A "Kiss" Trilogy (K/S)

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For Marianne, the insomniac...the artist of the drawing that inspired this first story.

"First Kiss"
(c)December 1999
By Gayle Rochefort-Potts

Captain James T. Kirk put aside the collection of small antiques that his mother collected. He had found an old book, her journal to be precise. His mother's belongings had been placed in storage but this case had been sent to him. He sipped on the cooling coffee and flipped open the book. He smiled at the familiar handwriting and the scent that he recognized as hers.

He moved to the armchair, sat down then placed the coffee cup on the small table. Most of these dates were from a time that he was on patrol. He smiled at the comments she made about people that were around her at the time. Then he came to an entry that surprised him.

*"I didn't know what to think about this alien my son wrote about in his letters to me since he took command of the Enterprise. Always lingered, something between the lines, which made me content in a way, as my son seemed happy to have encountered such a friend, but also pre-occupied.

"Len, or Bones, as my son always calls the good doctor, who had stayed with my son since Tarus, wrote me letters too... saying it was a blessing as the alien was always in time to rescue my all too roller coaster of a son.

"For this I do thank him. They have now spent a week here and home, this alien and my son. The first Shore leave my son spends with me since he took command of the ship. Len will only come for the last three days to spend Christmas with us.

"I thought him very serious, this Vulcan, at first, but soon I saw the quiet laughter in his eyes whenever he chanced to look at my son. And that was more often than anything else.

"Something happened today, don't know what. Jimmy got hurt, in some of their antics. I wonder what it was? But as always the Vulcan was there for him and that is the most important thing.

"Now I am sitting at my window, which looks out to the corrals and there I see them. Jimmy is sitting on the fence and Spock in front of him. They are in the sweetest of embraces I have ever seen.

"I should be worried, but I don't know... my Jimmy and Spock seem to belong... like the Earth and the Moon. There would be some many compromises to make...

"I watch the falling star and see their first kiss....

Jim leaned back in the chair. He had no idea his mother had known that early or that they had been seen. He remembered that day as if it was yesterday.

They had gone home on leave. Spock had agreed to joining him at the farm, mostly to meet his mother. It surprised him as he thought about it how they had ended up spending more time outside, and in the cold. He chuckled as he thought of the ways they had discovered to keep warm though.

He and Spock had walked through the field. He wanted to show Spock something and the snow wasn't deep but it had a crust to it. Every step they took made a crunching sound. He was explaining what life was like as he was growing up on this farm. Very different indeed from Spock's childhood. He even remembered that was the time Spock began to share childhood memories with him.

Bones was at the house, he was keeping his mom company. He recalled the comment Bones made as they left the house, something about knocking before they came in... 'never know what the old folks will get up to..' Bones had grinned then closed the door.

Spock and he had walked for hours. He had shown him the barn and the infamous hayloft. He promised Spock a demonstration of its comforts another time. Spock had said that he would hold him to the promise. They were heading back to the house then had seen a hawk. They stopped to watch the bird for a bit.

He remembered getting up on the railings of the fence without thinking, second nature to him, sitting there. He remembered teasing Spock about freezing his ear tips off and offering to warm them. Of all the times that Spock wore those caps, this was the one time he needed one and there was not one around. He remembered reaching for Spock's sleeve and pulling him closer. He had laughed and then covered the Vulcan's ears with his hands. Spock had raised one of his eyebrows and then he looked at this Vulcan... so close to him... and he did the only thing that was... logical.

He kissed him.

He remembered his surprise when the Vulcan kissed him back. His warm hand had slipped to the back of his neck and pulled him into the most moving kiss of his lifetime. Spock moved closer to him. He lifted his head, stared at the dark alien eyes then bent his head down and kissed him again.

Spock moved closer standing between his legs and his hands caressed his thighs. He was so glad he had wrapped at least one foot around the post, he would have fallen off for sure.

Spock lips were warm and tasted very different that he had thought they would. When he slipped his tongue into Spock's mouth, he had surprised the Vulcan. Then Spock relaxed and they continued kissing for some time. He had lost track of time and was grateful for the fact that the Vulcan appeared to as well. He had slipped one hand into the opening of Spock's jacket and ran his hand over his chest, felt his shiver, and deepen the kiss.

