By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
1998 ASC Best Poem 3rd Place

Summary: A TOS Music Video. The scenes are written out as if 'watching' a music video (Using events of "In the Circle of Time" as the catalyst) Admiral Kirk thinks about his feelings and how much a certain Vulcan had changed his life.

Disclaimer: The ever present Paramount owns the rights to the characters (except for T'yshen... she is mine) and the song belongs to Lawrence Gowan, a Canadian, and the song is found on the album "Great Dirty World".

Recorded by GOWAN
From "Great Dirty World"(Copyright @1987)

*Intro- instrumental, strong beat gives the feeling of being alive and filled with emotion, with an undercurrent of melancholy and serenity.

Opening scene: POV: The exterior view of Kirk standing at the'deck-to-overhead' length viewing port in the 'think tank', an area designed especially for Spock and Kirk's use. The view swings into the room to show his uniform tunic tossed on a near-by chair and he is swirling a snifter of brandy. His other hand is tucked into his pants pocket and he is half leaning on the clearsteele.

*Music grows.

Changes to him recalling the image of when Ambassador Sarek, Lady Amanda and T'sai T'yshen beamed aboard. From his POV, greeting the three and his feeling of curiosity when he is introduced to T'yshen. She is dressed in a smoky rose colour and a veil over her face.

*You've got your ways
*To take hold of my thoughts

Scenes of Sarek and T'yshen playing chess and talking. The time Kirk spent with her touring the gardens with T'yshen and the invitation he extended for dinner.

*Over-riding my senses
*Lock your sights
*Dead in line with my heart

T'yshen arriving for dinner wearing a Vulcan-styled pantsuit. A deep green with black Vulcan lettering on the mandarin collar. A veil-like fabric worn as a hood. Scene of sharing dinner. Kirk pouring the wine and sharing moments that seemed as if they had become flirtatious. Later, Kirk stands, asks her to dance then takes her in his arms to dance. They are talking and Kirk is smiling because of the discussion about kissing.

*Share your powers
*You stir my soul
*And whet my hunger
*And weave the spell
*That pulls me under...Oh

Then he kisses her.
She kisses him and her fingertips touch the contact points ever so gently. Kirk inhales, his arms tighten around her then he releases his hold and apologizes.She tells him softly that it was her desire to kiss him.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*They want me
*They want me

Scenes blending from one to the other, shifting from the beginnings of his headache and his trip to sickbay, talking to McCoy mixed with scenes of Spock and T'yshen's initial bonding.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*You're sending
*You're sending.....

Scenes of T'yshen in sickbay after she is attacked, Kirk's POV when he would visit.

*Secret fires
*Burn inside me unknown

Then Kirk talking to Spock about Spock's growing Plak tow.

*Raging on
*Never mentioned

On the surface of Vulcan, Kirk trying to deal with the feelings of Plak tow that he is sharing.

*Only you
*Can uncover the flames

His desires for T'yshen and Spock's discovery of those feelings.

*Break their silence
*And make them dance

The ceremony from Kirk's POV and the feelings of separation he feels towards Spock. Possibly losing his best friend and wanting his wife!

*For us to see them
*And break their chains
*And give them freedom...Oh

Kirk takes a drink of the brandy and looks out into the stars wishing he could tell them both how he feels. He recalls chess games with Spock, time spent with T'yshen.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*They want me
*They want me

Scenes of Spock and T'yshen together, their POV, making love..... talking and touching.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*You're sending
*You're sending...

He closes his eyes and begins to imagine what it might be like with her. A close up of T'yshen's hand touching Kirk's face and drawing her touch down his neck. They are in bed together, sheets are tangled and both are breathing heavily.

*A wave over my mind

His hand is slowly moving down her body as her hand moves to his face to begin a meld.

*I fall to it blind
*And you say:

Her lips brush his cheek as she whispers...

*Trust me!

Kirk reacts to the meld drawing her closer to him.

*Stir my soul
*And whet my hunger
*And weaves that spell
*That pulls me under.....

He kisses her neck then her jaw then captures her mouth. Her free hand caresses his back then pulls him to her.

*Instrumental ...

Suddenly, Kirk moves away from the viewing port.
His glass goes to the table and his attention is drawn to the tunic carelessly tossed over the back of the chair. He lifts just the sleeve of his uniform tunic.
His fingers run over the admiralty pin wondering if it was all worth the sacrifices. He lets the sleeve drop back. He picks up the decanter and fills his glass and moves back to the view port.
He drinks down a good portion of the brandy, closing his eyes against the burning sensation as he swallows it.

*These Moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*They want me
*They want me

Scene of Kirk looking into the empty glass, seemingly debating on another drink. He sighs visibly then moves to the armchair and sits down into it.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me

He leans his head into the curve of the wing. He lifts the glass to drink the last drop then closes his eyes wishing all of this would stop.

*You're sending.....
*You're sending.....

We continue to watch him as his eyes start to close reluctantly.

*a wave.....
*....... over my mind

His breathing slows, then deepens and there is a calm in his face.

*....... Desires...

He shifts slightly getting more comfortable.

*Secret fires.....
*........ call me
*These Moonlight Desires
*Haunt me ....

There is a close-up of his hand still holding onto the snifter.

*These Moonlight Desires
*Haunt me
*They want me
*They want me

His hand relaxes and the glass rolls down his leg; bounces on the carpet, then rolls away.

A close-up of a hand as it picks the glass up just before it is kicked accidentally. The view follows the hand up to reveal its owner. T'yshen places the glass gently on the table.

*These moonlight desires
*Haunt me
*You're sending . . .
*You're sending . . .
*A wave......
*......... over my mind.

She picks up his tunic, fingers the admiralty pin then covers him with the tunic. She brushes that stray curl back; her fingers stroke the side of his face.
She stands then leaves.

*Moonlight Desires......


Hope you enjoyed it..... it was fun to do.

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