STAR TREK- The Original Series

My turn I guess...... Be gentle with me, I was only 14 at the time..

Written in 1969
By Gayle Rochefort (I wasn't a 'Potts' yet)


U.S.S Enterprise - Voyage Two

Mr. Spock shook his head to clear his thinking. He was sitting on the floor of the bridge. He looked around as he stood. Everyone was in various positions, all un-aware of what was going on.

Y'Lang was lying on the floor beside helm control, a chair bridged her form. The drone of the engines reached her sensitive ears. The lights came on as she regained conscienceness. She felt the chair being lifted from her. She sat up, her braided hair loops had fallen; she pushed them behind her.

"Spock." She stood surveying the bridge. "No obvious damage." She turned to her controls. "None to my board." Y'lang moved to Chekov's station, navigation, beside her. "No damage to navigation."

Mr. Spock had moved over to Uhura's communication panel and began checking systems. He aided Uhura to her chair, as she became conscious, then continued on the board.

Kirk sat up; he got back up into his chair, shaking the grogginess from his head. He wondered how the Vulcans' systems could recover so quickly. Then again, there was a lot he didn't understand about Vulcans. "Well, Mr. Spock, can you give me a report yet?"

Uhura had recovered enough to take over her board and Mr. Spock was positioned at his station, library/computer.

"Not really, Captain. Main circuits are out; auxiliary circuits have cut in. Maintaining vital systems. Mr. Scott is already working on the problem."

"Good, let me know any new information." Kirk swung his chair to face the screen that was black; it worked on the main circuit. "Mr. Chekov, have you survived?"

"Yes, sir, just a headache.... Must have hit my head." Mr. Chekov rubbed the back of his head. "I'll be alright."

Y'Lang turned slightly. "Both helm and navigation controls are in working order, no malfunctions detected."

"Thank you, Miss Y'Lang." Kirk thought a moment then turned to Mr. Spock. "Spock, any information on our where-abouts?"

"Yes, Captain." Spock turned from his board, a hand still touching his earpiece. "Apparently, in hitting the dark-hole, we have regressed in time." He listened to the computer blips and beeps. He did not need them vocalized he knew how to read them. "Approximately seven point eight eight nine millenium." He removed the earpiece. "We can expect no help from other sources in this galaxy. Starfleet was, however, notified of our position and the warning that no other ships were to enter this quadrant until your reports were filed."

Kirk had been touching two fingers to his temple, he had a headache. "Well, at least no one will come after us. Now we have to find our way out." Kirk turned to Uhura. "Notify all department heads there will be a briefing in approximately one hour. Then call Bones, tell him to get some headache pills up here, a mild stimulant and some coffee." Kirk shook his head.

Within minutes there was a yeoman standing beside him with a pot of coffee and some cups. "Sir, your coffee."

"Lieutenant Uhura, I instructed you to check your board quickly!" Spock had raised his voice and for Mr. Spock to do so even a decibel, was unheard of.

Lieutenant Uhura stood open-mouthed from shock.

Kirk collected his coffee; thanked Yeoman Marshall then turned to Spock. "Any problems, Mr. Spock?"

Spock seemed to see himself. He collected his control and apologized to Uhura. "It was not necessary, my apologies, Lieutenant."

Uhura smiled. "Forget it, Mr. Spock."

But no one did especially Captain Kirk. As personnel returned to the matter at hand, Kirk kept one eye on Spock and the other on Y'Lang. What effected one would logically effect the other Vulcan.


The briefing went well, Scottie knew how to get them out of here but they needed new dilythium crystals. They had to find a near-by planet with a large enough deposit. The engineering section was put into finding a way to either refine the crystals or use them as they were.

"You all have your assignments, let's get some answers!" Kirk watched Mr. Spock collect the recordings. He could see something different in his face. He walked over to his first officer. "Spock, how have you been since your outburst on the bridge?"

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Captain, I admit my outburst had no logical explanation but I do not understand the purpose of this questioning." Spock's 'feelings' had been hurt but this time he had even sounded insulted.

