STAR TREK-Deep Space Nine


By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
Co-written by Salatrel
(c)February 2000



It brings to mind all forms of pleasure, physical, mental and emotional, perfect weather, and acceptance of any species and the choices they make. All can be served here and most are. Clandestine meetings, shore leaves, celebrations of all kinds as well as those who just wish to loose themselves in the decadence of all of this.

The female standing silently before the desk seemed to be no different than the others, except she was Vulcan. Her hair was the normal blue/black and it fell, in soft waves, down past her waist clad in silky casual wear, the Vulcan was dressed for a Risa vacation. One could only wonder why this Vulcan would come to this pleasure planet. However, wonder is all they could do, since the reason would never discovered.

The pleasantly smiling attendant looked to this latest arrival. He remained totally unfazed considering the fact that this was only the third Vulcan he had seen in his long employment on Risa. "May I help you?"

"There is a reserved room. T'Nevasa'cha Seshak." She spoke with a hint of weariness in her voice. She was beginning to feel the fatigue of her most recent voyage, as well as, the beginnings of the pull from her mate. She had broken a few rules to get here on time and was pleased to discover that it was her bond-mate who was late.

The blonde male attendant looked up pleasantly from the viewer. "Here it is. The attendant will show you to the room. It will be keyed to your handprint. May your stay be enjoyable."

T'Nevasa merely bowed her head, holding back her remark. It was irrelevant whether or not it was enjoyable; this was the chosen meeting place. The attendant picked up the two cases and led the way. Nevasa turned to follow and was not really looking where she was going. She took a step, then stopped herself.

A huge patch of Starfleet uniform loomed before her. She lifted her gaze and looked directly into the dark face of the Klingon she had almost walked into. He grumbled his apologies first then; side stepped away from her. He did not seem pleased. She bowed her head then waited for him to pass in front of her along with his fellow Starfleet officers.

She continued on her way, the room was as specified, and she was pleased at the decor. Simplistic, a softened dusty rose colour scheme, a balcony that opened to the gardens but remained private. A table with two chairs and the large bed was a definite luxury. Her bags were placed in the sleep area and then she began to prepare for her visitor.

It was late into the night before she heard anything from her bondmate. A communiqué was delivered to her room disturbing her meditation. A simple statement, clear, concise and to the point.


Another has been found.

Long Life and prosperity.


Well, it was decided then, with those few words. Nevasa stood in the dark room, alone and staring at the PADD in her hand. She was no longer required or wanted by her bondmate. She was expecting this, just not so close to his Time. She wondered when he would have the bond severed. She had read the message again, searching within herself for some sense of loss. There was not any, so with careful hands she placed the PADD on the table beside her.

She stood, drawing her robes about herself to stave off the sudden chill in the air. Her hand grazed over the crystal decanter as she contemplated the desire for the Saurian brandy, ordered for his pleasure. She poured a generous amount then raised her glass to his memory and downed it. The liquid fire seared her throat as it slid down into her stomach where it pooled and made her warm inside. Then she shivered.


The next day found her walking the perimeter of the pool. She had avoided being splashed once, then sidestepped a couple that had stopped to kiss, a most inconvenient spot. Nevasa had brought some work with her and decided to make herself comfortable.

All around her was life in its abundant fullness. Boisterous expressions of joy and exuberance abounded in the over-sized pool area. The Vulcan had never been to a place that was so wet or so loud before. Everywhere were puddles and pounding feet splashing through them on the stone surrounding the pool.

A group of bathing suit clad humans were laughing and not paying attention to where they were going. They bumped into her sending her back a few steps and into someone else. Someone tall and very solid. She turned facing the same Klingon again. "Apologies," she looked to his sleeve, "Commander." She clutched the books tightly but one slipped out of her hand. The Klingon caught it before it hit the stone flooring.

Commander Worf handed the book back to the Vulcan. Odd, he thought to himself, he was sure she had smiled at him. His gaze had merely scanned the title of the book and it was only now registering what it was. He crossed the pool area then turned to find her in the crowd, as he wondered why she would have a book on Klingon Love Practices. He frowned. This was somewhat out of the ordinary for a Vulcan; it did not make any sense at all. His curiosity was piqued and since he had nothing else to do, he continued to study her from a distance.

Nevasa stretched out on the lounge chair that was a safe distance from the splashing from the pool. She had decided that she would not 'hide' away in her room, nor would she find a dark corner to do her work in. It was too warm and sunny to pass on basking in the brilliant Risa light. She enjoyed having people around her. Another quirk in her personality but served her in her profession. She pulled out her assortment of books and the PADD that she was writing her story on. She was an author by trade and her latest story was about Klingons.

She looked across the pool area, noting that the Klingon she had 'bumped' into twice, now seemed to be watching her. He was standing on the far side of the pool, looking so out of place in uniform, scanning the crowd but then stopping, for just a moment, when he looked in her direction.

An attendant, dressed in the standard for the hotel, came by and took her order for a drink, returning shortly with the tall glass of juice. She wondered why a Starfleet officer would be on Risa, and remained in uniform. She began to take in the details of this man, adding them to her story. It was the one detail, that, her story had been lacking up to this point, a believable central character. She silently wondered how long he would stand there at parade rest. She made a silent estimation that he would be there as long as she was.


Nevasa had eaten alone. She had also noted, that the Klingon seemed to be alone as well. Then again, it could have been what he was eating that drove his dining companion into hiding. She shivered at the thought of the crawling mass of worm-like gagh. He was seated in a section that, thoughtfully, had him and other omnivores separated from the strict herbivores.

She picked up the collection of old books and her slate to return to her room. There was not a single logical reason why she could not remain here for the duration of her scheduled stay and enjoy the facilities. Perhaps it would even serve to feed her imagination. After all, she was not due to return to her Shop of Kitausa for at least another ten-day.

She planned a quick stop in her room, then on to try a walk in the garden. She would need a cloak, as the air was becoming damp and cool.

As she turned the corner, it seemed as if the floor had suddenly tilted. Her hand flew to the wall to steady herself. The floor seemed to tilt suddenly again. She drew in a deep slow breath and frowned. Another breath and things seemed to right themselves. She had no idea what could be bothering her. A reaction to an alien perfume perhaps? The food? Just as suddenly as the vertigo had overtaken her, she felt fine and continued towards her room. She palmed the door lock, and the door opened silently.

It hit her again, but this time it was accompanied by a sickening feeling in her stomach. She moaned in her discomfort, not a good feeling. In anticipation of what was to come next, she dropped her books and ran to the facilities just in time. Her body expelled the meal she had just enjoyed.

Her head hurt, it had begun to throb and ache. Sharp needles of pain battering at her control to keep calm in this surging wave of pain.

The room seemed to move in all directions at once.

She rested her forehead on the cool floor, concentrating on her deep cleansing breaths. In through her nose and out through her lips. With eyes closed tightly and her jaw firmly clenched, she rode out wave after wave of mind numbing pain. At least the floor was not moving any longer. Her head still hurt, and there was no way that she could even consider anprele, the normal pain control meditation, at this point. She decided that it would be wise to remain here until the nausea passed.


Worf turned down the corridor toward his room. He accidentally kicked one of the books that had been carelessly abandoned on the floor. He knew of only one person that carried books with her. He noted the titles as he picked them up. The trail of books led to an open door. Her familiar slate had been dropped along with the books and lay in the threshold of her quarters, preventing the door from sliding shut.

He paused before entering the room, regretting for a moment not having any weapons with him. However, he was quite capable of defending himself with his bare hands, if the need arose. He heard the faint moan and slid the door completely open. He was not sure what to call out. 'I have your books' seemed cold and unfeeling if there was a problem. He stepped into the room, locking the door open. "Do you require assistance?" He stated clearly then heard another moan and the unmistakable sound of someone vomiting.

He moved slowly into the sleep area, then towards the sounds. "Do you require assistance?" he spoke again.

"No," she replied weakly. Her shaky hand reached for the towel and gingerly wiped her face. "I can manage."

"You do not appear so." Worf reached to the supply of facecloths wet it with cold water, then handed it to her. Some things were universal. "I found your books in the hall. Your door was not closing because of the slate and I ... heard you." He waited until this female regained some degree of colour in her face. He offered her help in standing.

She shook her head very slightly. "I can not touch you." She sighed slowly. "My shielding is not anywhere near what it should be."

"Do you require a Healer?"

"No." She was sitting now, holding her head for a moment then rested it on her drawn-up knees. "I will be fine."

"You will forgive me if I do not believe you." Worf's normally gruff voice sounded almost soft while conveying his skeptical sympathies. He folded his arms and leaned against the doorframe.

The door chime sounded and Worf went back into the common room to answer for the sick woman. He returned in only a moment with a slate.

"A communiqué from Vulcan." He offered it to her.

She reached weakly for it then tried to focus on the words that swam in front of her eyes. "I can't read this... would you?"

Worf hesitated then took back the slate. "I do not wish to view a private..."

"The message contains nothing that private. You may have to tap in the translation." She closed her eyes and breathed in slowly.

Worf read the message through; it meant nothing to him. "It reads, Nevasa, the procedure will begin in thirty-seven hours. Seshak."

Nevasa smiled. "Yes, it has begun." She mentally worked out the timing and wondered why he had not sent that information with the first. "Valit," she muttered softly. She was not pleased, and the derogatory term was used because he could have informed her earlier and chose not to. She looked up to the Klingon slowly. "I require rest and meditation."

It was not necessary to inform this man of her personal life and omitted the reason behind her present ailment. Her bondmate had chosen another and the process had begun of severing the bond. She moved with care onto her knees and again waited for the vertigo to pass. Had she known about the timing before hand, she would have not eaten and would have prepared herself for this. It was very much like Seshak to keep all the plans to himself until the last moment. As always.

Worf wanted to reach out and help her; he offered her his arm as she stood. She wavered and reached to the doorframe.

"All your Klingon bravado will not help." She leaned heavily against the doorframe. The bed seemed so far away. "If my thoughts even brush yours, it will be extremely painful."

Worf was slighted by the comment but understood what she meant. "I will stay until you are settled." He kept his arm extended and close to her should she need the assistance.

She nodded her acceptance of his insistence. "Tell me Klingon," through hooded eyelids she glanced up at this tall dark male in her room, "Do you ever remove the uniform?"

"When the situation deems it necessary." He stood close to her, his arm extended and prepared to assist her, as she moved to the bed.

Nevasa sat heavily on the bed when she did reach it. "Your assistance has been appreciated." She swung her legs awkwardly onto the bed. "I will be fine in a few hours," she slowly lay down on her soft bed.

Worf bowed his head. "I will check in on you in the morning." He did not wait for any comment from her, he simply headed out of her room.

He halted, momentarily, outside the room. He glanced over his shoulder as he considered remaining in her common room. He decided in favour of allowing the woman her privacy. The Klingon slowly walked down the hall, leaving the ill Vulcan to her own devices.


Nevasa pulled the covers over her, closed her eyes and began to drift down into the deeper layers of her mind. She needed to prepare herself for the next part of the separation. She even wondered about the one that was replacing her. Wondered how long she would last. If after years of 'service' that she too would be discarded for another more to his ever-changing preferences.

She reached for the memories that she shared with Seshak. The previous pon farrs, she had helped him though and his displeasure at her inability to conceive. Yet, all the testing showed that both were capable. It was a mystery. Numerous times, he had accused her of not wishing children. That was illogical.

She recalled all the passionate nights they shared when they were first bonded.

Seshak recalled that time as well. His recollections were not as pleasant as she believed them to be.

She remembered the feel of his body.

He, the touch of her hands.

The day that he was awarded his prestigious position in the computer manufacturing company. He was honoured. She was pleased and proud.

The day she had discovered her 'writing gift' and of Seshak's disapproval of this occupation.

She tried to recall how he felt about all of this, but he was getting harder to reach. Thoughts were faint and illusive. She wanted to ask him again, one last time; if he was sure... but it was gone.

He was gone.

They were gone.

It was only her thoughts now.

She turned in the large bed and pulled the second pillow close to her. She was in control of her life now. No one was here to tell her not to feel. What to feel. To control whatever feelings she had. Moreover, very empty. Tears fell onto the pillow. She sighed. A strange sense of loss pervaded her being. An emptiness which was surprisingly hollow and painful. This discomforting sensation forced her mind and being to adopt the strict mental and emotional disciplines. The hallmark of the Vulcan soul.

The pain now throbbed... but not 'inside' her heart, it seemingly existed 'outside', separated from her essence. She waited patiently for the experience to diminish in intensity as the fleeting question went through her mind.

What now?


Worf touched her door chime then waited. He smoothed the fabric of his outfit. He made a point of not wearing his uniform. She had a point; he was not on duty and therefore, had no logical reason to be wearing it. He felt awkward in the civilian clothing. He touched the door chime again. He had been uneasy about leaving her in her condition. He was also aware that the rooms monitored life signs. If anything were to go seriously wrong, the medical help she might require would not be far off. The slight noises from within her cabin put him at ease.

The door slid open to reveal a very different Vulcan female than he had seen yesterday.

Nevasa bowed her head slightly, "Enter. You are in time to share morning meal." She gestured to the table. The large morning meal had been pre-arranged with her check-in the previous night before she knew that Seshak would not be arriving. In her condition, she had overlooked canceling the order. "There is far too much for just myself. I would be honoured."

Worf was not comfortable with the invitation; it seemed too familiar for two strangers to share a meal in this manner. However, something made him accept. His tea was poured before he had a chance to say anything. The dainty china plate was filled with an assortment of fruit and a small loaf of fragrant bread. He sat in the chair next to her as she had indicated.

"You appear in better health than yesterday." Worf tasted some of the oddly coloured fruits. All had a crisp texture to them and their flavours varied from pungent to delicate.

"Yes." Nevasa placed the napkin in her lap. "I wished to allay your concerns through a message, but I did not know your name."

"Worf." He shifted slightly in the chair.

"I am T'Nevasa cha'..." She stopped, that was not who she was any longer. "Nevasa of Vulcan."


The sun was high in the sky and the clouds had spread themselves thinly. The breeze was warm. Nevasa wore only a light cloak as she walked beside the Klingon. An odd couple indeed as they strolled through the large garden, with walkways that seemed to meander forever. They walked slowly, talking about the differences living on Vulcan, Earth and Qu'noS. They compared the books, music and foods they enjoyed. They did not share any information concerning where they were presently living, families nor anything defining about their futures.

After taking the last turn around the gardens, they found themselves at the seaside. Nevasa arranged her robes about her as she gingerly seated herself upon the wooden bench. Worf took in the scene for a moment before sitting down. He took great care not to touch her as he sat beside her. A gentle salty breeze blew across their faces as they observed it in silence for these gentle moments. It had been a long day of talking; getting to know each other and the calm was welcome.

Worf began to loose himself in the rhythm of the surging surf. Back and forth the water ebbed and flowed. Timeless and unrelenting was the pounding of the water upon the sands as the steady beat of the pulse of the planet lulled them into a reverie. The placid scene was punctuated with the shrill cries of the sea birds. Small purple three-legged creatures scratched into the sand searching for mollusks buried in the sands. Nevasa and Worf sat down on the bench that faced the sand and the ocean beyond. They spent a few moments stating how quiet it was and how beautiful the scenery was.

"Now, I believe it is your turn to tell me what you do?" Worf stated after a discussion about the positions he had held over the years.

"I am a kitausu. A writer." She looked out to the ocean. She would have to remember this setting for another story. The ribbons of green silky clouds swirled along the horizon. The sun shone bright and high on this eastern shore of Risa. She looked to Worf and he had this strange expression on his face. She tilted her head, "I write fictional stories. Fantasies. Occasionally, holosuite programs."

He chuckled, "That is why you had the book about Klingons."

"Which book? I own a great many books." She had enjoyed her time with this alien. Surprisingly so.

"The one I picked up in the hall." He was almost mumbling.

Nevasa thought about it for a moment, it had happened only yesterday and yet it felt as if it was a lifetime away. "Ah-h yes, the Klingon book."

"Why would you have a book on... Klingons?" Worf's voice dropped with the last word.

She leaned a little closer to him. "Because I am writing a story about... Klingons." She mimicked his intonation.

Worf was saved from making further comments by his communicator sounding. He stood. "If you will excuse me for a moment..." he removed himself to a respectable distance to ensure privacy while he answered the call. It was the Enterprise; they had been called into another sector and could not return Worf to DS9 as planned. Worf acknowledged the change and wished them well. He would have to arrange transport himself, nothing more than an inconvenience.

Worf returned to Nevasa. "If you will excuse me, I must see to some travel arrangements. The ship I was to take has been called out of the sector. May I escort you back?" He bowed his head slightly.

"That will not be necessary. I prefer to remain here for a time. The discussion and the walk were most enjoyable, it was an honour to have shared." She watched as he walked back along the path they had just taken. The air suddenly felt chillier and the scene was less appealing than it had been a moment ago. She could get back to her writing now, but she felt suddenly alone.


Nevasa had been typing late into the afternoon, immersed in her work. Worf had proven to be most inspirational in her writings. He provoked ideas and images like no other. For the entire afternoon, her fingers flew over the keys as she wrote scene after inspiring scene.

