*BlueMoon TrekSmut SweatShop Tale*


SUMMARY: An innocent meeting between a resident Muse and a visiting Muse turns into an interesting affair.

DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns whatever they do; we just like to play.


By Gayle Rochefort-Potts
and T'Aaneli


The table had been set for two. Passion fruit, tangerines, breads, jam, hra'tha and marmosas was on the menu. The table had been covered with a cream coloured linen tablecloth. The plates and the glasses were made of a rose coloured glass.

T'Aitlu placed the last of the cutlery down as she saw Tomaas pass the doorway. She moved to the door and called to him.

Tomaas bowed his head, as was custom. "Yes, T'sai?"

"I planned this meal to share with Taurik but unfortunately he was called away. If you have not yet eaten, would you care to join me?" She had been anxious to get to know the newest addition to the Shop. She was getting to know T'Alene from the Shop Grope Sessions.

"It would be my pleasure. I was just heading to the dining room." He noted the fact that this meal was in T'Aitlu's own chambers. The Vulcan was draped in a burgundy silk robe.

T'Aitlu sat down closer to the fireplace. "The morning air still has a chill."

Tomaas smiled slightly. "I'm actually finding the Caves quite warm." He was discovering that he had to constantly search for cooler clothing. Even the silk that he wore today was only barely comfortable.

As they dined on the delicacies set out on the table between them, their conversation continued along a variety of subjects including the similarities and differences between life on Vulcan and Earth. They spoke about the workings of the shop, the skills that could be learned and the skills that had been abandoned. The meal went slowly but enjoyably.

"This is very tasty." Tomaas dipped another piece of fruit into the blue cream. "What is, is?"

"Wha'thra. It is a delicacy." She tasted it on some of the tangerine section. "It is one of my favourites." She was however aware of the effect it would have on the Vulcan metabolism so she did not indulge too much.

"More...?" Tomaas offered, and then filled their glasses again with a delightful mixture of champagne and juice. He sat back and sipped on the drink. "This has been most enjoyable."

"You sound as if you are preparing to take your leave?" She did not wish to give up the company so quickly.

"No." He drank more of the wine mixture then continued. "I don't have any pressing duties as of yet." He glanced around the room spotting her collection of books. "You been collecting books a long time? Some seem very old."

"Some are gifts from the Ancient One."

"The Ancient One?" Tomaas was intrigued; no one had mentioned this person before.

"The TaskMaster before S'haile Selek."

"Ah-h." He was about to ask her about the Ancient One when he noticed Taurik walk by, then return to stand in the doorway. He took another strawberry that had been dipped in white chocolate and offered it to T'Aitlu. He leaned towards her, but watched Taurik out of the corner of his eye.

T'Aitlu caught his look as Taurik stepped in. "You have returned early."

"Obviously." Taurik cleared his throat. "Yes, the transport was not backed up as it frequently is at this time." His hand went to her shoulder; moved to caress her neck lightly then made contact with her thoughts. [Why is he here?]

"How fortunate." She sipped on her wine. [He was invited.]

Taurik drew back her hair then smoothed it down her back. He glanced at the remnants on the table and concluded that this, whatever 'this' was, had been going on for some time.

Tomaas stood and went over to the books. "I was just telling T'Aitlu how interesting it's been here. So many different species." He checked a few titles then looked back to Taurik. "How many species have you known?"

"Known? In which regard." His hand tightened on her shoulder. This human did not practice discretion.

Tomaas smiled as he responded, "In any regard." He crouched down to pull out one of the older editions. "In Vulcan?" Taurik nodded as Tomaas continued to flip through the pages.

"If you need anything translated..." Taurik offered a bit too quickly.

"Thank you." Tomaas straightened with the book. "I was admiring the artistic quality of the script. Is this an old form of writing?"

Taurik stepped forward, looking at the page. "Yes. It is the old calligraphy."

Tomaas looked to T'Aitlu. "You can write this way?"

She nodded her head and Taurik offered the answer verbally. Tomaas was amused at Taurik's protectiveness. He had acted in a similar fashion with T'Alene on occasion. "Perhaps one day you can show me how to write a few phrases."

"Most assuredly," T'Aitlu replied.

Tomaas returned the book to the small library and noticed one edition open in a small alcove. "And this one?" He lifted the book and looked to Taurik this time.

"A book that explains the neural paths."

Tomaas pointed to one of the symbols on the cover. "But that is the symbol that denotes passion, is it not?"

"Yes." Taurik moved closer to the Human, curious at his recognition of the symbol. He looked to the book, open in Tomaas' hands. "It explains methods that were used long ago to enhance the ability to ignite passions. The word passion was used in reference to many things not just..."

"And who is learning?" Tomaas interrupted, not meaning to.

"I am," Taurik stated, more easily than when he spoke to his brother about it. That was most curious and Taurik was intrigued as to the reason.

"And your teacher?"

"T'sai is my instructor."

"How very interesting." He looked back to the book, then looked to Taurik's clasped hands. "So ... with just a touch... one learns to do what?"

Taurik lifted his eyebrow. He turned to face T'Aitlu for a moment then turned back to Tomaas. "Lessons are taught in the control of one's own passions. The book is merely used as a guide to the neural pathways."

"Show me," Tomaas stated quickly.

Taurik stepped back slightly. "Show you what?"

"One of the pathways...." Tomaas placed the book down on the chest-high ledge that ran along the shelving. He was anxious for any new experience, sometimes too much so for the disciplined Vulcans. "If I understand you correctly... you could, with a touch on my thoughts, touch ... my hand?" He held it out as if asking for a demonstration.

Taurik nodded.

Tomaas glanced towards T'Aitlu. He smiled then met Taurik's eyes. "Okay. I'm ready."

T'Aitlu sipped on her drink as she watched the two men. She sensed the caution Taurik was taking with Tomaas. She watched as Taurik lifted his hand to Tomaas' temple, spreading his fingers to reach the human's contact points. She watched as Taurik closed his eyes, as Tomaas' face went blank for a moment, and then she heard Tomaas' laugh as he looked down at his hand.

A smile crossed Taurik's lips for the briefest of moments, and then just as quickly, the smile was hidden. He dropped his hand.

Tomaas smiled. "Again. Would you?" His eyes were bright, his eagerness infectious.

Taurik turned to T'Aitlu for permission. She inclined her head in agreement. He reached to Tomaas' temple again, his fingers searching for the neural pathways.

"Remember he is not Vulcan," she quietly reminded him.

"Yes, T'sai." Taurik reached in, carefully and slowly.

T'Aitlu again watched the two, fascinated by their interest in each other. She was draining her glass when, through its bottom, saw Taurik lean forward and kiss Tomaas.

T'Aitlu lifted her eyebrow and placed her glass carefully on the table. If she were not Vulcan, it would have crashed to the floor.


Taurik straightened, his hand dropped slowly from the other's temple. He licked his lips; the taste of Tomaas' lips lingered. He drew in a slow breath and noted that Tomaas was doing the same. He felt as if he could not take his eyes from the human's.

Tomaas smiled slowly. "I didn't expect you to take the dare." He spoke quietly.

"Neither did I." Taurik responded, quickly and softly.

Tomaas replayed that split second during their mental touch after he had asked Taurik if he had ever been with a Human, then dared Taurik to kiss him, here and now. He wanted to laugh but something was stopping him. Hanging around Vulcans too much, he thought. Taurik had darker eyes than most here he noted as he continued to stare into them. And that meld was something else. No, he corrected himself, it wasn't a meld--it was a brushing. He considered for a moment what a meld might be like. Something made Tomaas step closer to Taurik, forgetting for the moment T'Aitlu's presence. "You're supposed to relax into a kiss you know."

Taurik lifted his eyebrow. "It is not my habit to kiss." He kept his voice low. "Vulcans do not kiss as a rule."

"Perhaps with practice you would improve." His eyes flickered to the Vulcan's lips.

"One would trust that would be the eventual outcome." Taurik felt as if this conversation had been taking forever but he knew it was barely moments. "The odds would logically improve with each attempt."