"Sorry Spock, forget I mentioned it." Kirk thought a moment. "By the way. I expect you and Y'Lang to report to my quarters in thirty minutes. I've got a problem that needs a solution."

"Very well, Captain." Spock stood, a little straighter that usual, then left the briefing room.

Kirk signaled the bridge, telling them if they wanted him he would be in his quarters.


He stretched out on his bed, clearing his mind of all the problems. Kirk thought about shore leave. Maybe after they returned to their time he could arrange for some time off.

This problem of being back in time was not a new one but they had never been this far back before. He wasn't clearing his mind, was he?

The buzzer sounded.

He got up and released the lock. Spock and Y'Lang entered. Both stood straight as if the order had been given to stand at attention.

"Spock, Y'Lang. I may be imagining the problem, so correct me if I am wrong." He looked at both faces. They were still and unemotional as always. "I have noticed that both of you have been, forgive the expression, acting illogically." He paused waiting for agreements. None were given. "You Spock, have raised your voice, something I have never heard you so." He shifted his gaze to Y'Lang. "Miss Y'Lang, I have seen you.... Flirting." He noted that he did not have a better word for it. "Do you believe that it might have something to do with our situation?"

Y'Lang piped up. "Possibly sir. On Vulcan, at this point in time, we are at war."

Kirk rubbed his chin as he paused. "Do you foresee any problems that may arise?"

"Most probably, Captain." Spock stood very still. " the time that either of us become..." He searched for the word. ".... Uncontrolled, we must be locked away."

"Speak for yourself, Spock." Y'Lang turned on Spock. "I have no intentions of being locked away!" She turned and left before whether could stop her.

"She's hit her breaking point, Spock."

"Are you going to tell her, Captain?" Spock smiled, knowing the answer. "I shall require Dr. McCoy's assistance, he is to meet me at Y'Lang's quarters." Spock left, he was now in control.

Kirk made the call to sickbay. McCoy sounded curious.

Jim sat down. "What a day! Mother told me there would be days like this!" Kirk leaned back, hands behind his head.


Mr. Spock entered Y'Lang's quarters. "That was disgraceful behaviour.... Especially for a Vulcan."

Y'Lang stood in the middle of the room, she whirled around as he spoke. Her face showed she was, once again, in control of her emotions. "Agreed. I shall confine myself to quarters until we arrive in our proper time." Her control began to slip; a tear had formed in each eye. They marked a path down each side of her face. "I cannot keep control as you do. Why?"

Spock stood in front of her. "Y'Lang, I am a hybrid. I check myself continuously. I know when my Earth half is slipping through and I have learned to control it."

She nodded. "Did you call Dr. McCoy?"

"Yes, he should be here shortly." Spock guided her over to the chair. "After he administers the sedative, meditate. I have found it helps immensely."

"It may help you, Spock but what of me? I am a Vulcan!" Y'Lang stood as her anger grew. "I cannot or will not be kept locked away and drugged as a dangerous animal would be!"

"Y'Lang, we are becoming a part of our past, we are dangerous." Spock's voice rose with his anger. "Especially to these humans. We are superior to them, intellectually and physically!"

Y'Lang smiled. "Then let us take command." She was trying Spock's control. "You have the knowledge and the strength to do so!"

Spock thought a moment, his control was slipping. "Perhaps if I convinced..... NO!" Spock stared at her then turned away. He realized her game. He walked over to the desk; his fists came down hard on the surface as he spoke. "I must control!"

Bang! A piece broke from the desk.

He let out his breath slowly as he faced her. "I am in control."

"For how long, Spock? One day? One hour?" Y'Lang moved towards him but stopped as McCoy entered.

"Well, what's the problem?" McCoy stopped as he noticed the desk.

"Doctor, did not Captain Kirk explain the situation to you?"

"Not really. Only that you wanted me here with a sedative for Y'Lang." His eyes were glued to the table until Spock began to explain the reaction both were experiencing.