The afternoon light had grown faint before she realized the hour. With a final finishing touch, she put aside her writing PADD, rubbed her eyes, then stretched a long luxurious stretch. From her fingertips to her toes, she elongated her body, then slumped into her chair, thoroughly spent from her musings. She found satisfaction in her latest piece and allowed herself a slight nod of satisfaction. The late afternoon sunlight reached into her room leaving part of it obscured in shadows while the rest seemed to glow. For a moment she merely sat doing nothing, watching the shadows play upon her wall. A knock on her rattan door brought her back to reality.

Upon opening, a child servant of the hotel handed her an elegantly wrapped silver package. He silently placed it in her hands then walked away. A curious Nevasa read the attached notes as she closed the door. The handwritten note read: "To Nevasa, from Worf" Nevasa found this delightful surprise to be most rewarding. She turned her attention to the package.

With great care, her fingers slipped the silver ribbons from around the squared parcel. The wrappings were a fine piece of fabric, a scarf, she deduced. There, lying beneath all the coverings was a fine square journal, covered in thin purple reeds, an indigenous plant on Risa. Her fingers swept over the silky reeds. She then opened the book. Inside the blank pages was another note written on the first page. It was an invitation: "Nevasa, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to dinner this evening? I have found myself strangely lost without your company this afternoon. Your presence would be a great pleasure."

The Vulcan woman quirked her brow at Worf's forwardness. This was the first instance of him overtly expressing a wish for her company. Moreover, despite her mastery, a warmth welled up from her center, causing her mouth to almost smile again.


The rest of the week was spent without plans, and they seemed to spend a great deal of time together. They began their days with their own agendas yet found themselves eating at the same time or walking along the pathways, usually meeting up only to continue the walk together.

Once she had been walking along a rarely used path. She came across Worf, dressed in what appeared to be exercise clothing. He was smoothly executing a series of movements with what Nevasa deduced to be his bat'leth, an ancient Klingon weapon. She moved off the path but still a slight distance from him, and watched. It resembled the Vulcan t'asumi and the Terran's tai chi. His movements were graceful and exacting. She suspected that he was more than skilled with the weapon.

Worf flawlessly executed his final move, then slipped the weapon to his side. Without turning, he addressed her, "You have been observing long enough to have learned the movements. Do you wish to join me?" He then turned to face her.

Nevasa was uncertain if she was surprised that the Klingon had noticed her presence. Since he did serve as a security officer, it should not have been a surprise. "Perhaps another time. I am not dressed for this."

"As you wish." Worf replaced his bat'leth in the case that had been sitting in the grass. He took great care to cloak the silver weapon in the soft black cloth then closed the case. He looked to the petite Vulcan before him, "I did not mean for it to be done with the weapon."

She tilted her head, "Very well." She walked over to him, placing her haversack of books beside the case. "You do this often?"

"Everyday." Worf stood beside her and a step behind. "Begin. I will correct your form."

Nevasa lifted her eyebrow as she looked over her shoulder, "What makes you believe I will need any corrections?" She sounded extremely sure of herself.

Worf smiled then looked down to the ground for a moment. He lifted his eyes to meet hers, his head bowed slightly, "If it is required." his voice deep as he amended his comment.

She moved into the first position with a graceful ease. She began to go through the first set of moves. She felt his light touch on her shoulder once, correcting her form. She stepped through the next set and when she turned, she was facing him. "I presume that my form is..."

"Acceptable." He answered quickly, not wishing to feed into the premise that Vulcans did not err.

She sensed him moving with her now, not watching as he was doing. Their movements a shadow of each other, as it should be. The exercise came to completion; she straightened slowly then turned to face him. She bowed her head. "Most enjoyable. This is called?"


"The Vulcan form is t'asumi. There are a few variations." Nevasa accepted the haversack from him, careful not to touch his hand. "I will teach you that form one day."


The next day it was Worf's turn to be the observer. Nevasa was in the large exercise room and she appeared to be performing a series of moves, which resembled the Terran's yoga. These were positions that flowed easily from one to the other. He was surprised that she would have chosen such a public area and had not sequestered herself, as was accustomed behaviour for Vulcans. He was learning that she was not in the category of 'typical' when it came to the Vulcan norms.

Nevasa had sensed his arrival. She was not certain why she did, but it seemed that ever since the first day there had been a connection. She had to distance herself. He was a Starfleet officer and she was to leave here, returning to her life in a few days. She decided that this was just her sense of aloneness that seemed to envelop her since the breaking of her bond.

She stood after completing her routine. She met his eyes, "Klingon, do you always stand around watching?"

"No." Worf grinned, "Have you eaten your first meal?"

"I have not." Nevasa moved to stand in front of him, but not too close. "I gather gagh is not on the menu." She walked around him, then started down the hall and Worf slowed his stride to match her more leisurely pace.

"Not unless you wish to try the delicacy." He said it in a teasing tone.

Nevasa noted his eyes and how bright they were. She could not help but smile. "No," was her quick reply. She indicated her quarters. "I will change."

Worf bowed his head slightly, "I will wait for you in the dining hall."

Nevasa bowed her head accepting the arrangements. She entered her room and then went into the sleep area to change. This would definitely be an interesting day.


It had been an interesting day. Everyday was filled with fun, much to Nevasa's surprise. The enjoyment of such activities was not something she was accustomed to and she wondered if it was the setting here on Risa or the company of Worf which allowed her this experience. Either way she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

After emerging from a steamy bath, her body felt warmed and relaxed. This sheer pure white robe had been a perfect selection. She was not an extravagant person, but when she had noticed it in the shop window, she could not resist and impulsively bought it. She wrapped it snugly around her full form, tying the satin sash around her waist.

The daylight had waned and her room was now cast in shadows. Rather than utilize the conventional lights, she opted for the candles, as she was apt to do in her own home back on Vulcan. Nevasa preferred the subtle incandescence of firelight when the night came. She was satisfied with the glow of a dozen or so candles here in her room. Her hand slipped into the deep pockets as she walked to the balcony. The robe's satin station hem brushed the floor. It felt so luxurious to wear such a rich and fine garment. It was illogical to spend such a great sum on something that only she would ever see. A little voice inside of her suddenly blurted out, whom better to wear it for than yourself? Her bare feet padded along the carpet as she made her way onto her private balcony.

The gentle night winds rippled her robe and breezed through the thin fabric. Her body responded to the chill with goose bumps rising all over her skin. Even her nipples hardened in response to the breeze. The sensation of the soft material against her peaks was delightful and she let a faint smile curl upon her lips as she gazed out her balcony into the dark woods.

The winds began to pick up and there was a scent of rain in the air. As the breeze grew stronger, it caught her hair, whirling the dark wet strands around her face. Her robe fluttered more and tugged at it bonds, as if the winds themselves were urging it open. She let the sash slacken and her robe fell open. Nevasa shivered as the winds reached into her robes, bathing her nude body with their chill.

Then the rains came. They were gentle at first. Warm water pelted upon her skin. The contemplative woman merely closed her eyes and let the rain soak her. Large drops wet her robe and the water fell upon her face. The garment was sheer to begin with. Now that it was wet, it became translucent. The flickering glow from the candlelight silhouetted her voluptuous form: her hourglass figure, full hips all supported upon fine shapely legs. Slightly green tinged flesh could be spied as the fabric clung to her body. She drew her robe open further and let it slide off her shoulders until it pooled into the crook of her elbows. No one could see her. Her balcony was completely obscured from view. She felt daring and brave at this moment. More that she had at any other time in her life. It was this place. No, she deduced, it was this man.

She let the rains pelt all over her bared skin. This was a very different sensation from the heavier rains on Vulcan. This was a light shower and the rains began to ease. Puffs of the warm night air blew the after storm breezes. Nevasa opened her eyes as the last of the rain faded. She let out a breath, a breath that she had not realized she had been holding. The robe was soaked. It dripped its wetness onto the stone patio floor. There was something exhilarating about being vulnerable to the elements. Maybe that is how she felt now: vulnerable, different, daring, free. She decided to give in to kadiith and let things happen. Something deep inside of Nevasa was awakening. It was like a deep and smoldering sensuality and ... she liked feeling this way

In the distance, she heard a knock at her door. She called to him that it was open. It was late; she had been so caught up in the rain, that she had neglected to pay attention to the time. His deep voice grew closer as searched the rooms for her. Nevasa closed her robe and padded her way back into the bedroom. Her sheer robe clung to her as a second skin.

"In here. I will be but... " It was too late and Worf had discovered her bedroom before she could say anything.

His eyes widened slightly as he took in the wet sight of her. Had she not called to him, he would not have entered her room. The dark circles of her nipples and the lush triangle of her sex were quite apparent beneath her almost see-through robe. "I will be..." the embarrassed man swallowed hard then quickly twirled around on his heel.

"It will only take a moment. Forgive me. I lost track of the time," an equally flustered Nevasa offered to her companion. She continued speaking from the direction of the bathroom, in an attempt to alleviate his discomfort and make it seem as if nothing happened.

The sight of her body kept coming back to the pacing Klingon. Though her tone was casual, the sound of her calm voice was maddening. All his mind's eye could see, were those dark circles and the even darker triangle pressed against her wet white robe. Worf clenched his jaw and debated on making an excuse to escape. When she emerged from her room, all thoughts of desertion fled at the sight of her. She was still dressed causally but with less constraint. Her dark silk tunic was unbuttoned slightly. Her soft nipples rippled the smooth surface of the silk. To the Klingon male, this was most riveting and he had to exercise all of his control not to stare at the gentle swaying of her unfettered breasts. This was an effect most pleasing to the Klingon's senses.

"Shall we?" her soft voice broke the mutual spell.

The stunned man silently agreed, almost afraid to face her. He offered his arm to her and for the first time, she touched him. Her hand slipped into the crook of his arm with ease, as if it belonged there.

To Worf, her face looked different. Something in her eyes had altered since he had seen her this afternoon. If he did not know better, she looked almost carefree and seemed as if she were feeling comfortable within her own skin.

The couple strolled along the deserted walkways of the pleasure planet on their search for a place to dine. The rain soaked scene glittered in the streetlights. Shallow puddles along the wet walk soaked Nevasa's hem and slippers. It was an interesting sensation for her, being accustomed to living on an arid planet all her life. One establishment after another was not suitable to one or the other.

"This one too full, " Nevasa commented about their first stop.

Worf countered with, "Not private enough," after they passed on the second choice.

One by one, there was something amiss in each of the eateries, too noisy or too chilly by the lake after the rains. Therefore, they just continued walking, neither of them, hungry for dinner. As they walked further and further away from the commercial side of the resort, the couple came to a dark area where the torch had blown out.

Realizing that they were not going to find a suitable restaurant on this night, Nevasa offered, "We could continue on to the far side. I am up for the walk."

Worf halted in his slow amble and turned to the diminutive Vulcan by his side. His voice was barely a whisper as he uttered, "I would rather just kiss you."

Shocked by his words, her head whipped around. Her gaze softened as the impact of his whispered desire began to settle in. Though her body was stock still, her hair slowly slipping over her shoulder. Worf's eyes were drawn to her neckline, now gaping open at this perspective.

Nervous desire rippled through Worf's body as he lowered his face closer to hers. Nevasa's own face grew warm at his impending closeness. Together they succumbed to the moment and slowly reached for the other's lips. Their noses brushed and Nevasa tilted her head slightly. Worf's soft beard tickled her chin and their lips touch. Nevasa was surprised by the slight whimper this light touch had elicited from her. She winced as a pleasant euphoria filled her head. What was happening to them was electric as Worf's warm lips, again pressed to hers. She responded with a kiss of her own. She had never been kissed before and the sensation was wonderful. It was a kiss of hunger. The chest heaving, nervous, hot faced desire that one experiences after prolonged anticipation.

When Worf drew his face away from hers, Nevasa yearned for another kiss. It suddenly struck her that no other besides her bondmate had ever touched her.

"Again," was her breathless whisper.

With a gentle imperceptible, touch. Over and over, he landed soft kisses upon her lips. The Vulcan woman remained immobile too stunned to move. Gentle whimpers escaped from her mouth. To Nevasa, this was so exhilarating, exciting and very nerve wracking, all at the same time. She found her hand trembling as she reached up to caress his dark face.

The tips of his fingers gently caressed the contours of her lovely face. Delicate touches beneath her chin gave way to long sensual strokes along her flushed throat. Nevasa's breathing quickened as this Klingon male found spots upon her body that Seshak had never even touched upon.

Overwhelmed with this experience, Nevasa's hands clenched in his clothing, fearing that she needed to hold on or fall over. Hot was her face; even hotter were her ear tips. Trembling lips and shaking hands were symptoms of this passion. Passions which threatened to spill over and overwhelm her tentative controls. Her limber lips began to nip at his in a fierce hunger she had known only in the Pon Farr.

It was a great longing in them both. Together these somber, private and lonesome individuals were shocked by their response to this simple exchange.

For the remainder of the evening, they engaged in quiet conversation as they walked the perimeter of the compound. Their meal had been forgotten for the present. At times, they would halt in their stroll to share yet another passionate embrace. No one paid any attention to the oddly matched couple. When they came to her quarters, after many intimate hours, they merely exchanged a final, lingering, good night kiss then went their separate ways.

All through the night, both the Klingon and the Vulcan were disturbed by pleasant dreams. Dreams which caused them both to moan and writhe in their slumber.


Today was the last full day they would spend together. They were busy for part of the day arranging for their travels the following day. Worf to his next assignment, and Nevasa onto her new assignment. It was one, which she had just accepted. A client wished her to write a holosuite program, one that had personally requested her.

Worf paced the length of the room. He had been dressed early and was beginning to have doubts. Doubts about his ability in dealing with any type of relationship. He had acted incorrectly the night before. Impetuously. Nevertheless, if it had been incorrect then she would have stopped him? On the other hand, perhaps, it had not been inappropriate? Was there a slight chance that she wished this as well? He glanced at the time. It was still too early to expect her. If she came at all.

He growled in frustration at all of this. He was not even certain what was happening, or why it was. However, he was certain that she would accept the invitation but he would not be surprised if she did not arrive. This dinner was a way to make amends for his behaviour. He knew he was not the type that one considered as a lover. His size and demeanor was not what most humanoid females considered romantic or desirable. He had dealt with that a long time ago.

After what seemed to be forever, the door chime sounded. Worf halted his pacing, took a deep breath, then opened the door. This would be his moment of truth, either she would be there or it would be an attendant with her polite refusal.

He opened the door and Nevasa was definitely, present. She had chosen a full-length dress. The fabric glittered at certain angles; the dark purple velvet that Worf noted matched her eyes. The veil-like overlay seemed to float around her and did nothing to hide the low cut neckline, or the fact that the dress was uncharacteristically sleeveless.

Worf swallowed nervously, then invited her in with a single word, "Come."

Nevasa bowed her head. She had been staring at his mouth, remembering the way it had touched her. Worf's attire had surprised her. She had envisioned his dress uniform for tonight, but, the form fitting pants, the long jacket and the silk shirt underneath had pleasantly surprised her. Oddly enough, his jacket was a deep purple, almost a perfect match.

She lost herself to a moment of imagining the removal of his jacket and the feel of her palm against his broad chest. She had a moment of indecision about coming here. To all Vulcan traditions, this was wrong. Every thought of refusing the invitation had been tossed out as she dressed. For the first time, she dressed not only for the occasion but to please.

"I am honoured you have come," Worf stated as he poured the wine. He had chosen this one for its unique properties; it resembled liquid silver and tasted spicy. He handed one of the tall stemmed glasses to her.

"I am honoured at the invitation." Nevasa accepted the glass, her eyebrow raised as she noted the unique bouquet.

"I was not certain that you would come." Worf gestured towards the armchair. "Sit, I wish this to serve as an apology for..."

"There is no need for apologies," she interrupted. "What has passed, has passed." She sat down, her back ramrod straight yet she seemed relaxed. "The Vulcan's have a word for it, kaiidth."

Worf sat down in the opposite chair. He was uncertain as to what to say next. He looked to the floor and then the wine. "How is the story progressing?"

"Very well. I sent it off to the shop for approval and editing." She took a sip of the wine, then sat in silence for a time. "You have finished your packing?"

"Yes." Worf looked up to her, meeting her eyes, neither of them certain what to talk about. He had not noticed until now that even her eye make-up was exotic and matched her dress. He had not expected her manner of dress to be as elegant as it was. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he had expected her to wear something much plainer, or at the very least, less enticing.

The silence that followed was the longest silence there had been between them all week, yet their thoughts were racing. Both remembering what had happened the night before, wishing it would happen again and yet, hesitant about being the one to make the first move.

The door chime sounded. Startled Worf, he suddenly stood, nearly dropping his glass. He held it with both hands for a moment then placed it on the table.

"Our meal."

Nevasa's fingers had tightened their hold on her glass. She smiled slightly at his terse announcement.

The fully prepared table was wheeled into the room. The chairs were moved into place as Worf and Nevasa stood awkwardly together. The food was wheeled in on another trolley and Worf stated that he would see to the serving of the food. The attendants wished them a pleasant evening and left matters in Worf's hands.

Worf gestured toward one of the chairs, indicating that she should sit first. Nevasa watched every move that Worf's large dark hands made as he prepared their meal. He lit the candles with a touch on their base then moved to the food trolley. He deactivated the stasis field over the plates and then set one in front of Nevasa. He took the other and sat down. The dinner was enjoyed with soft music playing in the background. By the end of the dinner, they were at least talking again. About everything.

