Rala-mu'yor Var (NightWing Tale)
by Gayle Rochefort-Potts

"Eshu'a" (Demon)

"Dvinsu tarn'a" (Spirit servant)

"Mu'gel k'avon"(Dark hunger)

The whispers continued among the adults. Some spoke of it as truth, some spoke of it as a tale woven through time and yet others spoke of it as a total fabrication. But no one was sure.

The story had been told through generations of the out-cast people that lived in the caves in the Northern mountain ranges on Vulcan. They were a people that were very different. In their looks and in their needs. In the darkness of the caves they hid. They were only seen at night and when the Watcher was not high in the sky.

The few that had seen them spoke of hairless winged creatures with a hunger for the emotions of others. These were not small creatures that disappeared with time. These were tall and a seemingly, intellectual beings that had a wingspan double their height. Their skin was a pale green and the wings were made of thickened skin. Their eyes had a clear crystal look to them and seemed to glow in the dark.

Once every year a celebration was held, one that was rumoured to have awakened all the hungers of the body and soul. It was also rumoured that many disappeared into the caves. The few that made it back out told tales of hungers and passions that rivaled any Deltan House.

This is the tale of Hu'a, she was rumored to be the only T'Khasisu to live among the Demons of the NightWing.

She was of average height, her figure was esthetically pleasing. Her dark hair trailed down her back and her ability to please was legendary. So much so that she received a whisper thin scroll on which was written the invitation to the 'Celebration of Life' with these mysterious ones.

She crossed the Northern plain and then the cold desert until she arrived at the largest of the cave openings. She called out into the darkness her name and that she had been invited here.

Immediately a young one came to the opening and with hand gestures bid her welcome. This young adult was totally without hair and with wings that curled and tucked behind him ... at least it was assumed to be male. This young one guided her deep into the caves and through the labyrinth of tunnels and walkways.

The path lead to an immense opening. The candles burned brightly, and the furnishings were partly wooden and from the stone. Some benches seemed to be cut from the walls and some tables seemed to have grown from the stone floor. The incense was sickly- sweet at first and then seemed to take on a spicy scent. Food and containers of drink were all over the room and the beings were enjoying it freely.

Another young one came to Hu'a and guided her into a back room. A deep bowl had been cut into the floor and there was a steady stream of warm water that poured from cracks in the rock that forming a perfect waterfall effect along one wall. The source of the warm water was most likely the hot springs that were known to be underground. She was instructed to removed her dusty clothing and to immerse herself in the pool. She was given a liquid and was instructed to use it.

Immediately the room filled with the spicy scent, the water bubbled and her body felt a tingle. She cleansed her hair then climbed out. Her body was dried and then she was given a simple robe to wear. She was given a comb for her hair. She watched as the young one that brought her through immersed himself in the water and then used this tingling soap. When he climbed out, he shook his wings dry then took a towel and dried his body off.

Hu'a was then led back into the main room and to the large ornate chair that was presently empty. A group of these beings were talking, laughing and eating near-by. She watched them for a moment wondering what to do with herself. No one had spoken to her, all direction had been done with gestures. She had been uncertain if they had a language until now.

The tallest of the beings stood and turned to face her. She took a cautionary step back then bowed her head.

The being looked down at her, moved closer then reached out a clawed finger and lifted her chin gently. "Thee are welcome here." He was pleased when she lifted her head further to meet his eyes. He did not see fear there. "This is to be your home if you choose. A place will be made for you and your..." He looked to the long hair and her pale skin. "... your uniqueness."

"I am honoured." She bowed her head accepting the possible invitation. She was studying these beings and wondered how they came to be here on Vulcan.

"You are Hu'a." He wanted to touch her hair and her skin, it was so different from his. He waved her to the chair that had been placed beside the ornate one. "Find comfort." He sat down, the wings seemed to find their place curled just behind his shoulders and running along each side of his body.

A large tray holding food and goblets was brought to him. He lifted the two goblets and passed one to Hu'a. "It is a fermented juice of the savas. It is quite good but potent." He smiled at her. He lifted off a plate of the fruit pieces and breads. "You do not eat animal flesh?" He placed the plates on the wide arm of the chair.

"No." She took a small piece of the fruits and a small bread.

The being spoke softly to the one carrying the tray and the other nodded then moved away.

"Eska will bring you the white flesh. It is made from thas and spices."

"I was not told how to address you." Hu'a drank some of the golden pink wine.