McCoy gave Y'Lang the sedative then turned to Spock. "Now you, Spock."

Spock held up a hand, stopping McCoy. "Not yet, Doctor. I can still control my outbursts."

McCoy tilted his eyes to the table. "I can see that." He was not going to argue he turned back to Y'Lang. "You take a nap then come and see me before you report for duty."

Y'Lang agreed then McCoy and Spock left, both heading to the turbo-lift but neither entered.

"Sure you'll be okay, Spock?" McCoy may have joked with and about Spock but he did care about him.

"I will be fine, Doctor." Spock seemed to be fighting for control. "I shall inform the captain that I will be working in my quarters." Mr. Spock turned entering his cabin; the door slid close d hiding him, protecting him.

McCoy stood quietly for a moment then entered the turbo-lift. He thought of the time on the planet Sarpeidon. Spock's reaction to that time period had not been very controlled. Now they were further back in time, how much longer would Mr. Spock remained controlled? Mr. Spock had almost killed him, because of jealousy over a woman they hardly knew.

Later on today, he had to speak to Spock's lover, would he be controlled then?


Captain Kirk had received the call in his quarters, requiring him to go to recreation room four. Two officers were causing a disturbance.

His officers!

Kirk walked down the corridor speedily as he stepped onto the level. The doors opened to reveal quite a mess.

Lieutenant Chekov was at his side spouting out the explanation. "Mr. Spock and Miss Y'Lang vere eating. Suddenly Mr. Spock started shouting something about her keeping her place. She vas flirting again... vit me. Then Spock hit her. So she....."

Kirk ducked Chekov's descriptive punch. "I get the idea." Kirk made his way through the upturned tables, chairs and broken dishes, reaching then Vulcans in the far corner. Standing as only the Captain would, he shouted. "That will be enough!"

Spock, who had his hand raised to slap Y'Lang, dropped his arm and stood still.

Y'Lang got in a punch to Spock's midsection.

He doubled over.

Chekov grabbed Y'Lang's arms, standing behind for, for safety's sake. He watched as Spock recovered.

"First of all, no one...." Kirk looked around the room. ".. repeat, no one will discuss this scene. I will have no gossip on my ship."

Everyone knew he meant what he had said. He then ordered the room cleared. The only people that remained were Spock, Y'Lang, Chekov and himself.

"I still say that you could not have gotten Mr. Chekov into your quarters." Spock stated calmly.

Y'Lang seemed to explode inside. "You.... You....You know.."

"That will be enough!" Kirk stood amazed at Spock's remark. He looked at Y'Lang struggling to be free of Chekov. "You too." Kirk walked a few steps away then turned. "Right now, I feel like treating you as two children who have misbehaved." Kirk walked back, unbelieving of the few past events. "My senior officers .... best in the fleet .... Vulcans at that!"

Spock straightened to attention. "My apologies, Captain. I request that I be confined to my quarters."

Kirk had watched Spock fight with his Earth half before, but now even his Vulcan half had become uncontrolled and barbaric. "Spock, will that be good enough?" Kirk worried about the safety of the ship when he asked that question. "We don't know how long we will be here... perhaps forever!"

"Agreed." Spock studied a moment. "Perhaps a mild sedation and confinement to the brig."

Kirk did not have time to answer.

Y'Lang pulled free of Chekov. "Spock! If you think that I would agree to such an arrangement... you are crazy!" She faced Spock. "And if you think you are in control... " She laughed.

Kirk grabbed her shoulders and she faced him. "If I order it, you do!"

Spock saw his opportunity, reached out and put Y'Lang to sleep with a nerve pinch. Kirk caught her as she went limp. "Heavy, isn't she?"

"I do not find her so, Captain." Mr. Spock picked her up slinging her over one shoulder. "The brig, sir?"

"Yes. I guess so." Kirk led the way to the brig.

As they left the recreation room Chekov suggested. "I tink it vould be a good idea if you put guards on de Wulcans and I vill wolnteer."