After the dessert, Worf suggested a walk and Nevasa agreed. It would give them time to rediscover their friendship. They stopped, at Nevasa's room, for her cape.

As they headed back towards the gardens, they had to step aside to allow a group of impatient Andorians to pass. Retreating into and alcove, Nevasa looked up at Worf to answer the question he had posed to her.

Worf had not even heard the answer. His thoughts were otherwise occupied. His fingers began to caress their way up her throat, as he had done the night before. He lifted her chin. He was not certain if this would be welcomed or not, but he had the sense that if he asked, she would, logically, refuse.

"I have been wanting to do this all evening," then his lips touched hers, gently. He took a step closer as his hand went to her waist.

Nevasa tensed for a moment. This was not something she had expected but it was not unwelcome. New reactions guided her as she placed her hands at his waist, not knowing what else to do precisely.

"Come with me," Worf muttered, his voice low and raspy. His larger hand gently enveloped hers and he guided her back towards his room.

He palmed the privacy lock once they entered his room then turned to face her. The nervous Klingon turned to the diminutive Vulcan before him. Nevasa noticed how his chest heaved rapidly and his breathing rate elevated. Worf drank in the sight of her slightly flushed face. Her skin felt warm as his hands cupped her face. He stared into her eyes for a moment, then released an instinctual low growl. Nevasa's eyes brightened and a smile curled her lips at the utterance of his desire. With this delight gently cupped in his hands, he leaned towards her and lightly brushed his lips across hers. The feather light touch was all the encouragement she needed. Her hands went around his neck and she met him in a passionate kiss.

It seemed far too passionate for the time they had spent together, but it did not seem as if it could be anything less. One arm moved to wrap around her waist and he pulled her against him. He began a path of kisses and gentle nips down her throat. Deft fingers unfastened her cape and it fell to the floor in a puddle around her feet. His arms wrapped around her as the trail of kisses continued down to the neckline of her dress.

The Vulcan's fingers has been busy unfastening the tie in his hair, then moved into loose tendrils. Tender kisses were trailed along his neck. Her tiny tongue reached out and gingerly tasted his skin. She shivered from his touch and from the sudden arousal, her body was experiencing. This was new to her; at least, out of the force of the blood fever she would share with her mate.

Worf clutched her firmly against his body, his arms wrapped around her, as he attempted to stem his actions. His assumption was that if she wished, she could stop him. He also assumed that she had the physical ability to stop him. She was doing neither.

It was her turn to have momentary doubts. Her fingers reached up and hesitantly touched his face; caressing his lips, his nose, and the ridges that gave him so much character. She looked into his dark eyes realizing that she had never seen that look of hunger before. Compelled to taste him yet again, she reached up and kissed him. Nevasa's fingers slipped through his hair to rest at the back of his neck. It was difficult to keep her hands away from the primary contact points. It would be very simple to slip into his thoughts and know exactly what to do next.

Curiosity was within the make-up of both species. Patience was not a Klingon's strong suit but Worf was trying.

Passion outside of Pon farr was usually only between mated couples, and Seshak had never shared anything more than was required with her. Now, there was a desire for this alien. Nevasa was not mated to him, but there was a draw.

She drew in a breath, "Now what?" She began to play at the fasteners of his jacket.

Worf smiled quickly then closed his eyes for a moment. "If I were with another, I suppose my suggestion would be the bedroom." He breathed in her perfume; he wanted her in every way. He wanted to touch her, to taste her and to feel her close to him.

Nevasa wet her lips. "The suggestion is agreeable." She spoke softly as she squelched her apprehensions.

"It is too soon." Worf took her hand and led her over to the large armchair. He sat down, pulling her into his lap. Once tucked into the corner of the chair, his leisurely exploration of her face began. His fingertips brushed her cheeks then moved along her lips. "This should not be rushed," Worf murmured, his deep voice resonating through Nevasa's body.

"M-m-m," was her mutual consent. The backs of his fingers gradually trailed down her neck then they moved along the edge of her dress. These slow movements were tantalizing the Vulcan woman's senses. Her breathing increased and deepened as her Klingon's fingers swept dangerously low along her neckline. He felt the warmth of her skin through the veil-like overdress. He brushed back her hair as he continued to feel with his fingertips. He was enjoying this female far more than he had anticipated. He moved along her jaw, outlined her pointed ear, lifted her chin and turned her to face him. He kissed her. Gently at first, feather light then with each succeeding kiss became more passionate until he pulled her into his arms. His tongue wet her lips then gently pushed his way into her mouth.

Her hands held his face, partly from surprise at the intrusion. This 'kissing' had some interesting variations. She was uncertain how to respond. She did the most logical thing, and mirrored his actions. She felt his moans vibrate deep in his chest. His gruff speaking voice gave no hint to the softness his voice would take on.

Nevasa gathered the thin fabric of her overdress and lifted it over her head. With a gentle toss, it floated then landed on the other chair.

Worf brushed her hair to the side to kiss her neck. To his delight, her dress was almost non-existent in the back. He flattened his palm against her warm skin then drew it slowly down. He smiled at the slight arch her back in response. He kissed the nape of her neck then worked along one shoulder until he touched the fabric.

Nevasa turned to Worf. Her hands caressed his neck then moved along his shoulders, slipping his jacket from him. Worf took it from her hands and tossed it onto the other chair. Her fingers moved to the diagonal opening in his shirt, her hand rested against his bare skin. She was breathing faster than before. She leaned forward and kissed him. It had been seven years since she had been with her bondmate and that was within the throes of pon farr, never this calm easy style of sexual discovery.

Worf closed his eyes enjoying her gentle touch. He had felt her hesitation at times and had slowed his own desire for her. He had not felt this pull towards another female in a long time.

Nevasa ran her hand over the very different feeling skin. She slipped her hands under the silk fabric, and uncovered his shoulders then urged his arms out of the sleeves. His skin was warm and more weathered than hers, or Seshak's. She dismissed the reference. It was irrelevant for the moment. She found herself leaning forward, brushing his chest with her lips. She ran her hands up his arms, his shoulders and then his neck. The delight and excitement of this exploration was exhilarating. Nevasa felt a low throb beginning in her body and her mind. Her fingers moved into his length of hair and her mouth touched the pulse point in his neck.

Worf moaned and added a slight growl as he felt her tongue touch his skin. Her teeth gently scraped the same spot.

The hint was caught and understood. She repeated the action, this time applying more pressure each time. She felt the vibration of the growl before she heard it and then the shiver that followed. She looked up and met his eyes. They were dark and bright.

Nevasa slipped off his lap. Her hand reached to his then urged him to his feet. She stepped closer to him, reaching up to kiss him. Taking his hands in hers, she was the one that suggested they move into the bedroom.

Worf took a few hesitant steps then stopped. He lifted her chin, "You are certain?"

"Do you wish to debate the issue?" She held tightly to his hand, tilting her head slightly.

"No," Worf answered in the blink of an eye.

Nevasa tugged on his hand guiding him into his own bedroom. She moved to stand in front of him then pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed. She ran her hands down his legs to slip off his boots.

Worf reached to her hand, he stroked her palm with his fingers. He was surprised to hear her gasp. He held open her hand then kissed her palm. He felt the shiver that traveled through her body. His arm went around her, "This pleases?"

"Yes." She had never experienced any of this without benefit of the shared blood fever. To a Vulcan, this experience was most... interesting. She watched, as he touched her palm again, then slowly moved up her arm. His lips touched, then he brushed his cheek against her and finally his fingers stroked her arm. She heard herself moan.

Worf pulled her into his arms, nuzzling her neck. He was rewarded with another moan from deep in her throat. He shivered as her touch moved down his back, her head dropped back as he nibbled on her neck. Her dress was slipped from her shoulders and his kisses moved lower.

Nevasa's fingers clenched in his hair and her body shuddered. His touch affected her more than she had expected it to.

Worf held her arms and pulled her with him as he lay back on the bed. He turned onto his side taking her with him. He captured her mouth, tasting her, hungry for her. His hand moved down her side, then it registered that her dress had been pulled off as he brought her up onto the bed.

"Apologies." Worf reached to the cover at the bottom of the bed covering Nevasa, somewhat reluctantly.

"None are required." She reached to his hand, opened his palm and kissed it softly. She pulled his hand under the covers and placed it at her waist. "It was inevitable considering the action we are contemplating."

He smiled slightly. He kissed her then continued nuzzling her neck. Her taste and smell were unique and he was becoming impatient to be closer to her. His kiss touched her shoulder then moved slowly down until he reached the swell of her breast. His lips brushed her soft nipple. It hardened under his continued touch, then after a quick glance to her dark eyes; he took it into his mouth. Her hands tightened one in his hair the other began to dig into his back as he gently suckled her. She pulled him closer.

Nevasa felt her breath quicken. She wrapped her leg around his. She ran her hand down his back pulling him to her. She arched her body as she moaned.

Worf lifted his head; his breathing was heavy. He rolled onto his back, taking a moment to catch his breath. He needed to slow his reactions. He closed his eyes when her hand began to caress his chest. She rolled to lie against him; her gentle kisses on his shoulder caused him to moan. Her hand moved in a pattern down to his waist. He reached to her hand stopping her. He needed time to calm his desire, to find some control. He did not wish to loose himself with her.

Nevasa nuzzled his neck then began to kiss a path as he did, covering his face, his neck and moving down to his chest. She recalled his reaction before and nipped on his shoulder. He growled quietly. She felt his hand pull her hair back then stroke the length as she continued finding pleasure with this Klingon. She continued discovering what his body felt and tasted like as she moved down. Her fingernails teased the area around his nipple, and then her tongue licked the taut nipple.

His growl was deep in his throat, his hand clenched in her hair and he whispered, "HIja."

She looked up to his closed eyes, flushed face and quietly asked, "I presume that is a positive?" She moved her leg to fall between his. His warmth and hardness were felt against her thigh. Her fingers stroked his hard stomach then moved along the waistband of his pants. She was hesitant about merely unfastening his pants and slipping them off. If this had been her mate there would have been no hesitation, she would have the bond to rely on. This way she felt as if she was moving blind.

She lifted herself up then sat back on her heels. She gathered her hair and tossed it back over her shoulders. Her hands rested on his knees then slowly moved up the side of his body. Her hands caressed his stomach then stopped at the fastener on his pants. She looked to him. His fingers brushed her lips then stroked her cheek then moved across her lips again. With her eyes holding his, she unfastened his pants then slid them down. She moved down sliding the fabric off then hesitated for a moment before allowing them to drop on the floor, with her dress.

Sensing her uncertainty, Worf indicated that she should move closer. He took her hand then urged her to lay back down. She brushed her hair back as she tried to lay back down, cautious of touching him. He held her, wrapping his arms around her and shifting his position so that he was the one that touched her first. He smiled, kissed her neck then kissed her mouth. His arm was half hidden in her hair, his body shuddered and his kiss turned passionate.

Worf rolled with her onto her back. His body covering most of hers, his hard member was pressing into her stomach. He brushed her hair back, hungrily attacking her mouth. He felt Nevasa shiver under him. Her hands moved down his back pulling him to her.

"T'hy'la," she whispered to him, not really expecting him to understand her. She felt the muscles in his back ripple with his every move. She was desirous of any touch he offered her. She brushed through his hair; her fingers hesitated at his temples. She used her fingertips instead to trace every ridge and hollow that was his. She had felt the softer ridges at the back of his neck and followed them as far as she could down his back.

Worf moved to cover her body completely. His hands moved down her body then slipped into her hands. She moaned then whispered something in Vulcan. He looked to her face, it was flushed and her eyes were dark. He felt as if he were falling into them. His breath quickened, then slowed. His heart seemed to be racing and yet, it was not. He heard a growl and realized, it was his. His lips brushed hers; his tongue wet her lips. He felt another growl deep within his throat and then he found himself on his back.

Nevasa pulled her hands out from his. She drew in a deep breath then began to stroke back his hair and kissing him. She whispered for him to forgive her for her lack of control. She had not even considered that the nearness of her mating time would have still had an effect on her. She tasted his mouth then his neck. Her tongue marked circles on his skin. Tasting and marking his skin with gentle nips. She moved down his body. His hands reached for her and she brushed them away.

She had brushed enough of his thoughts that she knew what would please. So very different than Seshak, then again he was usually deep in his plak tow. She traveled lower on his body, her hand reaching to caress his strong thigh. She grasped his thigh as she kissed his stomach. She moved lower on the bed then lower on him. Her lips touched his hard, aching member, brushing the length. Her tongue darted out to wet the soft warm skin. She brought her hand up, trailing her fingernails up the length.

Worf moaned.

Nevasa wet the soft tip then closed her mouth over the length. She swirled her tongue around it then moved up and down the length. Her hands stroked his body, feeling how strong his thighs and hips were. She felt the coolness against her skin as Worf brushed her hair aside. She sucked on the tip gently, her tongue tasting the small drop of precum.

Worf reached down and pulled her easily up onto the pillow beside him. He brushed back her hair from her face. He kissed her with an increasing pressure as he covered her body with his. He urged her legs apart, positioning himself to enter her.

Nevasa slipped her hands into his again, "T'hy'la. I need this," she whispered. "The Vulcan way." She ran her hands up his arms; his shoulders then placed her fingers against his face. "Do you give permission?"

"Yes," Worf growled. He would have given permission for his own death at this point. He lifted her, tucking his hands under her shoulders, then drew her close to him. He nuzzled her neck as he felt her leg wrap around his. He pushed slowly into her, her fingers pushed against his face as he entered her. He waited.

Reaching into the first levels of his thoughts, Nevasa felt his desire and she shared her fire with him. She touched his cheek with her lips, whispering for him to relax.

His thoughts reeled again as they had before. He felt the creeping of a cool fire into his thoughts. His body tensed just as she whispered for him to relax. He did so. He breathed in deeply and he felt as if she had moved into him somehow.

"A meld?" He asked in a breath.

"A sharing," she stated. Her fingers moved slowly from his face, into his hair then down his back. She moaned softly then suggested with a touch that he move within her.

Worf moved his hips slowly at first, finding the shared measure of movement. He moved with deep, long strokes, quickening his pace only when her body seemed to ask for it.

"So long..." She whispered to him. "So very long." She closed her eyes in total enjoyment of this activity. She had forgotten how this felt. How overpowering it was, and how delicious it was to be overpowered... if only for a time. "Sahris."

Worf knew somewhere in the back of his mind what it meant. He moved faster and pushed deeper. He kissed her neck then moved down, he rested his mouth on her shoulder then stopped himself from biting. Somewhere, he desired the taste of her blood.

She felt her body shiver. She wished him in deeper. Her hips lifted each time to meet his in an attempt to drive him into her body. Her body arched and she pulled him into her. She felt the tightness just as he lifted his head and cried out. She shared the release, felt the warm liquid pumping into her body.

Worf lifted her legs to wrap around his waist; then he sat back on his heels pulling her into his lap. His hands caressed her body then took her hands and drew her into his arms. He held her close. He needed only to hold her, to feel her warm skin, taste her lips, then he growled as his body emptied into her again.

Neither expected that they would black out.

Nevasa moved first, covering his neck and shoulders with slow small kisses. She searched with her touch for his mouth then captured him in a gentle but passionate kiss.

Worf lay back, slowly, his arms still wrapped around her. He held her head as the kiss deepened. He did not want to let go of her. He did not wish to be separated. He felt her shiver. He reached for the blanket, which had been tossed aside before, and drew it over her. He had to calm his body and his thoughts or he would be quite capable of continuing this all night.

Worf wet his lips; he brushed her hair back over her shoulders. "You are well?"

"Yes." Nevasa rested her head on his chest. She listened to the echoed heart beat, most pleasant, she thought. Her fingers reached up to play in his hair.

They lay quietly together for some time before either of them said anything or even moved. Each deep in thought, about how this sharing had affected them.

"Come share my shower," Worf stated suddenly.

"How does one share a shower." Nevasa rested her chin on his chest, on the back of her hand. "For what purpose?"

Worf smiled, "For the purpose of continued pleasure." It had never occurred to him that this had not been a common occurrence to her. "You have never shared a shower with your..."

Her fingers stopped his words. "I have not. That is sufficient information."

Worf playfully rolled her off him, she became tangled in the blanket and he held it so she remained tightly wrapped. "I suppose you will tell me you have never had a water shower?"

She shook her head.

"There is a first time for everything." Worf stood then reached across to her and quite easily lifted her into his arms then carried her into the large shower stall. He drew off the blanket then discarded it off to the side.

Kissing her, he added with a grin, "And it will not hurt a bit." He turned on the water. It was hot and very relaxing. The water jets came at them from all angles and a full body length.

Nevasa closed her eyes, enveloped in the warmth this provided. She had felt the weakening thread between them. She had been surprised that she had lost consciousness but it had lasted for only a few moments. Just long enough for their bodies to recover. She had wished to lie there with him longer, but she had picked up the fleeting impression from him that if he remained, he would have become aroused again.

It appeared that mating practices of both species were designed with a means for insuring pregnancy. With Vulcans, it was the continuous mating during the Pon farr. Sometimes lasting up to ten days. She had read that with Klingons, their member would swell to fill the warm cavity, to the point of almost fusing into the flesh of the female. An inability for the male to move or even separate from the female until satiated. A most interesting experience, as she had discovered.