He couldn't get enough of him.

At least that is how he felt that day. He found out later that Spock was feeling the same. To date, they seemed to feel the same about things.

Jim drew in a slow breath and sighed. He was lost in the memories of that day. He picked up his coffee and sipped on it then made a face, "Cold." He shivered.

He put his mother's journal on the side table then went to get a fresh cup of coffee. He was just turning back to the crate of treasures when the door chime sounded. He frowned, Spock didn't usually signal. "Come in."

Spock stepped into the quarters, waited for the door to close behind him. He tilted his head slightly. "I was not certain of your.... mood."

Kirk smiled. "Sorry, just going through my mother's things." He looked around him at the collection of memories. "I found her journal." He reached for it then offered it to Spock. "There is one entry that you would find amusing."

Spock hesitated, then took the book. He waited as Jim put his cup down then opened the book and flipped to the page in question. He had sensed the loss Jim was feeling but had also detected a vein of pleasure and amusement. Emotions were still... difficult to decipher.

"This one..." Kirk smiled then waited patiently for Spock to make the connection.

Spock read the entry. It took only a moment to remember the activities of the day. He felt his face warm slightly. "The day you felt my ears needed warming..."

Kirk laughed. "Yes that is the day." He sighed then looked to the Vulcan thoughtfully. "When we get back to Earth, it should be winter in Iowa..."

Spock lifted an eyebrow then stepped closer to his bondmate. His fingers lifted to brush the cool temples then he lifted his chin. "And I should think that my ears would get cold again." He brushed his lips against the cooler ones. The ones he had memorized.

"One could only hope..."

Kirk was pulled into a tight embrace and his mouth devoured by the Vulcan's. His arms went around Spock's neck continuing the feel of him. And it all started with a harmless comment.

Not necessarily the end...

*The excerpt from Wynonna's diary was written by

  • Marianne as a challenge.


    "A Winter Kiss"
    A sequel to "First Kiss"
    (c)January 2000
    By Gayle Rochefort-Potts

    Spock watched his breathe cloud hang then disappear in the crisp frigid air. He pulled the collar of the arctic parka tighter around his neck, though the action was illogical; since it made no difference as to how warm he felt. He continued to follow Captain Kirk through the drifts of snow.

    Kirk stopped trudging through the deep snow then turned. "Getting cold?" He asked with a very slight smile. There was a part of him that was enjoying the Vulcan's annoyance with the cold. Another part of him appreciated every awkward step Spock took... just to indulge himself.

    "Jim, the temperature is minus ten degrees Celsius, it would be illogical not to be getting cold." He shivered again. He looked to the bright hazel eyes and the red-flushed cheeks. It was beyond his comprehension how anyone could 'enjoy' this weather, with the possible exception of Mr. Chekov. Jim seemed to be enjoying himself. He was waiting for his answer, not accepting this generic one that he had given. "I am chilled but not cold."

    Jim winked. "Good, so we can stay out a little bit longer. Wouldn't want you to get too cold." He drew in a breath as he took in the scenery that lay before them. Vast. White. Untouched. Seemingly perfect. "Every time I see this, I am amazed by it."

    Spock lifted his eyebrow. "What is it that is amazing to you?" He shivered slightly. He pulled the hood of the parka tighter then checked the fit of the gloves and tugged down on the sleeves a little, attempting to keep as much of his body warmth in and the invading cold out.

    "It's so... white and untouched. One day it can be green, needing to be cut and then you wake up the next and its like this..." Kirk squinted against the brightness then looked to Spock. "Do you understand it?"

    "Not the emotional connection that you seem to experience but it is an esthetically pleasing view."

    Kirk frowned. "Esthetically pleasing?" He let out a sigh. "Couldn't come up with anything more scientific than that?" He was teasing Spock now. Spock was being tolerant of this pleasure and he knew he should not prolong the Vulcan's discomfort. Jim shivered; even his tolerance of the cold had its limits now, too much living in controlled environments. "Well, I am ready to go in. Are you?"

