By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
First Draft: January 1999
(c) Final Draft: August 29, 1999

SUMMARY: A short story about the dreams of a Starfleet wife and a peek at her lifestyle.

DISCLAIMER: The Great Bird of the Galaxy created "The ST Universe" that we play in. Paramount owns "The ST Universe" that we play in. They will have all the monetary gains and the headaches... we will have all the fun!


The day had not started out well. Natasha had decided that today of all days, she was going to attempt to make breakfast for herself.

At the age of five years and four months, what did she want for breakfast? Mashed potatoes. Not hard, she had seen her mother do it so many times! She slid the chair over so she could reach the panel for the food replicator. She knew she was not allowed to use the cooking area, her mother had made that quite clear! She slid in the slate that held the program for the mashed potatoes and then tapped in the coding for five helpings. She was really hungry!

And then the potatoes showed up, in their large bowl, steaming hot and she lifted the bowl out carefully then with practiced skill, climbed down off the chair and headed to the table.

Then the replicator beeped again. There was another bowl of potatoes waiting for her. This one she took out using only the stepstool, she didn't need to reach the controls. Then placing that one on the counter wondered for the first time exactly how much was in five helpings?

The replicator beeped again.

"Oh no." She whispered.

The third bowl joined the second on the counter. Natasha sighed. She was going to be in trouble for this. The replicator beeped for the forth time.

"So much trouble." She whispered as she covered her face with her hands.

"What is going on?" A whispered question and a slight smile.

"Oh-h-h, Marky." She was relieved and panicked in the same second.... At least it wasn't Mommy. She ran into his arms and wrapped herself around him somehow. "I didn't mean for this.... I only wanted one!" She started to sob.

Marcus Foster bent down as he unwrapped her from his lower body. He crouched in front of her and lifted her chin. "Hey, Nattie. Tell me what happened."

She nodded and sobbed. "I wanted to... Make myself.... Some breakfast.... To let Mommy sleep." She took a breath. "I was really hungry."

Her wide eyes accented the fact that she was telling the truth. Marc tried hard not to laugh. He did smile slightly. "Okay." He looked up as the replicator double-beeped. There was another dish in the unit and another one waiting. "Exactly how many times did you do this?" He stood and reached in for the forth bowl then shook his head gently as the fifth one appeared. "Nattie. You will have to eat a lot of potatoes."

"I will!" She promised.

"I'll fix it. Don't worry." He looked to the red eyes and the runny nose. "Go wash your face." He sighed when she ran out of the room. He stood looking into the eating area and the bowl that sat on the table. His eyes drifted to the two that sat on the counter then to the two in his hands. Living here was interesting to say the least and it had ended the loneliness for both of them. It had given Natasha someone else to torment as well.

Yesterday, Natasha had decided that her mother needed help cleaning up. She had tried dusting and had broken two figurines that sat on the end tables. She tried vacuuming and in her enthusiasm had knocked the handle into Marc's groin. Then again, he had made the mistake of walking into the common room at the same time as her burst of energy! She had also decided that she was old enough to go to the store and Marcus and Rebecca were out looking for her for at least an hour before finding her.

Marc heard a gasp behind him and turned. He grinned. "She wanted to make breakfast. She wanted to let you sleep." He grinned as he caught Rebecca leaning slightly to see what was on the counter then noticed the bowl on the table.

Rebecca closed her eyes. She counted to ten, once opened her eyes then counted to ten again. She sighed. She was tired. She had not been sleeping well for the last week and she suspected it was because of Natasha's newfound 'growing-up' period. School would be back in session tomorrow and Nat would have somewhere else to use up her energies. She leaned against the doorframe and sighed. "You know, Marc, I know that this is just a phase. I know that this will stop but it doesn't make it any easier to take."

"Go make the coffee. I'll see to this." He pulled the bowls out of her reach. "Might be a good idea to make up a few slates just for her. Teach her how to use it so this won't happen."

Rebecca looked doubtful. "I'll go make the coffee." She turned and began the preparations as Marc began to get rid of all the potatoes in the recycling unit. Rebecca turned and faced him. "We lock the recycling unit." All she could envision was the entire contents of a room ending up in the recycler.

Marc frowned then seemed to understand what she meant. He laughed. "Agreed." The last of the potatoes went into the unit and disappeared into molecular heaven.