"Well then..." Tomaas lifted his hand to Taurik's cheek. "... let's improve the odds." His lips pressed against the warmer ones. He felt Taurik hesitate for the briefest of moments, then relax. His hand continued following the line of the Vulcan's jaw; his thumb brushed the pointed ear then he wrapped his hand around the back of Taurik's neck and held him. His mouth left Taurik's for a moment as he licked his lips then he captured the warm mouth again. It surprised him that Taurik yielded to him. He sensed that it surprised Taurik as well.

The next kiss was different again. Taurik had stepped closer, his hands resting on Tomaas' waist. He felt Tomaas' fingers move into his hair. He heard the Human sigh. There was a slight sound in his own throat, which he firmly quashed as he felt a cool tongue running along his lips. He held his breath and then the touch was gone. He opened his eyes, not even realizing he had closed them.

Tomaas felt warm hands being laid gently along his jaw. As the hands slid back, the warmth wrapped around the back of his neck. He was pulled closer. He dropped his head back slightly as his mouth was captured briefly; then a trail of kisses moved down his throat. Taurik's mouth hesitated at the base of his neck. Tomaas felt the teeth press against his skin. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Taurik had to move from him. He brushed his lips against Tomaas' then moved back. He backed into the shelves before he stopped. He ran his fingertips along his forehead. [Control] He bit his bottom lip lightly as he breathed in, slow and steady.

Tomaas kept the distance, but he too leaned against the shelves. He licked his lips, tasting Taurik's uniqueness. He looked downward, towards the floor, and then peeked up at Taurik. "Do you understand this?"

Taurik shook his head.

"Well ... I have to get..." He needed to get away from Taurik. He wanted him too much at the moment. He grinned, "... get somewhere." From somewhere in his head, he remembered T'Aitlu. He bowed his head to her. "A most... enlightening time. Another time perhaps?"

T'Aitlu bowed her head. "Most definitely."

Tomaas stopped at Taurik's side. "You. I want to see you again ... soon." He spoke softly. Carefully, he avoided touching him in any way. That would be his undoing.

Taurik acknowledged the request with a slight nod of his head. He watched as Tomaas headed out, then down the corridor. He closed his eyes for a moment then turned back to the room. He looked at T'Aitlu. She was walking towards him, two glasses filled with juice in her hands. His hand curled around the offered glass for a moment, reflecting on its cool feel, before downing it contents in one long swallow. T'Aitlu reached out to his face, caressing his cheek, then lifting his chin slightly.

"Go slowly." She sipped on her drink. "Remember--he is Human and may not be able to handle your passions the first time."

Taurik lowered his eyes as his hand caressed her arm silently wondering if he could handle his own passions. He leaned towards her, his lips close to her ear. "I had hoped that you would be present, T'sai."

She lifted her eyebrow only slightly.


Tomaas walked through the corridors quickly. He nodded politely to those he encountered. He exchanged brief, meaningless pleasantries with Sasha after she bumped into him, declining her invitation to visit one of the newly upgraded holosuites. He wasn't even sure if he could recall any of the conversation that he actually had with her. His thoughts were that pre-occupied.

As he reached the sanctuary of the quarters he shared with T'Alene, he shut the heavy door behind him, leaning heavily against it. Deities. The feel of Taurik's lips still burned. His body felt as though it had been scorched by Taurik's heat through his thin, silk robe. What was happening to him? He was still possessed with an overwhelming urge to march back into T'Aitlu's quarters and surrender himself into Taurik's arms; demand to be kissed until he was satiated.

He closed his eyes, reliving the feel of Taurik's silky hair under his fingers, the feel of Taurik's lips as they had searched for his throat, leaving a trail of kisses behind. He groaned at the memory. He would have to see him soon. Very soon.

He suddenly felt the door behind him opening. He straightened and stepped forward into the room, sensing without words the arrival of his Mistress.


As T'Alene applied pressure on the door, she found herself pushing just a little bit harder than normal. She made a note to discuss the matter of oiling the hinges and other routine maintenance matters with Taurik.

As she entered her quarters, she saw Tomaas standing in the centre of the room his eyes fixed on her. As she prepared a greeting, she felt it silenced in her throat. Tomaas' eyes were unusually dark, his body tense with excitement and arousal. "Tomaas. You have returned to our quarters earlier than I anticipated." Although phrased as a greeting, its tone was that of a question.

She moved into the room, depositing a handful of PADDS onto a nearby desk. She walked towards Tomaas, stopping in front of him. She lifted a finger, grazing it along his jaw. As she permitted herself the intimate touch, she sensed Tomaas' confusion mixed with a strong desire and need for someone. But who?

As if seeking solace and reassurance, Tomaas reached for T'Alene, drawing her forward as he folded her into his arms. He buried his face in her dark hair, whispering softly, "Oh T'Alene. What am I getting myself into?"

She returned his embrace, offering him comfort and warmth reassurance emanating silently from her. Despite his debonair attitude, he was so fragile, so vulnerable. She felt a keen sense of protectiveness swelling within her, one that she knew she must control.

As she felt him relaxing, she gently disentangled herself. Taking his hand, she led him towards the divan. With a soft rustle of robes she sank downwards, drawing Tomaas with her, until both were comfortably seated. She encouraged her Human muse to lie down; his head pillowed on her lap, allowing her to caress his brow in slow, soothing strokes. For several moments they sat in quiet, companionable silence. Finally Tomaas began to speak.


Lying down, his head cushioned in T'Alene's lap, he began to wonder if he was simply over-reacting. After all, it was not as if he had never been with a man before--or for that fact, even a Vulcan male. But... there was something about Taurik. For a Vulcan who didn't kiss as a rule, Taurik had a natural ability that had just found it's way right under his skin. He wanted more. Badly. Needed more.

He sighed. He looked up at his Mistress' calm features, felt her comforting caress on his brow and began to speak.

"T'Alene ... I'm sorry. I need to get this off my chest---right now before it goes any further." Deities, I hope it goes further, he thought. "I know you suggested that it would be in my best interests not to ... have any dalliances with any of the other Muses. Remember ... protectiveness, distraction ... all of that."

T'Alene's eyes fixed on his, her hand continuing it's comforting caress. "Yes. I do recall that conversation. I trust I am correct in making the assumption that something has occurred which is ... encouraging you to ... disregard my advice?"

Tomaas cast an amused look at his beloved Mistress. She knew him too well. "Yes. Something has happened. Or at least I hope so."

"Either it has occurred, or it has not occurred. I trust you can be more precise." Logical and rational--he felt like kissing her.

"It has occurred. Only, I don't know what to make of it. "It was the only honest response he had.

"Then I would recommend that you provide me with further particulars so as to permit me to be of better assistance." T'Alene's voice soothed his own taut nerves, a calming presence in the midst of his own turmoil. And so he recounted the story of the morning brunch to T'Alene.


"So what should I do? Do I go back to Taurik and tell him this isn't a good idea... that Muses shouldn't mix?"

"Is that what you want Tomaas?"

"Hell no. And you know me better than that. He's adorable. All stuffy and prim and proper on the outside... Taskmaster in training and all that. But those kisses..." He sighed again. "He just needs to learn to relax--to let go." T'Alene allowed a fleeting smile at her Muse's enthusiasm.

"I believe that you have answered your own question, my beloved. Pursue the Muse. Awaken his appreciation for the Human male. An inspired Muse is an inspiration to his Mistress as well. However, I will have a private discussion with T'Aitlu in respect to this matter to confirm that your actions will be ... welcome." Suddenly she felt Tomaas rising, turning around and enfolding her in his arms in one graceful move. "Thank-you, T'sai." She returned the embrace, enjoying the simple affection he offered her. As he loosened his embrace, she felt him running one hand through her hair, long silken strands cascading through his fingers like a stream of black silk. His lips found hers, gently claiming her mouth for the softest of kisses.

As he pulled back he smiled, that sweet tender smile which she could never resist. "For a Vulcan, you've learned to kiss rather well," he teased.

"I've had a good instructor," she replied. She was rewarded with that rich, full laugh, liquid gold. "Now, with respect to this matter with Taurik, out of necessity, I am required to travel into town to visit the market for some supplies this afternoon. I understand that Taurik is also planning on a similar trip. Perhaps you would like to invite Taurik to accompany us? One shuttle, rather than two?"