    "Yes." Spock answered abruptly and began to head straight for the farmhouse. His steps into the deep snow were fast and on a direct route to the house. Whenever the ship was close to Earth, this was Jim's favoured stop for shore leave... for more than one reason.

    "Hey wait up." Kirk called to him. He was short of breath and could feel the ache of the cold in his chest and throat after this short run through the snow. "Anxious aren't you?"

    "I do not enjoy the cold." Spock stated clearly and without emotion.

    "I know." Kirk hurried ahead of Spock then blocked his path. "Wait... before we go in." He looked back to the farmhouse and fondly recalled that cold day a very long time ago. He pulled off his gloves, tucked them into his pockets then stepped towards the Vulcan. "Ears cold?"

    Spock smiled. Tradition. Jim's hands pushed their way into the hood and found his ears. This time they were warm but the sentiment was the same. "Yes." Spock answered in a low soft tone. He did not have to wait long and Kirk's warm mouth was pressed passionately against his. Yes, one could argue the logic of all of this, to experience this very different sensation... freezing cold one moment then to consider the rash notion of throwing off their parkas and clothes to pull him closer...it was almost worth it.

    Kirk moved slowly from Spock's warm mouth, licking his lips savouring the flavour and feel of the kiss. "I can't seem to get enough of you lately." He met the Vulcan's dark eyes. God, he loved that look and he could drown in those eyes. He looked around them. "I think I have had enough of this scenery for one day." He kissed him again. "Now, onto the more enjoyable scenery." He chuckled at the raised eyebrow and knew the thought was shared. "Come on, Vulcan. I have a few ways I can warm you up."


    The trail of clothing began at the door. Boots, gloves and coats, all left in a pile on the floor. Jim assured Spock that he would hang everything up later, as he always did. The next trail began at the bottom of the stairs; fleet issued thermal sweater, one shirt then another draped on the stairs. There were a few steps left empty, this had been the place where Jim kissed Spock again. Going up the stairs backwards was awkward, Jim had told Spock, but he was willing to experience the challenge. More kisses, getting hungry now, as whispered promises reached Spock's pointed ears. Kirk's t-shirt had been pulled off and left on the railing partially folded. On the landing was Spock's t-shirt, tossed in a heap. Jeans were dropped, tripped over and were it not for Vulcanoid muscle, Jim would have landed face first. Jim waited until they reached the bed before he pulled at Spock's pants. They were easily removed.

    Covers were drawn back, as the lovers climbed into the bed in a flurry of kisses. The covers were pulled back over them enjoying their newfound warmth. They relaxed, laying there kissing, touching and whispering for only a short time. Jim couldn't wait any longer and Spock's remaining clothes were stripped off and pushed out from under the covers. He kissed him gently and as his body covered the Vulcan's, the kiss became harder and more passionate.

    Kirk lifted his head to draw in the breath he needed. He moaned as Spock's warm hands began to caress their way down his back. Spock pulled him closer then trailed kisses along his chest. No matter how many times it happened, it gave Jim a chill. He shivered and not from the cold. Spock's lips were so warm against his skin.

    "Warming up?" Jim asked softly.

    "Beginning to." Spock tasted the cooler body. He moved slowly down Jim's body, trying to taste every inch of him. So unique was this human, that he could cause Spock's logic to 'fly out the window' as the saying went. His tongue touched his taut nipple and Spock was rewarded with a gasp. He rolled Jim onto his side as he continued to work his way down Jim's body.

    Jim sighed contentedly as the Vulcan moved lower. He lay there savouring every touch. Spock's hands were skilled in whatever he did and in his opinion, this was the best. He smiled to himself as Spock's hands ran down his leg and Spock's breath was felt on his hips.

    Jim reached to Spock's hips pulling them closer to him. His hands caressed the warm silky skin then leaned forward to taste the Vulcan's skin. Spock let out this low hum that was always Jim's undoing. It awakened a hunger for Spock.

    Long term relationships had their advantages, as their hands seemed to find each other's hard members at almost the same time. Jim's mouth engulfed the double-ridged penis a heart beat before Spock tasted Jim's. Knowing exactly where to touch, how to touch and the thrill of satisfaction were all that were needed. They reached their climax almost at the same time, each taking pleasure in the other's release and their own satisfaction.