Then they heard a crash from upstairs. Both of them looked up.

Rebecca was moving before Marc could even react.

"Are you okay?" Rebecca called up as she took the stairs two at a time. She headed into Natasha's room at a run and with all her thoughts on every set of emergency procedures she knew. She stopped with a relieved sigh at the sight of Natasha standing there, on the chair, with the pile of clothes that had fallen from the upper shelf. She closed her eyes then looked to her daughter. "Been busy this morning, I hear." She lifted the overalls that were hanging over her face. She helped her down then sat on the floor. She was now at eye level with Natasha.

"Morning." Nat said with some hesitation.

"Morning." She grinned slightly. "You know you have a whole lifetime to drive me crazy. You don't have to do it all in one day." She reached forward and brushed the strand of dark wavy hair back. Why did she have to have his eyes? And his mouth? And his smile? She missed him. Her arms reached for her daughter and pulled her into a hug. She sighed again wondering if she would live long enough to see this girl married? "Can we make today a quiet day?"

Natasha's head nodded. "Okay."

"Try really hard, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." She lifted herself back onto her feet. "I tried to make breakfast..."

"I heard." She smoothed the warm flannel of Nat's pajamas. "Some things you can't do yet because you are not tall or strong enough. Please do not try to do those things, I don't want you hurt."

Natasha nodded her head. She felt like crying again and felt the tears start.

"Don't cry, Tash. I'm not mad. I just don't want you to be hurt. When you do things like that I get worried that you will." She dried the tears with her thumb. Her head tilted then looked to the stack of clothes that she had, just yesterday, put up on the shelf. "And what happened here?"

"I was trying to get dressed."

"But these are all too small for you. Remember yesterday when we went through everything?"

Natasha nodded.

"Well you have to pick things out of your drawers. Not way up there." She stood then started picking up the clothes. Natasha helped. "Go find some clothes. Get changed and we'll have breakfast."

Natasha nodded then disappeared into the other room.

Rebecca sat on the end of the bed. For some reason, everything was getting to her. Natasha's antics. Marc's cheerfulness. His clear thinking. The house. And her loneliness.

Marc popped his head in. "Everything okay?"

Rebecca nodded. "She pulled down the clothes." She stood then looked into the other room, she could see Natasha busy with her clothes. "I am getting dressed."

Marc stopped her. "Why don't you wait. Have some breakfast. I'll take her out to play and you can relax in a bath with bubbles." He smiled. "It snowed again last night. There's shoveling to do, hills to build and snowball fights to be had."

She held his face then leaned forward and kissed him.

He wrapped one arm around her and returned the sentiment with a quick hug.

"When is Adam due home?" She stepped back from Marc as she asked the question.

"Not soon enough." He grinned and then looked down to the carpet as he felt his face warm.

Rebecca laughed. "You are unbelievable! At least he is only at Headquarters. You'll be apart from him for only a few days." She teased him again. "I can not believe the two of you. The way you carry on." She shook her head knowing how her brother and this man would carry on at times.

"Coffee's made."

"Changing the subject?"

"Trying to."

Rebecca looked to the other room. "Are you ready for breakfast yet?"

"Comin', Mommy." The little voice held a singsong sound to it.

Rebecca moved passed Marc. "I'll be downstairs. You can break the news to her."

"Sure." He half watched Rebecca head down the stairs at a more relaxed pace than she came up.

Marcus Foster was six-foot tall, blonde hair and bluest eyes this side of the moon. At least that was how Adam Tolver had described him to his sister just before she was introduced to him. He looked awkward as he reached down and then lifted Natasha high up into the air then down into the pile of snow they had just formed.

Natasha squealed then laughed.

Marc laughed with her. Her laugh was infectious, as far he was concerned. He looked up to the window that was Rebecca's. He caught her peeking out the curtains. He waved to her then shooed her with a gesture then tapped his wrist indicating to her that time was passing. He shook his head as he considered how much she needed to have someone to hold her. For someone else to worry about all the little things for just a little while. He loved helping her out but there were some things that he could not do for her.

He caught Rebecca's movement as she covered her mouth, surprised at something behind him. As he turned the snowball hit him directly in the center of his face. Then he heard the giggling again. He wiped the snow from his face then bared his teeth at his little attacker.

"For that.... It's the snow drop again!" He growled at her and she started to scurry off into the deep snow, laughing and tripping as he slowly closed the distance between them.