T'Alene noted the immediate smile which appeared on Tomaas' face. "I rather like the idea T'Alene. Shall I go find him right away?"

"Actually, I would suggest that I go find him. I shall speak with T'Aitlu at the same time."

She felt herself being pushed up from the divan. Within seconds she was on her feet. "Well, off you go," Tomaas waved her towards the door.

"A touch impatient?" she queried, a shade of annoyance tingeing her voice as she straightened her robes.

"I'm sorry T'Alene." He rose from the divan to deposit a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Yes, I am being impatient. I know better. Please forgive me."

She shook her head slightly. My how this particular Muse had managed to wrap her around his little finger. But he was the source of her stories. And without him, she feared she would be lost. "Apology accepted," she replied, running two fingers slowly across his lips in a final, possessive touch before she turned away and headed out of the room.


T'Aitlu heard the soft rap on the door. "Come in."

As the door swung open, she lowered the book she had been perusing in order to greet her guest. "T'Alene." She greeted the newest of the kitausu with warmth in her voice. "I was expecting your imminent arrival."

T'Alene inclined her head in acknowledgment of the greeting. "Would this expectation have anything to do with Tomaas' brunch today with yourself and Taurik?" There was the slightest lilt to her voice.

"Indeed. It would," T'Aitlu replied, lifting one eyebrow in amused concession to T'Alene's directness. "Would you care for some tea? I suspect we have a number of matters to discuss." As she queried her guest, she waved T'Alene towards the chair next to hers.

"Thank-you. Tea would be quite pleasant," T'Alene replied as she sat down, appreciating the heat radiating from the nearby fireplace. "And indeed, it does appear as though we have several matters to discuss."

As T'Aitlu set to pouring the tea, the two women began a quiet conversation.


As Taurik approached T'Aitlu's quarters, he slowed down, his keen hearing picking up the sound of two female voices inside, one clearly T'Aitlu's, the other less distinct. He hesitated for a moment, and then knocked on the door.

"Come." T'Aitlu's voice welcomed him.

As he entered the room, he stopped. T'Aitlu and T'Alene both looked up at him. Expectantly. He found himself feeling quite awkward--unusually so.

"Taurik. Excellent timing. T'Alene was going to come looking for you. She and Tomaas are planning on traveling to town this afternoon to visit the market. As I recall you were also planning such a trip?" T'Aitlu's question demanded a response.

"Yes, T'sai. I was preparing to depart in 45 minutes."

"Very good. I trust the three of you can co-ordinate joint travel plans."

"Indeed." Taurik looked to T'Alene again, that feeling of awkwardness growing. What had they been discussing? At times he could not help but feel like a pawn in a game of chess.

T'Alene was the first to rise. She thanked T'Aitlu for the tea and conversation and approached Taurik. "Tomaas and I will be waiting for you by the shuttle in 45 minutes. I trust that will be satisfactory."

"Yes." He nodded his head as T'Alene accepted his response and left the chambers.

He turned to T'Aitlu as she came forwards. She reached out for her Muse, cupping his chin in her hand. He met her gaze and knew that she could see his apprehension and concern. "Fear not Taurik. T'Alene approves." No more was required, as Taurik knew his eyes revealed his silent relief.


"Taurik. Come over here." Tomaas' voice lured Taurik's attention away from the vials of oil he was examining. He turned in the direction of the rich baritone and saw a golden head peering out from a nearby stall.

Taurik provided the shopkeeper with succinct instructions as to the compilation of several vials, along with the mixing of special, rather unique oil. Upon completing his instructions, he headed towards Tomaas. As he entered, he noted that linens appeared to be the goods of choice in this merchant's stall. Rather an odd location for Tomaas to find something of interest; he would not have suspected Tomaas to be interested in towels and sheets.

"Taurik. Over here." Tomaas was standing by the shopkeeper, a pile of cloth gathered in his hands. Taurik moved towards him. As he stopped by his side, he forced himself to examine the cloth in Tomaas' hands, disciplining himself to ignore the temptation to brush away the lock of stray gold that had escaped the black ribbon.

"Please explain your fascination with this cloth," he asked, genuinely perplexed as he visually examined the silken material in Tomaas' hands.

Tomaas grinned at him, that free easy smile, which was starting to do very odd things to his heartbeat every time Tomaas gifted him with it.

"The cloth is imported from Ajtal. It's designed to respond to the emotions of those whose skin it contacts. See how it's golden right now. According to the shopkeeper, a goldfish colour represents happiness and joy. This material is actually a set of sheets but he tells me you can buy robes and gowns from it as well." Tomaas chuckled for a moment before continuing. "I could see certain disadvantages to a diplomat wearing clothing made from this fabric. But, for us at the Caves, don't you think sheets made from this fabric would be interesting?" He looked up at Taurik, his eyes silently begging for agreement.

Taurik could feel himself being drawn into those dark blue eyes. He was already starting to have a hard time saying no to this Human. A serious chat with T'Aitlu was required upon his return. This relationship was developing far more quickly than he had anticipated and far more dangerously. However, this particular decision was fortunately simple.

"I concur. The sheets would be an appropriate addition to the Caves. I suggest that we acquire three sets." Taurik nodded to the shopkeeper who removed the fabric from Tomaas' hands and commenced bustling about the shop, wrapping their packages.

Tomaas grinned at Taurik again. He leaned in closer, whispering in Taurik's ear, "So, who gets to christen the first set of sheets."

Taurik withdrew, fixing Tomaas with a look he intended to be scathing at discussing such things in public. Tomaas' smile merely broke out into a larger grin. As he walked towards a display of thick towels, he called out behind him, "I'm claiming first dibs. Whoever cares to join me, will be more than welcome."

Taurik felt a slow annoyance starting to burn within him. How absolutely impetuous. Was Tomaas unconcerned about how others would interpret that statement? In a public venue? As he looked around, he realized that he and Tomaas were alone in the stall; even the shopkeeper had disappeared into the back. Perhaps Tomaas was not quite as impulsive as he first appeared. Perhaps he would have to reconsider his own perspective. It was becoming obvious to him that he was underestimating this particular human.


After several hours of shopping, Tomaas had finally caved in to his growing hunger and had suggested that nourishment might be in order. Taurik had agreed, conceding that it would be an additional 2.4 hours until they returned to the Caves. Accordingly, a repast of some sort would be reasonable. And so they found themselves sitting in a quiet bistro, enjoying coffee and tea and sharing a vegetarian thin crust pizza.

"Quite palatable," was Taurik's reply when Tomaas asked him what he thought of the pizza.

"Palatable? If I had a pillow around here, I'd throw it at you. Just admit it--it's tasty." Tomaas dared him to deny it, his eyes flashing with humour. He watched Taurik's eyebrow quirk upwards and couldn't help but smile. There. That was enough of an admission for him.

"It's too bad that T'Alene couldn't join us," Tomaas said, as he stirred a second packet of sugar into his coffee. "What do you think was so important that Salatrel needed her right away for the whole afternoon?" He lifted the second cup of coffee, inhaling the revitalizing scent.

"One can be assured that if Salatrel required T'Alene's immediate assistance, it was a matter of some urgency. As a Romulan, she is not inclined to unnecessary action." Taurik spooned additional honey into his tea.

"No doubt you're right. You know them all far better than I. Except for T'Alene of course." As Tomaas sipped at his coffee, enjoying its bitterness, he covertly glanced at Taurik through his lowered lashes, admiring the long, lean fingers resting so precisely on the teacup. He remembered the feel of those fingers on his temple followed by the feathery brush of Taurik's mind. Despite the warmth of the bistro, he felt a shiver shake its way down his spine.

"Tomaas. Are you ill?" Taurik's low voice carried intimately between the two men.

Tomaas raised his eyes to Taurik's and felt that stirring in the pit of his stomach. Dark brown eyes. Dark chocolate he thought. They were eyes he could drown in. Eyes that he wanted to drown in. He shook his head, not trusting his voice for a moment. "No Taurik. I'm fine. I was just recalling this morning when you ... touched me ... with your mind. I was wondering what a full meld would feel like." It was then that Tomaas saw it, the blush that crept across Taurik's cheeks. Why? But he was left wondering as Taurik rose from the table to settle their account.