"Good idea, Lieutenant, any suggestions on the other. We must be careful who we select." Kirk watched Spock as they made their way to the brig.

"Yes, sir. Lieutenant Uhura." Chekov cleared his throat. "She vill not be needed until ve are ready to get back to our own time. She is Y'Lang's friend. And I believe dat betveen de two of us, ve can control ieder Wulcan."

He agreed with Mr. Chekov, she was a good choice. If Kirk wanted to keep gossip at a minimum he had to choose only certain people. He walked over to the intercom. "Lieutenant Uhura, report to the brig for security duty."

"Aye, sir." Uhura had answered with a hint of question in her voice.

Mr. Chekov de-activated the 'door'. It glowed with energy as if formed. Anything in its path would be either destroyed for given a bad shock.

"She should be waking shortly." Spock stepped into his cell as he spoke. "Captain, I would suggest the sedative be given as soon as possible."

Mr. Chekov re-activated the field, looking at Spock's face. Chekov felt guilty. He turned to Kirk. "Captain, I can go up to sickbay for the sedative."

"No need. I have already called Dr. McCoy. He's on his way down." Kirk faced Chekov; they noticed each other had felt the same about the situation. "It's all in a day's work, Mister."

Chekov nodded. "Aye, sir."

Uhura and Dr. McCoy arrived at the same time. Both were filled in on the arrangements. Neither really agreed but neither could think of another solution.

Dr. McCoy gave both Spock and Y'Lang a mild sedative. I would not last very long but it would calm their tempers.

Uhura had been issued a phaser and had placed it on a number five stun. She took her post outside Y'Lang's door. Chekov was stationed across the hall at Mr. Spock's cell. They were to be relieved in nine hours by Captain Kirk, Mr. Sulu or Dr. McCoy, but no one else.

As the sedative wore off both became agitated. They argued frequently, mostly about each other's inadequacies and parentage. Each had made threats on the other's life.

The few people that were in contact with these barbaric Vulcans began to have a better understanding of why they changed.

With the Vulcan strength mixed with raw emotion and reflex... they were a deadly race.

Prepared and capable of conquering the Universe!


Two weeks had passed since they had regressed in time. Spock and Y'lang were now under heavy sedation in sickbay, still under guard by Mr. Chekov and now Mr. Sulu replaced Uhura.

Uhura had only replaced only after the incident of a week ago. Mr. Chekov had left for a break. Some coffee and a welcome place to sit, while Y'Lang and Spock were sleeping.

However, before Chekov returned, Mr. Spock woke, and began a mind-link to Uhura.

Vulcans had the abilities to link their thoughts with other beings with or without the aid of touch. For example, they could form a mind-link through a wall as Spock had done with Uhura.

Mr. Spock had been standing directly behind Uhura on the opposite side of the wall. His hands pressed against the cool metal, he reached out searching for her mind ... and touched it. He convinced her that he wished only a partner for a game of chess.

He did need a partner for a game, but it was not chess he desired to play.

Driven by the barbarian now in control of him, Mr. Spock had definite plans to seduce Uhura.

Lieutenant Commander Y'Lang, in her present state, would not intervene. She sat back and enjoyed this diversion. Enjoying Uhura's 'pleasures' as she watched.

Uhura was semi-aware of what was happening but was unable to control any of it.

Mr. Chekov returned as Mr. Spock released Uhura from the mind-link. He saw her walk out of Spock's cell, in still a semi-aware state. "Uhura!" He ran over to her, closing the cell door as he passed. She fell as he reached her. Chekov placed her gently on the floor.

"Sickbay. Brig, one injury." Chekov clicked off after receiving a reply. He watched Spock, grinning and laughing.

Spock stood, still laughing slightly; he stopped. "Mr. Chekov."

"Stay back!" Mr. Chekov drew his phaser, he released the safety.

"But you have always wondered, have you not, how well she..."

"Cossack! De only reason you are still alive is because I understand vhy you did it."