Rebecca laughed even harder when she heard the squeal. Marc had caught her again. They loved each other and it made up for the fact that Nat's dad was not here all the time. It gave her some company as well. Made the days, at least, bearable. Now if she could only find someone to make the nights bearable.

She untied the robe and let it fall to the floor. She reached to the lights and turned them down. She looked around before she slipped into the silky warmth of the hottest bath she could deal with. Reader, candles, music and towels. Turned the music on loud, she loved rock'n'roll and lit the candles. She nodded then slid the door closed.

She shivered then cautiously dipped her foot into the water. She sighed and shivered with the change in temperature. Her body slipped into the warmth and she settled herself in the tub. Pillow at her head and closed her eyes to drift with the music and the heat far away from here and out into the stars. Out there with him, around whatever star he was traveling around and wanting to tease him into going AWOL.


Marc sat down in the snow where he had been 'pushed' and he flopped back with a sigh. He always forgot how much she could tire him out. "Hey, Nattie." He waved her over. "Sit here for a minute and let me catch my breath." He grinned at her then leaned back. He felt her lean back into the snow as well.

"Markie?" She copied his position but her heel kept banging into the snow. She started to brush the snow off her mitts.


"Can you make some hot chocolate when we go in?"

"Sure." He sighed. That wouldn't be too long from now if he had it his way. "What else do you want to do?" He had promised to keep Nat out of Rebecca's hair for at least three hours. He had two to go.

"Can we do some games?"


"Hide and seek?"

"That's better outside."

"How about tag?"

"That's better outside too, Hon."

Her foot banged a little harder into the snow. "Can we call Daddy?"

"No. We can't reach him from here."

"Why not?"

"Because we need a special connection to do that." Marc did not want to explain sub-space frequencies to her at the moment.

"Why?" She began to cross her eyes and look around at Marc. A new skill she had acquired after visiting some cousins a week ago. "You look funny."

Marc opened one eye. "Anyone would." He laughed.

"Who's that?"

He felt her shadow fall across him; she was standing up now. "Who's who?"

She pointed to the far off figures. "Them."

Marc sat up then stood. "Not sure." He squinted. The stride looked familiar but he didn't know anyone that would have walked from the transport station. Not in this weather. He waited a little longer until the figures walked a little closer. One of them waved. Marc grinned. "It couldn't be..." He muttered then reached for Natasha's hand. "Come on. Let's go check."

"But who is it?"

"I think one of them is Adam."

She jumped up and down. "Uncle Adam!" She screamed then when the figure waved to her she squealed again. "Come on, Marky..." She pulled on the hand that she was holding.

"I'm coming." He started to walk a little faster in order to keep up with her running pace. He wasn't sure of who would have been with him until he spotted the duffel bag that the other figure carried. "Oh, this is perfect!" He whispered then stopped to wait for Adam to get closer. "Wait here, Nattie."

Adam trudged through the snow. "Explain to me again why you wanted to walk?" He looked to his companion. Both of them dressed for the weather that surrounded them. He grinned as he remembered the look on the attendant's face when they asked for the arctic issue. "He thought we were nuts."

"Maybe." The deeper voice was barely winded. "She isn't expecting me."

"So. She'll be doubly surprised." Adam waved at the two that were coming down the road. "Told you, she's growing like a weed."

"She does not even know me." He said softly.

"She will." He ginned at the other man's stern face. "You'll scare her like that you know."

He smiled.

"That's better, Commander. You're learning."


The warm water had surrounded her and relaxed her. She heard the entrance door open and closed off hearing the noise that came in. She did not want to be bothered yet. In her daydreams she was just the other side of the world tucked into his arms and feeling the warmth of him surrounding her. In her mind's eye, they had just made love. Long and slow but that was after the hot and fast sex.

She sighed.

A hand knocked on the door.

"Go away." She sighed; the knock was too high to be Natasha.

The knock came again.

"Please Marc. Just ten minutes longer."

"It's not Marc."

She sat up quickly and turned to face the door. She held her breath. It sounded like.... It couldn't be him... She felt light-headed. She whispered his name.

Another knock and then the door slid open slowly.

She closed her eyes. If it wasn't him, she wouldn't have to face whoever it was. If it was him, then she wasn't sure she could look at him without crying. She took a sudden breath and caught the distinctive scent that she had memorized. Her chest tightened.