As they finished the last of their errands, the two muses began a circuitous return towards the shuttle. As twilight began its descent, they walked down cobblestone streets, commenting on the aesthetic beauty of the restored houses around them, stopping to peer through iron fences at ancient, private gardens that spoke of old wealth.

Suddenly, the clouds, which moments before had been innocuous puffs, darkened and a light drizzle began to fall on the men. As Tomaas looked upwards, the light drizzle began to grow heavier and a loud bolt of lightning crackled through the air. He turned to Taurik and pointed towards a nearby building, indicating a large portico a short jog away. Taurik nodded his assent and the two men sprinted across the boulevard.

Tomaas was the first to arrive in the protection of the archway. As he and Taurik shook the rain out of their hair and clothes, Tomaas looked towards Taurik and felt his heartbeat quicken. Drops of rain glistening, his hair slightly disheveled, his cheeks delicately flushed from the run, Taurik had the look of a jungle cat, powerful and graceful.

Tomaas stood there, motionless, his eyes simply drinking in the image.

As Taurik lay down his parcels in the shelter at the rear of the archway he turned to Tomaas, intending to suggest that Tomaas also place his parcels at the rear. But as he turned, the words died a quick and silent death. Standing in the archway, highlighted by the last of the evening sun as it filtered through the clouds and rain, Tomaas was a golden god, a paragon of innocence and raw sensuality. As he stood there, wide-eyed, mouth slightly parted, apparently completely at ease with himself, Taurik felt it--that ancient, primal need to possess. He wanted to possess this man. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

But he could not. That would be unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. He was a Vulcan. He had control over his emotions. This urge was primal. It had to be controlled.

As he reasoned with himself, he noticed too late that he was immobilized. As Tomaas took first one step; then a second and a third towards him until he felt his back being pressed up against the cool stone of the inner wall and felt his lips being claimed by human ones. How had he ended up here? This was too public. This was... But all thoughts, all fears, all control, disappeared, as Tomaas' mouth demanded the surrender of his own. He found himself returning the kiss with a hunger that matched the human's, a hunger that needed to be satiated. He wrapped his arms around Tomaas' waist, pulling him closer until they were two, molded as one, in the dark shadows of the archway.

As Tomaas finally released his mouth with one last possessive kiss, Taurik drew in a ragged, uncontrolled breath and stared at the other Muse. He saw deep, raw, need in Tomaas' eyes. A need that he knew was reflected in his own eyes. A need that had to be fulfilled. "We should return to the Caves," he whispered to Tomaas, unwilling to move from the arms that held him.

"Yes, we should," Tomaas replied, without releasing his hold on him. "We should..." he repeated as he leaned forward to drop a soft, tantalizingly sweet kiss on Taurik's lips... a promise of more to come. With that promise made, he released Taurik and turned to pick up his parcels.


Taurik entered the chambers and placed the articles that had purchased on the table. He removed the travel robe and poured himself some of the tea that had been left by the fire. He drank the hot tea as he stood there, warming and thinking about what had transpired. He had enjoyed his time out away from the Caves and had also his time with Tomaas. He placed the cup down on the tray then straightened.

His hands clasped at his back and he walked the length of the room. He looked out the window into the garden. He sighed then walked back the other way. He soon found himself pacing the width of the room. He also found himself in a state he had not been in before... nervous. He stopped and looked out the window each time he passed. The fourth time he stopped and leaned on the windowsill.

"Well, Vulcan. What have you gotten yourself in to?" He whispered as he mentally smiled at the thought of what was shared today. The feel of the cooler lips on his was... heart stopping. "Most illogical."

"What is illogical?"

Taurik spun around the voice startled him and he came face to face with Vorik. He sighed. "Just thinking out loud."

Vorik folded his arms. "So what's been going on?"

Taurik raised an eyebrow then tilted his head slightly. "In what regard?" He was uncertain as to how much Vorik knew or how much he wanted him to know at this point. Perhaps the less he knew the better.

Vorik looked to the floor then back to his brother. "Taurik, I may not be as practiced as you are but we are bonded and I do receive a hint of your emotional state." He looked concerned for a moment. "All day today, it is as if you were not controlling one moment and then totally shut out the next."

"I shall endeavor to be more attentive to my shielding." Taurik hoped his brother would not press the matter. A part of him very relieved that the real reason was not known.

"Anything wrong?" Vorik knew he was going to be tight-lipped about it all.

"No. Nothing is wrong." Taurik noted some relief on Vorik's face. "All is well."

Vorik nodded. "Okay." He was not totally convinced but he would let it go for now. Even though they were the same age, it seemed at times that Taurik had lived longer than he had... Starfleet had a way of doing that. "I have this accounting for you, that is the reason I came to see you."

"Very well." He accepted the PADD and glanced at it, part of him realizing that he had not really read any of the report merely made it appear so. "I will see that S'haile Selek receives it."

Vorik nodded. "I have plans tonight with Salatrel." He smiled slightly then hid the grin.

Taurik nodded. "I too have plans."

"It appears that the Reading Circle will have to do without us tonight." Vorik headed towards the door. "Enjoyable evening, Taurik."

"And you..." He watched his brother turn momentarily and then head out. He sighed then looked around the room. "Now to prepare for the evening."


T'Aitlu stepped into the shared chambers and stopped. Taurik had been very busy preparing for tonight. He had placed the large pillar candles that had been purchased earlier, around the room. The incense he had been burning was that of sandalwood, with a hint of cinnamon and cloves. A most intoxicating combination. He had placed on the table; a small bowl of fruit and a small portion of it had been peeled and sectioned. There was a pitcher of ale; the thermal unit set to cool.

She heard a noise and turned towards the sleeping area. Taurik stood in the doorway. She tilted her head as she noted the change of attire. A deep green heavy silk tunic topped the dark coloured pants. He had purchased that as well today, as she did not recognize it as part of his existing wardrobe.

"You are prepared."

"I do not know." Taurik stepped into the room and moved to stand in front of her.

"What more is there to be done?" She looked over the room again and did not notice anything that seemed to be missing.

"Nothing." He sighed. "I do not know if *I* am prepared for this." He met her eyes. "I do not wish to harm. I do not wish to be harmed. I do not know if this is a serious venture. I do not know if I want it to be.... but I am uncertain if I do not want it to be." He moved to the table and began fussing over the positions of the articles. He stopped suddenly and his head dropped back and he sighed audibly. "I do not even know if he will even come."

T'Aitlu watched him for a moment. "Why are you so uncertain?"

"I do not know what will come of this night... if anything." He looked to the table; nothing could be fussed over any more with any logical reasoning. "I do not know if this should even happen." He drew in a long breath then looked to his mistress. "I bought you something as well."

T'Aitlu bowed her head. "I am honoured."

"It is to be worn tonight."

T'Aitlu nodded once. "Very well. I will prepare."

He began to follow her. "It is laid out on the bed for you. I trust it will meet with your approval."

T'Aitlu noted the matching length of fabric, to his, on the bed. The full-length gown was split up both sides and there were slim fitting silk pants to wear as well. "I am certain it will." She noted a small bottle of oil was placed on the small table as well as her honey flavoured powder. "Go have an ale. I will prepare."

"Yes, T'sai."


Tomaas had paced his room until he couldn't stand it anymore. Then he found himself pacing the hallway outside their two chambers for a short time. He finally drew in a deep breath and knocked on Taurik's door.

The door was opened and Taurik, with Vulcan control, invited him in with a calm voice. "You have been expected." His head bowed slightly then he stepped back.

Tomaas smiled slightly as he took in the sight of the Vulcan before him. The outfit he was wearing suited him and he looked less like a Muse. He walked past Taurik into the room and was taken by surprise. The candles and the low lighting were perfect, the scent that held the room was unbelievably relaxing and the sight of Taurik dressed as he was... was the hardest thing to resist, and he, somehow, had managed to walk by him.

Taurik poured out two large glasses of ale. He handed one to Tomaas. Tomaas reached for the glass insuring that his fingers brushed Taurik's as he accepted the glass. Taurik drank down a large mouthful of the ale then motioned to Tomaas to sit down. "I had some foods prepared. I trust they will be to your liking."

