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SUMMARY: Another one of Vulcan's Ancient 'secrets' exposed.

"In A Time Of Need"
By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
(c)June 2000

"For Selek"


The 'building' had seemed to grow from the sands of the Forge. Inside its base served to store the much-treasured water supply for centuries. Guarded, fought-over, blood was shed for it and now it supplied the most honoured of Houses on Vulcan... the Houses of Gol.

Houses because over the centuries many Houses gave up the last of their lines, or the best of their lines to the study of the priesthood. The many that sought the Oneness with the All. The many that wished to learn all that was learnable. Some came for much needed solitude. In the study of the mental abilities or the control of the mental abilities, Then came the suppression of emotion and finally the elimination of emotion. In addition, some came because they felt at peace no where else.

Kareel, whose name meant 'winter', was one of those that felt at peace here. She had left her family long ago and now served here at Mount Seleya and the Masters of Gol. Her service was diverse, acting as teacher, as spiritual guide, an elder's final companion or even as the ancient concubines.

Today, she would meet one who would need her services. He was of the House of Surak, an ancient and noble House. It was rumoured that this service was accepted with great reluctance. She was prepared to serve in whatever way he wished. She wore her robes and lifted her hood as she left her room. A custom that most had adopted. She was to travel to the deeper levels; no one would disturb them here.

She entered the rooms they had been assigned. The head was bowed, deep in meditation. She could feel the beginning of the loss of control within him. She closed the door, removed her sandals and slipped off her hood. She knelt in front of him, just outside arms reach. She was not permitted to touch him until he accepted her service.

She bowed her head; her hands rested on her knees. She meditated until he was prepared to decide.

The Vulcan male lifted his head. The female that sat before him was unique. She suited her name. Her hair was as white as the snow on the summit of Mount Seleya and her skin as pale as one that lived without light. As she lifted her head, he noted with some interest that her eyes were the colour of the sands. Not the reflective colour that it seemed to be when one looked out into the desert, but the colour of grains of sand held in your hand. A golden colour with flecks of black.

He bowed his head.

"You do not wish to be here, S'haile?" She moved behind him, then knelt again. Her hands reached to his shoulders and began to massage the tension from his body even through his meditation robes.

"No." His voice was raspy. He had not spoken in days while he made the decision. "Meditation has not been adequate to control this time."

She sensed his impression of weakness. "I had served those more skilled at meditation. At times the body's needs outweigh what Surak desired of control."

His body stiffened suddenly at the softness of her voice. There was no rejection or acceptance in her voice. If he had to describe it, it would be a seductive neutrality... if it were at all possible. Her hands moved down his still covered arms. He felt her warmth, slowly welcoming him to accept her. This would be so different to what he had been familiar with. Age for one had changed him. Living off world had altered his metabolism just enough that the seven-year cycle could not be depended on.

He was beginning to feel the calm she was attempting to share.

"I require your acceptance, S'haile before I go any further." She spoke softly close to his ear.

He nodded. Her hands moved his robe from around his neck, opening the fasteners at the shoulder. He barely felt it. He prepared himself for her physical contact but he did not feel it quite yet. She had placed a layer of silk that seemed to appear out of thin air, against his skin first then continued with her massage. His shoulders had been uncovered then covered with a long, wide strip of silk. He was almost afraid to even look down curious as to the colour. Her hands pulled his robe down further and he felt the coolness of the silk as she smoothed it against his back. Her touch caused him to arch his back ever so slightly. He drew in a deep breath and released it slowly.

Not surprisingly, she would be his undoing.

Her guarded touch had eventually made him want to touch her. He turned to face her; his hands unfastened her heavier meditation robe, then slipped his hands in to touch her warm skin. He heard himself moan, "I have missed this."

Kareel drew in a slow breath at his contact on her skin, "I am at your service, S'haile. When ever you choose." She suddenly found herself on her back, the silk fabric slipped from his shoulder and pooled on her.

He moved it from her, debating on using it as she had on him... a most interesting effect. His hands moved the robe from her shoulders and exposed her breasts as he opened it. He caressed her warm skin, first with the back of his hand and then with his fingertips. Curious, he pulled the silk over her skin. He repeated his gesture, discovering that it added a degree of difficulty in sensing what he normally did. Yet, there was no sharing of thought.

"This is the way of Humans," he stated in a whisper. "To touch without feeling another's thoughts."

"No doubt." She ran her fingers into the silk of his hair, then urged him down to lay on her. "For my purposes it was a way to touch without touching." She held her breath as his lips brushed against her skin.

Only the silk separated them. A most interesting sensation.

Kareel slipped his robe from him then left it on the floor beside them. She ran her hands slowly up his back then into his hair. She brought him down so his head rested on her shoulder. She knew he had met his Time, but he had not relaxed his shields enough for her to feel his fire. "S'haile, your thoughts."

He lifted his head and stared into the strangely coloured eyes, he had not shared with another in a long time.

"My thoughts are yours." Perhaps the offer would relax him enough. She felt the tension in his body again but she was uncertain if her presence or merely his fever caused it. She slowly lowered the mild shielding she was still using. She was now open to him; anything he wished of her was his.

His fingers moved into position on her face. He felt her touch on his face. "My thoughts to your thoughts..." his shields began to lower, "my mind to your mind..." he slipped into her thoughts easily, as easily as the silk slipped over his skin, "We are one."

Kareel's body arched against his body as the fire took hold of her thoughts. She moaned and tightened the fingertip contact she had on his thoughts. A connection had to be made one that would serve them for the duration. She felt the fire creep into her thoughts and then along her body. The hunger followed. The hunger he had been controlling. She felt his arousal pressed against her leg.

