rendered using Terragen software

As I began to play with the Terragen program, I began to 'see' the landscapes
from my Star Trek stories... especially those from "In The Circle of Time".
So I present to you a few landscape renditions of...
the Colony World of Kavifemai.

(Click on the smaller pictures and a link will take you to a larger version.)

Even in the early dusk the lands take on interesting colours and textures as the first fly-over survey showed.

The land and weather is varied on this large world making its
surface an interesting discovery.

This is a representation of what the Rihansu and the Enterprise
found on this new colony world.

This is the place that Reldai T'Yshen, Commander Spock and Rihansu Commander Di'on first landed, later named Lashan'Kahr, translated as the City of Arrival.

A large mountain range in the north section of Kavifemai.

A more southern mountain range that separated two of the main cities. The only way to travel from one city to the other was to use MoonsBay Lake and travel by sailboat.

The land as it appeared when the colonist arrived.

The land as it developed with the first planting of the crops. In the background there is a storm moving in.
(The 'crops' were added in using Paint Shop Pro)

Parts of this world had still not found the calm from its creation...
the lava lakes were a sight that caused the Rihansu to become homesick. There were named the Rihansu Fire Lakes.

This lake was named for the three moons that hung over it at night, MoonBay Pass was named by the only Human colonist, Carl Bennett.

That's all for now Folks...