    Jim lay back against the pillow. "Spock, this gets better every time." He opened his eyes in time to see Spock's head appear from under the covers. He shifted slightly making room for the Vulcan to share his pillow. He reached for the pointed ears, covering them then pulling him into a kiss. "Ears warm yet?"

    Spock took one of Jim's hands. He brushed the palm with his lips then nodded. "They are improving." They settled in each other's arms. He had given up asking Jim why they continued with this chain of events every time they managed to spend time here when it snowed. It was this Human's unique logic and that was sufficient to the cause. "And I trust that you are warmer."

    Jim smiled. "Getting there." He settled closer to Spock, if it was possible, then closed his eyes. He listened to the Vulcan's calm breathing, felt the faster than human heartbeat racing (at rest) and basked in the heat that the Vulcan's body radiated.

    Spock pulled the covers in tighter, shivered then rested his head on Jim's shoulder. They had an hour or so before preparations should begin on supper, unless Jim decided that they would 'order in' again. In which case, they had most of the evening with little planned. "Have you decided on whether or not to retain ownership of the farm?" Spock broke the silence.

    Jim moaned then sighed. "Think I will hang on to it. Peter might start coming out here some time." He paused. "And if he ever has a family, this would be a great place to get away from it all."

    Enveloped in their own kind of intimacy, they lay there in silence for some time, listening to the muted sounds from outside. The soft whistling of the wind whipping around the house. The rustling of the crisp dried leaves that had stubbornly hung on to the branches. The far off sounds of the geese, their high pitched nasal honking as they flew overhead. Then the sound of the front door opening.

    Jim sat up slightly.

    "Jim?" Came the inquiring but familiar voice from downstairs. "Spock?" then some mumbling. "Of course you two are here."

    Jim lay back grinning. "He's early." He mumbled to the sleepy Vulcan by his side.

    "It's okay. Don't rush down and greet me or anything." McCoy called up as he stepped over the pile of clothes. He made a comment about grown men and picking up after themselves. "I have my bourbon. Hope you made decent coffee this time."

    Kirk detected the smile in his chief medical officer's voice. Kirk grinned to himself as he tucked his hands up behind his head.

    McCoy hung his coat up and kicked off his boots into the customary corner. Making himself at home it seemed. "I get to go on vacation too." He muttered away to himself then headed into the living room. Taking in the familiar and looking for anything new, his gaze caught at something that warmed his heart. He picked up a few of the holopics and stopped at one. "My dear Wynonna, you are missed."

    He looked up to the ceiling. "If you two are not down in the morning... I am calling a medical alert." He chuckled as he imagined the expressions on their faces, especially Spock's.

    "It's a deal, Bones."

    McCoy laughed out loud at the remark and the squeak of the old-style bed that he knew was done on purpose. He dropped into a near-by armchair then pulled out a book from the bookcase. He read the title, "It'll do." He remarked to the book itself, dropped it into his lap then cracked the seal on his bottle of bourbon and poured out a generous amount into the glass he had grabbed on the way in here. His eyes appreciated the amber coloured liquid as he swirled it in its glass. He listened for the faint whispering as the other two debated getting out of bed or not. With the first swallow of the bourbon, he felt the contentment of being exactly where he wanted to be. "Now this is a way to spend R&R."


    "Secret Kiss"
    By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
    (c) February 2000
    Somehow I think I have started a series...

    James Kirk had wondered why his mother had been so stubborn about keeping the farm a functional one, until he had spent some time there again. He stood in the doorway and sipped on his morning coffee waiting for everyone to wake up. He loved the strong aroma of the blend his mother stocked. It did not have a bitter taste at all, even when he made it, and would wake up from a sound sleep. His thoughts drifted back to the events a few days before when he had 'warmed Spock's ears'. He smiled to himself, well that had been his intent.

    Then he began to remember the morning not long after the first time with Spock...