"No doubt they will." Tomaas sipped on the ale. The draw was still there. Did he think it would disappear in the few hours they had been separated? Both of them still seemed uncertain as to what to do about it. Yet, he was certain that they both wished for the same outcome. Tomaas picked up a small piece of the fruit and popped it into his mouth. "Good. Kassa fruit?"

"Yes." Taurik sipped on his ale, he had no desire to eat in the least. At least not the fruit. He had to remind himself that this must be done with some coherent thoughts in place. He found that his thoughts kept drifting back to the kiss earlier this morning and then to when they waited out the rain. He emptied his glass then filled his again and topped Tomaas' off. "Was T'Alene pleased with the purchases?"

Tomaas nodded. He swallowed the bite of fruit. "She especially liked the sheets." He smiled then chuckled. "You know, she had the same expression as you did when I showed them to her."

"No doubt." He watched this man, still trying to understand the attraction and the draw.

Tomaas noted that Taurik's ale was disappearing quickly. He had a fleeting thought of what he would do with an intoxicated Vulcan then dismissed them. "What did T'Aitlu say about them?"

Taurik grinned slightly. "T'sai remarked that she had not seen the fabric in years. She recalled the last time was ten point three years ago. Another Kitausu had sleepwear made of the fabric."

Tomaas smiled then placed his glass down. He stood and walked as casually as he could over to the incense burning by the candle. He inhaled the fragrance then turned to face Taurik with a grin. "This is what you had them making?" He inhaled the fragrance again.

Taurik nodded. "That was only one item."

"Tell me about the others." Tomaas rocked gently on the balls of his feet, his hands clasped behind him trying to control the impulse to kiss Taurik.

Taurik cleared his throat. Scented oil for T'sai and a massage oil of sorts."

Tomaas grinned then looked to the floor. "Massage oil... of sorts?" he commented with a grin as he moved closer to Taurik. Reaching to touch his cheek with the back of his hand, Tomaas tucked a finger under his chin then lifted him to his feet. He knew he had to be the first to make any type of contact. His lips brushed against Taurik's very warm lips and his soft beard. His tongue tasted the ale left on the Vulcan's lips and then he pressed against Taurik's mouth. His hand slid to the back of Taurik's neck as he deepened the kiss.

No others to concern himself with. There were no proprieties to be watched over. It was just he and Tomaas and what ever passed between them was private. His hands slid around the human and he pulled him closer. From the moan he heard from Tomaas, he believed that he had surprised the Human. It was about time the tables were turned. Taurik continued a path of kisses along his jaw line; he whispered his name and felt the human press his body closer.

Taurik drew his hand up Tomaas' arm, then along his shoulder to cup his chin. He brushed his lips against Tomaas' then captured his mouth. He had to continually remind himself to move slowly. What he wished to do... and what he could do with this human were parsecs apart.

Tomaas wrapped his arms around Taurik, his hands clenched in the fabric of his tunic. He forced himself away from Taurik's mouth. He licked his lips then drew in a deep breath as he rested his forehead on Taurik's shoulder. "Oh by the Deities..." He drew in another breath; his heart was racing and his body shivered against the Vulcan.

"I do not believe the Deities have anything to do with this." Taurik spoke softly.

To Tomaas it was as if Taurik had stroked his entire body, he shivered again. "Need to sit... no lay down." He pulled himself closer then tasted the Vulcan's warm neck. He moaned against the warmer skin. How did he ever find the Caves cold when he emanated that delicious heat? He felt his back and then his arms stroked slowly and could barely remain standing, or so he thought. He then realized that he had locked his knees and stiffened his stance preventing his own collapse. "Taurik..."

"I am here."

"Oh I know." Tomaas whispered. He drew in a long breath then smiled at Taurik. His fingers reached up and caressed his face then drew a line down his neck. "I want to touch you." He felt nervous asking yet he could not wait. Had it only been this morning that he had the first taste of his lips? His hands moved down Taurik's body then began to reach up under his tunic. Taurik stopped his hands. Tomaas looked up to him totally confused. "What is it?"

"It is too soon."

Tomaas laughed. "Too soon for you maybe..." He began to open the tunic at the neck then reached forward and kissed the exposed area. "... but not for me."

Taurik stepped back from Tomaas. "I can not simply accept your touches and your desires as easily as you seem to expect." This is what T'Aitlu had warned him about. This feeling that would overwhelm and it was actually Tomaas' emotions. But to shut himself out would not be logical. "I must prepare."

"Prepare what? We have been touching and kissing all day... what other preparations are needed?" Tomaas stepped towards Taurik then claimed his mouth once again. No doubt this Vulcan was just nervous. Tomaas ran his hand down his arm then slipped his hand into Taurik's. "So warm." His other hand followed shortly and it was nearly their undoing.

Tomaas felt the floor seemingly move and his thoughts leave him for a short time. He pressed against Taurik and claimed his mouth even harder than before. He was so hungry for the Vulcan and he could not wait to touch or taste him. Suddenly, he was breathing with different lungs and his heartbeat was too fast... and the room was too cool...

Taurik pushed away from Tomaas. He was breathing heavily and stared at the human. "You must not do that."

"Do what?" Tomaas was breathing heavily and leaning on the back of a near-by chair for support. He was still trying to figure out what happened.

"Touch palm to palm."

"Why not."

"It connects us."

Tomaas frowned. "Connects us? You mean mentally."

Taurik drew in a breath and nodded. "Yes."

"Isn't that what we want?" Tomaas offered holding out his hands to Taurik.

"I am not certain that is the proper course of action for the moment."

Tomaas blinked. The Vulcan had to be joking? "Not the proper course..." He clenched his teeth for a moment then tried to relax. Was he being rejected at this point?... he wasn't sure he could stand it. He frowned. "What do you think is the proper course of action?" He had a slight sarcastic tone to his voice.

"To proceed slower."


"Yes, slower."

Tomaas shook his head. His hands covered his face then slowly moved down then drop at his side. How could he not... he clenched his hands. "I can't go slower." It sounded like pleading. He glanced towards the door debating for a moment if he should just leave. He looked to Taurik. "Maybe this is too soon." And he left the chambers, quickly, and he walked down the hall with a quickened pace until he came to a small alcove and ducked into it.

Tomaas leaned back against the cool stone. Maybe he could vanish into the stonework if he pressed hard enough. He moaned slightly then bit his bottom lip. He straightened then turned to face the wall, his hands flat against the coolness of the stone and his forehead resting against the wall. This was helping. "I need a cold shower at this point..." He muttered to himself.

Taurik had watched Tomaas leave. It had taken a moment for it to register and then Taurik stood in the doorway watching him. Where was Tomaas going? He wet his lips that had suddenly dried. He didn't want the human to leave... he stepped out into the hall and followed him.


He found him in the alcove. There was a flood of relief through his body. He would simply have to keep his shielding in place. He leaned his shoulder against the wall then reached out with his fingers as drew back Tomaas' hair. He leaned forward and brushed his lips across his cheek. "Come back."

Tomaas closed his eyes. He could not say no. "In a minute." He sighed as he turned to face Taurik. He folded his arms across his chest. "We have to reach some kind of agreement about what can happen... I don't have your control."

Taurik lowered his eyes. "I do not have very much control."

"Hell of a lot more than I do."

"Perhaps on the outside." He lifted an eyebrow slightly to Tomaas' smile. "There are things I wish to do simply because you stand there..."

"Really?" Tomaas seemed genuinely surprised then his eyes sparkled with amusement. "Tell me about them."

Taurik shook his head slightly. "Not here."

Tomaas glanced in the direction they came from. He was pleased at Taurik's nod. He straightened with Taurik and then walked beside him. "I need to know things too. About Vulcans."

"But you are a Muse of a Vulcan."

"But she does not write as a Vulcan, she has a Human for a Muse."

Taurik lifted an eyebrow. "And I need to be taught the ways of a Human."

"I don't know about you but learning all that we need to from a book sounds boring." Tomaas stepped into the chambers with Taurik. He faced Taurik then placed his hands on the other's chest. "I prefer the hands-on approach."

"I had noticed."