Worf took the soap and began to lather her back. He had gathered her hair and moved it aside to be dealt with later. He found a few bruises, markings from his fingers on her hips. He discovered other marks he had caused, apologizing in a whispered tone, as he gently examined each mark.

"By morning all will be healed," she assured him.

He also discovered an elaborate tattoo that followed her backbone. His finger followed the general pattern, tracing the intricate swirling design down her back. "This is most interesting..."

"It is the marking of my clan. Its design is from the ancient style of Vulcan script." She had taken the soap from his hands and began the same inspection of his back. She had left scratches and a few bruises on his body. "I will help heal these."

"It is nothing to concern yourself over." Worf lifted her face and bent down and kissed her with a gentle passion. "I have received worst injuries in a holosuite." He felt her hands resting at his hips, the soap still in her hand. He moved away slightly as her hands caressed his chest with the soap, then with her hands. Her touch was firm yet gentle.

Nevasa's touch moved down his body, she noted his arousal. She lifted her eyebrow. "You wish this again?"

He laughed softly. "In your presence, it appears a constant desire." He took the soap from her hand and drew her to him. He captured her mouth. His tongue reached in tasting her unique flavour. He placed the soap on the shelf as he continued the kiss.

She felt his hard member pressing against her stomach. She did not wish to leave him in this state. Her hand slipped between their bodies and wrapped around him.

He gasped at her touch, then stopped her. "Vulcans are not the only ones that have learned meditative techniques." He removed her hand somewhat reluctantly. "I will deal with it." He kissed her lightly.

Nevasa reached for the soap then returned to soaping his body. "Even a Vulcan would bow to the logic of allowing a lover to give pleasure." She moved around to do his back, her hands full of soap and caressing his back and his firm buttocks.

Worf looked over his shoulder at her. "I am not Vulcan."

"I had noticed," her hand caressed the back of his thigh. The soap allowed her hands to slip easily over his muscular body. "A most interesting experience. What is the usual Klingon female's response to being inseparable from her mate." She recalled some of the information she had read pertaining to Klingon physiology. It did not do the experience justice. Nevasa came around to face him... her hands sliding over his hardening member... clutching him in her firm grip.

"I have been with a Klingon female only once. She bit deeply into my shoulder, as I recall." He closed his eyes; her touch seemed to arouse him as much as if he were deep within her. He lifted her chin, meeting her dark eyes, "Did you not enjoy the experience?" It had never occurred to him that the experience would be different, no other that he had been with had even mentioned anything. His fingertips brushed her lips.

"It was totally enjoyable." She kissed him. Brushing her lips against his as she continued, "I had not expected you..." she reached to his thoughts and gave him the mental picture/sensation that she experienced as his member swelled and filled her, almost fusing flesh to flesh.

"One does not question what is natural to their species." His mouth claimed hers in a hard passionate kiss.

With great reluctance, she released his soaped up hardness and circled around her naked partner in the hot shower. Again behind him, she continued her caressing of his hard body. Her hand moved up the back of his thigh then slipped between his legs. His reaction was immediate.

Worf gasped and his body stiffened. He moaned, reached for her hand pulling it around his waist. He closed his eyes and tried calming his reaction.

Nevasa pressed herself against his back, she went up on her toes to reach his ear, "Bow to the logic, Commander Worf." She whispered, "I wish to pleasure thee." She bit gently into his shoulder, causing him to growl softly.

Worf released the hold on her hand. He would surrender to her Vulcan logic, this time. He moaned softly as she soaped up his back then began to caress his stomach. One hand moved lower then gently wrapped itself around his hard organ. She pressed her round soapy breasts against his back and began to stroke him with her hand. This felt strange to him, but very pleasing.

Nevasa closed her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder. She concentrated on her touches on his body and gauging his reactions. She reached up with her free hand to his minor contact points. It would be just enough that she would be guided by his desires. Her fingers teased the tip of his aching and [still swelling] penis before wrapping her fingers around him. She increased the pressure slightly as she continued to stroke the length.

Worf spread his legs slightly, for balance. He dropped his head back and groaned. "This is most..." He moaned softly as her hand wrapped tighter, "... unique."

She raised herself on her toes. "Klingon, be quiet."

He smiled, "Yes, Vulcan." He felt her other hand slip down his back then between his legs. Her expert touch began to tease at his scrotum. He inhaled at the effect this was having on him. His senses were beginning to reel.

Nevasa slip her soapy fingers between his cheeks then into his puckered hole. She felt his body tense, then his growl. She felt his hips buck against the intrusion into his body.

Worf was breathing heavily, beginning to thrust into her hand. "Faster," was his quiet demand. He felt the beginnings of his release.

Nevasa moved to press herself tightly against him, her hips matching his rhythm. She pushed her fingers deeper into him and tightened her grip on his erection. She stroked the hardness, faster and tighter with each moan that she heard. She felt the vibration of his growl and she kissed the back of his neck. He reached to the walls of the stall as the shiver took hold of his body and his thoughts. He shuddered as his release came, his head was thrown back and he growled.

Her hand had felt the pumping with his release. A most interesting sensation as shared in this; her own body shuddered through an orgasm. She slipped her fingers slowly out. She felt his knees give out and as he knelt down, she followed. He sat back on his heels. She knelt close to him.

Worf wrapped his hand around hers as his release slowed. He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her palm. He moaned. His eyes still closed. He cleared his throat; "I bow to the logic."

For four hours they slept, then parted.


Commander Worf smoothed his uniform as he waited. He had wanted to speak with her before he left for DS9. He wanted to let her know that he wished to remain in contact and possibly see her again. He recalled how she enjoyed the walks in the garden and wondered if she might be there. He was uncertain what time she was scheduled to leave. They had promised not to see one another again, but he had changed his mind and wished to tell her so. He looked down the hallway then decided to check the garden. He had about thirty minutes before he had to beam up to the transport vessel.


Nevasa signed off the last of her expenses. The amounts would be automatically deducted from her account. She had a fleeting thought that Seshak's income was not to be taken into account any longer.

The attendant looked up from the computer terminal; "It appears that your expenses have been taken care of. An account that originates on Vulcan." She returned Nevasa's credit chit.

Nevasa bowed her head. At least Seshak had the propriety to take responsibility for this charge, without question. She accepted the chit and placed it in her sleeve pocket. She did not have to pay for her transportation. Her temporary employer had arranged that. She checked the time of the last beam-out; she had twenty-four minutes. She debated leaving a note for Worf but decided against it. Much more logical to beam up and settle in for the full day's journey.

She picked up her bag and headed for the beaming platform. She handed her travel pass to the attendant and she was off.


Worf settled into one of the larger chairs by the window in the transport. This was not a position on the transport that most civilians would have chosen. He tilted the seat back slightly, closed his eyes and wondered if he would be able to travel the full distance without being bothered.

His thoughts drifted back to early this morning. The shower had been enjoyable and having Nevasa close to him as he fell asleep was most comforting. They had talked quietly about the plans for today and how both were leaving Risa. Neither had offered any further information, but neither had asked for it either. He had remained awake for some time watching her. She did not move. He regretted not asking her if she wished to meet again.

"Commander," A pleasant voice asked softly. "Would you care for some refreshments?"

Worf thought a moment. "Prune juice if possible." He had not eaten this morning; he hated eating before traveling.

The attendant tapped in the coding and a glass of the dark juice materialized on her mobile trolley. "Enjoy, Commander."

"Thank you." Worf sat back, and watched the stars as he drank the juice.


Nevasa sat in a solitary seat. She had her slates and her reference books for the next novel. She slipped the textbook out from the haversack beside her in the seat. She looked out to the streaks of stars and wondered what it would be like to live out here.

The men in her life were very different. One planet bound and she had known for over thirty years. The other she had met just a mere seven days previous and had rarely remained on any planet. She felt comfortable with one, but craved the other.

She should have given Worf some indication that she wished to meet again. Neither of them had given the other any indication that it was desired. Her sleep had felt more restful than it had been in quite some time. Part of that was due to the severed Bond; she no longer felt Seshak's encroaching pon farr. The other part of it, she felt, was due to time spent with Worf. Waking up within his arms was something that she wished to repeat, but she was unsure if it was his desire as well.

She had stopped by his room before heading off to the transport, but he had already left. She had even taken a quick turn around the garden just in case he had been there, but he was not. She reached to the braid in her hair and the cording that held the end. Worf had brushed her hair this morning; braided it and fastened it with the cording he normally used. Her hand wrapped around the long braid then wrapped it around her hand. With a sigh she placed the book on her lap and tilted the seat back. She tried to think of a plot for the next story as she watched the stars.

She missed him.


Worf stood, smoothed his uniform then went to the smaller storage lockers. He pressed his hand against the ident-lock and the door popped open. He pulled out his duffel bag. Hefting it over one shoulder, he headed towards the docking bay.

He waited patiently with the other 'uniforms' as the ship drifted slowly towards the space stations docking port. He felt the vibration and the sound of the thud as the vehicle touched then the dull thud of the docking clamps snapping into place.

He breathed in deeply, relieved to be 'home'. He inhaled the strange mixtures of perfumes and other scents yet managed to detect one that was strangely familiar. He smiled to himself and reminded himself that she was not the only one to wear this scent. The doors opened before him and he stepped out onto the decking.

"Commander," Quark hollered from across the deck. The Ferengi's nasally voice already grated on the Klingons nerves. The gracious welcome was well intended but Worf was not in the mood for Quark's penchant for ingratiating himself. The smaller man had somehow made his way through the crowd and was not at Worf's side. "It is good to have you back. How was your time with the Enterprise?"

Worf glared down at him, "What makes you think that is where I was assigned?"

"I have ways, Worf," he offered in a hushed conspiratorial tone. "You look well rested. It did wonders for your temperament." Quark was bubbling with excitement and he kept looking towards the people coming off the transport. "I have someone that I want you to meet."

"I must report to Captain Sisko. I have duty later." Worf stated in his usual gruff voice, besides he wanted to avoid meeting anyone that Quark would find interesting. "Perhaps later after my shift. We will see." Worf grumbled to himself, reluctant to commit to the Ferengi and headed off towards his quarters.

Quark shrugged. He continued to watch the crowd for his expected guest. "Fine. Be like that." Quark sighed and leaned against the bulkhead to wait. "Your loss, Klingon."


Later, in Quark's bar, Captain Sisko invited Worf for a drink and to ask about the mission he had been on. They sat in a quiet area, out of the way and a place where one could have a conversation without it being easily over-heard. "So, Worf, this is the reason for the colour in your cheeks and your longer hair." The bald, dark-skinned captain of the space station smiled at the Klingon. "I gather this information is under wraps for the present?"

"Yes. No doubt, there will be a full report available in the Starfleet archives but I do not know when that will happen. My report was submitted before leaving the Enterprise."

Sisko looked to his glass, "I was looking forward to sharing a drink or two with Jean-Luc."

Worf nodded. "He did inform me to extend greetings to you. He too was disappointed that he was unable to share time with you. He also informed me that I was to buy you a drink... on him."

Sisko laughed. "Yes. Well you can tell him that he owes you for a prune juice and a raktajino. He got off easy this time." Sisko waved to Rom.

Quark was in his office in a meeting. Sisko's curiosity had been piqued. Especially since he had been told, that it was a veiled female who was with the Ferengi. His eyes flickered to the door of Quark's office every now and then.

"Well, Gentlebeings." Bashir sat down opposite Sisko. "What are we drinking?" He looked to Worf. "I want to see you before you report for duty. After what I heard about the Ba'khu's. I want to know what exact changes it made in your metabolism."

Worf sighed. "It made no significant changes."

Bashir gave him a once over glance, "Your hair is longer and you do have some added colour in your cheeks."

Worf growled softly.

"See, told you." Sisko chuckled.

Worf looked to Bashir. "No doubt you have received Dr. Crusher's report? It contains all the information that you require." Worf finished off his glass of juice then exchanged it for the full one.

Bashir leaned forward. "Well, I just want to make sure for myself that everything is correct."

"You do not believe that Dr. Crusher's report is truthful?"

Bashir grinned. "It is a quirk among doctors to continually verify each other's reports."

Worf grunted. He humphed reluctantly giving in to Bashir's thinly veiled doctor's orders. It might have been merely Bashir's pesky curiosity, but Worf was not one to disobey an order or to argue with a superior officer. He frowned then looked around. He was certain he could smell her perfume. It had to be his imagination playing tricks on him. He lifted his glass, then paused, he was certain it was her perfume.

"Besides I have never met any Klingon around the time of joch'ta'larR." Bashir managed the Klingon word for puberty easily.

"Something wrong, Worf?" Sisko was watching the seemingly distracted Klingon.

"No, Captain." Worf lifted his glass then drank down a good portion of the juice.

Bashir shivered as he watched Worf. "You actually like that vile tasting stuff don't you?"

Worf was just about to answer him when Quark and his guest emerged from the office. Quark, in his usual flurry, was carrying on with his one sided conversations. He started by ordering Rom to get some Altair water for his guest and a raktajino for himself. He guided the veiled female to the bar, dusted off a stool for her and began to flitter around.

"Your service honours." The female had said to Rom in a solemn voice.

Worf felt his body stiffen. "Nevasa?" He whispered. He stared hard at the back of the female as she sat on the stool.

Sisko looked to Worf. He had heard the whispered name and the Klingon's face had almost lit up. Leaning towards the spellbound Klingon, he asked, "You know her?"

Worf nodded, he started to stand then reconsidered and sat back down slowly. There was no need to cause a scene here.

"From where?" Bashir asked with quiet enthusiasm.

Worf groaned he really did not want to answer, "Risa."

"Risa?" Bashir repeated just a little bit too loud.

Sisko's smile broadened.

Worf glared at Bashir. "I do not wish to discuss it," he stated firmly then lifted his glass and drained the contents. He looked to both men and wondered how long it would take before the inquisition began.

Quark came around the bar, totally prepared to be the perfect host. "That tour of the space station..."

"Perhaps later. I require rest." Nevasa stood. She inclined her head to Quark first, then to Rom. She stopped at the table for only a fraction of time, just long enough to bow her head to acknowledge the commanding officer and... Worf. She too had been surprised at the Klingon's appearance, but managed to hide it well. She turned back to face Quark, "I will have an outline for your approval in an hour."

"Fine." Quark's fingers begin tapping the counter's surface as they all watched her leave. He waited until he thought she was out of hearing range, which, for a Vulcan was quite a distance. "Okay, who do I yell at for scaring her off?"

"I am surprised that you stayed with her as long as you did, Quark," Bashir grinned. "With her being a dressed female and all," Now, he was teasing.

Worf stood. "If you will excuse me, Captain. Doctor." He made his way through the crowd keeping an eye on the veiled figure that was moving easily through the crowd. He tried to follow her hoping to catch up with her.

Bashir, Sisko and Quark stood to watch Worf. Quark craning his neck to get a better look but it was not working; he was too short to see over the crowd. He sat down in Worf's vacated spot with a sigh. He motioned to Rom and his drink was brought to him.

Bashir nudged Sisko with his elbow, "So, a Vulcan on Risa and our Klingon meets up with her. What are the odds?"

Sisko smiled, "That is how it appears to have happened."

"Now, what would a Vulcan be doing on Risa?" Bashir raised himself up on his toes to find Worf.

"I haven't the slightest," an amused Sisko sipped on his drink as he continued to follow the Klingon's path towards the Vulcan. Worf was gaining on her.

Bashir looked to Sisko, "But aren't you the least bit curious as to why she would be there?"

"No, not really." Sisko sighed as he sat down; he had lost track of Worf and this Vulcan female.

Quark looked at the two men, "I can tell you what she does for a living..."

Bashir sat down. "Oh really, what?"

Sisko looked down at them, "Don't believe everything he tells you." Sisko toyed with the spoon for his drink.

Quark leaned forward, resting his arms on the tabletop. "She is a writer... of erotica..." He motioned for them to move in closer. "Classical erotica."

Sisko laughed.

Bashir sat back in his seat, looking doubtful. "How can erotica even be considered 'classical'?"

Sisko drew in a sigh, "Well that explains Risa."

Quark motioned Rom to bring more drinks. "On the house," he said as he poured them. "You know those books you keep borrowing, Dr. Bashir?"

"Yes...what about them?" Bashir felt himself warm slightly, and then made a mental note to ask Garak for the ones he had borrowed.

Quark leaned towards them a little more. "Well, *she* is the author."

"She is?" Bashir sighed as he recalled some of the more interesting scenes, "Yes, they definitely are ... classics."

"I don't want to even know..." Sisko shook his head slightly, then pointed to Quark, then Bashir, "... and if I find Jake with any of them..." He was trying to sound serious but there was a little hint of amusement in his voice.

Bashir holds his hands up in surrender, "Never from me, Ben."

"... I'll have your ears."


Worf had caught up to her as she was waiting for the lift. She had headed to the back area of the promenade and the remote lift there, favouring the fewer occupants. He stood across from her as they waited.

"I did not know you were coming here," Worf stated softly. He sounded more annoyed at discovering her here than he intended.

"I did not know you were stationed here," Nevasa cut with. She sounded as neutral as any Vulcan would.