"For the same reasons you do. Animal lust." Spock stood as he usually did, but he did not look the same. His face.. he was smiling... but it was not a pleasant smile.

"Dat is not vhat I mean, Mr. Spock. It is because of de time change, noting else." He held the phaser steady.

"If you wish." Spock returned to the bed. He lay down and very quickly fell asleep.

As the medical team rounded the corner, Chekov replaced his phaser. He helped place her on the table covering her as he watched Spock. "Let me know how she is."

The young doctor nodded. "Sure Chekov, as soon as I know, you'll know."

Captain Kirk could not take a chance that anything like that could happen again. He ordered two engineering officers to serve on the bridge and Mr. Sulu took Uhura's place.


The Enterprise drew close to its destination, only two days away. Kirk felt almost relieved when he was notified of their progress.

Scotty had devised a way to compensate for the fluctuating readings they would get from the rough crystals. He had also worked on a course to get them back to the future, using the slingshot effect.

Kirk had not been to see Spock or Y'Lang since they had been placed in sickbay. He could not bear to see them. Drugged and helpless. He felt as if it was his fault.

"This would be so easy with Mr. Spock here." Kirk mumbled to Uhura.

She had returned to duty, with no ill feelings towards Mr. Spock. She understood why it happened. "Yes, it would." She smiled up at Kirk re-assuring him.


The Enterprise arrived at its destination right on schedule. The ship fell into orbit and the crew began its survey for the dilythium crystals.

Kirk finished his third cup of coffee that day. He looked at the bottom of the cup. "Doesn't even taste good anymore." No one else had heard him. He looked at the chronometer, 14:08, Chekov was late reporting in. He hit the button that connected him directly to the Vulcans' room. "Chekov, you're late."

No answer.

"Mr. Chekov." He paused. "Mr. Sulu?" He turned to Uhura. "Get me..."

"Security on B, sir." Uhura smiled. Working with one man for over five years, she soon discovered she could out think him.

Kirk smiled back. "Security to the sickbay and report. I want a detail to Commander Spock's and Lieutenant Commander Y'Lang's quarters. I'm on my way down." Kirk turned his chair as he stepped down. "Mr. Kyle you have the comm." The chair snapped back into place, Mr. Kyle taking it over.

Just as the turbo-lift doors hissed open, Kirk turned upon hearing a familiar voice.

"Captain, Spock and Y'Lang have beamed down to the planet's surface." Scott explained. "I don't have any idea how or why they went down undetected. None of the transporters showed 'operational' on the board. Mr. Spock or Miss Y'Lang may have put an over-ride on something to by-pass the board in engineering."

Kirk stepped over to Uhura's communication board. "Scotty, get McCoy. The three of us will beam down." He spoke into the grid. "How's the progress of the survey team?"

The voice answered. "Not finished yet, sir. They have found the deposit and now they have the mining equipment down on the surface. It should only take an hour or so."

"Okay, I'll be right down." Kirk closed communications, then leaned on the board looking at Uhura. "Would you consider becoming Captain for a couple of days?"

Uhura tilted her head slightly. "Not if my life depended on it!" She winked, then smiled. "Captain."

"You sure know how to hurt a guy." Kirk stood straightening his uniform then left the bridge.


Kirk entered, still fastening his belt. "Bones, glad to see you're here already." He stepped on the transporter platform followed by Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott. Both had phasers and Dr. McCoy had his medical tricorder, along with an emergency surgical kit fastened to his belt.

Mr. Scott turned facing the transport officer. "Energize, Lieutenant Devins."

Lieutenant Devins set controls then pulled back on the levers, as he did the men became shimmering forms. He returned the levers and the landing party arrived on the surface.

The planet had breathable air. It was void of any humanoid life. In the rocky area there were only a few plants and insects. The terrain held more materials than dilythium crystals; it was rich in iron and oddly enough... diamonds. But all the Enterprise wanted were the dilythium crystals.