"Then let me... you relax. Let me touch you. I will avoid any part of you that you don't want me to touch." He wet his lips. "Your lips." He kissed him. "Your cheeks." He stroked the warm cheeks and smoothed the beard with the back of his fingers. He lifted Taurik's hand. "I won't even touch your palms if you don't want me to..." He opened the Vulcans hand and kissed his palm then rested his cheek against the Vulcan warmth. He was pleased when Taurik's hand moved along his face and into his hair. The ribbon was discarded and Taurik's fingers wrapped themselves into his hair.

Taurik pulled him closer, capturing the mouth he wanted so badly. "You do not heed warnings do you?" He spoke against the other's mouth; his tongue reached out and tasted his lips then pulled his head closer into a deep passionate kiss.

Tomaas pulled away out of breath. He breathed heavily then looked to the sleep area. "Shall we?"

"In a moment." Taurik pulled Tomaas to him again, wrapping his arms around him then capturing his mouth. Taurik wished Tomaas closer than he could feel him. His fingers brushing the contact points at his temples and sending the message that Tomaas may experience more than he bargained for. Taurik slowly released the Human, willing to follow him as he guided them both into the dimly lit room.

It was Tomaas' turn to attack Taurik. He held his face gently, brushed his lips then made a path of light kisses down his neck and ended at the opening in his tunic. He felt and then heard the slight moan from Taurik. Tomaas felt his body shiver easily for this man. He backed up until he touched the bed, his shoes were slipped off and his arms wrapped around Taurik's neck. "What now?"

Taurik took another step towards him and Tomaas tumbled back onto the bed. Taurik's soft-shoes were slipped off and then he placed one knee on the edge of the bed. "What do you wish now?"

Tomaas' voice failed him at the sound of Taurik's voice. It had changed, become lower, almost a low, deep purr to it. He moved onto the bed a little more, and then cleared his throat. He felt suddenly brave. "You."

"Humans have a saying, be careful what you wish for..." Taurik placed his other knee on the other side of Tomaas' legs then fell forward to land with his hands on either side of Tomaas' head. He leaned down and kissed the cooler mouth. He felt Tomaas' arms wrap around his body and pull him down.

Taurik's kisses went along his jaw to his rounded ear, he continued down the Human's neck then his hands began to open the tunic that Tomaas wore. His fingers fumbled slightly with the fasteners as his lips continued their path.

Tomaas was breathing heavily and his heart he was certain would bang out of his chest as the kisses continued to sear their way down his chest, slowly. He held his breath and gasped as Taurik touched his already hard and aching nipple. "You don't... waste time... Vulcan." He managed to breathe out then he moaned as the sense of the hot tongue touching his skin reached his brain. Tomaas groaned as Taurik's mouth sucked in his nipple. He could not take much more.

Taurik lifted his head to breathe for a moment. He saw the pleasure and the desire in the blue eyes. He wondered for a moment if he appeared as hungry to Tomaas.

Tomaas held Taurik tightly to him. His lips brushed the Vulcan's hair and whispered, over and over, how much he wanted this. His hands began to move to the opening on Taurik's tunic. He opened each clasp slowly making his way down. His hands reached hesitantly into the open tunic and the warmth... no the heat... that was his body. Tomaas pushed Taurik rolling them onto his back. His mouth made contact with Taurik's throat and then a slow path down his chest. "So warm." He muttered. In his thoughts he was thinking that Taurik felt as hot as fevered skin but without the moisture. "Velvety soft." And he thought that it felt this way because of the heat. He pressed his body against Taurik's; he moaned and could only imagine what his erect organ actually looked like. Tomaas was so curious to discover him. His hand reached down Taurik's body, skimming his hand down his chest and his hips to his thigh. He rested his hand on Taurik's muscled thigh and squeezed it. Taurik moaned against Tomaas' throat.

Taurik's hands wrapped around Tomaas then moved slowly down his back and then the gentle swell of his backside. Taurik pulled him tightly against himself, his hip feeling the hardness of the Human's erection. He too was curious, only not as patient as Tomaas. His hands moved to the opening in Tomaas' pants and then drew the other's pants down, rolled him over and then slipped the pants off in seemingly one motion. Taurik's hands began to caress the cooler skin. He felt the heavy breathing and then rested his hand against the Human's slower heartbeat.

"How do you live with such a slowly beating heart?" Taurik teased him.

Tomaas smiled. "My friend, it is beating faster than I have ever felt it before."

Taurik smiled a rarely seen smile; he took Tomaas' hand then placed it on his side to allow the Human to feel his heart beating.

"Why do we affect each other so?" Tomaas took Taurik's hand and kissed the palm again. He had learned that this affected him more than a kiss.

"I do not know. Nor do I care." Taurik left one of his hands in Tomaas' care and then other began a slow lazy caress over Tomaas' body. He sat back slightly keeping his body from touching Tomaas. "All I do know is... that I desire thee." His hand was moving lower on Tomaas' body, tracing patterns in the skin.

"Tell me again." Tomaas reached up to Taurik's neck and pulled him down. He felt his body shiver.

"I desire thee." Taurik whispered in the round ear, he whispered it softly and then held his breath as Tomaas pressed himself against him.

"Yes." Tomaas slid the fabric off Taurik's shoulders then began to caress his back. Oh Deities, it was happening! Taurik's tunic was tossed off the bed. He held onto the Vulcan and rolled him onto his back. He kissed him slowly, gently but very intently. His lips brushed into his beard and then down his throat. He began to move down Taurik's body. His kisses following his hands until he touched the waistband on his pants. He moved up onto his knees, still straddling Taurik's legs then he sat back slightly. He was not shy in the least with Taurik. That was surprising. His fingers slipped into the waistband and he drew his hands together in the front. He was nervous and licked his lips. He kept his eyes trained to Taurik's as his fingers opened his pants. He wanted to look at him but he was hesitant to do so.

Taurik lifted his hips slightly as Tomaas slid his pants down. He shivered at the cool air that cooled his body. He watched as Tomaas slipped his pants off then dropped them on the floor. He noted with some pleasure and satisfaction that Tomaas' body held a slight flush of arousal.

Tomaas forced his eyes to slowly move down Taurik's body. "Most pleasing."

"I do not believe I could accommodate you if you were not." Taurik smiled at the Human then motioned for Tomaas to join him.

Tomaas laughed then crawled onto the bed beside Taurik. "You have a point."



"... points." Taurik touched his ear.

"Oh don't tell me I have found a Vulcan with a sense of humor..." Tomaas moved closer covering half of Taurik's body with his own. His hand caressed his chest and slowly worked his way down Taurik's body. He loved feeling this heat under his hands. He leaned forward and met Taurik in a deep kiss. He slowly moved his leg to fall in between Taurik's.

Taurik caressed Tomaas' back, pulling him tightly against him. He pressed himself against Tomaas' hip then moaned. This human's temperature had increased. His hands moved up into the long blonde hair then drew Tomaas into another kiss.

Tomaas felt Taurik's passion. He was beginning to sense an urgency that Tomaas thought only he felt. He moved slightly to cover move of Taurik's body.

It had been easy to control up until now, but with the Human's body against his it was becoming difficult. He had stopped himself once from reaching into Tomaas' thoughts... then he moved and now they felt each other's arousals pressed hard against their stomachs. He wrapped his fingers in the long blonde hair and pulled him into a kiss. One that was hungry and detracted him from his real desire... to reach into the Human's thoughts and share the fire. Or did it?


Her whisper came close to his ear with the reminder to move slowly. He felt Tomaas stiffen in surprise. He opened his eyes to the Human's deep blue ones. "Ah, T'sai." He answered her almost automatically never once releasing his secure hold on Tomaas. He kissed him lightly then spoke against his lips. "I beg forgiveness for the surprise, Tomaas." He kissed him lightly. "My intent was to inform you but our actions have made me forget myself." He felt Tomaas relax against him.

Tomaas looked to the Vulcan female that was now sitting in a large armchair in the shadows of the room. She seemed occupied with a book and a glass of ale. He looked back to the Vulcan under him. How could he not forgive him, he would forgive this Vulcan anything right now. "You have not been with..."

Taurik shook his head.

Tomaas was beginning to understand.

"We, you and I, can not meld... our mistresses' writing..."