He crouched down beside the tub. He smiled at her tightly closed eyes, the way she was holding her breath and how inviting she was like this. He touched her chin with just two fingertips then leaned forward and kissed her.

She felt her tears fall. "Oh-h-h Pavel!" Her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him passionately. She stood with him slowly, his arm wrapped around her pulling her tightly to him. She kissed him with little kisses along his mouth, his cheek, his neck then whispered. "I'm dreaming right?"

"Den ve bot are." He whispered back. He tasted her lips again then moved down her neck. "You taste wery good."

She laughed then realized that she was still standing in the tub full of water. She opened her eyes and was rewarded with the site of the dark ones that she dreamed about. Her hands went to his face. "You are real, right?"

"Yes." Pavel grinned. "I vanted to surprise you, not shock you." He began to register the dampness seeping in through his tunic. He placed his hands on her waist. "You are getting me vet. Do you vant to get out?"

She smiled. "No. I vant you in here." She purred at him, and teased him about his accent. Her hands began to open his tunic, unfastening his belt and still trying to kiss him. The tunic was slipped off his shoulders then tossed across the room. His sweater was next. "Not going to help?"

"No." He smiled at her. God, her eyes were gorgeous! And her skin was soft and warm from the bath water. He balanced himself with his hands on her waist as he pulled off his boots. Her hands were tugging his sweater over his head. He laughed. She was more anxious than he was! "Leave my head in place." He released his hold on her then eased the sweater off before she pulled off his ears.

She kissed him then continued a path down his chest.

He gasped then lifted her head. "Vait." He laughed at her obvious impatience.

"I don't want to wait." She ran her hand along his chest then to his waistband. She unfastened his pants and pulled him closer to her as she tugged them down. "Get them off or they come in with you." She threatened with a grin.

"Then let me." He shook his head at this reunion. He shimmied his pants down then tossed them over with his tunic and sweater.

She waited a second while his underwear joined the pile of Starfleet issued clothing. She grabbed his hand then crooked a finger at him. "In. Now, Commander."

"Yes, ma'am." He lifted one leg over into the still warm water. She liked hot baths; he remembered that much and was relieved that she had obviously been in here for a bit. He lifted her hand and noticed the wrinkled fingertips. "How long have you been in here?"

Her hands ran down his body. "Not long enough to cool off, Mister." She stepped closer to him, her body pressed tightly against his. She moaned then captured his mouth. She urged him down into the water with her. She wrapped her legs around his waist then moved closer to him. Her fingers ran along his lips and she felt the first sob catch in her throat. She held her breath and stared at this man.

Pavel Chekov recognized that look. She was going to cry and she didn't want to. He smiled at her then drew her closer. He wrapped his arms around her and breathed in her perfume. "I missed you, Becca." He whispered. His hands moved down her back then lifted her closer to him. He heard her gasp then felt her kisses on his neck. "You have no idea how much I have missed you." He closed his eyes and leaned back, her weight against his chest. It was a welcome weight because it had been so long since they had been together. "Almost five years." His fingers ran through her hair. "I dreamt about you every night." His kisses started at her forehead as he worked his way down. "I read your letters over and over again." More kisses. "I could smell your perfume on the letters you gave me when I left." He had thought it silly when she handed him a small box and told him it was filled with dated letters. But it made him miss her less. There were some dated for his birthdays and their anniversaries. Natasha's Birthday.

He brushed his lips against the softness of her breast. She held his head then whispered his name. He circled her breast with tiny kisses and nips then sucked on her gently. He felt her fingers curl in his hair and she moaned. He had almost forgotten how this felt.

She dropped her head against his brushing her kisses into his hair. Her hands caressed his back then moved into his hair. She lifted his head then kissed him. "I keep thinking that I'm dreaming."

He lifted his hand out of the water then brushed back her hair. He stared into her dark brown eyes and wanted her even more. "I vant to make love to you." He whispered then nuzzled her neck.

"I'm not stopping you." She smiled then shivered. "Water's getting cold."

"Then ve get out." He kissed her.

She sighed. She did not want to be separated from him for any reason. She reluctantly moved from his lap then stood in the water. His hands stopped her from climbing out, his mouth touched her stomach then moved down. She whispered his name and shivered from his touch.

