damp for other reasons.

She moaned then drew one hand from around his neck and touched his chest. "No more, Cherie." She rested her head against his shoulder. She wanted this just as badly as he did. She had dreamed of him being her first, of his loving touches and his shared hunger. But her father's and mother's words kept echoing 'and next year with all those other cadets... what then'. She felt his warm hands on her thighs. The teasing touches as his fingertips slipped under the edge of her shorts. She held her breath, clenched her jaw and heard herself whisper his name as she kissed his neck.

Jim dropped his head back and drank in the air that his body needed. She did this to him every time... made him forget everything except her. He wanted to breathe in her perfume forever and hold her next to him until the universe ended. They had all the time in the world it seemed and in the same breath, no time at all left in the summer. His hands moved up her legs to the outside of her tight shorts, over her derriere, then to the small of her back. He pulled her closer to him. He felt her hands at his waist.

How many days had he gone home, only to have the longest cold showers in recorded history? When he had confessed this to her, her reaction had been a sly smile as if she took some pleasure in his discomfort. And then, only to think about her as he dried off. He then reminded his reflection each and every time that it didn't help. He would pull on his clothes, adjusting himself and mumbling to himself as he headed down to supper. He wondered how many times, his brother or mom had noticed?

He kissed her passionately wrapping his arms around her tightly. He kissed her mouth then moved slowly down her throat. The water had cooled their skin but there was an underlying heat. He felt her full breasts pressed against him, he bent his head and brushed his lips along the swell. He held one breast up; his mouth wet the skin then sucked a small portion into his mouth. The sound she made did unbelievable things to his body. His heart beat faster, if it was possible and his stiff member began to ache. He sucked in another bit of skin, closer to her nipple and held it longer. He felt her lips brush his hair then whisper to him to do it again.

He lifted his head. He kissed her softly. He brushed her shirt from her shoulders then kissed the bared skin. He felt her warm breath in his hair. She guided his mouth towards her breast, her back arched slightly and she whispered for him to do this again.

He moved aside the fabric of her shirt and the bra she wore. His tongue wet the skin then he sucked in the skin. He felt her body shiver.

Michelle pulled his shirt out from his shorts. She sighed with relief when her hands touched his skin. Her hands moved around and touched his chest; her lips touched the back of his bent neck. "Encore..." she whispered.

"M-m-m?" Her lover inquired, not sure about this particular French term.

"More," she breathlessly urged, and when his lips touched her skin again she heard herself moan. She bit his shoulder gently as she bared one. She felt her body tremble with his touch and her hands clenched in the fabric of his shirt. "O-o-o Mon Dieu..."

Jim pulled the fabric of her shirt left tucked in her shorts, out. He gathered the fabric then slipped it up over her head. He pulled her hips tighter against him; he closed his eyes and tried to slow his breathing. He swallowed hard.

"Chelle... any further and I won't want to stop." He laughed slightly. "I don't want to stop now." He caressed her neck with his fingertips then drew a line down over her breast. He found he had to either touch or taste her. He kissed her shoulder.


Michelle was pulled back to the present with the sound of her door chime. She drew in a long calming breath wondering who would be calling on her this early. She pushed the dog out of the way, because he refused to move from the comfortable place at her feet. She touched the intercom to ask who it was, but then changed her mind, for some unknown reason and simply released the doors locking device.

She held her breath. Her hands slowly covered her mouth as she whispered, "Mon Dieu..." Whoever had sounded the chime was now standing with an armload of roses and lilacs. She could not even see the person holding them. "I guess you can put dem on de table for now." She led the way back into the apartment shooing Shakespeare into the room. "I do not know if I have anyting to 'old dem." She brushed back her long hair with both hands; she was totally at a loss.

She headed into the kitchen to search for a container large enough for the bundle of flowers. She picked up the two largest vases she owned and headed back into the living room. "I dink these..." She looked to the delivery person, now without the flowers to hide who it was. She felt the two vases slip from her hands and luckily one of them had excellent reflexes. "Oh no..."

Jim Kirk caught one vase before it hit the floor, and the other luckily bounced on the carpet and then rolled. It didn't break. He looked up. "Happy Birthday, Chelle." He grinned then as he straightened, laughed. "The look on your face is priceless."

She watched as he placed both vases on the table. "You should be shot for scaring me like that." She smiled as the shock left her system. "What are you doing 'ere?"

"Delivering flowers." Kirk folded his arms then leaned against the table. "They found me out and I was kicked out of Starfleet." He was not surprised that she had allowed her hair to grow out. He remembered the wavy dark hair that would fall in a veil around her and get in his way every time.

His tomfoolery always won her heart. Michelle shook her head then followed an impulse to embrace him. "I would not be surprised." She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a one sided hug since his arms were trapped between them. "Cherie, what are you doing here?" She stepped back and for the first time noticing his manner of dress. "No uniform?" She tilted her head slightly admiring the jeans and the sweatshirt that he wore. She had a hard time deciding if she liked him better in a uniform or these kinds of civvies.

"Well it just happened that I was dirt-side and then I noticed the date..." He spread his arms, "So here I am."

She looked down at her lack of clothes. "Okay I was just going to dress." She indicated the couch, "You wait and I will be ready in about ten minutes." She shook her head again as she headed into her bedroom, "Tell me about everyone?"

Jim smiled as he sank into the large armchair. Shakespeare came over and nuzzled his hand. He scratched the dog's head as he answered her. "Everyone is fine. Bones say hello."

"You look tired. Your missions are going well?"

"Oh yes. We are in port because we had a few delegates to drop off." He looked around, holopics of Michelle and Etienne dotted the room. It had been a few years since her husband's, Etienne, death aboard their ship and Jim was relieved that Michelle was 'getting on with her life'. There were other photos that sat on the cabinet that he was astounded that she possessed. He stood and picked up one that showed Michelle and a very young version of himself. "When did you get this?" He knew his mother had taken the picture, but how Michelle ended up with it was a curiosity. He reached to another frame and picked that up. He remembered this one; it had been taken at the pond.

Jim looked up as she came into the room, "You have quite a collection here."

"Your mother let me make copies. She picked up one picture of Jim, one of her favourites. It had been taken the day he left for the Academy. "I had a feeling that I would not see you again. I did not take any and your mother knew that I wanted some."

"Well I can't believe we ever looked that young." He placed the frames back in their positions. He smiled, "Well you look the same."

"Jim, you still like to flirt." She leaned against the doorframe dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, "What are we going to do?"

"Well I thought we could head out to the farm. Look around and maybe sneak down to the pond and see how things are doing." He smiled as he recalled how jeans always looked elegant on her; then again everything she wore seemed elegant.

"Dis sounds like fun." She remembered the flowers; "First I have to put these in some water." She untied the ribbon that held all the flowers together. "Did you buy out the store?"

Jim smiled, "Not quite." He slipped into the chair and began helping her. "I think I left a few behind."

"How long are you here for?"

"A week."

"Not very long."

"But I think long enough." Jim grinned.

"M-m-m? Long enough for what?" She caressed his cheek with one of the roses.

"Anything you want, it's your birthday."

"Breathing in de fresh air sounds good." She fussed with the quickly formed arrangements. They now only required water. As she set out to retrieve a pitcher of water, she asked, "Do I need to bring a swimsuit?"

Jim smiled, "Never needed one before..."


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