"M-m-m. I understand." Tomaas felt Taurik's very warm hands on his back, caressing him and pulling him tightly against the Vulcan. Tomaas smiled slightly at the unspoken request that they continue. "I suppose I can handle... both of you."

Taurik's response was stifled with a deep probing kiss and Tomaas' hands moved along Taurik's arms to slip into Taurik's hands. Taurik moaned deep in his throat, this human was very pleasing.

Tomaas was unprepared. He had been prepared for the touches, and the hunger, and the desire. But the fire... that was something he had not experienced before. The passionate fire seemed to weave into his thoughts finding their way into the smallest of places and awakening every thing he had to give.

T'Aitlu shifted in the chair once more. She was having a difficult time concentrating on the book. She glanced over at the two; both very handsome and together they were breathtaking. She understood the emotions that were being tested and the controls, she doubted they did. She shifted once again as she increased the mental shielding attempting to control her own reactions.

Taurik moaned as he continued his slow, passionate assault on Tomaas. His thoughts, his hands and his voice slowly caressed the Human. This one that he desired as he had never desired another. Not even Aitlu. His hands ran over the cooler body, causing Tomaas to moan. Taurik's mouth kissed and tasted seemingly every inch of the Human. He was being guided by Tomaas' desires.

Her book was closed and placed on her lap. She released a slow breath; this was going to be much more difficult than she had thought. The intensity of their passions was strong. She closed her eyes against the sight that teased at her. Her Muse had never been as this before.

Tomaas could not think straight. He was touching and being touched. "Sharing..." He moaned then pulled Taurik to him, his arms wrapped around his Vulcan lover. He licked his lips. "This I like." He whispered in Taurik's ear. He ran his tongue along the pointed ear then felt his shiver. "Are you cold?"

"No." Taurik whispered in a deep tone. He continued to tease and please Tomaas in little ways. "Be quiet."

"Ah, T'hy'la." Tomaas teased back, his fingers combed through the dark silk then his body arched as Taurik's touch and mouth moved gradually down his body. He held his breath as the warm breath touched his aching member.

T'Aitlu held her breath, biting her bottom lip to prevent the moan from escaping her lips. She was beginning to feel an uncontrollable arousal in her own body. The tenuous thread that connected her to her Muse was proving to be difficult to ignore.

"Yes..." He whispered as Taurik's tongue trailed along the hardness then Taurik's hot mouth engulfed the length. His heart was pounding, his breath was held and the fire crept through his thoughts and along his body all at once. "Oh by the Powers...."

Taurik felt the shiver travel through Tomaas' body. He was driven by the need this man had for him. He felt Tomaas' hands tighten on his shoulders; he looked up to him, releasing him.

Tomaas breathed in deep and fast... he was close and this was not where he wished to be. He rolled Taurik onto his back, and then began returning some of the treatment he had received. In flipping back his hair, he caught sight of T'Aitlu calmly watching. Was she as calm as she appeared to be? He wondered how much she was affected by all of this?

Tomaas reached for the highly decorated bottle then pulled out the stopper. He inhaled the scent. "Oh-h, how did you know?" he whispered softly. He inhaled the scent of the oil again then smiled at Taurik. "Or did you guess?" He kissed him lightly.

Taurik felt the dryness in his throat as he swallowed. "I had hoped you liked it. It is my favourite scent."

Tomaas breathed in the scent as it exploded into the air from the oil as he poured some onto his hand. The bottle was placed back on the table. He rubbed his hands together. "Oh yes, I love the scent of almonds." He moved easily into position between Taurik's legs.

T'Aitlu had been absently stroking her inner thigh with her fingertips as she watched them. She had relaxed into the corner of the chair; one bare leg was draped over the arm of the chair. The slim fitting pants had been discarded. The length of the tunic had been enough for the activities here.

Tomaas leaned forward pressing his mouth against the Vulcan's, his hands began to caress and prepare Taurik. He smiled against his mouth when the low, hungry moan came from Taurik's throat, the cause... Tomaas' touch and the warming properties of the oil.

Taurik held is breath, his fingers move into Tomaas' hair and he heard himself moan into Tomaas' ear. "More."

Tomaas was more than pleased to accommodate Taurik's wishes. He nuzzled Taurik's ear, then whispered back. "Are you ready for more, T'hy'la?" He wrapped his hand around Taurik's hardness stroking it slowly, as he flicked his tongue across his hardened nipple. He looked up to catch T'Aitlu still watching them.

T'Aitlu did not need to watch. She was sharing Taurik's thoughts; it was unavoidable under the circumstances. Her breathing matched his and her body was just as aroused as his was. If circumstances warranted it, she could have ceased to share this, but it had been necessary to gauge Taurik's control. As she continued to watch them, there was a sense of possessiveness of her Muse that seemed to overtake her.

With a brush of his lips, Tomaas whispered for Taurik to turn over. He poured more of the almond oil into his hand then began to massage his back, working all the way down to Taurik's thighs. Strong muscled thighs that Tomaas took total pleasure in stroking. His thumbs moved up the inside teasing along Taurik's crack and causing Taurik to moan softly. Tomaas stretched out over Taurik, his lips brushing Taurik's neck.

Taurik gasped as Tomaas pressed against him. He closed his eyes and lifted his hips to encourage him. He did not need much encouragement, Taurik thought as he felt the hardness press against him and hinting at what this would be like. Or so he thought. He gasped at the feel of the oil begin dripped onto the small of his back and then down his cleft.

Taurik's reaction was to lift his hips, almost offering himself to Tomaas. Tomaas guided his fingers along the well-oiled spot, then began to use his thumbs to work the oil into the puckered hole. Taurik moaned. His hands clenched in the sheets and he buried his face in the folds of chameleon fabric.

Tomaas dribbled more oil onto his warm skin. His hands stroked his back and then his fingers continued to tease and gently prepare his lover. Taurik moaned from the exquisite torture as Tomaas' fingers ran along his puckered hole. Both turned at the moan echoed from T'Aitlu.

Tomaas gave her a devilish smile, almost as if to insure that she pays close attention to what he was doing to her Muse. His thumb pressed against the oiled hole and Taurik whimpered, as he reared up closer to Tomaas and begging for him to end this torture... or go further.

She stretched her body, her head dropping back and sighed. This could not be denied any longer. Her fingertips caressed her thigh then moved up to travel the edge of her panties, ones that were becoming damp from her arousal.

Tomaas massaged Taurik's neck with one hand, trailed a finger straight down his back then grazed over the Vulcan's sweetness. Taurik seethed through his teeth, T'Aitlu did as well. The shock of the sensation was shared as Tomaas began to knead the ridged edges. He reached for the oil again allowing it to drip onto his backside.

T'Aitlu was transfixed as her Muse whimpered with the pleasant torture. She felt the shiver of her need in her own body.

Tomaas worked a gently loving finger into Taurik's oiled hole with gentle pokes. Taurik began to slip down flat on the bed. With a shiver he began losing his grip mentally and physically. Tomaas, with gentle coaxing, helped Taurik back up onto his knees.

Taurik quivered as he fought to relax his body. This Human had the ability to draw from him the deepest desires, a longing for his touch and his kisses as he never known before. He closed his eyes aware that all of this would result in a deep long drawn-out climax. To know this bliss all the time... his control was definitely heading out the window.

Tomaas began the slow and gentle opening of his lover's tight hole; the pressure caused waves of pleasure to course through Taurik's groin.

T'Aitlu whimpered as her body reacted with his, the tightening of her muscles with extreme arousal. She ached for some satisfaction as well. She drew her fingers along the edge of her panties this time reaching in slightly. Remembering that some decorum had to be kept as well as a degree of clear thinking, she withdrew her fingers. Her hand clenched on the arm of the chair as she concentrated on calming her reactions.

Her attention was draw to them as she heard Tomaas' soft voice calming and reassuring his Vulcan as his finger slipped in deeper. She heard Taurik whisper for more. She sensed his delight and fear in this new experience. Her body tensed with Taurik's as Tomaas withdrew his finger. Taurik moaned with relief and longing.

More oil was dripped into place, and then after a gentle kiss on Taurik's neck Tomaas slipped his finger back in without preamble. Taurik clutched at the sheets and groaned as Tomaas' finger began to move with a steady but slow rhythm. Never had he felt this pleasure before. Not like this. He never wanted it to end but he was also eager for the next stage of agonizing ecstasy. Tomaas stretched out, pressing his body against Taurik. His kisses were hungry for the taste of his Vulcan.