Pavel dropped back his head, his eyes were closed and he drew in a long breath then stood. They climbed out and both reached for towels. He wrapped his around his waist then reached to help her. He took the corner of the towel and began to dry her face, then her neck. He kissed her. He dried one shoulder then kissed the area that he had just dried.

She patiently stood through all of his touches, still not quite believing he was home. A month early! She played with his hair and smiled every time he kissed her.

He continued this until he had dried and kissed her thoroughly. He took her hand and started out of the bathroom. She pulled him back. "Vhat?"

"Here. I don't want to leave here." She caressed his cheek then his neck and shoulder. She moved closer to him wrapping her arms around him, pressing herself against him. "Pavel, I need you." She spoke softly as she brushed her lips against his. Her hands were busy removing his towel. She pressed her hips against his, her hands held his hips and pulled him tightly to her.

He stayed as close to her as possible as they made themselves comfortable on the floor. He had added their towels to the carpeted floor's cushiony effect. He covered her slowly with his body. He ran a hand down her side then moved between her legs. She was warm and wet. His touch caused her to moan.

She pulled his hand away. "I want you."

Pavel slipped into her slowly.

She arched her back as he did, wrapping her arms around him. She nuzzled his neck, whispered his name and told him how much she loved him. She breathed in his scent and felt her tears beginning. She had waited so-o long for him. These last few days had seemed impossible to get through, almost as if she knew somehow that he was coming home.

Pavel closed his eyes, unmoving for what seemed the longest time. He brushed her shoulder with his lips considering the fact that he had almost died on this mission. He recalled the feeling he had when the panel exploded in his face and how he had thought that he would never hold Becca again. He felt the relief flood through his body and he sighed. He was, only now, beginning to really feel his own arousal. His body ached for her. He moved slowly, his mouth tasted hers. His tongue reached in hungry for her. She matched his hunger.

Passion had finally started to register as the numbness left them.

He could feel the warmth growing and his rhythm increased. Her hands pressed against his back then he felt her nails beginning to dig into his cheeks. She was close as well.

She moaned. Her body was screaming for release but it still seemed so far off! He had to move faster and she whispered that to him. Her hips lifted to him to help. Her legs spread then she raised her knees. It felt as if he had moved deeper. She arched her back then whispered for him to move faster and harder. She could barely breath; her hands reached to the towels under her and clenched her hands into the fabric. Her body shivered.

His body pumped into her. Harder and faster than before. His body was tensing again as it always did just before his release... but he seemed to stay there forever. His breathing was deep and shallow. His heart seemed to be pounding harder. It had to be soon! He was having a hard time breathing. It had to happen soon or he would die this way. They were both slippery with sweat. The sound of their bodies slapping together seemed to be getting louder. He lifted himself up onto his forearms. His hands were in her hair and he kissed her teasingly.

She smiled at him then her body shivered again. "Now, Pavel." She whispered as she panted. Her hands caressed his face then moved down his chest. Her thumbs rubbed his hard nipples and he gasped. He was overly sensitive, just as she was at the moment. She lifted her head and touched her tongue to his chest then tasted his throat. Her mouth tasting him, nipping gently in a path to his mouth.

Between panting, they kissed. She moaned and then sighed. They were getting tired. She wrapped her legs around him then pulled him to her. "Stop, Pavel." She breathed in much needed air. Her hands stroked his back and his ass. He was hot, slippery with sweat and having a hard time breathing. She felt his heart pounding in his chest.

"Sh-h-h." She held him.

He kept moving in and out of her but at a much calmer rhythm. His mouth resting against her neck as he tried to calm his breathing. He felt his tears start and he whispered how much he loved her. How much he missed her. How he wanted to make all of the time away from her up to her somehow.

She held him. Whispered how happy she was to have him home. Told him how she loved how he felt as she held him close to her. He wasn't moving a muscle now. Still deep inside her and still rock hard. She was still feeling the tension in her body and her need for release. She brushed back his hair, urging him to rest his head on her. He finally did and she kissed his forehead.

"This is not fair." Pavel said then sighed. His hand ran along her arm then up her neck to her face. He lifted his head then kissed her. He closed his eyes and rested his head against her shoulder. He could tell, by the way she was stroking his back that she was in the same predicament as he was. "All turned on and no vhere to go." He smiled.

She held his face gently in her hands. "You are nuts." She searched his eyes. "What do we do now?"