McCoy took out his tricorder to search for the Vulcanoid's readings. He held it steady for a moment. "Over there, Jim." McCoy started walking. "I was sure I had given them a strong enough sedative."

"No sense worrying about it now." Kirk stood a moment watching McCoy taking additional readings.

"Still straight ahead, they must be hiding." McCoy said.

Kirk looked over; he had seen something move. He crouched down, the others followed. They moved quietly towards the moving shadow.

Kirk had reached the adjoining rock; he flattened himself against it. He reached for the phaser on his belt, setting it as it came into view. Kirk waved McCoy and Scotty to step back. He held out his arm holding the phaser steady then stepped out suddenly. He swung himself around the rock pointing the phaser at the persons.

One was lying, unconscious, on the ground; the other leaned against the rock, fighting to stand. Spock slid down to a sitting position.

"Spock!" Kirk shouted recognition as he replaced his phaser on his belt. He waved McCoy and Scott to join him. "Spock!" He lifted Spock face.

"Jim, I am sorry." Spock lifted his hands placing them on Kirk's shoulders. His voice rough, his speech slow for him. His eyes began to water. "Had to leave." Spock began to sob. "I can not retain control!"

Kirk felt helpless. "Don't worry Spock. Once we get you upstairs. You'll be alright." He looked down at Y'Lang's body. Apparently, she had put herself into a self-induced sleep. "Y'Lang will be alright, too."

"The shock... she could not handle it." Spock searched Kirk's face for a solution. His face was stained with tears; he started to cry again. "Please help me, Jim!"

Kirk pulled Spock towards him, both arms wrapped around Spock's body to comfort him. Kirk looked at McCoy and very quietly spoke. "Let's get them upstairs."


Kirk left sickbay when he was informed of the mining crew's return. He entered engineering as Mr. Scott was checking the results. "Well, how do we stand?"

"Captain, we can get out. I don't know how much control we will have.. if any." Mr. Scott turned away for a moment to instruct another engineer, then faced Kirk again. "I can manage a slightly waver in the readings but not too badly."

Kirk smiled. "Scottie, if anyone can do it, you can. Spock's and Y'Lang's sanity relays on your abilities on getting us back to our time."

"Aye, Captain. How are they doing?" Scotty crossed his arms then leaned on a control panel.

"Well. They are under extremely heavy sedation. They both have restraints on." Kirk shook his head. "We can't do anymore for them but to get back."

"Aye, Captain."


Both Sulu and Chekov sat drinking coffee and playing chess, as they guarded the Vulcans.

The room contained only two beds and the desk. The doors had been locked and were only opened to specific personnel.

The buzzer sounded, Chekov turned the viewer on. "Hi, Dr. McCoy." He released the door's lock. "Time for another sedative?"

"No, just checking on them and you two." McCoy stood watching Spock and Y'Lang. He wondered if they would ever recover from the ordeal.

"Ve are fine. Sulu's had his nap." Chekov ducked as cards flew at him.

McCoy smiled. He walked over to Spock's bed, checking the panel's readings against the records.

Spock opened his eyes. He was still groggy; he had a difficult time talking. "Doctor." He cleared his throat but his voice was still raspy. "How is Y'Lang?"

McCoy leaned over slightly. "She's in the bed beside you. She's fine. Still under sedation." McCoy sat on the bed. "Y'Lang doesn't fight the sedatives like you do, Spock."

He nodded. "She is all Vulcan, yet because of her age, she cannot fight. Odd isn't it, Doctor." McCoy nodded as Spock turned his head towards Y'Lang. "How are the plans for the time reversal coming?"

"Fine. Jim said we will be starting the process in about five hours." McCoy watched Spock's eyebrow raise in surprise. "You've been asleep for approximately two days."

"I was not aware it had been so long. Does the Captain require me on... " Spock closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

Sulu was standing beside Y'Lang's bed. "Doctor, she's beginning to wake up."

McCoy moved over to Y'Lang, checking the panel. "Y'Lang, you're in sickbay."

Y'Lang nodded.