Tomaas moved from Taurik then whispered, "Turn over." He attacked the Vulcan's mouth and pressed his body along Taurik's. Their hard erections rubbed together, both slick with the almond oil.

Taurik's hands moved into the soft blonde hair, then he pulled the cool lips to his. He wanted this so badly and was doing everything in his power not to slip his fingers into position and 'take' this Human. "So close..." He whispered in Tomaas' ear. Then he kissed the warmth of his neck and worked his way down to his shoulder. He rested his mouth against Tomaas' shoulder. "Now, Tomaas." His body shivered at just the thought of Tomaas slipping into him. His arms wrapped around Tomaas pulling him tightly against him. He felt the impatience in the Human's kisses.

Tomaas agreed then kissed Taurik's neck, the Vulcan's arms wrapped around him again holding him tightly for a few moments. Deities, he loved the warmth that came from this body. He could lie in his arms forever without moving. He brushed his lips against Taurik's upper arm then gently nibbled on his flesh.

Taurik bit his bottom lip slightly as Tomaas' fingers stroked him again, and then slipped into him just a little. His body shivered. He could only imagine what would happen as Tomaas slipped into him... he looked over to T'Aitlu. She was affected. She was flushed as he had seen her many times but she was controlled.

Tomaas moved onto his knees between Taurik's legs. His hands caressed the Vulcan's body and then down his legs. He was as anxious for this as Taurik was, maybe more so, he knew the pleasures this would give him. The almond oil was poured onto Taurik's stomach, and then worked into the warm flesh. He poured more into his hand then coated his own stiff member. He watched Taurik watching him.

"You tease, my Human." Taurik reached to Tomaas' arm then pulled him down on top of him. "I want you." His lips brushed the cooler ones then he released his hold. "I desire thee."

Tomaas positioned himself then pushed as gently as he could into the tight opening. He felt Taurik's body tense and then just a quickly begin to relax. His breathing was heavy and Taurik's hands clenched in the sheets. He wanted to hold this image of Taurik forever... panting, hot and about to become his. Tomaas looked to T'Aitlu, he did not need her permission but something in him required her audience for this.

T'Aitlu watched them; slowly it registered that she would be required soon. Taurik could not meld with another and she had the skills to prevent this. She sat up then stood and moved to the carpeted area surrounding the bed. She knelt positioning herself at Taurik's head. She knew he was almost oblivious to her and she would not touch him until it was necessary.

Tomaas watched her with a fascination as she moved closer. He looked down at Taurik and then forgot about her. He leaned down and kissed Taurik's chest then pushed in deeper. Taurik's body arched and his breath was held and he moaned this delicious sound. It was almost Tomaas' undoing.

Taurik stopped the sound in his throat. This pain would stop once he relaxed and Tomaas started moving, he was certain of that. He closed his eyes tightly and forced his body not to reject this intrusion. He willed his breathing to slow and his thoughts to center. He laughed; there was no way he would be able to stop himself from wanting all of this Human. His body, his mind and his soul.

T'Aitlu looked to him just as he opened his eyes and looked up to her. He bowed her head fractionally as she closed her eyes. She was prepared.

Taurik reached for this Human and pulled him into a passionate kiss, his hair was brushed out of the way and his neck was tasted and nipped at.

Tomaas began to move his hips very slowly and he felt Taurik's hold on him tighten. His hands moved into Taurik's hair and he returned the kiss with equal passion. His hips began to move more easily, he positioned himself to move in deeper. Taurik was sooo warm. The mixture of the scent of the almonds and of Taurik's spiciness had become intoxicating.

Their bodies began to move hard and fast as the climax was beginning to build. Taurik reached for Tomaas and T'Aitlu sensed it was time to intervene.

She placed her fingers on her Muse's face. She bent down and brushed her lips in his damp hair then began to reach in blocking his ability to bond with Tomaas. She felt herself caught up in the euphoria that was drifting between the two.

Taurik reached to Tomaas' face and placed his fingers at the meld points, he could share everything with Tomaas but it would be just short of a meld. There would be no permanence.

Tomaas cried out, as the slivers of fire seemed to slip into his thoughts and then travel his body. He had almost forgotten what he was doing until the wave of desire moved through him. He pushed deeper into the warmth that was surrounding him then pulled out slowly.

Taurik moved one hand down Tomaas' back then pulled him deeper. His hips lifted to meet Tomaas' thrust. When Tomaas' began to move without regard, Taurik knew it was time to relax his control.

Their bodies exploded together, their thoughts had seemingly melted into one wave of passion and then Tomaas blacked out.

T'Aitlu had experienced their climax with them, her body shivered with her own and then she felt the calm that flooded through Taurik. She opened her eyes just as Tomaas passed out but Taurik held him tightly. She watched as Taurik brushed the long blonde hair back over his ear then down his back. She rested her head on the bed as she regained her composure.


Tomaas' eyes fluttered open. He found himself lying in the crook of Taurik's arm, covers arranged neatly across them. How long had he been asleep? He turned his head slightly, looking upwards at his new lover. He growled deep in his throat. "Now that, I liked."

"Mm-m-m. Yes, most satisfying." Taurik shifted slightly on the bed, continuing to hold Tomaas close. "I would recommend that you refrain from moving for several minutes."

Curious, Tomaas lifted his head. Dizziness washed over him. Closing his eyes, he laid his head back with a moan. "Should've listened." He smiled at Taurik reassuringly as he saw the sudden concern in his eyes.

"Yes, you should have." Tomaas felt Taurik's gentle caress along his face. "It is from sharing thoughts. I ... lost control. I apologize."

Tomaas' eyes flew open in response to the regret he heard in Taurik's voice. "No, Taurik. Don't apologize. It was wonderful. In fact, I wish you'd lose control more often."

For several minutes, they lay together in silence. Tomaas listened to the comforting rhythm of Taurik's breathing as he enjoyed the warmth of the arms wrapped around him. Finally, he lifted his head again, this time more slowly. Better. No dizziness. He stretched his neck further, turning to look at Taurik. His eyes brightened as he saw the worry in Taurik's face. "It's ok. I'm feeling better now."

His words appeared to relieve some of Taurik's tension as his face lost its intense seriousness. "T'Aitlu is bringing some warmed ale for us."

Tomaas sat up further, feeling Taurik sitting up with him. He smiled as he felt Taurik's hands reach for his long hair, tucking it behind his ears, then rearranging the pillows on the bed more comfortably behind them.

Moments later, T'Aitlu entered wearing a sleeping gown and carrying a tray with three glasses of dark ale. She sat on the edge of the bed, placing the tray on the side table. She handed a glass to Tomaas, the second one to Taurik. "The herbs will assist in clearing your thoughts."

Tomaas took several sips of the ale; its spiciness bit at his tongue but the flavour was sweet. He ran his hand leisurely along Taurik's chest. "I would love to do this again." He felt his arm getting heavy again. What was in that ale?

Taurik smiled, every so slightly. "I would enjoy that as well." He finished the last of his ale then handed the glass to T'Aitlu. He took Tomaas' glass and handed it to her as well. Hands freed, he wrapped his arms around Tomaas and drew him in for another kiss. Laughing, Tomaas wrapped his arms around the Vulcan and whispered into his ear, "It's time for some rest."

Tomaas slipped under the covers then smiled as Taurik cuddled up to him. He wasn't being dismissed immediately. He knew some Vulcans had a habit of that, or so he had heard.

Taurik reached over to T'Aitlu as she slipped under the covers and took her arm, wrapping it around his waist. T'Aitlu cuddled close to her Muse.

Tomaas smiled in the darkness and quiet of the room. "So, what is everyone having for breakfast?"

"Breakfast?" Taurik's voice vibrated against his skin. "Do not tell me that is all you can think of?"

"That's not all that I can think of." He turned and kissed Taurik, showing him what he was really thinking about.

"Personally I doubt if any of us will be up before brunch." T'Aitlu yawned.

There was silence.

"Brunch sounds good." Tomaas answered, as sleep overcame him.


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