He grinned. "Stay like dis forewer?" He traced her lips with his fingertip. "I can just imagine vhat it vould be like to report for duty..." He smiled. "Keptain Kirk vould understand."

"He vould?" She sighed as she continued to caress his body.

"I almost died." He spouted.

"I thought something had happened." She kissed his neck then ran her tongue along his warm skin to taste him. She pushed her hips against him just once.

Pavel pushed back.

She smiled with her eyes closed then ran her hands down his back. She sighed. "Pavel...?"

"Vhat?" His kissed her neck.

"Make love to me."

He kissed her mouth gently then harder. His hands clenched in her hair and she held him tighter. He moved his hips slowly. She moaned softly. His pace increased slightly. It felt good to move again. It felt good to be inside her.

Then the passion took them both and their bodies reached for each other as his body pumped into her. She sighed his name then held her breath as her climax surged through her.

He held her tightly then rolled over onto his back. She kissed his chest; her fingers ran over his nipples. He shivered. She sat up slowly, straddling him now. She began to rock slowly feeling her body building for another climax.

Pavel felt the building in his body as well.

This time it did not take long and their bodies shivered almost at the same time.

He pulled her down on top of him.

She kissed him gently. "Welcome home."

Later in the day....

Pavel stretched out across the bed and sighed. He was relieved to get out of his uniform... or rather not have to put it on. The uniform of the day had been his old jeans and a sweatshirt with the logo for the Starfleet Academy emblazoned across the front. Homecomings were tiring. He grinned at that thought then listened to the sounds that were beginning to grow downstairs.

Rebecca had decided he was hungry and was going to make lunch. All his favourite dishes, was the last thing she said and his only thoughts were how much exercise he would have to do to fit back into his uniform.

He turned his head towards the door at the sound of a small person clearing her throat. He rolled onto his side and propped up his head. "Hello, Natasha."

She grinned as her head dropped and she leaned on the doorframe. "Hi." She knew who this man was but she didn't know him. "Mommy kicked us all out of the kitchen. Mark said she was going to cook up a storm." She titled her head and looked to this man. "Have you ever eaten a storm?"

Pavel smiled. "He means she vill do a lot of cooking." He watched her dig her toes into the carpet. "I have eaten one of..." He wasn't sure if he should say your mother, mommy or Rebecca? " ... your mother's storms. That is von of the reason I married her. She is a good cook."

"I tried to make my own breakfast this morning." She stated quite proudly.

"I heard." Chekov smiled. "Do you eat mashed potatoes for breakfast often?"

She shook her head. She looked around the room. "What's it like to be on the ship?"

"It's fun in de beginning. Den after a bit it seems quite boring." Chekov thought about all the conversations that he had missed having with her. He sat up then reached to the duffel bag. Most of the items had been emptied. "I brought something for you." He pulled out the issued blanket and placed it on the bed. "It is from my qvarters."

She moved closer to the bed and leaned on the edge. She ran her hand over the fabric, part of the markings were showing. "What's it say?"

Chekov reached to it and started unfolding it, Natasha helped with the last of it. "It is de name of my ship."

Her little fingers traced the letters then sat on the floor. She picked up the end that lay on the carpet and put it in her lap.

"It is good for making tents." Pavel suggested.

Natasha lifted her eyes to him. "I need help."

"I tink I can remember how to do it." He stood then lifted the blanket tossing it over his shoulder then offered her his hand. "You vill have to show me vere your room is."

She nodded. "Sure." Her hand slipped into his as she stood. "How come you sound different?"

"Because vhen I vas little I spoke a different language and my tongue never learned to make de sounds that yours does. You vould have an accent if you spoke Russian." He felt her hand tighten in his as he followed her lead into the next room down the hall.

"Can you teach me Russian?"

"Sure." Chekov looked around the room. He had been sent pictures of all the changes that took place but the last time he remembered being here was when Natasha was just four months old. He had been home for six months and had managed to stay on his feet during Natasha's birth. "The last time I vas in here, you vere sleeping in a crib."

She nodded. "I outgrew that long time ago." She began to move things around in preparation for the tent making. The first tent she would make with her father! She wanted to ask him so many questions. The chair was moved away from her table. She wanted to know why she couldn't visit him. Her dolls were put on the bed for now. She wanted to know what he liked for breakfast. She wanted to ask him why Mommy was acting the way she was. Did he know any bedtime stories like Mommy did? Happy one minute and crying the next? She wanted to know why he had to go away and do the things he did. Would he tell her any? Did he like to play in the snow like Uncle Marc did? She looked to him, he was so-o tall! "You look different not wearing your uniform."