"T'hy'la." He whispered then began to caress, kiss and taste her skin.

"I am here for you, S'haile," she whispered in return as his touches gained more urgency.

He tasted her sweet skin. She had showered with the herbal soap that was common here on Vulcan. She wore no scent other than that. He was sure that he could taste something that matched the scent of the aging scrolls and the dark halls. Her skin was soft; her hands had calluses from her work here. He breathed in the smell of the earth from her. He knew she worked in the garden, which is where he first saw her. His hand moved down her side, brushing aside her robe and the silk as he moved down her body.

The hunger had begun to claim his thoughts, his sanity. Age had the advantage of knowing how to control without feeling as if it was control. A pace that once begun could not stop but it was not the frenzy of youth. His body slowly came into contact with hers, and that was his undoing. He spread her legs with the barest of touches, his now hard and aching member slipped easily into her body.

She pulled him to her; she sighed with enjoyment of this sensation. Even for her it had been some time since she had been called to service such as this. His hands held her tightly as his body thrust into her over and over. She moved her fingers positioned on his face slightly and he moaned. Again, she adjusted them reaching into the centers that would please. The meld served many purposes, synchronizing the coupling bodies was a definite advantage.

He cried out as his body pumped the fluid into her. Her body shivered with his.

She bathed his body with scented water then allowed him some rest. She covered his too warm body with a thin covering. The thin mattress was all that was needed and had been placed in the corner. She moved to the far end to meditate. She knew how to 'filter' the effects of the fever from effecting her.

She found herself in her meditative position but watching him. This one she was drawn to. He was not hers. This one she would be honoured to serve for a lifetime. He had not nor would he even ask this of her. She drew in a deep long breath then released it slowly. She pulled her thoughts inward, to meditate but she found she could not. She stood in a fluid motion, slipped on her robes and moved onto the balcony.

It was night. The sky was filled with the tiny pinpricks of light. She heard a far off cry of a le-matya, no doubt, hunting. She looked to T'Kuht, weeks before it would dominate the sky. There was the sense that one could reach out and touch the sister world. She turned back to the room as the flutter was felt in her thoughts. He was awake and required her again. It had been suggested that this service would not be a lengthy one considering whom it was, but she had little doubt that his Time would be that of the others.

She moved into the room dropping her robe onto the chair. She knelt beside the older male, ran her fingers through his greying hair. "I am here."

The fever-dark eyes looked to her, barely recognizing her but his instincts told him why she was here. He reached to her, pulled her down and across his body, to the pallet he was on. His fingers brushed back her hair, then brushed across her lips. His hand ran down her side, her hips and then along her legs as they draped across his body. He felt her cooler skin as his hand smoothed its way up between her legs, her warm sex that was becoming wet.

He slipped into her. His body craving this, his fingers moving into position then the joining began. The joining of mind and body. Her skills were that she could prevent the bonding of their minds. Her skills were such that she could 'fool' the other into believing for the present that the bonding had occurred. When she was no longer required, their separation would be revealed. There was only one incident of a male asking her to bond with him after she had served, but she had refused.

They climbed together to reach the point where their minds and bodies exploded in a climax.

It had been days later and finally he woke without the madness. Without the need to take this female yet again. They slipped on their meditation robes and made their way down into the underground pools. The heated water and sand was most refreshing. They found the small ledges that had been carved into the stone ages ago. The water/sand level was right up to their chins. The water thick with sand would rejuvenate and massage their bodies with little movement.

This area was fed by an underground heated spring. There were many areas with low-level volcanic activity and many helped to supply the rich hot mineral water to various pools.

Kareel's hair was piled and fastened up on the top of her head. She closed her eyes and for a few moments allowed herself to enjoy this pleasure. This bath renewed her energies and she loved the smell of the mineral contents of the water. She looked to her companion; his face was finally calm and serene. She had accomplished her task.

After a time, Kareel moved to the edge then climbed the stone stairs out. She moved over to the showers that would wash the sand from her body. As she picked up a fresh robe, she spotted her companion moving to the shower. She slipped on the robe and waited for him. They walked together back to the room that had been set aside for their use.

She stood on the balcony, allowing him the privacy to dress in his clothing, as he prepared to leave. She remained in the meditation robe, which was her normal manner of dress. She turned when she heard his footsteps. Her head bowed.

He returned the gesture, slightly deeper. "You have served with honour, Reldai Kareel."

"It was my honour to serve thee, Ambassador Sarek."

Sarek took a step closer to her, lifted her chin slightly. He considered her for a moment then dropped his hand at his side. "Would you consider serving as an ambassador's aide?"

Kareel smiled slightly, "If I did, then what would happen when one required my unique services?"

Sarek tilted his head slightly; both knew what was meant by his offer. He drew in a breath, lifted his hand in the ta'al. "Peace, long life and prosperity be yours, Reldai Kareel."

"Peace, honour and success be yours, Ambassador." Kareel bowed her head again. She took a step back then watched as Sarek left the room. She waited a few moments then moved out onto the balcony. She looked down to the walkway where she knew that Sarek would appear and watched as he made his way to his waiting aircar.

The breeze whispered against her skin. She held her breath; it was warm, as his touch had been. She needed to meditate. She looked to the cloud of sand that followed the aircar. She watched it until it disappeared far off into the distance. She looked up into the sky at T'Kuht and whispered to the sister world, "Watch over him. Return him to me, in his Time of need. I will be here."


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