"Go back to sleep. You'll be getting another sedative in about four hours."

Her eyes opened momentarily. "Tired... so tired." Her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

"Well at least they'll be quiet for awhile." Sulu looked at McCoy. "Does the Captain require us on the bridge?"

McCoy turned. "He told me he'd appreciate it if you could get up there." McCoy walked over to the desk as Sulu did. "After I give them the sedative, they will be quiet enough for me to handle.. until you get back, if necessary."

Sulu and Chekov returned to their game.

McCoy left and the door was locked behind him.

"You finally came out, Bones." Kirk stood as McCoy came through the door.

McCoy turned as Jim spoke. "Hi. I thought you were in your quarters?" He sat down and began to record the data.

"I was. Just on my way up to the bridge. I've got things to do before we start home." Kirk finished his coffee. "How are they?"

"Oh fine right now." McCoy put his pen down. "I'm not sure if they will recover totally. I just don't know what will happen after... " McCoy poured himself a cup of coffee. "Spock fell asleep asking if he was needed on the bridge. Stubborn Vulcan." Kirk smiled. "With all the sedatives I've had to give them. I just..." He left his thoughts unspoken.

"I see what you mean." Kirk stood, straightening his uniform. "Let's cross our fingers and pray. See you later, I'm needed upstairs."

"See you." McCoy watched as Kirk left.

The sickbay became very quiet as he returned to work.


Kirk made a final check of all systems. There were only ten minutes until they had to start the process. A process that may or may not work.

"Scottie." Kirk spoke into the speaker on his chair. "How are you doing?"

"Fine Captain. We're all ready down here." Scott was worried; you could hear it in his voice. "How are Mr. Spock and Miss. Y'Lang?"

"They have just been sedated, hopefully for the last time. Sulu and Chekov have returned to the bridge."

Kirk signed the report that was handed to him, "Well, we have only two minutes to go. Good Luck Scottie!"

"Aye, Captain."

The communication broke and Kirk turned on shipwide communication, "Stand-by all hands. Process to begin in." He checked the chronometer. "One minute fifty seconds." He flicked off the switch. He looked around the bridge, checking. Everyone and everything had to be ready.

"Sulu, Chekov stand-by." He swung his chair around to the computer/library station. Replacing Mr. Spock was Uhura. "Ready, Lieutenant Uhura?"

"Aye, Captain. Ready and waiting."

"Mr. Sulu, ahead warp factor five. Increase to warp eight slowly."

"Aye, sir." Sulu's hands flew over the board and then he checked the course. He spoke to Chekov as he continued. Chekov had to make sure the Enterprise 'flew' straight.

Kirk had a great bridge crew, they all worked as one.

Kirk could hear the engines beginning to whine slightly as they increased their speed. The shields went up, the viewer was turned off as they neared the sun.

Uhura counted off the degrees as they entered a partial orbital path. The computer was put into control over course corrections as they circled the sun.

No one could do very much for approximately ten minutes, until they had reached the other side.

Kirk sat in his command chair watching everyone at work. He tapped on the intercom. "McCoy, how's your patients?"

"Fine so far. I gave them a mild sedative. It should start to wear off in about twenty minutes."

"Take care, we'll be breaking soon. Call you later."

"Fine. Sickbay out."

"Kirk out." He flicked the controls off. Checking the chronometer, he realized he had only one minute until breaking thrust. "Stand-by, Mr. Sulu." He swung his chair around to Uhura. "Watch your chronometer, let's hope we make it home."

The lights flickered, then the intercom sounded. "Bridge."

"Bridge here. Go ahead Scotty."

"Sir, there's a fluctuation in the readings because of the rough crystals. We may lose secondary systems." Scotty stopped a moment as the lights flickered again. "Captain, I just closed some circuits."

"Just keep us together long enough to break."

"Aye, sir."

Kirk turned his chair to face Uhura. "How's the time."

"Breaking away from the sun Time passing slowly but picking up speed." Uhura studied the hooded viewer. "...three millenium to go."