"Why did you not say?" Worf asked. The lift doors opened and he stepped on after she did.

"We had agreed to keep certain information ...private." She watched him out of the corner of her eye.

"Yes, we did." Worf moved closer to her as others stepped onto the lift. The next level was hers. The lift slowed and then the doors opened. Worf followed her off.

Nevasa stopped by the fifth door down the hall. "My quarters." She palmed the ident-panel then stepped in.

Worf remained in the corridor. He wanted very badly to sweep her up and carry her to the bed. "May I come in?"

She hesitated. She had not expected to have him this close again. "It is agreeable." She stepped back allowing him to pass. "You wish a refreshment?"

Worf shook his head. He took the two steps that would close the distance between them. His fingers lifted her chin; he could feel her warmth through the veil. "I cannot kiss you when you are wearing this..." His thumb caressed her lips through the veil. The rasping of the fabric was the only sound in the room for a time.

Despite her attempt at control, she felt her body warm to his minute touch. "You should not." She was not certain if she could remain here if this was to be her reaction to him. "I do not believe I should have permitted it, at all."

Worf controlled the rush of confusion that went through him. "As you wish." Worf bowed his head. His fingers dropped away from her chin and he stepped back then turned. He began walking towards the door. He knew this had been a possibility. His hand slowly reached for the release. "Worf?" this sudden but gentle utterance of his name stopped him in his tracks. He turned.

Nevasa still wore her veiling. She felt flushed and lightheaded. "I do not want you to go." She ran her fingertips across her forehead as she took a moment to think. "I am afraid of what I want."

Worf stood with his hands behind his back and quietly sighed. "Why do you wear the veil?"

"I am unbonded and unaccompanied. Vulcan has a few archaic traditions that are still followed, the wearing of a veil in public is one."

Worf looked around the room. "We are not in public now."

She gathered the whisper-thin fabric in the front. As she lifted it off, Worf stepped closer to her. He reached out to her chin, lifted it gently then licked his lips. "I thought of you often on the transport here."

"I, too, have found myself pre-occupied with thoughts of you." Worf moved his hand. The backs of his fingers caressed down her throat then ever so slowly back up. "And you are here."

"I had desired that we had parted in a different manner. I went to speak with you..."

"As did I, to you. I went to your room this morning ... and the gardens." Worf smiled when she echoed his last few words. He brought his hand to touch her hair, stroking it as he stepped closer to her. "I do not understand this. I do know enough, that we should not work against this."

Nevasa clenched her hands. She shivered at even the thought of another kiss from him. "This should not be happening." She stepped closer to him.

Worf wrapped an arm around her as he lifted her chin. He wet his lips then claimed hers, gently, then with an increasing pressure and passion. She moaned as her arm went around his neck, still holding her veil. He growled in the back of his throat. He felt complete again.


Nevasa woke up slowly. It was still dark, in his quarters, as she turned slowly over. Her morning was welcomed with the sight of his back. She could not help but caress the dark, warm skin, and the ridges that went down his back. Her hand snaked around his waist; then she cuddled closer to him. She brushed his long hair out of the way then kissed the back of his neck. Her delicate nuzzling in his hair turned into gentle murmurs.

"If you are trying to awaken me, it has worked." He half whispered in his deep voice. He cleared his throat then turned to face her. "You are awake early."

"I had this sudden urge to be held by you." She moved closer. She took pleasure in feeling his voice rumble in his chest. Even when he whispered there was still a vibration from his deep voice.

He nodded sleepily, his eyes still half closed. "Turn then." He was not quite ready to wake up, but he would comply with her wishes. He pulled her in close to his body. He kissed her hair then closed his eyes.

She held his hand intertwined in hers, pulling it in close. She closed her eyes and began to think of the day's schedule. She knew he wanted more sleep and she would do her best to accommodate him.

He snaked his arm under her pillow then beneath her shoulders. His other hand that held hers pulled her hips closer to his body. He pushed his growing erection against the warmth of her back. "See what you have started," he whispered in her ear.

"Me?" She whispered back in that innocent tone. She pressed her hips back slightly. "I have no control over that..." She was smiling.

He sighed. "It appears neither do I..." and he kissed the back of her neck. He moved his hand from hers, caressing down her stomach then down her leg. He lifted her leg slightly then slipped his knee between her legs. His hand glided along her warm skin to rest against her sex. She moaned softly then placed her hand on top of his.

They lay together for a little while just like this. The only movement was his finger against her nub. Teasing touches that he knew would arouse her body. She reached to his face and caressed his cheek then turned her upper body slightly to kiss his chin.

He smiled then nuzzled her neck. "I wish to sleep some more."

"Then sleep." She turned back, pulled the covers up and wrapped his arm around her waist, essentially halting his pleasuring of her. She settled against him with a sigh. His hand caressed her arm, lightly and slowly. He enjoyed her smooth skin, along her shoulder then up her neck. He brushed back her hair then kissed her ear.

"I thought you wanted to sleep," she spoke softly.

"I am busy dreaming," he whispered in her ear then kissed the tip of her ear.


A few hours later Worf awoke to the empty space beside him. The heavy blanket was also gone. He reached for his robe and slipped it on as he got out of bed. He wrapped the robe tightly around him and fastened it at the shoulder. He shivered as he headed through the door into the common room. He shook his head in disbelief, "What are you doing up?"

She turned to face him, the blanket wrapped snugly around her. "Thinking."

"Couldn't you think in bed, where it is warm?" He looked to the stars, eternal night. He shivered from the fact that he had jumped out of bed quickly. "I will make some tea."

"Worf?" she asked as she pulled her blanket tighter.

"Yes?" He moved to her side. Wrapped in her blanket, the Vulcan looked warm and cozy. Her long dark hair still mussed from their nocturnal activity, was tucked half in and half out of it. She hardly resembled the impeccable Vulcan that one would meet in the corridors.

"This is not logical," she was still mystified at their strange pairing.

Worf paused for a moment before he answered. "Why does it need to be?" He tilted his head slightly; he had not expected her to question the inevitable. Vulcans rarely questioned anything; they seemed to have the aura of knowing about them.

She looked out to the stars. The colours of the far-off nebula seemed to be spreading slowly across the void. She looked to the tall Klingon as he brushed then held her hair back. "We are not a logical pairing."

Worf lifted her chin, ran his thumb along her lips then bent down to kiss her. "Come back to bed. You are cold. We can talk there."

"We do not talk," she stated quietly with a slight smile on her lips. Her dark eyes peered up into his, capturing his heart once again. She lifted her eyebrow then kissed him. She ran her fingertips along his lips. She would miss this. All of this had taken her by surprise. This affection for him had seemed to overtake her. In all the time she had been here, her experiences with others, none had ever made her feel this affinity. No one had made her feel this connected. She was not sure if this pleased her.

Worf held her hand as he pressed his lips against her palm. "Come, tell me." He urged her back into the room. He reached for his heavy robe. He kept the temperature in his quarters slightly lower than she was comfortable with. He held the robe for her as she slipped her arms into the sleeves. He wrapped it around her as the blanket fell to the floor. "I will make tea. You return to the bed and stay warm."

As Worf prepared the tea, he composed his thoughts. What to say to she who had affected him so much? This had taken him by surprise as well. He poured the hot water into the pot, then placed the cups and pot onto a tray. His voice proceeded him as he carried the tray into the bedroom. "I do not understand the attraction either but it is not one that I am opposed to."

Nevasa was sitting in the bed, the covers pulled around her legs. "I have a concern with the timing."

"Because we have only just met?" He sat on the edge of the bed, and the tray was carefully placed in the center of the bed. He brushed his hair back over his shoulder. "There is time to learn of one another."

Nevasa shook her head slightly. "That is not the reason precisely."

Worf poured the tea then passed a cup to Nevasa. "Then what is the reason?" He stared into the dark liquid in the cup he held. As he tapped the handle with his finger, concentric circles appeared in the hot, dark liquid. He was uncertain as to how to convince Nevasa to remain with him. He looked back to the Vulcan female wrapped in his oversized robe and sipping tea in his bed. Yes, he thought to himself, this was not a typical mating.

Nevasa was unsure as to how to share the information. She never had to explain any of this to another. Vulcans kept most of their private relationships very secret. If she were to continue with this alien, she would have to share this information. "The reason I was on Risa was to see to my mate's Pon farr."

Worf sipped on the tea, slightly confused. Why would she have been there alone? On the other hand, why would she have been with him if this were approaching? He knew only the general information concerning Pon farr, as much as most Starfleet officers were told. "Go on."

Nevasa nodded. "This has never been discussed. I am not certain how to explain." She drew in a slow breath then smiled weakly at Worf. "The reason I was ill... Seshak had not informed me in enough time to prepare for our..." She was searching for the correct word. "...divorce, severing of our bond. Or rather, my replacement? He had found another who was more to his taste and temperament." She suddenly felt useless. It was an illogical notion, but there none the less. She reached forward, placing the empty cup on the nightstand. She pulled the robe in tighter as she sat back.

"Are you cold?" He was relieved at the slight shake of her head. "Your position is understood. I had a mate once." He looked to the stars. "She died." He held his breath waiting for the pain, but it did not come with this remembering of her. "It was an honourable death."

Nevasa had been moved by this admission. His voice was gentle and soft as he spoke of her. "I grieve with thee," she spoke the honoured phrase softly.

They sat in silence for a time.

Worf felt his stomach complain, then he looked to the time. "I have duty in one hour."

"And I am required to submit the program outline for Quark." She watched Worf as she recalled the hastily made call to Quark informing him the outline would not be ready until this morning. The Ferengi had not seemed surprised, he was almost expecting of it. "It should take me about thirty minutes to compose."

"And my duty is for a tenhour duration," he said somewhat regretfully. He finished his tea then moved closer to her. "But we have some time..." His eyes flashed brightly as his hand moved up her arm then to the back of her neck. He pulled her into a kiss. He lifted his mouth from hers then whispered, "Yes... this I like," and then captured her mouth again as he pulled her down onto the bed.


Quark paced as he read the holosuite program outline. He nodded his head, made a sigh in a few places then stopped. He looked to the veiled Vulcan female. She gave no outward sign of concern for his approval and disapproval at his interest. But then again, she was Vulcan. He was curious beyond belief at what may or may not have happened last night. Nevertheless, he was enough of a prudent businessman to know that he should not even hint at asking.

"I like this," Quark stated. "I like this a lot." He leaned on the edge of his desk, folded his arms and began to think about something. He reached to the calculator on his desk and tapped away on the keys for a bit. Hummed once then tapped again. "If this one takes you... we will say... ten to twelve days to complete, would you consider remaining to do another one?"

Nevasa contained her surprise. She considered matters for a moment. "I will have to verify matters with the Shop Master." She stood as Quark handed the PADD back to her, she accepted it then brought it under her veil. She wore a rose coloured pantsuit and the veil matched to perfection. Worf had made a comment about not caring for her hair all twisted up and out of the way. She promised him the pleasure of taking it down.

"Do you believe there will be a problem?" Quark had already been calculating his profits on this holosuite program. "I will cover all your expenses. Price is not an issue." He pursed his lips hoping that her price would not end up too high. He tapped his lips.

Nevasa could see that he was enthusiastic about her outline and about the profit it would bring to him. She could almost hear the latinum clicking in his mind as he imagined that profit. Bartering was an artform for any business person... and Nevasa of Vulcan was an excellent negotiator. For one such as Quark... to allow him to believe, that he was gaining the upper hand would serve her best. Moreover, the prospect of remaining on board the space station had its own appeal.

With another slight tilt of her head, the Vulcan bowed her head, "I trust there will not be any conflict, S'haile Quark. I will have the first draft in three days. Unless you wish to discuss any changes?"

Quark thought a moment, "I do not believe there is anything. But I do reserve the right to approve the final version."

"Of course." Nevasa bowed her head slightly, "I will take leave of you and begin my work."

Quark bowed. "Yes, T'sai Nevasa." He watched the female's grace and the rhythm of her hips as she walked. He sighed as he considered how lucky Worf was to have found such a female.


Worf checked over the security board then moved onto the internal security of the station. He was aware that he had been watched and had tried to ignore it for the most part. He finally gave up and turned to face Dr. Bashir.

"Doctor Bashir, is there something that I can *do* for you?" He folded his arms and glared at the human.

Bashir grinned. "Well you could satisfy my curiosity and end all the speculation."

"Concerning?" Worf tilted his head slightly.

"The Vulcan." Bashir almost whispered the phrase. He smiled then dropped down into the near-by chair. He turned the chair slightly to face Worf. "Come on, Worf, share all the details so this lonely human will have some idea that there is hope in this world."

Worf grunted then turned back to the boards of the Defiant. He rolled open the small tool kit from his belt and began to make some minor adjustments on the navigation board.

"Worf, you know how we will speculate." Bashir smiled. "And then we will guess. And you know how a human's capability for turning a harmless friendship into something very..." Bashir stopped with out stating the next word. "... suggestive." The look that Worf shot him told him that if he crossed the line he would be in very deep trouble. Bashir sighed. "Just a morsel of information." He held up his finger and thumb holding them only centimeters apart. "How did you meet? Just that."

Worf looked over his shoulder at the doctor. He sat down in the navigator's chair then turned it to face the doctor. "I picked up a book she had dropped."

Bashir's smile broadened. "What was the title?"

Worf sighed, this might be worth the reaction he thought to himself. "It was a text, Klingon Methods of Copulation." He stated as a matter of fact.

Bashir met Worf's eyes. He was not lying. Bashir sat back in the seat, he cleared his throat then started to open his mouth to say something but closed it right away. Bashir rested his head on the back of the chair and sighed. He could not think of anything to say. Damn that Klingon!

Worf turned back to the board then smiled to himself. At least that would give him some peace and quiet for a short time.


The day had been a long one. Worf had been called away to assist Chief O'Brien in some repairs. He was not accustomed to travelling through the crawlspaces any longer. He was stiff and in need of a good hot shower, or even a bath.

He walked into his quarters. He had half-expected Nevasa to be there but he seemed to be alone. He removed his sash and placed it on the chair, then he dropped onto the sofa and closed his eyes. Her perfume reached him just as he heard a noise from the bedroom.

"You are fatigued?"

Worf opened his eyes turning his head to the source of the sound. He smiled at her. "Yes." He promised himself that he would return to his rigorous exercise schedule in the morning. His eyes closed again.

He started at the touch of her hands on his shoulders. He was aware that she could move quietly. He could feel her fingers removing the cording in his hair. He moaned quietly as her fingers combed through his hair then began to massage his neck. He tilted his head forward. "This feels good."

"That is its purpose." She placed her hands on his shoulders. "Are you hungry?"

"Not really."

Nevasa walked around the couch then took his hand. "Come with me then." He looked somewhat reluctant to move but stood anyway. "I have a skill that I have not discussed with you."

"And that is?" He stopped in the middle of the bedroom and remained fixed to his position on the floor. Nevasa felt him stop as he tugged on her hand, which he still held in his firm grip. He crossed his arms defying her urgings.

"A massage," she answered in her solemn Vulcan tone, tugging on his hand urging him to come to the bed. She had prepared the area, a large towel was draped over the bed and an assortment of bottles were arranged on the side table. She had worn a short sleeved top and pants made from cotton-like fabric, far plainer than she usually wore.

Worf considered her for a moment. "And if I agree to this?"

She lifted her eyebrow.

Worf laughed. He immediately took off his shirt leaving only the thin undershirt. He then sat in the chair and pulled off his boots. The well-built man stood then tugged at his waistband. "And these?"

"You may leave them on for the present, but they will be coming off." She stepped towards him, stroked his cheek and his lips. She leaned towards him, lifted herself up onto her toes and kissed him. His arms wrapped around her, her body molded itself to him.

Worf sighed as she stepped away from him. He took off the undershirt then opened his pants slipped them off and tossed them in the chair. "Now what?"

"On the bed, face down. I have programmed music and you will not be permitted to move for quite some time." She made it sound like a statement of fact. She touched the controls for the lightening, dimming them to a soft glow.

Worf ran his fingers along her lips then complied. He lay face down and got as comfortable as he could. He felt the movement as she got onto the bed. "Was your meeting with the Ferengi productive?"

"Most productive. He wishes another scenario."

"Really?" Worf turned slightly to look over his shoulder. "You must let me read these scenarios."

"I will consider it." She pushed his shoulder down. "No more talking. Relax and enjoy." She placed a large towel over his lower torso, then straddled his thighs. Her first choice from the oil arrangement was a silver bottle. "Do you like the scent of almonds?"


Worf listened attentively to her movements. She exchanged the bottle for a different one, pulled the stopper then poured a small amount in her palm. She cupped her hand so it would not drip. She placed the bottle on the floor and pushed in the stopper. As she straightened she rubbed her hands together to warm the oil. "Are you prepared?"

Worf grunted then smiled. He had his eyes closed; he was listening to the music and guessing at her actions. He was not surprised when her hands touched his back, or when they began to smooth his skin, but he was surprised at her strength and her skill. His hair was moved out of the way, and her fingers kneaded the muscles all along his neck with a skill that caused him to groan. She continued working along each shoulder giving them equal attention and he began to feel his body loosening... all the tension melting away beneath her skilled touches.