"Sokesh." He lifted the small plate from Eska when she returned with it and added to the others. "When you have eaten I will take you to the other places in here."

Sokesh told her of the celebration that would last for a ten-day period. He spoke of the Hall of the Spirits and how offerings were made. He leaned towards her. "We have one that honours Yokulsu t'Katralar. I personally do not believe in the Eater-of-Souls... but one can not be too careful." Then he laughed.

Hu'a smiled. This being was most entertaining to say the least and she trusted that spending a ten-day cycle with them would not be too difficult. She listened as he spoke of the other Spirits that were honoured, even the seasons were given their due.

They ate, talked and laughed well into the night. Both had begun to have difficulty remaining attentive.

Sokesh stood then offered his hand to her. "Come. Share my rest with me."

She saw no reason why she should not.

His chamber held a conventional-type bed. The framework was made of polished dark woods then a fine but strong roping was interwoven to form the 'mattress'. The weaving was tight and the pattern intricate in its design.

The first night was spent sleeping wrapped in his arms folded against his chest and his wings wrapped around them for warmth and comfort. He thought that the roping would be too rough against her skin.

The second was spent talking of their differences for a time and then sleeping.

On the third night their curiosities won out. As they lay together after a day of celebration, Hu'a's hand began to caress his arm. She looked up to his face as her hand moved to his chest. She watched as his eyes closed. She had asked him about the delicacy of his wings, since, at his insistence, she would lay on one and he would wrap the other over her.

He explained that they were strong enough that she could change positions while she slept and would not cause any damage. He had noted that she barely moved during the night. He closed his eyes as her caress moved over his chest then around to his back.

"Your touch is most soothing." His fingers were combing through her long hair, something of a fascination for him.

She turned gently onto her side to face him. She had expected his skin to be different feeling than it was. It was slightly more weathered than hers but it held a softness that she had not expected. She looked up to his face and met his eyes. She smiled. She had never found him to be repulsive but she was surprised at her draw to him.

Her fingers caressed his face. "Your people are very emotionally expressive." She loved his eyes, their crystal clarity gave her the impression that they glowed in the dark, but she found that they did not. Her hands moved down his throat, she paused to feel his heart beat. She moved closer brushing her lips against the spot.

Sokesh sighed, his hand moved down her back drawing her closer to him. "And yours are not?"

"We are attempting to control our passions. It is believed that there will be more stability in our lives." She held her breath as his lips touched her for the first time.

"There should never be a life-long stability." His lips began a path along her shoulder then paused. She moved her upper body away slightly as her finger traced his pointed ear. She was curious as to the origins of these people but saved her questions for the next day.

He slowly tasted the delicate flesh of this female. Her body was more than the females of his species. The females here were smoother and would only attain any distinguishable shape when expecting a child. This one's skin was sweet tasting and soft. He paused for a moment as he brought his hand to lift her breast.

Hu'a held her breath at his touch, so different that what she was accustomed to. In spite of the strength and size of his hands, his touch was gentle. She guided his head down towards her breast, giving permission for his continuing arousal of her body. As his mouth captured her breast she moaned.

He caressed her body down to her leg, his hand moved to the front of her body where it rested at her sex. He released her breast then captured her mouth. She moaned and her arms wrapped around his neck pulling him against her.

She began a slow investigation of his body. She caressed the warmth, moving lower on his body than she had before. She had not seen any differences in the sexes to date, except for some behaviours and their voices. She caressed the warm and dry skin, unlike most of her other lovers. She finally gained enough courage to touch his semi-erect penis.

Sokesh held his breath then released it slowly whispering for her to continue. He felt a thrill move through his body from her touch.

She stroked it slowly causing it to stiffen. His head dropped back as a moan escaped his lips. She drew her fingers up the length then around the flared ridges. "So much like a Vulcan's and yet different." She spoke softly. She leaned forward, her lips touched his chest then slowly moved down his body.

"Yes," he whispered, encouraging her.

She moved down slightly on the bed. She kissed his hip then down to his thigh. She ran her foot down his leg then moved between his legs. Her hands grabbed his legs then ran her hands up the inside of his legs causing him to moan again. She sat back on her heels, brushed her hair back then caressed his legs again.

Sokesh closed his eyes and just felt her touch. He even felt the gentle brushing of her hair against his skin. His body shivered, right through to the tips of his wings.