Kirk instructed Scottie to stand-by. As they rounded the sun they needed only a slight thrust, to pull away.

Now they would need all the engine power they had. The engines whine had already increased and it seemed to be getting louder.

"One millenium." Uhura turned as she spoke. She held onto the hooded viewer to stay standing.

"Reverse power. All engines." Kirk ordered, he held onto his chair.

"All engines... reversing." Sulu stated.

Chekov held the navigational controls steady.

"Five hundred." Uhura's voice changed as they came closer. "...fifty years, sir."

That was the point. "Full power!"

The engines groaned as they were forced to work. All auxilary powers had been placed on stand-by. The over-head lights went out, but none of the controls.

Kirk felt the force of the gravity pushing him into the chair. He did not envy the smaller and harder chairs his crew had.

Suddenly the ship became silent. Then sounds of the bridge crew picking up their chairs and themselves.

As the lights returned, Kirk searched the bridge for injuries. Uhura was already standing up and checking the library. Sulu and Chekov had only to hang onto their boards to stay upright. Kirk turned to face the engineering board. "Lieutenant, are you alright?"

The man stood setting his chair right. "Yes, sir."

Kirk turned back to Uhura. "Well, Uhura, did we make it?"

She did not vocalize her answer. She moved over to her board, flipped a few switches. With a smile on her face she removed her earpiece and then placed the message on the speaker.

"Starfleet Command to the U.S.S Enterprise, reply."

Kirk smiled back. "Answer them Uhura, before they panic." He banged on a button on his armrest console. "Scotty, how are we?"

"Damaged, sir. We can make it to a repair station on impulse power. We have all essential systems."

"Okay, Scotty, you've got a raise and some extra 'R and R'..."

"Aye, aye, sir." He could not argue.

"Sickbay to Bridge." The voice came through the grid.

"Kirk here, Bones. How many things did we break for you?"

"Ha! I was ready this time, I put things away."

Kirk chuckled. "Good, how are Spock and Y'Lang?"

"Fine. Still sedated, but their readings have begun to improve already."

"Good. I'll be down later. Bridge out." Kirk turned to Uhura. "Where do we set in for repairs?"

"Starbase four. About six parsecs."

"Mr. Chekov, set course for Starbase four." Kirk stepped down. "Mr. Sulu, you have the conn. I want all reports on my desk, but no hurry."

"Aye, sir." Sulu continued at his board.

Kirk had a bounce to his step as he entered sickbay. He walked through McCoy's office into an adjoining room. "How are they?"

"Fine. They are still in bed." McCoy had just walked through a doorway. He turned and led Kirk through it. "They don't need to stay here but I would feel better of the stayed for a few days."

The men walked in, they heard the tail end of a conversation in Vulcan. Very confusing.

"I hear you are able to leave this lovely area shortly." Kirk pulled a chair away from the wall and placed it between the beds.

"Yes, Captain. Except for the nauseating feeling we have, all is well." Spock shot a glance at McCoy.

"Maybe if you two had red blood instead of green, you won't feel sick!" McCoy crossed his arms.

"If you would practice medicine instead of guessing perhaps..."

"Do they do this all the time, or only when you are around?" Y'Lang inquired. She would only make comments of the doctor but not argue. That was Spock's department.

"I believe it began the second day aboard this ship, Y'Lang." Kirk smiled. "I see we have both of you totally occupied."

McCoy spoke first. "I just wish that he would admit for once that I am a doctor."

"In comparison to what?" Spock added.

This time Y'Lang sat up. "I don't know about you, Spock or you, McCoy but I am getting dressed and having my next meal in Captain Kirk's company." She got out of the bed.

McCoy shrugged. "Go ahead. You too, Spock. Just report back in a few hours."

In no time at all the three left for the recreation room. McCoy stayed to finished reports and relax.

"I am so glad they made it." McCoy poured himself some brandy. "To Spock and Y'Lang, long life and prosperity." McCoy touched the bottle with his glass.


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