    Jim took the last sip of coffee then closed the door to the warm morning sun and the brisk winter air. He went into the kitchen and poured another cup for himself. He sat down at the table, facing the large window where he could enjoy the sight of a fresh snowfall. It hadn't quite stopped yet, there was still the occasional flurry of snowflakes. He knew within the hour it would stop altogether and then he would dress and shovel the walkway and the balcony. He sat back in the chair and sighed. He loved this place and he could not think of spending a shore leave anywhere else. At least not when he was on Earth... unless one day he managed to swing some time on board a tall ship.

    "I would have to schedule that one years in advance." He mumbled out loud and with some regret that his 'job' was such that scheduling anything past a few days from now was a luxury. He heard some noise from the other end of the house. It sounded as if his mother was up and talking to someone. Who could that be, he wondered. Spock was still upstairs, lost in the reading and writing of some scientific papers. Bones, sleeping in the living room by choice, wouldn't be up yet. But there was always room for surprises. He looked up to the door as it swung open. "Morning."

    Wynonna started, then smiled, "Morning, Jim. You are up early?" She cleared her throat then headed straight for the coffee. "Oh good, you made some." She took down one cup filled it and then pulled down another. "Len, coffee's made already." She called to him.

    "I wondered who you were talking to." Jim smiled. "Both of you up earlier than I expected."

    "Well you know me, sun's up, must be time." She sipped on the coffee then looked through to the other room. She had left the door leading into the living room open. "Len and I were just talking quietly, didn't want to bother anyone else with our puttering."

    McCoy walked in, accepting the cup with a nod and then mumbled thanks. He drank some of the hot liquid. "Good coffee. We should get lots of this before we head back and stash it away for when we get desperate."

    Jim and his mom both laughed.

    "Sleep well?" Wynonna asked.

    Jim nodded. "Sleeping with someone as warm as Spock tends to put you in a mellow mood." He finished off the coffee then put his cup down then stood. "Well guess its time to go shovel the snow." He passed his mom delivering a kiss on her cheek as he did. "Save some coffee for when I come in."

    "Okay I will." Wynonna slipped into the chair he had vacated. McCoy was sitting across from her with his coffee and they continued to talk about family, and being apart from members of theirs.

    Jim listened to the sound of the voices as they went from one to the other. His mom's laughter and then McCoy's chuckling. McCoy's slow drawl and his mom's cheerful voice.

    He pulled on his winter clothing and then headed outdoors. The shovel had been left by the door last night because of the expected snowfall. He worked his way down the walkway then looked up to his bedroom window, and was not surprised to see Spock, watching him. He gave him a wave and continued on with his 'assignment'.

    A short time later, he stopped to catch his breath, leaned on the shovel and looked out over the whiteness of everything. It was amazing to him still at how white and untouched everything could be. He stepped off the balcony into the snowdrift he was building and looked back up at Spock. He signaled for him to hurry up and get down here. He had teased him about needing to 'warm ears' later.

    Something caught his eye. Some motion out of the corner of his eye, in the living room. He squinted slightly, his eyes were adjusted to the blinding whiteness and not to the seemingly dark interior of the house. The figures came into focus... there was Bones, laughing and he took a step closer to Wynonna... his arms wrapped around Wynonna, pulling her close to him.

    His mother?

    Jim held his breath. Bones was kissing his mom! His body forced him to breath. His mom was kissing back too! In fact her arms were wrapping around McCoy and he saw her shoulders soften and relax.

    He felt a slow grin creep across his face. He forced himself to stop watching and went back to shoveling.


    Jim smiled as he recalled that day and the looks that past between his mom and McCoy every visit after that. He shook out the quilt that was left in the living room on the back of the couch and covered McCoy with it. He bent down and picked up the half empty bottle of bourbon and the glass. He was glad McCoy had the presence of mind to move from the chair, sleeping there would have been uncomfortable.

    He left the picture of Wynonna beside McCoy on the floor. It was the one McCoy had taken of her. They had never talked about that kiss. He doubted that they ever would. He wondered how many other 'secret kisses' they had shared... he hoped there had been many, they both deserved to have someone.

    Jim headed into the kitchen closing the door quietly. He would let McCoy sleep at least until Jim had the coffee made. He thought he could manage to make it just the way his mother did.


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