Nevasa pressed her palm against the knotted muscle; she pressed with her body weight and received another groan. She began to work down his back; the knots were concentrated along his upper back. The rest seemed easy. She added more oil to her hands treating his back with long strokes. She felt the muscles under her touch move with every breath and when he adjusted the pillow. She felt the vibration as he began to hum to a particular tune. She smiled and began to move down to work slowly on his lower back.

She moved the towel down slightly revealing the rise of his firm cheeks. This time, she drizzled the oil onto his back and he squirmed slightly.

"It is cold." He complained in a good-natured way.

"Your skin temperature is slightly elevated, it is the property of the oil." She drew her fingers through the small puddle of oil on his skin then her palms. Her stroking continued moving slowly down his body and to the tops of his thighs. This was the area, from his waist down to the back of his knees, that she concentrated on now. Her fingers followed the soft ridges that followed his backbone then continued down the back of his legs. More protection for his species. She was learning a great deal about the Klingon physique and would have to make slight changes in her stories to include this information.

Worf let out a slow sigh, his body simmering under her care, a euphoria brimming from her touch. His muscles were so relaxed he felt as if he were melting into the bed. He had wondered for a second if he could move if a red-alert was called. Did he really care? Not for the moment.

Nevasa took the towel and wiped the excess oil from his body. She called to him twice before he answered. "Turn."

It was difficult for him to turn over; his muscles were not reacting as quickly as he was accustomed to. The massage was apparently doing its job. He moaned as he smiled at her. "This is most relaxing."

Nevasa watched him as he turned. He had a contented look on his face. She enjoyed having him this way and the effect she was having on him. "That is the point to the process," she covered him from his waist down with the towel, then moved up to straddle his thighs to continue.

She poured the oil into her hand then rubbed them together. She began at his neck. Her thumbs massaged his throat and her hands squeezed the strong supporting muscles in his neck.

Worf pulled her down, if she offered resistance he could not have won. He kissed her mouth. "I was to take your hair down." He spoke against her lips then kissed her again.

"Later." She sat up, placing his arms up over his head. "Leave them there." She oiled his arms then used both hands on one arm. She was leaning forward using her leg muscles to hold her in this awkward position for a few moments longer.

Worf watched her body lean so very close to his face. He enjoyed how the fabric of her clothing glowed in the dim candlelight. Her dark circles were quite apparent through the thin fabric, and with each vigorous movement her amble breasts jiggled before his gaze. He enjoyed being teased and relented to her demands. He watched as she filled her hand again with this mysterious oil. He was breathing in the sweet scent, it mixed with her perfume, and it was becoming intoxicating. He heard a deep moan in his throat as her hands traveled over his chest. She managed to avoid arousing him intentionally but merely her presence seemed to do that. Her hands moved down to the edge of the towel finally and he held his breath, sucking in his stomach. She seemed oblivious to the effect this was having on him as more oil was poured into her hand, then applied to his hips then down his thighs, her hands slipping under the towel.

"May I remove it?" She asked as she moved down slightly.

"You may do whatever you wish," he offered her in a soft voice.

Nevasa lifted her eyebrow at the comment and the tone of his voice. She lifted the towel then covered him again, the edge coming down to the top of his thighs. She was enjoying this mild banter. She continued to work slowly down his legs.

Worf waited until she was finished and was reaching for the edge of the towel to dry her hands when he grabbed her arm and pulled her down with him. He pulled her close, placed his leg across hers and brushed back her hair. The same wisps of hair always came loose no matter how she wore her hair. His fingers brushed her lips. "You are done. Is it my turn?"

"Your turn?" She watched his dark eyes; there was a sparkle in them that she knew she should be wary of.

"Yes, my turn to do this to you," Worf nuzzled her neck then kissed her neck. He held his breath as he softly whispered, "Stay with me."

"It was not my plan to leave as of yet." She responded in an equally soft voice.

He folded his fingers, brushing the backs of them against her cheek. He remained silent for some time, deep within his own racing thoughts on the matter.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her closer. He moved closer to kiss her but hesitated, his lips brushed hers. "I wish that we could remain together." He lifted her chin so their eyes met. "I wish to be able to hold you long after we are together. I do not wish to leave you." He felt his heart pounding in his chest. Why did this female affect him so much?

"As you wish..." Nevasa pressed her lips to his, beginning the kiss. She felt her body mold itself to him, her arms went around his neck and she heard herself moan.

Worf forced himself back from her. He held her hands, then leaned back into the collection of pillows. He felt his heart and breathing quicken, he took a deep breath to calm himself but it was not working. She took hold of his hand, her thumb caressing the back.

After enjoying her touch for some time, Worf held her chin gently in his hand. She appeared far more delicate than she was, as all Vulcans did. Their lithe bodies harbouring steel bones and powerful muscles. He kissed her. Her lips were very warm against his. He brushed his lips against her face, then down her neck. He tasted her skin; his teeth grazed her skin. He heard her quiet growl. He answered hers with a deeper growl of his own.

Her hand pressed against his chest, she felt the warmth of his body. She dropped her head back, his tongue tasted and his mouth nipped at her skin. It sent chills through her. She ran her hands along his shoulders then to the back of his head. She loved the feel of his long hair and clenched her fingers in its length when he threatened to bite her neck. She heard herself moan, as she whispered his name.

Worf ran his hands along her shoulders, the gauzy fabric that wrapped around her shoulders slipped down easily. He kissed, continuing to taste her warm skin. He was not surprised that she encouraged him but he had been surprised that a Vulcan could find pleasure with a Klingon. She slipped her arms out of her tunic then lifted his head. Worf closed his eyes as her lips gently brushed his lips, then feather light as she touched his nose, eyes and even the ridges of his forehead.

He moved onto his knees, pulled her close, his kiss passionate. He was hungry for her but he was enjoying the slow discovering of each other. This was not the first time they were together as this. It was the first time he had the feeling of wanting permanence and he trusted that it would not be the last. He nuzzled her neck and growled.

Nevasa was breathing heavily. She had lowered her mental shielding and with every touch on his body was sharing a portion of his growing desire for her. She fought the need to place her fingers at the contact points and slip into his thoughts. She was held tightly against him, she wrapped her arms around him. She felt light-headed, wanting nothing more than for him to continue to arouse her body. She began to mirror his actions and was rewarded with a deep growl as her teeth bite gently into his skin.

"Your hair..." Worf began to investigate how to free the length.

"Simply remove the comb." She stated softly. She felt the expected pull in her hair. Worf removed the comb and she shook the length free, to fall down her back.

"Ah-h yes." Worf watched as her hair fell around her shoulders then dropped the comb on the night table. He turned back taking a handful of her hair and burying his face in. He lifted his eyes to meet hers. He wondered how her eyes could have become so dark. He kissed her mouth gently then captured it as he held her head. His hungry lips moved along her jaw then down her neck. He ran his hands over the swells of her breasts. He marked her skin as he slipped her tunic down. He felt her shiver. He urged her to lay back on the bed then slipped her pants off her.

He sat back on his heels admiring her naked form. He reached forward, the back of his hand caressed her body beginning at her throat and ending at her calf. One long stroke. "Klingons take their passions very seriously." He spoke in a deep raspy voice. He drew the palm of his hand up her body, laid down beside her as his touch traveled up. His hand held her jaw, and his mouth claimed hers.

Nevasa licked her lips, tasting the uniqueness that was Worf. She stretched, placed her hands on his shoulders then rolled him onto his back. She caressed his chest, her fingers traveled over his nipples causing him to growl deep in his throat. She combed through his beard, smoothing the hair as she watched his eyes. "Vulcans are most serious about their passions as well," she kissed his throat then slowly worked her way down his body. She looked up to the Klingon male that was, for the moment, hers. He was breathing heavily, his eyes were half closed and then he smiled.

She placed a hand on each thigh then ran her hands up his warm body. "One could almost believe that you burn."

He took her hand, intertwining his fingers in hers. "And what exactly does that mean... to burn?" He accepted a kiss from her lips then settled her up against his body.

She thought about it for a moment. "To be so desirous of another that all other thoughts are forgotten. To want someone so much it causes pain." She moved her leg between his thighs and pressed herself against his hard body. "And your body and thoughts are on fire..." She whispered the last word.

He growled from the increased contact. He released his hold on her hand then brushed her hair uncovering the back of her neck. He kissed the back of her neck then tasted the warmth; his teeth sunk into her neck this time he tasted a drop of her blood. He moaned, long and low. He was so very much affected by this Vulcan woman.

Nevasa found herself suddenly tossed onto her back. Worf hovered over her and a soft growl accompanied each breath he took. His head bowed and his tongue licked her nipple, she shivered. He licked her again then took her breast into his mouth. "Yes-s," she whispered softly.

Her soft voice was all the encouragement he required. He suckled on her breast hungrily as he covered her body, resting between her legs. Nevasa combed through his hair, brushed his hair back and closed her eyes to enjoy this delicious torture. His lips tugged on her hot swollen nipple, elongating it as he pulled it away from her body. He released her. She shivered as he attacked her flesh, marking her breast with a sudden nip.

"You are cold?"

She shook her head.

Worf returned to his task. Her other breast was teased, then taken into his mouth. He felt her hands on his back, deciding whether to press him against her or to caress his back. He released her breast then bit into the swell. Nevasa gasped. Worf continued to nip and mark her body moving slowly down towards her sex. She moaned. He bent her leg slightly then began to kiss and nip the inside of her thigh. Each touch caused a shiver of excitement to run through her body, teasing at her thoughts and wearing down her control.

She called to him as he lifted his eyes to meet hers. His were dark and feral. She reached forward and placed her fingers at his temples. It was her undoing and his as well.

He growled deep and long as he positioned his body to enter her. He captured her mouth in a rough, passionate kiss. He wished to claim her as his own. The heat of her passion slowly slithered its way into his thoughts. He held onto her hips then slowly entered her. He had kept the presence of mind to at least remember that much. He felt her hands on his back, pulling him towards her, urging him closer.

She turned towards him; her tongue touched his ear then tasted his sweat. She moaned deliciously in his ear. Her body arched as he pushed himself deeper into her body. She began to move with him, so much easier to do this with the sharing. Her hands moved back to the contact points, reaching in and connecting them in a way she had not done before.

Worf moved within her body, feeling the warmth surround him. He groaned as the sensations were shared. He looked to her; he met her eyes beginning to form a question then hearing the answer within his thoughts. He laughed.

[I wish thee, Worf.] She thought-spoke to him. She sighed. [This is as it should be. I wish to touch thee and feel thy thoughts.]

[This feels like cool heat.] Worf began to move faster, pistoning in and out of her body. His breathing was heavy and his kisses were short, hard hungry kisses. [Never before have I felt this.] He felt the shiver travel though his body then how she perceived it. He groaned. His need was growing.

Nevasa released one hand from the contact points, there was a light thread that would temporarily connected them. She caressed his back then pulled him closer as her body shiver with her need for him. He felt it and cried out.

She felt his hard aching member as it slipped within her. She felt the tightness increase as her lover's member swelled even more; they would not be able to separate until he was satiated. His movements decreased with the swelling. Instead, Nevasa felt him grow thicker and the pressure against her vaginal walls had become almost unbearable. She was so filled and so completely stretched from within. Even his minute movements lightly teased upon the deeply buried nerve bundles within her. Each deep thrust ignited them, magnifying her pleasure. He began to move faster and harder. She slowly withdrew her touch on his face. She was uncertain how long the connection would remain.

Worf felt her legs wrap around his, enveloping him and urging him on. He moved faster, his body craving more than he had before. He felt the build up in his groin and with her shudder, his body released the hot fluid into hers. His body ached for her. He pushed deeper into her, hitting harder against her body. He felt it through the sharing. He growled as the second release began to take hold. His body shuddered within her and the growl in the back of his throat became louder.

Nevasa convulsed with her release and the sharing of his. She drew him tighter to her body. Hungry kisses on his face and his mouth. Her body was responding again with his, both becoming tired and yet unable to stop. She arched her body, the quaking of her body relentless, threw back her head and groaned.

Worf growled softly as her body quaked and writhed underneath him. He marked her neck with love bites as her body reacted with each ripple of orgasm. He was almost there, just a little longer and then he would find satisfaction. His body pushed harder into her, he held her hips and then the shuddering took over his body. He felt her hands dig into his thighs as she pulled him to her. He growled with this release, louder than he had intended.

He awoke slowly. His throat was sore and dry. He had passed out; perhaps it was a result of the meld. He raised himself up onto his elbows. He looked to her calm features and wondered what it would be like to share a full meld with her. If this were any indication, then when the opportunity presented itself he would take it. He kissed her mouth gently then her eyes opened. He kissed her again then began to move from her but she held him.

"Wait." She lifted herself up to kiss his neck then slowly caressed his back. Her hands moved into his hair and she urged him back down. Her arms wrapped around him. "Most enjoyable, T'hy'la."

Worf kissed her, gently, lovingly. "Yes." He brushed then held her hair back from her face; he had moved his upper body off her slightly. "You are more satisfying each time." He started to lift himself off her, he was stopped for a moment, and then she released him from her hold. He rolled onto his back then looked back to her. "Come... join me in my shower."


Doctor Julian Bashir looked up from his 'paperwork' to greet his visitor. He smiled then stood, turning off the display screen. "T'sai Nevasa, what brings you to my sickbay?"

"Doctor Bashir," Her veiled head bowed. This day she was clad in a deep green casual outfit, and still wore the whisper-thin veil. The side-split tunic was made of a brocade-type fabric and her pants were of a soft silk. "There is a matter that requires your skill as well as your discretion."

He waved her to the biobed, with a great deal of curiosity. "Of course."

Nevasa paused for a moment near the biobed. "I wish a portion of a tattoo removed."

Bashir nodded, "Shouldn't be a problem," He tapped the bed as he reached to the privacy lock to this part of sickbay. "Where is it?"

"Along my backbone."

"May I see it?"

Nevasa nodded. She turned her back towards him, then brought her long hair and the veiling forward over one shoulder. The knee-length tunic she wore had a long elegant teardrop opening in the back. She shielded her reception of thoughts from his touch.

Bashir studied the pattern. "Most interesting. I didn't think Vulcans went in for this any longer." He was thinking aloud again.

"It is an old practice, an old House." She felt a very cool touch on her back.

Bashir noted that the tattoo was very intricate. "What portion do you want removed?"

"There is an addition to the pattern, it is in a deep brown."

Bashir found it immediately. "Yes." He stepped back from her. "May I ask why?"

"It is a mark no longer of any consequence to me," was Nevasa's quick reply.

The human realized that he was overstepping some sort of Vulcan privacy issue and dismissed his inquiry. "I see..." was Bashir's long reply.

She looked to him over her shoulder. "Is this possible?"

"Oh yes, of course." Bashir was already beginning to work through the procedure.

Nevasa brushed her hair back into place. She turned to face Doctor Bashir, "When can this procedure be scheduled?"

"Anytime really. I don't have the halls filled with waiting patients." He smiled at her, somehow knowing that it was not lost on her. "At your convenience, unless an emergency arises."

"I wish this to be done as soon as possible."

Bashir nodded. He turned, reached into a nearby closet and handed her a typical medical gown. "Put this one and we can get started."


Nevasa slipped her veil off and folded the fabric. She pulled her braid forward over one shoulder. The skin was sensitive and would be for a short time yet.

Worf stepped from the back room and greeted her with a light kiss on her neck. "You took longer than I had thought with the Ferengi." He noted the change in her hair and the slight antiseptic odour that he connected with sickbay. "Why did you go to the sickbay?"

Her eyebrow raised then recalled that a Klingon's sense of smell was acute. "I had a portion of the tattoo altered."

Worf stepped back then noted the slight blush on her skin. "You have never explained the significance of this." There was a note of concern in his voice, his fingers touched her skin then he added, "Is there any discomfort?"

"No." She was surprised at his concern over this. She turned to face him taking his hand then guiding him over to the couch. She sat down but did not lean back in the least; the area was still sensitive. "What do you wish to know?"

"Whatever you wish to share." He was cautious of his demands on her.

"The marking is of the House H'ua. It was named after an Ancient that was said to be a seductress." She noted Worf's slight smile at the reference. "It is accepted that the members of this House are not total Surakian in their beliefs. Some embrace emotions, others embrace all that tease one's senses. It is a not a House that is held high on the social scale."

"And the alteration?" Worf watched her face for any signs of discomfort.

"It was to remove the symbol that had been added after my bonding. It was the symbol of Seshak's House." Nevasa found that she experienced a momentary sadness. "It was no longer required."

"You are well?" He lifted her chin, his eyes meeting hers.

"Yes, I am well." She found herself smiling at his attentions. "There is no need for concern."

Worf grunted then leaned forward and kissed her, "See that there never is."

Worf stood, his hand held hers and he walked over to the table. He indicated that she should sit down, he watched her carefully. "I have some legal matters that require my presence on Qu'noS." Worf looked across the table to the impassive Vulcan. "I wish you to come with me." He folded his hands in front of him, resting his elbows on the edge of the table. He tapped his chin a few times. He was unsure of the reason he wanted her with him, but he was sure that he did not want to leave her behind. "The cost is irrelevant and should not concern you." He anticipated her opposition to travel on this one point. "You will be traveling under my protection."

Her eyebrow raised.

He took the silence as a positive reaction but not an agreement. He lowered one arm to rest on the table and the other reached over, asking for her hand with just the gesture.