Hu'a jumped back at the movement, covering her mouth to stifle her slight squeal. She looked to his face. He was smiling. She breathed deeply once then looked down his body to the fully erect and hard member, the double ridges flaring. She felt her breathing quicken and her eyes widened in anticipation of the steel-shaft impaling her.

He watched as her hands moved slowly up his body, her body threatening to cover his. She kissed him then sat back. Her hands went down his legs then onto hers and up her own body. Her fingers caressed her breasts then teased the nipples hard. Her eyes closed.

"Come to me." He spoke in a whisper.

Hu'a moved to straddle his thighs. She wrapped her hand around his hard shaft and stroked it until he moaned. She moved up onto her knees then over him. Her body shivered with anticipation of this.

Sokesh ran his hands up her thighs, her head dropped back and she moaned. His hand brushed against her sex and his finger slipped into her. She was wet and warm. He withdrew his finger slowly then as she watched, he licked his finger.

He held his aching member then lifted his hips up slightly until he touched her. Her body slowly moved to fill herself with him. Her hands moved into his then wrapped around and squeezed them tightly.

Hu'a felt her body shiver. She wanted him so badly and ached for him. She began to rock slowly. Her hands moved up his chest then began to lift herself slowly. As she slid back down, she heard herself groan.

He matched her slow pace. His hands moved up her body then lifted her breasts slightly, his touch teasing her nipples. He sat up slowly, wrapping her arms around her. He kissed her neck and her head dropped back exposing her neck. He licked her skin then sucked gently on her neck. He felt her shiver. He crossed his legs as his wings wrapped around them both.

Hu'a caressed his face, her fingers moved into position on his face to share her thoughts with him.

Sokesh had never felt this sharing before. It sent a shiver through him. He felt the touches and the touching. He felt then penetration and being penetrated. He shared her fire in her mind for him and he shared the fire in his body for her.

"My thoughts to your thoughts. My mind to your mind," Hu'a whispered as she reached into his thoughts and shared the release of their bodies.

Sokesh sighed as he laid back bringing her with him. He moved his wings out from under her as they moved, yet never separated from her. He covered her body, he craved her still. He began to move within her, hungry for another release. This was the way of his people, spending days at satisfying their pleasures.

His hands moved into her hair and held her head as his mouth captured hers. Passionately and hungrily he kissed her. Her hands slowly moved down his back, along the seam of his wings. This pleased him, he moaned and she pulled him close. He caressed her body, careful that his sharp nails did not damage her skin. Her legs wrapped around his and pulled him closer. His body arched and they cried out with the orgasm that shook their bodies.

Hu'a caressed his back, his face and accepted his weight against her. She nuzzled his neck then kissed his cheek. She closed her eyes and sighed his name.

Sokesh moved his upper body off Hu'a. She held his hips and whispered, "Stay." He complied. His fingers brushed her hair back then he leaned forward brushing her lips with his. "Rest now." He lay down, his wings spread out like a cover.

The rest of the celebration was spent in the same manner. Eating, talking and learning during the day. The evenings were full of music, dance and food. The nights were spent in each others arms pleasing in a way that neither had felt before.


Hu'a referred to these beings as Sha'koshtri. She remained until the end of the celebration then returned to her House.

She told her House of the beings and their ways. Their origins were unknown, as far back as their history went, they were here, on Vulcan.

She brought back to her House the pleasures of the celebrations, and as she began to return to her routine... she felt his draw.

She found little or no pleasures at home, and within a ten-day was found by the Elder of the House, standing outside watching the desert.

"If your place is with Sha'koshtri, then it must be. To deny one's destiny is not logical." The Elder asked only that she return to her House to remember where she was from. Hu'a promised this.

Hu'a crossed the desert once again and to her surprise Sokesh was waiting at the cave opening.

"I saw your crossing. I knew you would return." Sokesh drew her close to him. His wings uncurled then wrapped around her.

"I desired your passions and your touch." She stripped off her clothing and pressed herself against his warmth. Her fingers reached up to touch his thoughts and both felt complete.

"You will not leave again?"

"No, Sokesh."


So it is said that because there was no passions to feed from, the Sha'koshtri died out slowly over the centuries. Hu'a never returned to her House except to visit and soon her passions were not welcome as the Vulcan people had changed.

But there are still whispers of the Sha'koshtri of the Desert that fly at night and search for the passion in the people of Vulcan. Some believe that at the time of the visits, a madness comes over the men to remind them of the passions that were left behind.


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