Chekov smiled. "I guess I do."

"I need the blanket now." She held out her hands for it. "You hold the other end and put it over the chair. I'll get the books to hold it in place."

"You are the expert." Chekov passed her one end of the blanket then held onto the other. He watched as she placed the end over the back of the chair then held it as she tried to reach for the books. He was about to help her when she grabbed the book then placed it on the tail of the blanket on the chair. "Dis end goes ower here?" He pointed to the other small chair. She nodded and he placed his end over it, pulling the chair away from the other a little more. He accepted the book from her then placed it as she had on the chair. "Now vhat?"

"We go in." She crouched down and lifted the end of the blanket up and waited for him to duck under. She giggled as she moved into the tent. "Your taller than Mommy." She grinned, his head was touching the blanket.

"Next time ve vill find a taller chair." Chekov grinned. He drew in his legs and crossed them.

"How long will you be home?" She wanted to call him Daddy but she wasn't sure yet.

"So far it vill be for two months."

She sat with her legs crossed, just like he was. "What do you like to eat for breakfast?"

Chekov smiled. "Mashed potatoes."

Natasha grinned. Now she knew... this was her father! "I'm glad you are home, Daddy." She whispered the last word.


Rebecca closed the door just as she heard the Natasha's squeal. She smiled, Pavel had promised to show his daughter how to build a fort. One that would be there for a long time. She had about half an hour to herself and she used the time wisely. She crossed into the study, stretched out on the lounge chair and closed her eyes.

"A nap." She smiled and then sighed.

The next thing she realized was her shoulder being shaken by a cold hand.

"Mommy." The little voice stated softly. "Mommy. Daddy said for you to go out and look at the fort."

She nodded sleepily. "I am awake, Honey."

"Daddy said you were to go out right away and to bring a blanket." Natasha grinned. "See Mommy..." She placed one of her cold hands fresh from the mitt onto her mother's cheek. "look how warm I stayed."

Rebecca gasped. "Yes." She held the little cold hand. "You are frozen. Go get changed into something dry." She sat up shaking her head. She called out to Natasha not to forget to hang up her wet things. She sighed then reached to the blanket that was on the back of the lounge.

"That man..." She grinned to herself as she slipped on her boots and pulled on her coat.

She stepped out into the brightness of the snow and daylight. She looked around the considerable yard and then noted the flag waving in the breeze. She shivered then trudged over to the very large fort.

"Pavel?" She tried to find the entrance and couldn't. A dome, he had built her a dome shaped fort. "Pavel. Ding dong." She grinned.

"Oh good." His voice game from inside then a seam appeared and the door was pushed open. "Do you like it?"

Rebecca grinned then shook her head. "Your daughter likes it."

Pavel crawled out without his jacket. "Velcome." He gestured for her to crawl in. He waited for her to clear the doorway then he slipped in and pulled the door into place.

"Vhat do you think?"

Rebecca grinned then laughed. He was grinning like a Cheshire... no she thought, he would say Minsk Cat. All smile. "I think its a fort."

He moved closer to her. "Have you ever had someone make love to you in a fort?"

She laughed. "No."

"Vell then. Today is your lucky day." He began to open her coat and slip it off. "Because I have time to do just that very thing to you."

"Oh you do, do you?" She pulled her arm out of the sleeve. "Is this is what the blanket was for?"

Pavel kissed her. "No the blanket is to cover us up in case anyone peeks in..." He looked up. "or the roof falls."

She looked up at the roof then at him. "You are an awful tease, Pavel Andrievich Chekov."

"I believe you have told me that before." He moved closer to her on his knees then wrapped his arms around her. "*I* can not get enough of you."

"I know. I sent you out here to cool off."

"It did not vork." He kissed her neck then tasted her skin. His fingers began to open her top and his mouth continued to taste every inch of her.

"No, I guess it didn't." She moaned then ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him into a kiss. "I love you."

"M-m-m. Tell me again." He whispered close to her ear. "Tell me as many times as you vish to say it."


**Inspired by a snowstorm that ended up 10 days long. Personally I enjoyed every flake that fell.

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