She looked to his hand then placed hers in it as he wished.

"The plans are to leave here in the Defiant and then transfer onto a Klingon warbird to travel to Qu'noS. You have finished your business with Quark?" Worf spoke the Ferengi's name with a slight disdain. Normally, he did not object to Quark but when Nevasa spent time with him, well, it was not a person he trusted totally in any way shape or form.

"Yes." She looked to the Klingon's face. She wondered if this had any other meaning for him that she travel with him and under his protection?

"Then you have nothing to keep you here?"

"You are referring to remaining on the station or this area of space?"

Worf smiled, stood then pulled her into his arms. "I am referring to anyplace that I am not." He brushed her lips with his. "I cannot leave you here. I do not want to leave you here."

"And if I am not convinced that I should go?" She wrapped her arms around him.

"I have not finished presenting all the arguments. I would not wish to reveal all the reasons that would counter your objections." Worf kissed her. "Inform your Shop that you are taking an extended leave to Qu'noS."

"And what reason should I offer if asked?" She knew no one would object to her extended leave of absence but it was an interesting point.

Worf smiled and nuzzled her neck until she tilted her head for him. "Inform them you are conducting research on Klingon mating habits." He whispered to her with some amusement in his voice. His fingers moved aside the fabric of her tunic baring her shoulder. His lips kissed then tasted her skin. She moaned softly close to his ear. "Perhaps when you return you will be fully versed in all Klingonese mating rituals."

"I trust you will set yourself as my..." she paused uncertain as to what word to use then Worf captured her mouth again in a passionate kiss.

"... instructor." He paused in the kiss only long enough to say the word.

Nevasa's hands caressed his face then moved down his neck, she flattened her hands against him and continued down his chest. She gently pushed away from him. "An instructor? That is all?"

"Ah yes, but I am a hands-on instructor. I will insure that you to know the subject quite thoroughly and will not rest until you know everything." He smiled slightly as he inhaled, her hands moved further down his body as he controlled his reactions. He pulled her closer then captured her mouth. He wanted nothing more than to be close to her.


The trip on the Defiant was a short one. The majority of the voyage would be aboard the warship, Batlh ghoD, and Karg commanded it. It was one of the ships that Worf had served on. They had been on board for a few days and there seemed to be an acceptance of Nevasa for which Worf was grateful.

On the third day, Nevasa returned to the quarters not very pleased. She was becoming impatient with all this traveling. She had attempted to wear her veil. After a day of having it snag on every corner it seemed, she changed to wearing the heavier tunics with loose fitting hoods. The front would dip down just enough to hide her face. Now it seemed as if this vessel had become too warm for her.

She stripped off the heavy tunic and slipped on a lightweight top. She dropped into the chair, the only comfortable place here. The bed was merely a slab of metal, not very comfortable at all. Even the extra coverings that Worf had arranged for her could not make this comfortable. She sighed, reached for her haversack and pulled out her padd and stylus. She would write to take her mind off her impatience and the heat.

Nevasa had been using the replicator in the quarters to eat. She could not spend time in the mess hall; fresh gagh was enough to kill what little appetite she had left.

She managed only a few paragraphs then dropped the padd onto the table. She stretched then pulled out the one book she had been reading. She flicked on the screen and touched the bookmark. The image that filled the screen was of an adult Klingon male with the parts of the body indicated and labeled. She stared at it for a few minutes then drew her finger down the image, daydreaming about what it would be like to do this to a certain Klingon.

Worf entered the quarters disturbing her quiet mood. "You are here. Good." The door slid shut behind him. He was slightly confused by Nevasa's behaviour lately. "I was expecting to share our meal."

Nevasa shook her head. "I am not the least bit hungry." She smiled, knowing it was not the food she was hungry for, but she had been able to control this growing desire. She wondered why she would be feeling this way? Could being aboard this ship be that influential? She doubted it. "I ask forgiveness for not informing you. My intent was to come here and find something different to wear and then join you." She stood then moved to the tall Klingon. Her hands ran over his chest and then up to his face. "How long is your duty?"

"Too long." He smiled and shared some of her desires. "Another four hours." He watched her for a moment. Her eyes were very dark. "Are you well?"

Nevasa nodded.

"Then perhaps some rest, or even meditation would help pass the time." He ran his hands up her arms then bent down to kiss her. She did feel warm to him, but then she always did. He brushed her hair back, finding it odd she wore it loose. "You are not ill?" he asked again, feeling a bit uncertain.

Nevasa shook her head then sighed. "Perhaps it is all this travel. Just too much for my system." She leaned against him for a moment then seemed to collect herself. "I will be here at the end of your duty. Meditation may be the answer."

"Very well. I will leave you to it then." He lifted her chin and searched her eyes. "You will tell me if there is a problem?"

Nevasa nodded then wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him into a passionate kiss.

"Go onto the observation deck." He knew how the stars fascinated her.


Worf bowed his head slightly then left her to return to duty. He was fortunate that this vessel was willing to transport them to Qu'noS. In return, he had agreed to serve as one of the many security officers they had on board. He had very light duties. The morale on this ship was exceptional for a Klingon vessel.

He entered the mess hall for his meal. The one reward to being here was that the gagh was fresh, the bloodwine was strong and he was enjoying both immensely. He sat down at the almost empty table with his food and his tankard of wine.

"ra'wI Worf, your female does not eat with you?" The officer asked with a slight grin. He dug into his meal with enthusiasm.

"She is vegetarian." Worf met the other's eyes then growled softly, warning the other it was not up for further discussion. He took in a mouthful of the gagh and allowed it to slither down his throat. He washed it down with the bloodwine then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. More of a gesture than necessity.

The officer watched Worf. Many rumors had been floating around concerning this Federation officer and now for him to travel in the company of a Vulcan; it seemed as if the rumors were true. He was becoming soft.

Other officers sat at the table and the conversation turned to what was going on during their mission. A few very bad jokes were told and laughter filled the room.


Nevasa had enough of the room. She had enough of meditation and of trying to sleep. She decided to try the observation deck, such that it is. A small room, no furniture, but it supported the necessary large clearsteele viewing port. No solid shielding so during a battle the door would seal, as it was one of the first places, if damaged, that would be open to the vacuum of space.

She stared into the darkness. Her hands resting on the small ledge. She thought about Vulcan and the warmth that she missed. She had always found the Federation ship's damp and the Klingon's were no exception. The only other thing that was advantageous was the Klingon vessels were not as bright as the Federation's vessels.

She wondered what Qu'noS would be like. She had reservations in meeting Alexander. She was not certain if remaining with Worf was the correct path to take; yet, she could not see herself continuing without him. The dilemma.

She touched her palm against the cold clearsteele. She had concerns about what her life would be like after Seshak had broken the bond. She had envisioned something quite different from this.

She smiled to herself this was definitely preferable.


Commander Worf touched the door chime then was told to enter. He stood at attention and waited. He had been called to HoD Karg's office and with no idea why. He had been on duty and was not aware of any reason for this meeting.

HoD Karg looked up from the screen he was studying. This was going to be a delicate matter and one he trusted would not damage any honour in the process. He cleared his throat then stood. "ra'wI Worf, there is a matter that has been brought to my attention and it must be dealt with as quickly as possible."

"Yes, Hod Karg." Worf was mentally running through anything that he may have missed during his watches, but he could think of nothing.

"This is more of a personal matter than ship's business." Karg cleared his throat again and motioned Worf to sit. Worf remained at parade rest. Karg leaned forward slightly, his arms resting on the desktop. "It concerns the female that is traveling with you."

Worf frowned. "Yes?"

"It has been brought to my attention that she has been..." he searched for the correct word to use, "disturbing." He sighed, "That is not the correct word."

Worf's stance straightened, this did not make any sense. Nevasa was not one to disturb another individual in any way.

"Her behaviour has not been what is expected and her station is in question." Karg sat back in his chair, this was not going as easily as he had expected.

"I do not understand." Worf stated simply in disbelief. He attempted not to show either anger or insult by anything that was said. It was obvious that the command officer was attempting to deal with this in a diplomatic and cautious manner.

"Worf, I never thought I would have to make this statement of a Vulcan..." Karg bared his teeth slightly in an effort to smile, there was a degree of humour in this, "... distracting. She has caused some tension between some male crewmembers. Because of her behaviour and her availability being ambiguous... these men only know of Klingon ways and she is displaying some very questionable..." and Karg trailed off not wanting to go into details he had heard second hand. "It has been asked by certain individuals that you keep her confined... or, as the suggestion was made, on a leash."

Worf was shocked. "Nevasa?" He looked to Karg taken-a-back from the comment.

Karg ran his hand across his mouth then down his beard. "I could not believe it when I was told the first time. It appears that your Vulcan is more Klingon in her behaviours than we expected." He smiled. "We have only four more days until we reach Qu'noS, barring complications, so if she could remain in the quarters unless you are with her, for her protection as well as your own. That should be sufficient for everyone."

Worf nodded once. "As you wish, HoD Karg." Worf snapped to attention then left the office. As he walked towards the shared quarters, he wondered what had changed Nevasa's mood of late. Surely not all of it could be attributed to travel? Even he had noticed her restlessness for the past day or so.

He turned the corner and was unexpectedly met with a wall of crewmembers. There was shouting. If he had heard correctly, there was a test of strength going on. From the comments, it was a male and female that had become the center of attention. He cleared his throat then demanded what was going on. This could very easily lead to a great deal of trouble on a vessel of Klingons. There was a sense of honour and code of behaviour that went back thousands of years on these vessels. To upset that balance it surely would cause quite a stir.

"She has him up against the wall and his feet have actually left the decking." The crewman chuckled then as he turned to the person asking the question, he froze. His eyes dropped to the decking and he moved aside. Worf's rank and his position in security gave him a high standing on this vessel. He nudged the crewmember next to him and tapped his shoulder. Slowly, through the crowd, there appeared a pathway for Worf.

Worf frowned then walked through the gathering. He had expected to find two crewmembers testing their strength. The sight he met explained everything. The officer that he had been talking to a few days ago had been slammed up against the wall. The female's arm against his throat and she was seething in anger.

The female was Nevasa.

Worf stepped closer speaking her name. The officer looked to him almost asking for assistance. He also looked shocked. Worf no doubt wore the same expression the first time she had managed to toss him during the defense exercises they practiced together. Worf drew in a breath and prepared himself for her many possible reactions. Something told him he should not deal with her in a calm manner. What is was exactly, he was not sure. He grabbed a handful of her hair and repeated her name dropping the tone in his voice.

Nevasa closed her eyes for a moment something called to her. When she opened her eyes, she realized that this disappointing example of a male Klingon was not what she desired. She stepped away from the officer taking great delight in his fall to the deck. She was breathing heavily. She turned to Worf to inform him in specific terms that she did not appreciate him grabbing her hair. The words froze in her throat. She understood this now. She blinked uncertain what to do next. Her time had come despite the fact that her bonding had been dissolved... or maybe because of it. Definitely, the timing was off.

"Nevasa." Worf called her again.

She looked to him meeting his eyes, and with great difficulty, seethed the phrase, "Take me home."


The door to their quarters slid shut.

"Lock it." Nevasa demanded.

"By 'home', you mean Vulcan?" Worf wanted to be sure.

"Yes." She dropped back her head and sighed. She had moved into the other room, away from Worf. "You need to leave."

"We can not turn this ship around and go to Vulcan. I do not wish to leave." He did not intend to leave until he had some answers. He folded his arms and planted his feet slightly apart an indication that he was staying put.

"Trust me," Nevasa smiled then laughed. "You do not want to stay."

There was something in her voice that he had not heard before and it was cause for concern. "Your behaviour is not what I expected."

"No, I guess not." She drew in a deep breath and felt the sudden flush of desire and heat. She ran her hand over the back of her neck lifting her hair up. She sighed. She heard him move closer. She turned to face him, "Don't. No closer." She shook her head. "You have to leave."

"What if I do not want to leave." He took a step closer to her. He noticed the flush on her cheeks and how dark her eyes had become. "You are not well." He stated to her with a note of frustration in his voice. "Why did you not say."

"No. I am not ill." She sighed heavily then moaned. The effects of the impending mating fever were beginning to take hold of her now. There could be no denying this now. "You can not stay. If you stay... I will not have control... I will bond with you."

"Bond?" Worf took another step towards her.

"Bond. As in mating." She felt the wall press against her back as she took another step back from him. "I had not expected this. It should have left my system." She laughed. "We are told how it works and what should be done." Her voice was softer. "But we are never told what to expect when it all goes wrong." She slid down the wall into a sitting position. She lifted her hair again; the air felt so cool on the back of her neck. She let her hair fall then slipped off her top. She tossed it off to the side.

Worf knelt on one knee. "Nevasa. Tell me what this is."

She was giddy now, from the heat and trying to control this. She waved at him to leave. "Go. Leave me."

"I want to know you will be well." His voice was insistent.

"No. I will not be well. I need to mate, My dear Klingon." She tilted forward then slowly stretched out against the cool decking. The insanity threatened to overtake her now as her words grew muddled and the meanings of language were becoming lost to her. "To bond with. To put my fingers against a male's face and reach into his thoughts and burn myself into his mind." She moaned and whispered the words. "And that is why you must leave."

"What if I do not wish to leave?" Worf felt the heaviness leave him, he had his answers. He knew what was happening now. He has suspected as much but he needed her to confirm this. He knew as well, what he wanted to do. Worf removed his sash and tossed it onto the nearby chair then stood.

Nevasa watched him as he went into the common room, and the door closed behind him. She had some concern that he was about to do something noble and remain. "Good." She closed her eyes and wondered how hard this would be on her own and would she survive it? She was pleased in a way that Worf had left. She sat up and then slipped off her pants. "Still too hot." She leaned against the cool metal bulkhead and closed her eyes. "I hate you Seshak. I trust that you and your perfect mate are..."

She gasped as Worf entered the room again. She opened her eyes to him. "Don't you know how to listen, Klingon?" her voice bellowed her last word.

"Yes, I do." He sat in the chair and pulled off his boots. She was very desirable. Her eyes half closed, her body flushed with a gently colour and her hair loose, almost wild looking. He was not certain as to the reasoning but he was certain that he wished to be here with her. "I informed the commanding officer that we were would be unavailable for the duration." He moved over to her and offered his hand to her. "Come."

She shook her head. "If I touch you..."

"I understand." Worf knelt down closer to her. He could not take her as he would a Klingon mate. This one, if so motivated, could kill him with a thought. He wanted to pick her up in his arms, but he held back, this had to be her choice as well.

Nevasa laughed. "Klingon, you have no idea of the madness." She dropped her voice and closed her eyes, "Or the passions."

"Maybe I do. Maybe I wish to share both." Worf reached to her, allowing his fingertips to stroke a path down her arm and then her leg. He was surprised to see her shiver from the light touch. "We will have time for you to teach me about shielding when we get to Qu'noS." His fingertips brushed her lips and caused her to moan. "To mate with you, is very desirable. I do not know why it has happened this way but it has." His fingers ran through her long hair. "I do not believe in tempting fate." He made contact with her skin with more of his fingers, he ran down her arm then down her leg. She closed her eyes against his touch, her body shivered and stretched towards him. He leaned forward, brushed her lips with his.

"Worf..." She whispered, "T'hy'la. I desire thee." There was a hunger in her voice, and her fingers curled into fists. She could not reach into his thoughts yet; she had to find some degree of control. "I wish to share this fire with thee." She spoke against his lips as he brushed them again with his own. "No more..."

Worf ignored her words, he was learning to read her expressions and her eyes wanted him. He pressed his lips against hers; no other part of him touched her. He wanted this. He was not sure what 'this' entailed. He was not afraid of this, nor was he willing to allow her to go through this alone. He trusted her. He recalled the sensations of the limited melds they had shared, if this was anything like that, he wanted it. "As you once whispered to me, bow to the logic of allowing pleasures to be shared."

"Worf..." She moaned from his closeness, from his scent and from his kiss. This was so hard to deny herself, but he was not Vulcan. She was not sure this union was advisable or viable. Alternatively, whether he really understood. Slowly her hand uncurled and began to reach for his face. She was committing herself... and him. One touch on him and it would be her undoing. She placed her hand gently against his neck and cried out.

Worf stretched out on the decking beside her, his offer had been accepted. He kissed her hard, passionately, and he was rewarded with her body pressed close to his.

Her hands shook as she placed them against his face. "After this... no choice." She met his eyes and knew that he was sure. She promised herself if she found any hesitation in his thoughts that she would pull away, no matter what it cost her.

"My thoughts to your thoughts." She reached in and moaned. "My mind to your mind." She wrapped her leg around his body pulling him tightly to her. The ancient edict required to seal this deep bond. "We meet at the appointed place."

Worf fell into the darkness and the heat of her mind. He knew he was on a solid surface but it felt as if they were floating. He felt no body at all, hers or his own. The flame of the mating fire flickered up and down his being, reaching in, seemingly searing places he had not thought possible and gratifying his hunger. He heard his voice as he moaned but did not feel it.

Nevasa thrust into his thoughts and fell with him. The blazing flames of his thoughts fueled her own; she felt his desire for her teasing at her thoughts. She pushed him away then moved to straddle his body. Her hair fell in a curtain as she claimed his mouth. She tasted, licked and gently nipped at his lips. She wanted all of him immediately and yet wished to enjoy him slowly within the same breath.

Worf felt the floor under him. Nevasa was being driven by this hunger and nothing more. There was no logic in the least. Her body radiated a heat that he could even feel through his clothing. She had very little on and he was still dressed. He felt her hands move under his uniform shirt, she growled something as she began to lift it off him.

She was impatient and he heard the fabric rip as she lifted it over his head. She was not giving him a chance at all, her mouth reclaimed his and her hands began to roam over his newly bared chest. She nuzzled his neck; her teeth scraped his skin hinting at biting him. She felt his hands on her waist and she grabbed them, holding them down on either side of his head.

She moved her hips down his body, stretching to lie against him. Her mouth tasted his skin. A path of kisses along his shoulder, finding her target, she sank her teeth into his thick skin. She felt the vibration of his growl between her legs and she moaned softly. Her body rocked against the growing bulge covered by his pants. His blood tasted sweeter than she expected or perhaps it was her mood. Her hands moved down his body, her fingers teasing his taut nipples followed by her mouth.

Worf held his breath, his fingers moved into her hair as her tongue moved over his hard nipple. He gasped as she sucked on it, seemingly settling herself into this activity. Her hands caressed his arms then moved down his chest. She seemed contented for the moment. His hands clenched in her hair, his pants were becoming uncomfortable. Between the teasing and the warmth of her sex, he was already hard and aching for her. His hands moved down her back and over the swell of her firm cheeks. He pressed his hips against her, his fingers twisted into the strings of her panties snapping them easily. His hands moved lower over her cheeks pulling her up higher on his body. She now sat straddling his chest. He lifted her leg to kiss then suck gently on her thigh.

Nevasa dropped her head back arched her body and moaned at the treatment her body was receiving. When his tongue touched her she cried out and if he had not been holding her up, she would have passed out on him. She clenched her hands as her body shivered.

He supported her as he instructed her to lay back along his body. He stroked her stomach and reached up to her breasts, tracing and pinching her nipples. He pulled her hips toward his mouth just a little more so he could reach her easily. He ran his tongue along her folds, then began to suck on her nub.

Nevasa moaned and shuddered. Her breathing was deep and she wished far more than this right now. Her hands reached for his and shared what she wished of him. She moved off him. She kissed his stomach then moved lower as she opened his pants. His erection sprang free and she immediately ran her tongue down the length.

Worf moaned. He lay still for only a few moments, until he could not wait any longer, then sat up. He lifted her face up to his and kissed her hard. He was hungry for her. He felt her hands begin to pull his pants down and he lifted his hips to help her. He finished slipping them off then stood, pulling her into his arms.

Nevasa gasped, her mouth closed on his shoulder to stifle the moan as his naked body touched hers.

Worf lifted her into his arms then carried her to the bed. It would be only slightly more comfortable than the floor with the additional covers to act as padding. He dropped her on the bed then covered her body with his, eager to claim that which had been offered to him. His mouth captured hers, his hands moved into her hair and his knee urged her legs apart.

Nevasa held his face as she returned the hungry kisses, her fingers slowly moving into position to meld with him. This time, she would form the more permanent bonding marking him as hers. She was careful to engage the bonding link in stages, both for his and her sanity.

Worf positioned his body and slipped slowly into her warmth. She groaned and her fingers pressed against his head. He felt it again. The liquid fire as it seemingly flowed into his thoughts, weaving itself intricately throughout his being. Becoming one with him. This was the bonding fire she spoke of. This was an unbelievable feeling. It grew, amplified and spread like wild fire through his body and mind. He growled as his body became more demanding for satisfaction and every desire seemed to multiply.

Nevasa whispered his name then asked him if he still desired this bonding.

"Yes," he whispered back as he licked and nipped at her skin. Occasionally, drawing and tasting her hot green blood.

She reached into the center of his being, his fingers shifted into a slightly different position and they shared the momentary blinding pain as the connection was made. Worf growled and she cried out as it happened. He felt his release without any further movement and the fatigue crept over him.

"We are one." She said in a low voice filled with passion. She held him, his head resting beside hers. He turned and kissed her. "Thee are mine, My Husband." Her fingers traced his lips then moved down his body leaving a line of fire behind.

Worf stopped her hand, held it then lifted it to his mouth and kissed her palm. He felt the shiver in his thoughts. His body began responding to her again, growing hard within her. This was faster than usual and he was not sure if he liked this or not. His desires were being governed, yet they were more than he had felt before. His thoughts seemed to be on fire, as hers did. Even her touch seemed to leave a heated trail on his skin. This was glorious, he thought to himself. He moved slowly within her then with deeper and longer thrusts.

Nevasa's fingers dug into his hips, pulling him tighter with each thrust. She felt the shared passions growing. She thought of nothing else except quenching the thirst her body had for him. He pounded into her; her hands pulled him into her. Their heavy breathing drying their throats, making their animal sounds even rougher.

The climax exploded in their thoughts then traveled through their bodies. Worf growled with his release, his body seemingly able to pump harder and faster than before. He ached.

Nevasa felt the final shudder travel through her body. Final for now. She did not argue when Worf slid off her body but she held him close out of need. He has the foresight to remove one cover from the bed and that was now being drawn up over them. He kissed her gently, firmly and very differently than before.

Worf slipped his arm under her then pulled her close to him. This was far different that he had expected. This was more energy draining than the fierce and forceful lovemaking he was accustomed to. "I need rest, My Vulcan." His eyes closed and before he knew it, he was sleeping.

Nevasa pulled the covers in and closed her eyes; sleep would take her as well. They would both need rest for in no time at all their bodies would be hungry again for each other.


There was slow, lazy movement under the covers. He moaned, his hand caressed her warm body. His fingers teased at her nipples. Her hand ran up his leg and to his growing erection. Her leg wrapped around his hip and pulled herself closer. Neither were truly awake as of yet, but the blood fever was winning out over the need for rest.

Nevasa's hands move into his soft hair. She was beginning to wake slowly, still drowsy from her light slumber. She moaned as Worf's soft lips began pressing on skin. Paths of kisses along her shoulder, her neck and slowly down her chest to her breasts. She cried out softly as he sucked in her flesh, then clenched her hair as he marked her once again.

Worf tasted the blood that had welled up on her skin. He was hungry for her and in Klingon fashion was making her, his. Gentle nips and kisses make a path down her body. He tossed off the cover it slipped slowly to the floor. He finally opened his eyes; still more asleep than awake. He had expected this euphoria to be gone by now. He marked her skin again at her hip, taking total pleasure in awakening every nerve in her body.

He felt the tingling in his thoughts; he looked up discovering that she was awake. Using the flat of his palm, his large hand caressed her body feeling every contour. He kissed her stomach; his hair tickled her. She brushed it back. He knelt between her legs as he continued stroking her body and telling her of his pleasure with her. It took only a thought and there was an answering pleasure or a soft moan. Even his growls had an answering sensation deep in his thoughts from her. He began at her shoulders then stroked her body slowly, but firmly, all the way down her body to her thighs.

She let out a sigh, "Again."

Worf complied, this time his hands passed over her breasts stopping only to pinch her nipples just enough for a reaction then continue down her body.

Nevasa moaned her body hungry for his touch and impatient for satisfaction. She passed this information to him in a split-second through their bond.

[Patience,]was his answer. He lifted her leg, trailing nips up to her hip. He watched as her body arched towards him. Her hands stretched then clenched in the bed covers. He bent her other leg then began at her knee and worked his way up her other thigh stopping only when she would react. He shared in her annoyance at this pleasing torture.

His breathing was heavy on her inner thigh. She grabbed his hair. She told him not to tease. She placed the fingers of one hand into position on his face, she 'teased' his pleasure centers. His lips brushed her warm triangle then his tongue reached in to taste her. He bit her lightly, just enough to elicit a soft cry but not hard enough to mark.

She bit her bottom lip as the gentle torture continued. His hand reached to pinch each nipple in turn as he continued to nip and lick her sex. His lips plucked at her sex in a maddening rhythm. Tongue flicks and long slow laps made her writhe and moan. She pulled at him to end this torture. She arched her back and tried to calm the shudder that traveled along her body. Worf began to move up her body, his tongue tasting and his teeth nipping his way along. She wrapped her hands in his hair and roughly lifted his face. She captured his mouth. [Klingon, you are too good at this.] She whispered in his thoughts. She pressed her hips against him feeling his erection and wanting it to be deep inside her again. She sent him the mental image, then smiled when he growled.

Worf moved back, he knelt once more between her legs lifting her hips onto his lap. His hands stroked her body teasing her just a little more before pulling her hips towards him. He watched as his erection disappeared into her hot body, holding his breath at the shared sensation. [You are most enjoyable as well, My Mate.]

He felt the fire grow slowly in his thoughts. She was cautious of how fast she would open the meld, not wishing to overwhelm him in the desires. She did not want this to end too quickly. He growled deep in his throat. His breathing deepened and he pulled her up into his arms. A shudder ran through her body as he moved deeper into her. He nuzzled her neck, tasted her skin then bit into her neck as the release took him.

He wanted her still, needed her still. His hands moved slowly up and down her back as he ravished her mouth. He clenched his fingers in her hair as he held her and continued the kiss. He pulled away only long enough to breathe, then growled deep in his throat as he attacked her mouth again. His hands moved to her waist to help stroke his hard, aching shaft. The waves of the heat, the passions, were overtaking him again. Her legs wrapped around him as he pounded into her. This was like nothing he had experienced before. Nothing was of any importance except this rutting. Her hands grabbed his shoulders to help with her balance. Her body shuddered with an orgasm, her fingers dug into his flesh and they roared with their release.

Worf lay down on his side taking Nevasa with him. He held her close to him, kissing her gently and waiting for their breathing to slow and sleep to take them again. They did not have to wait long. No words this time. The urge took over; his body slid in and out easily, quickly and surprised him with the force of their final release. Then gratefully, finally, sleep. She reached for the cover draped over the edge and pulled it up over them.


It took three days to quench the fires of her pon farr. After a time, there was an actual enjoyment of their activities. Most of the time, it passed in a fog of heat and animal passions. Finally, they had slept for a full eight hours. They had also managed one shower, but had not eaten in four days. As pleasurable as this sounded, it was not something that was good for the body.

Worf woke first and watched her sleep for a time. How long had he known her? A month? Now she was his mate. He found a few new marks on her from the last bout of desires. Her hair, along with his own no doubt, looked like a tangled mess. This mating fire was most enjoyable, one that he wished to experience again. His nerves had stopped singing for her touch. He felt normal again.

When he moved he groaned, his whole body was aching and sore, too much activity in too little time. He sat up and began to stretch his upper body. He began to discover the marks she left on him. He smiled as he recalled how he had received some of the bruising and bites. He felt a warm hand move up his back, then a warm kiss on his shoulder.

"You are well." Worf stated in a raspy voice. He cleared his throat then stretched again.

"It is over." She rested her head on his shoulder as her hands ran up and down his back feeling each of his back ridges. She wrapped her arm around his chest. "Why did you not leave?"

"Because I wished this."

She smiled. "I gather you are referring to the bond and not the madness." She teased him, then threatening to bite his shoulder.

He reached to her long hair, grabbed a handful of it and pulled her willingly into his lap. "I believe, I enjoyed the madness as well." He bent down and kissed her. Her madness was the closest he would come to the Klingon style of lovemaking. This had seemed to satisfy more than just his body.

Her fingers caressed his face. She brushed back his hair then sat up to whisper in his ear, "I wish to share a shower with you."

Worf laughed, "Sonics are not ones worth sharing."

She ran her hands down his arms then across his chest. "There is a first time for everything."

"Perhaps," he moved from the bed and headed to the shower stall. He did not have to check to know that she was right behind him. He could feel her in his thoughts.

He turned on the controls and felt the vibrations along his body. He felt her hands running over his body. Where her hands touched, he did not feel the vibrations. He smiled, then laughed. She could make anything they did together exciting. He felt her mouth touch his back and her hands moved up and down his back and then lower. "You wish this still, be'nal'wI?" He conveyed the translation to her through the bond.

Nevasa smiled at being referred to as his wife. She pressed her body against his. "I wish to touch you. This freedom to enjoy you so freely in this manner will cease." She moved around him, wrapped her arms around his neck then pressed herself against his chest.

"This will not cease totally, I trust." He lifted her chin, brushed his lips against hers then kissed her. His hands caressed her back.

"No." Nevasa felt her eyes close as she enjoyed his touch. "I would not want it to."


Commander Worf had spoken to the captain. He had explained with as little detail as was necessary and had assured him that Nevasa's behaviour was back to 'Vulcan normal' standards.

He returned to their quarters with some food and discovered that Nevasa had obtained some as well and the table was full of an assortment of dishes. He lifted the cover to one; beneath it was a bowl of gagh.

[Eat that before we sit together.] She thought-spoke to him.

Worf grinned as he slipped into the chair. He was hungry, and his body needed the nutrients that were in this dish. He felt the shiver from her as he began to eat. [You will have to teach me how to shield so you do not experience this as well.]

Nevasa agreed as she finished dressing. She moved into the doorway just as the last of the gagh disappeared. "It is something I must accustom myself to."

"Watching me eat it..." Worf smiled, "...or eating it?" He looked at her.

"I will never eat it." She stated firmly. Nevasa crossed the room and sat across from him. The lingering smell of the gagh tickled her nose. She did not like it. She reached to the more pungent rice and vegetables with a mash'ya sauce. She spooned a generous amount onto her plate.

There was something in her manner that told him things would be slightly different from now on. He poured out the tea then sipped on the hot liquid. He had to know.

"Know what?" She looked to him then noted the slight surprise. "Forgive me, it is something I must adjust to as well." She accepted the teacup from him. "I do not read all your thoughts. The separate wording, it is more the emotion." She paused before sipping on the tea. "Your thought patterns are very different than Seshak's."

Worf was not certain of how to continue. "I am Klingon."

"Yes." Nevasa closed off the reception of his thoughts, allowing him the privacy he was accustomed to.

Worf felt something. He looked to her. "You did something."

"Shielded my reception of your thoughts." She had forgotten how all of this felt in the beginning. So much of this was taken for granted by most Vulcans. If there was not a bonding with a mate or future mate there was a family bond, far less intrusive but there none the less. No one was ever truly alone. A unique way of life for a species that claimed emotional isolation. "You will learn how to do this. It is the first thing I will teach you." She had sensed his discomfort at being 'overheard' so to speak. "What ever is uncomfortable for you, you must inform me of it."

Worf nodded. "I do have a question..." he cleared his throat and shifted in the chair.

"Ask. I can deny you nothing, you are my bondmate."

"The mating cycle is seven years."

Nevasa nodded. "That is when nature forces the mating. If we have mated and wish to produced a child at any other time the cycle is negated." She began to eat her meal with some pleasure.

Worf watched for a few moments, still uncertain of what to expect from this mating. "Then, we must produce a child?"

Nevasa tilted her head then smiled, "It is not necessary. I do not believe it is possible." She met his eyes. This was difficult to know what to ask to obtain the answers. "Vulcans by the very nature of controlling their emotions have done away with the desire for mating. Where there is no desire to satisfy, the need is ignored." Nevasa sat back in the chair. "Vulcan, just after the Reform, had controlled themselves perilously close to extinction."

"I see." Worf dished out the remaining vegetable and rice dish for himself. He was not certain that had answered his question. He added some karada (it resembled a Terran octopus) and his favourite vegetable of gladst. He lifted a large leaf from his plate, twirled it onto his fork then offered it to Nevasa. "Gladst. It has a strong taste."

Nevasa leaned forward and slipped the wrapped leaf off his fork. She licked her lips then savoured the flavour of this new vegetable. "It is strong." She reached with her fork over to add some to her plate.

As the meal was almost devoured, Worf had begun to consider other questions about the future of his life as a Vulcan's bondmate. He moved the last of the empty plates off to the side. They were left with a fairly large bowl of zilm'kach, a fruit that had been steamed. Worf reached for a clean fork then speared one section of fruit. He offered the piece to Nevasa. He watched as her mouth engulfed the soft fruit. He licked his lips. "Do you wish a child?"

Nevasa considered it for a moment. "Not at the moment." She took the fork from his hand and picked up a piece of fruit for him. "This is your favourite?"

Worf ate the fruit from the fork, he swallowed it. "No." He smiled. "My favourite is blood pie."

She lifted her eyebrow then speared another section of fruit. "I do not believe I will be sharing that with you."

Worf laughed.


The Klingon vessel fell into orbit around Qu'noS. Worf stood with Nevasa in the observation deck, his arms wrapped around her. "You will need warmer clothing." He smiled slightly, "And warrior's armor for Alexander's promotion."

Nevasa lifted an eyebrow and met his eyes in his reflection on the clearsteele. "And this pleases you?"

"It will make the return trip less hazardous." He chuckled then kissed the back of her neck. "Alexander will be anxious to meet you." Worf had contacted his son concerning the legal matters that had to be dealt with. Alexander informed Worf that it would be the same timeframe as his promotion. Worf was honoured that he would be able to attend with Nevasa. It would prove... interesting.

Worf watched the world turn under them then pointed out a faint collection of lights on its surface. "That is First City. We will be going there."

Continued in "To Conquer That Which Is Desired"


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